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V.A.M.P. S.r.l. Patents
V.A.M.P. S.r.l.
Milan, IT
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4997876 Flame-retarding composition for polymers and self-extinguishing polymeric products so obtained March 5, 1991
Flame-retarding composition for rendering self-extinguishing polymers, copolymers, mixtures of polymers and various polymeric materials, comprising a polymer, a copolymer, or a mixture of polymers of hydroxyalkyl-derivatives of isocyanuric acid and ammonium polyphosphate, and so-obta
4727102 Self-extinguishing polymeric products based on polyolefins February 23, 1988
Polyolefins which are made self-extinguishing by means of flame-retarding compositions comprising ammonium polyphosphate, melamine cyanurate and a hydroxyalkyl-derivative of isocyanuric acid at least partially in the form of a homopolymer.

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