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Orlando, FL
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RE42389 Substrate design for optimized performance of up-conversion phosphors utilizing proper thermal m May 24, 2011
Methods and compositions for using an up-conversion phosphor as an emitting material in a reflective displays and Polymer compositions for display mediums, and blue green red (BRG) display mediums. Roles of the pumping duration and character on the temperature and the efficiency of t
RE42076 Composites of inorganic luminophores stabilized in polymer hosts January 25, 2011
A two and three dimensional display medium having a novel transparent polymer composite containing particles of crystals doped with Yb.sup.3+ and other rare earth ions. The polymer composite creates homogeneously dispersed compositions without cracking or delamination of the film and
RE41938 Kit and method for masking and removing stains from rugged solid surfaces November 16, 2010
Methods, compositions and kits for masking and subsequent removal of oil, grease, rust and other stains from a variety of rough solid surfaces, including, but not limited to stone, concrete, asphalt, stucco brick, and ceramic. The methods include coating the stains with an opaque or
D615183 Ceiling fan blade May 4, 2010
D609329 High efficiency twisted leaf ceiling fan February 2, 2010
D600340 Fan blade September 15, 2009
D597198 Ceiling fan blade July 28, 2009
D597197 Ceiling fan blade July 28, 2009
D594552 Fan blade June 16, 2009
D575864 Ceiling fan blade August 26, 2008
8587686 Hybrid differential optical sensing imager November 19, 2013
Methods and systems for a differential compressed sensor to form a smart optical imager that uses both active (laser) and passive (ambient light) to sample the direct image information within a three-dimensional spatial frame. The lens-based distance sensor is produces smart sampling of
8586749 Compounds that suppress cancer cells and exhibit antitumor activity November 19, 2013
The present invention provides compounds S3I-201.1066 (Formula 1) and S3I-201.2096 (Formula 2) as selective Stat3 binding agents that block Stat3 association with cognate receptor pTyr motifs, Stat3 phosphorylation and nuclear translocation, Stat3 transcriptional function, and conseq
8577664 Symbolic switch/linear circuit simulator systems and methods November 5, 2013
Interactive and real time web-based electrical circuit symbolic solvers and simulators. The invention includes an interactive and innovative graphical user interface (GUI) for creating circuit schematics and generating netlists, circuits symbolic solving and instant simulated solutio
8298358 Ignitable heterogeneous structures and methods for forming October 30, 2012
A metastable intermolecular composite (MIC) and methods for forming the same includes a first material and a second material having an interfacial region therebetween. The first and second material are capable of an exothermic chemical reaction with one another to form at least one p
8283695 Devices with adjustable dual-polarity trigger- and holding-votage/current for high level of elec October 9, 2012
Symmetrical/asymmetrical bidirectional S-shaped I-V characteristics with trigger voltages ranging from 10 V to over 40 V and relatively high holding current are obtained for advanced sub-micron silicided CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor)/BiCMOS (Bipolar CMOS) technologie
8279140 Transflective liquid crystal display October 2, 2012
The apparatus, methods, system and devices of the present invention provides transflective LCD system structure wherein each pixel is composed of at least three reflective sub-pixels and at least one transmissive sub-pixel. The reflective sub-pixels have a color filter layer for disp
8273756 Use of modified pyrimidine compounds to promote stem cell migration and proliferation September 25, 2012
This invention provides cells and methods for stimulating proliferation and migration of endogenous and exogenous mammalian stem cells in vivo and in vitro. The invention provides reagents and methods for efficiently proliferating mammalian stem cells in an animal in need thereof and
8273140 Method and apparatus for hydrogen production from water September 25, 2012
A method, apparatuses and chemical compositions are provided for producing high purity hydrogen from water. Metals or alloys capable of reacting with water and producing hydrogen in aqueous solutions at ambient conditions are reacted with one or more inorganic hydrides capable of rel
8270068 Composite cavity for enhanced efficiency of up-conversion September 18, 2012
Methods, apparatus and systems for an up-converter resonant cavity light emitting diode device includes a semiconductor light source, an up-converter to form the light emitter with up-converting materials and an electrical source coupled with the semiconductor light source for provid
8268392 Visual hydrogen detector with variable reversibilty September 18, 2012
Methods, processes and compositions are provided for a visual or chemochromic hydrogen-detector with variable or tunable reversible color change. The working temperature range for the hydrogen detector is from minus C. to plus C. A hydrogen-sensitive pigment,
8263002 Fabrication of ZnO nanorod-based hydrogen gas nanosensor September 11, 2012
The nanofabrication of a hydrogen gas nanosensor device from single straight and branched, tripod shaped ZnO nanorods using in-situ lift-out technique, performed in the chamber of a focused ion beam (FIB) system is disclosed. Self-assembled ZnO branched nanorods have been grown by a
8252259 Surfactant incorporated nanostructure for pressure drop reduction in oil and gas lines August 28, 2012
Nano-sized rare earth metal oxide particles are prepared from aqueous reverse micelles. The engineered nanoparticles have large surface area to volume ratios, and uniformly incorporate a surfactant in each particle, so that when applied to the inner surface of a pipeline or sprayed onto
8252182 Subsurface upflow wetland system for nutrient and pathogen removal in wastewater treatment syste August 28, 2012
Methods and systems for a subsurface upflow wetland for wastewater treatment that includes a series of parallel treatment cells, each cell including from bottom to top, a layer of gravel, a layer of sand over the gravel to remove pathogens from a septic effluent, a pollution control
8247034 Advanced catalyst system prepared from a whiskered aluminum-containing metallic alloy substrate August 21, 2012
A method for whisker formation on the surface of aluminum-containing metallic alloy fibers and substrates provides a support structure for many technical, medical and pharmaceutical applications. The novel surface modification of metallic alloy fibers and other metallic substrates in
8242122 Method and compounds for inhibition of cell death August 14, 2012
The invention is directed to methods and compositions for inhibiting caspase-independent apoptosis. In particular, methods and compositions for inhibiting Omi/HtrA2 activity, as well as method for identifying other inhibitors of Omi/HtrA2. Also disclosed are Omi/HtrA2 specific substr
8241644 In vitro model of latent mycobacterial infection August 14, 2012
A method of inducing latency in Mycobacterium permits preparation of an in vitro model system of latent mycobacterial infection. Latency is induced in a pure culture of Mycobacterium by exposing it to multiple stress conditions, including a low nutrient culture medium without glycero
8238610 Homography-based passive vehicle speed measuring August 7, 2012
An apparatus for passively measuring vehicle speed includes at least one video camera for acquiring images of a roadway upon which at least one moving vehicle travels upon, each of the images comprising a plurality of pixels. A computer processes pixel data associated with the plurality
8236284 Multimodal, multifunctional polymer coated nanoparticles August 7, 2012
Disclosed are nanoparticles having a metallic core consisting essentially of superparamagnetic iron oxide; a polymeric coat surrounding said core, the coat having a matrix of polyacrylic acid and forming an outer periphery of said nanoparticle; a plurality of hydrophobic pockets formed
8235096 Hydrophilic particle enhanced phase change-based heat exchange August 7, 2012
A heat pipe includes a sealed thermally conductive casing having a length that has a first end for coupling to a heat source to be cooled and a second end for coupling to a heat sink opposite the first end. The casing has an inside surface that defines a thermal control volume above. The
8232993 Systems and methods for graphical rendering July 31, 2012
A computer readable medium configured to approximate the integral of the product of a plurality of functions includes logic configured to factor the plurality of functions into a set of fixed functions and one varying function, logic configured to determine a first vector that represents
8232303 Two-photon absorbing water soluble fluorescent probe as a near neutral pH indicator July 31, 2012
Disclosed are fluorescent compounds useful as intracellular pH probes. In particular, the invention teaches a two-photon absorbing, water soluble, fluorescent compound, a fluorene derivative, which is effective as a near-neutral pH indicator and particularly as an intracellular probe. A
8228251 Ultra-wideband, low profile antenna July 24, 2012
An ultra-wideband, low profile antenna is provided. The antenna includes a ground plane substrate and a radiating element. The radiating element includes at least two loop sections, wherein each of the at least two loop sections is electrically connected to a feed network and to the
8228159 Nanocomposite semiconducting material with reduced resistivity July 24, 2012
A resistor, fabricating method, and thermal sensor material for resistors that incorporate high Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) values and low resistivity for better sensitivity in infrared imaging applications are disclosed. Amorphous oxide thin films, preferably oxides
8227325 Articles comprising crystalline layers on low temperature substrates July 24, 2012
An article includes a polycrystalline semiconductor layer having a plurality of single crystal crystallites of semiconductor material and a substrate having a melting or softening point of < C. supporting the semiconductor layer. An average grain size of the plurality o
8226878 Laser processing of metal nanoparticle/polymer composites July 24, 2012
A method of forming articles having closed microchannels includes the steps of providing a substrate including a composite material, the composite having metal nanoparticles dispersed in a polymer matrix. The substrate is irradiated with a laser beam at an intensity and time sufficie
8221791 Silica-based antibacterial and antifungal nanoformulation July 17, 2012
A silica-based nanoformulation and method is used to treat citrus canker, inhibit the growth of mold and mildew, and add nutrients to soil used for agricultural purposes. The nanotechnology-enabled copper-loaded, silica nanoformulation (CuSiNP/NG) design is a "revolutionary re-invention"
8219374 Symbolic switch/linear circuit simulator systems and methods July 10, 2012
Interactive and real time web-based electrical circuit symbolic solvers and simulators. The invention includes an interactive and innovative graphical user interface (GUI) for creating circuit schematics and generating netlists, circuits symbolic solving and instant simulated solutio
8213795 Systems and methods of polarization time coding for optical communications July 3, 2012
Systems and methods of polarization-time coding are disclosed. One method includes encoding information in orthogonal polarizations of light and correlated information in multiple time slots, and transmitting the information using the orthogonal polarizations in the time slots. Another
8213022 Spatially smart optical sensing and scanning July 3, 2012
Methods, devices and systems of an optical sensor for spatially smart 3-D object measurements using variable focal length lenses to target both specular and diffuse objects by matching transverse dimensions of the sampling optical beam to the transverse size of the flat target for given
8211969 Dispersions of carbon nanotubes in copolymer solutions and functional composite materials and co July 3, 2012
A dispersion includes non-chemically modified carbon nanotubes, a soluble block copolymer providing at least one block of a conjugated polymer and at least one block of a non-conjugated polymer, and at least one solvent. At C. exclusive of any mechanical force and after one ho
8211446 In vitro model of latent mycobacterial infection July 3, 2012
A method of inducing latency in Mycobacterium permits preparation of an in vitro model system of latent mycobacterial infection. Latency is induced in a pure culture of Mycobacterium by exposing it to multiple stress conditions, including a low nutrient culture medium without glycero
8209976 Shape memory-based actuators and release mechanisms therefrom July 3, 2012
SM-based actuators (110) and release mechanisms (100) therefrom and systems (500) including one or more release mechanisms (100). The actuators (110) comprise a SM member (118) and a deformable member (140) mechanically coupled to the SM member (118) which deforms upon a shape change
8208080 Liquid crystal display June 26, 2012
A display includes pixel circuits, each pixel circuit including a first electrode, a second electrode, a third electrode, and a liquid crystal layer doped with a chiral material. The first electric is electrically coupled to a first reference voltage. The second electrode receives a
8207081 Nanocomposite for photocatalytic Hydrogen production and method for its preparation June 26, 2012
A novel M--Pd--Cr.sub.2O.sub.3 (M.dbd.Pt, Ru, Rh, Os, Au and Ag) nanocomposite cocatalysts and its preparation method. The cocatalysts loaded on CdS photocatalyst enhances the photocatalytic activities toward H.sub.2 evolution from aqueous solutions (NH.sub.4).sub.2SO.sub.3, a regene
8204389 Electronic post-compensation of optical transmission impairments using digital backward propagat June 19, 2012
Systems and method of compensating for transmission impairment are disclosed. One such method comprises: receiving an optical signal which has been distorted in the physical domain by an optical transmission channel; and propagating the distorted optical signal backward in the electr
8199106 Systems and methods of camera-based fingertip tracking June 12, 2012
Systems and methods for camera-based fingertip tracking are disclosed. One such method includes identifying at least one location of a fingertip in at least one of the video frames, and mapping the location to a user input based on the location of the fingertip relative to a virtual user
8192988 Methods for increasing potency of adult mesenchymal stem cells June 5, 2012
Disclosed herein are methods and materials for producing a more developmentally potent cell from a less developmentally potent cell. Specifically exemplified herein are methods that comprise introducing an expressible dedifferentiating polynucleotide sequence into a less developmenta
8192732 Mammalian multipotent stem cells and compositions, methods of preparation and methods of adminis June 5, 2012
This invention provides methods for preparing novel mammalian multipotent stem cells (MSCs), compositions thereof, and methods of preparing and administering the cells.
8192590 Microwave-assisted formation of sulfonium photoacid generators June 5, 2012
Efficient method for preparing sulfonium photoacid generators (PAGs) by microwave-assisted reaction of diarylsufides in the presence of alkylaryliodonium salts. Microwave-assisted synthesis of the PAGs is significantly faster, reducing reaction time with less energy consumption. Reac
8184365 Optical instruments having dynamic focus May 22, 2012
An optical system suitable for use in an optical instrument such as a handheld optical probe, the optical system including a scanning element and an objective, the objective including a variable focus lens that can be electronically controlled to change the focal length of the optical
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