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7191986 Device for mechanically and electrically checking the switching device of a railway switch machi March 20, 2007
In a device for checking the operation of devices (4) used to displace movable switch parts (2, 3), in which the movable switch parts (2, 3) are connected with each other by a coupling rod (13), the coupling rod (13) is comprised of two coupling rod parts (14, 15) that are relatively
6759855 Device for monitoring and forecasting the probability of inductive proximity sensor failure July 6, 2004
In a device for the monitoring and the prognosis of the failure probability of inductive proximity sensors (1) for the monitoring of the position of movable switch rails or rail components, in which the proximity sensor (1) has at least one coil (5) that is supplied by an oscillator (7),
6695472 Device for measuring the temperatures of axles or bearings for locating hot-boxes or overheated February 24, 2004
In a device for measuring the temperatures of axles and/or bearings to locate hot-boxes or overheated brakes in rolling stock, in which the infrared rays of the measuring points are directed onto an infrared receiver (8) via an oscillating mirror (9), whereby infrared rays emitted tr
6666412 Device for adjusting and elastically locking moveable switch parts December 23, 2003
A device for switching and elastically locking the end positions of movable switch parts, in particular switch tongues of grooved rail switches, including an axially displaceable rod (15) and a tube (17) surrounding the rod, in which a spring (29) encompassing the rod is braced against s
6550722 Tongue box for grooved rail points April 22, 2003
In order to enable the use of highly resistant materials difficult to weld or not weldable at all for a stock rail (2), the tongue box for grooved rail switches, which includes a stock rail (2), a slide plate (5) and a side rail (3), whereby the side rail (3) and the slide plate (5) and
6402095 Device for displacing the moveable parts of rail switches or crossings June 11, 2002
In a device for displacing the movable parts of rail switches or crossings, in which a plurality of hydraulic cylinder piston units engaging in an offset manner in the longitudinal direction of the rails are each connected in series, at least one directional or seat valve (9) capable of
6371418 Curve path of a switch, and track joint using this type of curve path April 16, 2002
The invention relates to a curve path of a switch comprising switch tongues, a main track and a branch track, which curve path from the beginning of the curve path to the end of the curve path is comprised of several portions having different curvatures 1/R, R being the radius of cur
6354541 Device for locking end positions of mobile switch parts March 12, 2002
A device for locking the end positions of movable railway switch parts in which two parts axially displaceable relative to each other are displaced into a position coupled to each other for movement in at least one direction. The relatively displaceable parts, formed by a tube and a rod
6325334 Coupling device for a point actuator and/or lock December 4, 2001
In a connecting device for a switch actuator and/or a lock for movable parts of a railway switch or crossing, including a rod assembly, in particular a sliding rod or a locking rod articulately connected with the movable part, the movable part or the rod assembly, in particular the s
6241196 Casing for a hot box or blocked brake detection scanner June 5, 2001
The invention relates to a casing for a hot box or blocked brake detection scanner (2) comprising infrared detectors and a heating means, wherein the casing is comprised of a casing lower part and a lid (5), the lid (5) is designed as a chimney top with lateral surfaces (7, 8) converging
6164600 Device for detecting the positions of pivotable parts of a point December 26, 2000
Device for detecting the positions of pivotable parts of a rail switch, such as, e.g., tongue rails (1, 2) by at least one sensor designed as a continuous distance sensor (4,5,6,7), wherein the sensor output is connected to a circuit arrangement (10) for two separate evaluations, the
5899417 Device for securing stock rails in railway switches May 4, 1999
In a device for securing stock rails in railway switches comprising a bearing plate (2) for the stock rail (1), a slide chair (3) for the switch blade and an elongate spring element (6) for holding down the rail foot (1), the spring element (6) is insertable into a tunnel-shaped recess (
5687935 Device for operating switches November 18, 1997
A device for operating switches includes a plurality of interlinked hydraulic switching devices (7) offset in the longitudinal direction of the rails. The first mechanical switching device is connected with a hydraulic cylinder/piston unit acting as a pumping element, the working vol
5650576 Device for measuring switching force July 22, 1997
The device that is used to measure the switching force in railway points incorporates a measuring bolt (5) that can be inserted into a joint in the point drive. At the unattached end of the measuring bolt there is a head (7) in which an electro-mechanical sensor (8) is arranged. The prec
5577691 Switch blade device in a turnout on a tram-or streetcar-type line November 26, 1996
In a switch blade (point-rail) device in a grooved-rail turnout on a tram- or streetcar-type line, switch blades (2) are detachably mounted, using a clamping wedge (5) which is fastened to a support part (6) by means of a screw (12) in an essentially perpendicular direction to the runnin
5566912 Device for locking of movable switch parts October 22, 1996
In a device for locking end positions of movable switch parts, in particular, a switch lock, two relatively movable parts are displaceable into a position non-positive in respect of at least one direction of movement. The relatively movable parts are formed by a tube and a pin axiall
5557102 Testing apparatus for the calibration of overheating and rail brake locating devices September 17, 1996
A testing apparatus for the calibration of overheating or rail brake locating devices comprises an IR emitter which is guided in a housing so that it can shift along a curved track to exhibit an appropriately adapted beaming direction in a particular position. An extension piece for the
5483816 Procedure for establishing the scanning range of vehicle-activated measuring equipment, as well January 16, 1996
An adjustable scanning range is provided for vehicle-activated measuring equipment of the type which includes receiver coils positioned on opposite sides of a transmitter such that voltages induced in the received coils from the transmitter are altered as the vehicle passes, the measurin

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