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RE39630 Turbine blisk rim friction finger damper May 15, 2007
A damper for reducing vibrations in an integrally bladed turbine disk is provided. The damper includes an annular member and a plurality of fingers. The annular member is configured so that it is coupled to a face of the integrally bladed turbine disk. The plurality of fingers are ci
RE38040 Swept turbomachinery blade March 18, 2003
A swept turbomachinery blade for use in a cascade of such blades is disclosed. The blade (12) has an airfoil (22) uniquely swept so that an endwall shock (64) of limited radial extent and a passage shock (66) are coincident and a working medium (48) flowing through interblade passages
RE36926 Welding control using fuzzy logic analysis of video imaged puddle dimensions October 31, 2000
A welding system includes an imaging system that takes frame by frame pictures of a weld puddle. The imaging system is located in the weld torch. From the images puddle length and width are determined. The length and width are applied against stored membership functions that cover a
RE36117 Vanadium corrosion inhibitor March 2, 1999
A corrosion inhibited fuel mixture includes a hydrocarbon fuel, at least one vanadium composition, and a yttrium composition. The concentration of the yttrium composition in the mixture provides at least a stoichiometric amount of yttrium for a substantially complete reaction between the
RE35962 Single longitudinal mode pumped optical waveguide laser arrangement November 17, 1998
An optical waveguide laser arrangement includes a solid optical waveguide having a waveguiding portion that extends along an axis between two spaced regions of the optical waveguide and is of a material capable of emitting stimulated light upon excitation by pumping light that is launche
RE33954 Rotor blade assembly June 9, 1992
Rotor blade and disk structures enabling the disassembly and reassembly of a single rotor blade are disclosed. The concepts are particularly suited to configurations employing interlocking mid-span shrouds which inhibit the withdrawal of a single blade from a disk.In one specific geometr
RE33876 Thermal barrier coating for nickel and cobalt base super alloys April 7, 1992
Adherent, thermal shock-resistant protective coatings for nickel base super alloys are obtained by applying to the base metal a thin bond coat of an alloy of chromium aluminum and yttrium with materials selected from the group consisting of iron, cobalt, nickel and nickel-cobalt and appl
RE33800 Method for electroplating nickel onto titanium alloys January 21, 1992
This invention relates to an improved method for electroplating a layer of nickel into titanium base alloy substrates. It is particularly useful in electroplating a layer of nickel onto titanium alloys which contain refractory metal elements, such as the alloy Ti-8Al-1V-1Mo. The method
RE33589 Helicopter blade airfoil May 14, 1991
A family of airfoil cross sections, termed SC21xx, for use in a helicopter blade is disclosed. The airfoil (36) achieves maximum lift performance equivalent to prior art airfoil configurations without incurring increased aerodynamic drag at high velocities. The airfoil (36) was developed
RE33087 Electric power distribution and load transfer system October 10, 1989
A power distribution system includes a plurality of power sources and load transfer units including transistors and diodes connected in series and leading to a common power output, each of the transistors being controller switchable subject to voltage levels of the respective input and o
RE32339 Blade to blade vibration damper January 27, 1987
Effective damping of blade vibratory energy is sought by the apparatus described herein. The concepts relate specifically to what is known as blade to blade damping as is distinguished from blade to ground damping.The dampers employed have a "T" shaped cross section geometry and are desi
RE32121 Overlay coatings for superalloys April 22, 1986
Improved coating compositions are described for the protection of superalloys at elevated temperatures. The coatings are of the MCrAlY type where M is nickel or cobalt and are significantly improved by the addition of from 0.1-7% silicon and 0.1-2% hafnium. Coatings of the invention are
RE32100 Efficiency air cycle environmental control system April 1, 1986
In a compressed air powered refrigeration system for aircraft containing a refrigeration turbine and associated heat exchangers for supplying cool air to the aircraft cabin, air is recirculated from the cabin by a recirculation means and combined with the turbine discharge air to sim
RE31835 Pneumatic supply system having variable geometry compressor February 19, 1985
In a compressed air supply system utilizing a shaft-driven compressor (10,16), the flow capacity of the compressor is changed by varying the compressor outlet stator geometry (16) by an actuator (18) which controls the outlet stator geometry to provide an optimum match between the co
RE31823 Chemical milling of high tungsten content superalloys February 5, 1985
Chemical milling of cast superalloys having high tungsten contents is advantageously accomplished with an etchant which consists by volume percent of 40-60 concentrated HNO.sub.3, 0.6-0.8 concentrated HF, .[.30.]..Iadd.40.Iaddend.-70 H.sub.2 O, with which is included at least 0.008 m
RE31605 Method and apparatus for electrochemically finishing airfoil edges June 19, 1984
Disclosed is apparatus and method for electrochemically finishing the edges of airfoils and other thin edged objects. When the edge on an airfoil varies in thickness along its length, a tapered electrode is provided which has both a decreased diameter and increased spacing distance,
RE30210 Damped intershaft bearing and stabilizer February 12, 1980
A viscous damper for a bearing mounted between coaxially mounted shafts rotating at relative speeds is stabilized by mounting a spring in parallel with the damper so as to raise the natural frequency of one of the shafts.
RE30160 Smoke reduction combustion chamber November 27, 1979
A combustion chamber either an annular or can-annular type, which substantially eliminates the production of smoke while maintaining all other performance parameters of the combustion chamber. The combustion chamber is provided with a front end configuration which substantially elimi
RE29667 Compressor surge sensor June 13, 1978
The disclosure of this invention relates to means for detecting compressor surge by sensing the pressure downstream of the compressor of a turbine type power plant for rapidly opening the compressor bleeds and holding the bleeds open for brief interval after surge disappears. The sensed
H1207 Chromic acid anodization of titanium July 6, 1993
The present invention discloses a method of forming an adhesion promoting oxide surface on titanium in which the titanium surface is first abraded and then anodized in hydrofluoric acid free chromic acid.
D409810 Combined transportable assembly workstation and turbine blade storage container May 11, 1999
D371732 Attachment tool for a system for repairing damaged gas turbine engine airfoils July 16, 1996
D361053 Helicopter August 8, 1995
D336888 Helicopter June 29, 1993
D304122 Tote box October 17, 1989
D297005 Helicopter August 2, 1988
D284662 Hotel telephone faceplate July 15, 1986
D242991 Electrical current probe January 11, 1977
D242722 Housing for motor vehicle diagnostic equipment December 14, 1976
8586257 Fuel cell system that provides high grade heat to an absorption chiller November 19, 2013
A standard phosphoric acid fuel cell power plant has its heat exchanger removed such that a higher temperature coolant flow can be directed from the system to the generator of an absorption chiller to obtain improved efficiency in the chiller. In one embodiment, the higher temperature
8585539 Coupling system for a star gear train in a gas turbine engine November 19, 2013
A star gear train for use in a gas turbine engine includes a sun gear, a ring gear, a plurality of star gears and a coupling system. The sun gear is rotatable by a shaft. The ring gear is secured to a ring gear shaft. Each of the plurality of star gears is rotatably mounted in a star
8585538 Coupling system for a star gear train in a gas turbine engine November 19, 2013
A star gear train for use in a gas turbine engine includes a sun gear, a ring gear, a plurality of star gears and a coupling system. The sun gear is rotatable by a shaft. The ring gear is secured to a ring gear shaft. Each of the plurality of star gears is rotatably mounted in a star
8585368 Hybrid structure airfoil November 19, 2013
A hybrid airfoil for a gas turbine engine is provided that includes a body and a panel. The body has a first side and a second side orientated opposite the first side. The first and second sides extend between a tip, a base, a leading edge and a trailing edge. The body includes a plurali
8584470 Tri-lobed cooling hole and method of manufacture November 19, 2013
A gas turbine engine component includes first and second wall surfaces, an inlet located at the first wall surface, an outlet located at the second wall surface and a diffusing section positioned between the inlet and the outlet. The diffusing section includes a first lobe, a second
8580051 Method of processing steel and steel article November 12, 2013
A method of processing steel includes carburizing a martensitic stainless steel work piece to produce a carburized case by utilizing in combination, (i) a composition of the martensitic stainless steel work piece, (ii) a preselected carbon concentration in the carburized case, and (i
8579538 Turbine engine coupling stack November 12, 2013
An example coupling stack includes a first rotating member and a second rotating member. A plurality of aligned slots is defined in the first rotating member and the second rotating member. A tab lock is provided having an annular body with an axial front side, an axial back side, and
8578716 Valve system for a gas turbine engine November 12, 2013
A valve system intermediate a secondary flow path and a primary flow path to selectively communicate secondary airflow into the primary gas flow path and control airflow injected from a higher pressure plenum into a lower pressure flowpath.
8574721 Layered thermal barrier coating with blended transition and method of application November 5, 2013
A multilayer coating includes a bond coat layer, a first barrier layer applied on the bond coat layer, and a second barrier layer applied on the first barrier layer. The first barrier layer has a compositional gradient comprising a majority of a first rare earth stabilized zirconia mater
8574396 Hydration inhibitor coating for adhesive bonds November 5, 2013
A method for adhesively bonding a metallic substrate and a component together includes treating the metallic substrate to form an oxide layer thereon, treating the oxide layer with a conversion coating solution to form a bond promoter coating on the oxide layer, and depositing an adh
8574118 Journal pin for gear system November 5, 2013
A turbomachine epicyclic gear system includes a sun gear rotatable around an axis, a ring gear radially outward of the sun gear, and a plurality of intermediate gears meshed with the sun gear and the ring gear. A plurality of journal pins are each configured to support one of the plu
8573947 Composite fan blade dovetail root November 5, 2013
A composite fan blade having an airfoil with a leading edge and a trailing edge and a dovetail root includes a first pressure face and second pressure face, a lower horizontal face connecting the pressure faces at the bottom of the dovetail and a first and a second dovetail runout fi
8573940 Interlocking knife edge seals November 5, 2013
A compressor for a turbine engine includes multiple compressor disks having rotor blades mounted about the circumference of each of the disks. A plurality of stator blades extend between the rotor blades of axially adjacent disks. A knife edge seal is supported and retained by retaining
8573926 Gas turbine engine fan drive gear system damper November 5, 2013
A gas turbine engine includes a fan section. A turbine section is coupled to the fan section via a geared architecture. The geared architecture includes a torque frame and a flex support spaced apart from one another at a location. A gear train is supported by the torque frame. A damper
8572986 Retainer for suspended thermal protection elements in a gas turbine engine November 5, 2013
A hanger system includes a pin with a head section which defines a pin axis. A clip assembly captures the head section to permit movement of the pin within a hanger in a direction transverse to the pin axis. A fastener which retains the clip assembly to the hanger.
8572983 Gas turbine engine component with impingement and diffusive cooling November 5, 2013
A gas turbine engine component includes a gas path wall having a first surface and second surface and an impingement baffle having impingement holes for directing cooling fluid onto the first surface of the gas path wall. A cooling hole extends through the gas path wall. The cooling hole
8572979 Gas turbine combustor liner cap assembly November 5, 2013
A combustor liner cap assembly is provided for use in a multiple fuel nozzle combustor of a gas turbine. The combustor liner cap assembly includes a tube plate having a plurality of fuel nozzle openings and a plurality of open ended premix tubes extending aft from the tube plate. Eac
8572970 Method and apparatus for starting a refrigerant system without preheating the oil November 5, 2013
A rankine cycle system, which includes a turbine for driving a generator by way of a gearbox having an oil sump, is adapted to have the oil heated relatively quickly by causing a mixture of hot refrigerant gases from the evaporator and the oil from the low portion of the turbine to be mi
8572943 Fundamental gear system architecture November 5, 2013
A fan drive gear system for a gas turbine engine includes a gear system that provides a speed reduction between a fan drive turbine and a fan and a mount flexibly supporting portions of the gear system. A lubrication system supporting the fan drive gear system provides lubricant to the
8572844 Airfoil with leading edge cooling passage November 5, 2013
A turbine engine airfoil includes an airfoil structure having an exterior surface that provides a leading edge. A first cooling passage includes radially spaced legs extending laterally from one side of the leading edge toward another side of the leading edge and interconnecting to form
8568943 Method of preparing a fuel cell unitized electrode assembly by ultrasonic welding October 29, 2013
A unitized electrode assembly (9) for use in the fuel cell comprises a first GDL (23), a PEM (28), and a second GDL (12), with electrode catalyst (27, 30) disposed between said PEM and each of said GDLs, said layers (23, 27, 30, 12) being impregnated with a thermoplastic polymer a su

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