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United Technologies Automotive, Inc. Patents
United Technologies Automotive, Inc.
Dearborn, MI
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RE36752 Cryptographic authentication of transmitted messages using pseudorandom numbers June 27, 2000
An automobile door receiver module (30) and a plurality of keychain fob transmitter units (16) contain identification numbers, secret initial values, and secret feedback masks so as to authenticate encrypted messages from any of the assigned fobs, indicative of commands registered by
RE36181 Pseudorandom number generation and crytographic authentication April 6, 1999
An automobile door lock receiver module (30) and a plurality of keychain fob transmitter units (16) contain identification numbers, secret initial values, and secret feedback masks so as to authenticate encrypted messages from any of the assigned fobs, indicative of commands registered b
RE35772 Solenoid system for, for example, a brake/shift interlock for vehicular transmission control April 21, 1998
A brake/shift interlock for, e.g., a vehicle having a shift mechanism (10) for an automatic transmission. The shift mechanism includes a shift lever (12) and a detent mechanism (24) having a latch (26) and latch plate (28) with a detent notch at the "Park" position. A Park/Lock member (3
D341564 Combined retractable side window sunshade units and headliner with integral reading lights and r November 23, 1993
D340215 Set of accessory panels for an overhead console October 12, 1993
D340017 Set of accessory panels for an overhead console October 5, 1993
D340016 Set of accessary panels for an overhead console October 5, 1993
D339780 Accessory panel for an overhead console September 28, 1993
D336806 Modular file assembly June 29, 1993
D309725 Electrical connector August 7, 1990
D301873 Automotive power seat switch June 27, 1989
D299544 Double hung window January 24, 1989
D296204 Steering column-mounted alert display June 14, 1988
5979540 Apparatus for cooling a card cage November 9, 1999
An apparatus for cooling electrical components contained inside an enclosed housing, which is positioned proximate to a dashboard of a vehicle, includes an inlet pipe which receives a forced air flow and an outlet pipe which expels air from the enclosed housing. The inlet pipe receives t
5920039 Speaker support bar and sound chamber above vehicle headliner July 6, 1999
A speaker support bar supports a pair of speakers and speaker covers above a vehicle headliner. A lamp may also be mounted into the support bar. The speaker support is positioned vertically above the headliner, and thus the uniform appearance of the headliner is preserved. The speaker su
5863370 Method of bonding cloth cover to substrate base January 26, 1999
A method for forming a headliner including a fluted paper central substrate includes forming the fluted paper substrate in a first forming tool. The formed substrate is then moved to a second bonding tool. A cover layer and an adhesive layer are actuated in the bonding tool to secure the
5850188 Self-diagnosing remote entry apparatus December 15, 1998
A remote keyless entry apparatus is disclosed for use with a vehicle. The apparatus includes a receiving unit disposed within the vehicle and a key fob transmitter for transmitting a plurality of signals to the receiving unit. The transmitter includes a transmitting unit for transmitting
5833499 Insulated battery-cable connector November 10, 1998
An encapsulated electrical connector is molded to the end portion of a battery cable to provide a releasable electrical connection between the cable and a battery terminal. The dielectric molding includes a hinged cover that is automatically moved to a readily visible angulation when the
5825153 Switched reluctance motor drive control system October 20, 1998
A current measuring apparatus measures current flowing through a phase winding of a switched reluctance motor while dissipating very little power. The apparatus includes a control for controlling the current flowing through the winding. A gate is operatively connected to the control
5821935 Graphical user interface with electronic feature access October 13, 1998
A graphical user interface system for use in a vehicle includes a series of selection switches and multi-purpose adjustment switches. The selection switches enable a user to choose a vehicle subsystem and a display screen instantaneously displays the subsystem and all adjustable function
5810283 Apparatus and method for wire coil payoff September 22, 1998
An improved apparatus and method for dispensing wire includes a shuttle system such that the wire may be rapidly and efficiently changed. In addition, improvements are made to the individual dispensing mounting plates and mandrels to facilitate the changing of the coils, and also to
5804782 Electrical switch having a rotary mechanism for use in an automotive vehicle September 8, 1998
An electrical switch for use in an automotive vehicle includes a rotary carrier rotatable in response to engagement of a finger projecting from a movable main carrier. A detent structure is provided within a switch housing for engagement by a projection extending from the rotary carrier.
5804262 Vehicle trim panel with natural fiber layers September 8, 1998
An improved material for forming vehicle trim panels includes natural fibers formed reinforcing mats. The natural fibers replaced the prior known use of glass fibers. Prior art glass fibers may sometimes cause skin irritation, and the natural fiber eliminates this problem. The fibrous
5800219 Stamped battery terminal September 1, 1998
In automotive applications, a storage battery is substantially box-like and includes a first surface and a second surface. An electrical terminal is disposed on the first surface. An apparatus is used no connect a battery cable to the battery. The apparatus includes a first conductor and
5785532 Power distribution box and system July 28, 1998
A power distribution box extends through a bulkhead of an automotive vehicle. This power distribution box has a first electrical connector accessible from within an engine compartment. Furthermore, a portion of the power distribution box is accessible from the passenger compartment.
5783994 Vehicle security system with combined key fob and keypad anti-driveaway protection July 21, 1998
A vehicle security system combines anti-driveaway protection with vehicle entry signalling. Either a remote signalling device is used to generate a remote signal or an input device, mounted on the vehicle, is used to generate an access signal. An entry control unit receives and interpret
5764010 Control system for an automotive vehicle multi-functional apparatus June 9, 1998
A control system for an automotive vehicle multi-functional apparatus employs an electronic control unit operably controlling a rear window wiper assembly. In another aspect of the present invention, an electronic control unit is operable as a multiplexed rear node for controlling a
5759055 Interlocking terminal connection June 2, 1998
An interlocking terminal connection includes a pair of terminal plates each having a base portion with a hole for receiving a fastener. Each terminal plate further includes a pair of wing portions on either side of the base portion. The wing portions on a first terminal plate are displac
5757268 Prioritization of vehicle display features May 26, 1998
A method and apparatus for controlling information to be displayed on a vehicle reconfigurable display includes the steps of prioritizing information. The control identifies each of the items which are desirably displayed and determines the space necessary to display all of those ite
5748428 Pulse width modulation and protection circuit May 5, 1998
A pulse width modulation circuit includes a transistor pass element alternately switched on and off by an oscillator and connecting a power source to a load. Current through the transistor pass element is compared to a reference signal by a comparator. If the current through the tran
5747907 Backup bearings for positive re-centering of magnetic bearings May 5, 1998
Bearing systems, such as magnetic bearings, are widely used today in a variety of applications. All bearing systems are, however, subject to failure. Therefore, backup bearing systems are often utilized in conjunction with a main bearing system in order to provide backup to the main
5745045 Optical anti-theft system April 28, 1998
An optical anti-theft system incorporates a member having a plurality of reflective surfaces. The plurality forms a pattern corresponding with the security code. The system additionally incorporates a base for receiving the member. The base incorporates a light source for generating a li
5744769 Electrical switch for use in an automotive vehicle April 28, 1998
An electrical switch for use in an automotive vehicle includes an actuator and a carrier movable to electrically actuate a steering column tilting device and a steering column telescoping device. A post and a receptacle assist to align the carrier during its linear switching movement. An
5735391 Dual slide three-position switch April 7, 1998
An improved switch includes two moving contact members which move in parallel planes. The switch may be moved to either of two positions to complete either of two circuits. The contact members are normally biased to a central neutral position. Since the contact members move in a plane,
5735041 Wire harness assembly on trim panel April 7, 1998
A vehicle includes a frame having an inner surface and a trim panel having an outer surface adapted to overlie the inner surface of the frame. A plurality of electrical devices are secured in the frame and the trim panel for carrying out various tasks and operations. A plurality of e
5731756 Universal encrypted radio transmitter for multiple functions March 24, 1998
A control is provided for allowing a user to actuate various home security systems such as garage door openers, home alarm systems, lights, etc., remotely. A transmitter is provided with encryption logic such that its signal is not easily duplicated. In a preferred embodiment, the tr
5730028 Linkage for a power liftgate lock system March 24, 1998
A linkage has a coupled state, where actuation of a multi-functional apparatus causes an interference device to move between the locked position and the unlocked position, wherein in the locked position the interference device does not allow a handle for opening door latches to actua
5724028 RF remote system with drive-away prevention March 3, 1998
A drive-away prevention security system used in connection with an RF remote keyless entry system. A microprocessor and associated circuitry are configured within the head of an ignition key for a vehicle such that when a function switch on the key head is activated, a coded signal is
5717376 System for determining failure of remote sensing device February 10, 1998
A system for detecting failure in one of a plurality of remote sensing devices utilizes a plurality of counters, each associated with one of the remote sensing devices. Each counter is initially loaded with an initial value. When a signal is received from a remote sensing device, its
5717176 Sequentially operated membrane switches February 10, 1998
An improved membrane switch includes multiple detents. A pair of electric circuits are completed by the membrane switch, and a pair of flexing portions are located on said membrane. A first flexing portion is overcome by a first lower insertion force to allow a first circuit to be comple
5714852 Three state switch detection using current sensing February 3, 1998
A three state switch detection circuit converts a three state input to a two-bit binary output readable by a micro-controller or other digital logic. The circuit utilized complementary NPN and PNP transistors having coupled emitters and coupled bases connected by a resistor. The collecto
5714727 Modular steering wheel assembly with integrated switch housing February 3, 1998
An improved steering wheel assembly includes an integrated switch housing that includes the stalk switch for the vehicle, and further provides the fixed housing for a clock spring. The integrated switch housing reduces the overall size and length of the switches adjacent the steering whe
5708243 Multi-position, multi-directional electric switch mechanism January 13, 1998
A multi-position, multi-directional switch mechanism that provides switch actuation in multiple directions using opposing detent mechanisms. The multi-position, multi-directional switch mechanism has a sleeve that pivots within a base and an operator that pivots within the sleeve. Each
5699021 Balanced and buffered oscillator and transmitter arrangement December 16, 1997
A balanced and buffered oscillator and transmitter arrangement includes a first and second oscillator, each of which include a resonator for generating a reference signal, an amplifier for amplifying the reference signal, a resonant tank for generating an oscillating output signal in
5696828 Random number generating system and process based on chaos December 9, 1997
The present invention teaches a method of generating a plurality of random numbers is disclosed. The method comprises the initial step of generating chaotic noise. Subsequently, the chaotic noise is sampled such that a plurality of samples are created. Each sample of the plurality of sam
5694812 Multi-functional apparatus employing an electromagnetic device and an intermittent motion mechan December 9, 1997
A multi-functional apparatus employs an electromagnetic device. The electromagnetic device selectively causes movement of an intermittent motion mechanism thereby moving a mechanical device coupled thereto. In another aspect of the present invention, a single electric motor selective
5694678 Universal wire harness retainer clip holding system December 9, 1997
A family of retainer clip holders can each be adjusted to properly position a retainer clip at a desired location on a wire harness. In the past, it has sometimes been complicated to properly position a retainer clip holder relative to the base, and mount the holder base on a jig for ass
5690518 Female and male electrical connectors requiring low insertion forces November 25, 1997
A female electrical connector has a wire attachment segment and a receptacle segment. A pair of apertures are juxtapositioned within the receptacle segment circumferentially separated from one another by solid portions of the receptacle segment therebetween. A male electrical connect
5685592 Cargo compartment cover and item support assembly November 11, 1997
A motor vehicle compartment cover and item support assembly (20) is provided for use in a motor vehicle (10) having a cargo compartment (5). A selectively deployable cover (30) is attached at its trailing edge portion (32) to a cover support member (40) and at least one item support memb
5680927 Electrical switch October 28, 1997
An electrical switch for use in the automotive field. The switch preferably has rotary actuation with a plurality of electrical contacts. The electrical switch comprises an insulator body having an internal recess defining a plurality of cavities, each cavity housing a pair of electrical
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