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United Technologies Electro Systems, Inc. Patents
United Technologies Electro Systems, Inc.
Columbus, MS
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5061869 Motor housing structure October 29, 1991
A method of assembling a motor to an object, a motor housing, and an electric motor are disclosed, each of which uses a hollow fastener to secure the motor housing to form an integral unit. Thru bolts are retained within the hollow fastener such that the thru bolts may thereafter be
5008971 Windshield wiper arm April 23, 1991
The tension of a windshield wiper is adjusted by turning a nut which adjusts the rotational tension of a spring on the arm. The positioning of the nut is fixed by a second nut, a spring also forces the arm into a detent, holding the arm away from the windshield.
4927203 Boot sealing and attachment means for automotive door lock actuators and the like May 22, 1990
An improved sealing and attachment means between a rubber boot (20) for a powdered door lock (4) and its actuator rod (10), which allows, not only radial, linear movement of the rod with respect to its power motor, but also rotational movement of the rod within its attachment to the boot
4895048 Powered actuator with manual override feature January 23, 1990
A powered actuator (1) for driving mechanisms that open and close convertible tops, sunroofs, windows and the like in motor vehicles; in which actuator (1) has a manual override feature allowing actuator (1) to be easily operated by hand should the electrical power system of the motor
4885948 Stabilized motor driven actuator December 12, 1989
An electric motor actuator (10) has an armature shaft (18) with a damper (28) comprising a collar (30) fit tightly into a housing (14) and slid over the shaft (18). The damper (28) has a plurality of spring-like fingers (32) protruding from the collar (30) supporting tghe shaft (18)
4866294 Double insulated starter motor September 12, 1989
A double insulated starter motor for use with power equipment. A combination of insulating members about a motor together with various insulating members for electrically isolating the starter gear from the motor are collectively utilized to effect double insulation of a starter desi
4858452 Non-commutated linear motor August 22, 1989
A non-commutated linear motor particularly suitable for use as an electric door lock actuator for an automobile is disclosed. The linear motor may include a series of cup-shaped portions each having a winding appropriately connected to provide the desired travel stroke, in a directio
4795932 Double insulated motor including a magnet retainer January 3, 1989
An electric motor including an insulating retainer for securing permanent magnets in position and providing secondary insulation for a double insulated motor. The insulating retainer includes a dielectric tubular body sized to fit within the motor housing, magnet retainers affixed to
4793640 Cam-actuated electric door lock December 27, 1988
A door lock system for a motor vehicle including a latching and locking means is disclosed. A cam means is driven about a pivot point by the engagement of gear projections with a slot in the cam means to effect locking and unlocking of the door lock. The cam means and the gear projec
4792307 Electrical contact and terminal assembly December 20, 1988
A contact and terminal assembly having a block member, a conductor, and a securing member is disclosed. The block member and the securing member each define coacting curved surfaces between which the conductor is secured. The coacting curved surfaces define an appropriate angle for b
4774754 Displaceable brush holder for dynamoelectric machine assembly October 4, 1988
A dynamoelectric machine including a brush holder having a displaceable section for positioning the brushes in a mounting position is disclosed. The displaceable section is located to secure the brushes in a mounting position and said displaceable section being separated during assembly
4720663 Brushless motor speed control January 19, 1988
A brushless DC motor control circuit for efficiently controlling motor speed is described. A digital circuit for providing centered pulse turn-on during that period when the specific winding is capable of providing torque for the desired direction of rotation to the rotor is described.
4694214 Brush holder for dynamoelectric machines September 15, 1987
A dynamoelectric machine including a brush holder for positioning the brushes in a mounting position is disclosed. The brush holder includes a displaceable section located to secure the brushes in a mounting position and said displaceable section being separated during assembly to allow
4674781 Electric door lock actuator June 23, 1987
An electric door lock actuator and door lock and latch mechanism are disclosed having manual and electric driven locking means. A combination of a lost motion coupling and resilient spring means for driving the motive means to a neutral position are utilized to effectively isolate the
4664217 Electric shift actuator for vehicle transfer case May 12, 1987
A shift actuator for a vehicle transfer case includes a bidirectional electric motor for positioning gearing in the transfer case. An indicator mechanism associated with the drive train between the motor and the transfer case provides electrical signals indicative of the actual posit

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