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V L Churchill Limited Patents
V L Churchill Limited
Daventry, GB2
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4574489 Wheel alignment gauge March 11, 1986
In a wheel alignment gauge for a vehicle, correction for buckling or other lack of truth in the wheel is made by fastening the gauge to the wheel, mounting indicating apparatus onto a spindle and articulating the spindle about an axis to bring the spindle into alignment with, or parallel
4561297 Hand-held diesel engine injection tester December 31, 1985
A hand-held diesel engine tester, includes a hand operable pump, a reservoir for liquid to be pumped, connection elements for said injector and a liquid pressure indicator or a connection for a liquid pressure indicator.
4408399 Wheel alignment gauge October 11, 1983
A wheel alignment gauge comprising a pair of beams, each adapted to be mounted on or located against a different one of a pair of vehicle wheels or axles for such wheels, each of the beams is provided with a pivoted arm at an end of the beam which projects beyond the outer circumference

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