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8163644 Template process for small pitch flip-chip interconnect hybridization April 24, 2012
A process is disclosed for high density indium bumping of microchips by using an innovative template wafer upon which the bumps are initially fabricated. Once fabricated, these bumps are transferred to the microchip, after which can be hybridized to another microchip. Such a template
8125642 Process to optically align a photoreceiver with a laser transmitter source in a laser rangefinde February 28, 2012
A process for optically aligning a laser rangefinder that includes the steps of providing a laser rangefinder having a laser source, a photodetector lens and a photodetector, providing a fiber optic travel path, aligning the laser source to the fiber optic travel path, illuminating t
8025254 Apparatus for releasing a parachute from its payload September 27, 2011
An apparatus for releasing a parachute from its payload upon ground impact by the payload. The apparatus has a pair of sections releasably secured to each other. Each section has an intermediate portion having a longitudinally extending axis and a spur receiving opening that extends
7993844 Artificial chimeras engineered to simulate multiple biological threat agents August 9, 2011
This invention provides safe, non-infectious chimeras that include the nucleic acid signature of most bacterial and viral biological threat agents. These chimeras mimic properties of threat agents and are useful as simulants to develop, evaluate, test, and train on nucleic acid-based
7766827 Method and system for predicting human cognitive performance August 3, 2010
An apparatus and a method for predicting cognitive performance of an individual based on factors including preferably sleep history and the time of day. The method facilitates the creation of predicted cognitive performance curves that allow an individual to set his/her sleep times to
7627434 Method for field-based ecological risk assessment using rodent sperm-analysis December 1, 2009
The invention is a method for assessing whether or not reproductive health effects are present in terrestrial ecological receptors inhabiting contaminated sites. Adult male rodents are concurrently trapped at the contaminated site of interest and at a matched non-contaminated reference
7600348 Ballistic protection shelter October 13, 2009
A ballistic protection shelter includes a soft-walled shelter structure wherein soft wall and soft roof portions are supported on at least one rigid support member, and an internal shelter structure for disposition within the soft-walled shelter structure. The internal shelter structure
7582430 Immunoliposome-nucleic acid amplification (ILNAA) assay September 1, 2009
Immunoliposomes and use thereof in highly specific and sensitive nucleic acid amplification assays relying on amplification of specific nucleic acid sequences released from encapsulation within a liposome after a receptor on the liposome couples with a targeted analyte/antigen immobi
7507454 Polymeric antioxidants March 24, 2009
Antioxidant polymers of the present invention comprise repeat units that include one or both of Structural Formulas (I) and (II): ##STR00001## wherein: R is --H or a substituted or unsubstituted alkyl, acyl or aryl group; Ring A is substituted with at least one tert-butyl group or
7498331 Arthropod repellent pharmacophore models, compounds identified as fitting the pharmacophore mode March 3, 2009
Disclosed herein is a pharmacophore model for arthropod repellent activity and methods of making and using thereof. The pharmacophore comprises two hydrophobic aliphatic functions, one aromatic function and one hydrogen bond acceptor function. The pharmacophore model was made using a tes
7495767 Digital optical method (DOM.TM.) and system for determining opacity February 24, 2009
Photography is employed to objectively quantify opacity of fluids such as smoke plumes and dust via a method termed the Digital Optical Method (DOM.TM.). The DOM.TM. quantifies the ratio of radiance values by means of a camera response curve obtained using objective measures. The rad
7481176 Transportable flotation system January 27, 2009
A transportable modular flotation system with sections incorporating a decked supporting structure that is buoyed by heavy duty flotation tubes. The sections are coupled together with pre-tensioned ropes, straps or cables of High Modulus Fiber. The system is suitable for off-loading
7463329 Materials for freezing light December 9, 2008
Recent theoretical investigations have predicted the existence of axially frozen modes that arise when light is incident upon an anisotropic two-dimensional photonic crystal. Such electromagnetic modes are of interest since they suggest a near-zero group velocity with extraordinary a
7458304 Mortar bomb vacuum positioning apparatus December 2, 2008
A mortar munition includes a mortar tube; an opening in the wall of the mortar tube; a spring loaded valve assembly disposed in the opening in the wall of the mortar tube; a solenoid having a plunger, the plunger being disposed to open the spring loaded valve assembly; and a vacuum s
7445717 Process for treating waste from the production of energetics November 4, 2008
A waste stream is treated in a pre-filter having media, preferably sand, connected below a zero-valent metal column reactor incorporating a metal with reducing potential, preferably elemental iron (Fe.sup.0); the combination preferably configured as a single unit. The waste stream is
7419683 Method of inhibiting side effects of pharmaceutical compositions containing amphiphilic vehicles September 2, 2008
A method is provided for inhibiting or preventing toxicity and other unwanted effects (a) caused by solvents for pharmaceuticals which solvents or emulsifier which contain amphiphilic molecules such as polyethoxylated oils or a derivative thereof, or (b) caused by a drug in a vehicle
7390123 Variable emittance surfaces June 24, 2008
Designs for constructing a surface with variable emittance are described. This is achieved by making a surface where the emissivity varies on a scale smaller than the resolution of a thermal imager viewing the surface. One design utilizes many cylindrical surfaces with their axis par
7377276 Automated inhalation toxicology exposure system and method May 27, 2008
In one embodiment, a method includes but is not limited to: conditioning an inhalent environment; exposing a first organism to the inhalent environment for a first-organism duration of time; and exposing a second organism to the inhalent environment for a second-organism duration of
7363862 Multi-purpose single initiated tandem warhead April 29, 2008
A multi-purpose tandem warhead needing only a single initiation has a casing that forms front, middle and rear portions. A shaped charge is positioned in the rear portion of the casing and a fragmentation charge is positioned in the front portion of the casing. The middle portion bet
7363765 Article of footwear with temperature regulation means April 29, 2008
Article of footwear includes a sole, an insole overlying the sole, the insole having in a surface thereof a groove having an inlet and outlet in an edge of the insole, the groove winding substantially throughout the length and width of the insole upper surface. A tube is disposed in the
7355561 Systems and methods for providing images April 8, 2008
Systems and methods for providing images are disclosed. An exemplary embodiment of the system for providing images includes a first image display device for displaying a first image at a first image plane and a second image display device for displaying a second image at a second ima
7350614 System and method for vehicle cab with landmine protection April 1, 2008
A system for providing a vehicle with landmine protection for occupants of a vehicle cab via controlled articulation of the vehicle cab in response to an under-vehicle explosive event includes a cab guide pin attached to the rear of the vehicle cab, and a vehicle frame having a sub-frame
7350479 System and method for controlling growth of aquatic plants utilizing bio-eroding means implanted April 1, 2008
An "implant and forget" device for interacting with biota after a pre-established time period. Preferably, the biota are fauna and more particularly fish. In select embodiments, the device comprises packaging enclosing apparatus for timing interaction via opening the packaging. In se
7348560 Thermoluminescent reader module March 25, 2008
A thermoluminescent reader module having a hardened, durable construction has a casing which houses a filter, a ball lens and detection module. After a thermoluminscent material is heated by a laser diode, the ball lens collects the hemispherical photon emissions. The filter is posit
7348201 Creation of anisotropic strain in semiconductor quantum well March 25, 2008
Methods and devices for creating an anisotropic strain in a semiconductor quantum well structure to induce anisotropy thereof are disclosed herein. Initially, a substrate is provided, and a quantum well structure formed upon the substrate. A first crystalline layer (e.g., a GaAs layer) h
7347768 Apparatus and method to test abrasion resistance of material using airborne particulate March 25, 2008
An apparatus and method to test the abrasion resistance of materials. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a conduit network, a primary air stream generating device to generate a primary air stream in the conduit network, a secondary air stream generating device to produce a second
7347038 Enhanced fore-aft movement cutting attachment March 25, 2008
A debris cutting system for attachment to a vehicle. The system includes a nose shaped projection that extends horizontally in the forward direction from the forward moving end of the vehicle. The projection includes at least one front blade mount subsystem, at least one rear blade mount
7343362 Low complexity classification from a single unattended ground sensor node March 11, 2008
Disclosed are a system and method of multi-modality sensor data classification and fusion comprising partitioning data stored in a read only memory unit on a sensor node using a low query complexity boundary-decision classifier, applying an iterative two-dimensional nearest neighbor
7342057 Self-healing coatings using microcapsules to suppress lead dust March 11, 2008
Self-healing coatings incorporate microcapsules of about 60-150 microns diameter that contain film formers and dust suppression compounds suitable for controlling spalling of lead dust, for example. In one embodiment, a primer paint is mixed with these microcapsules and applied by br
7335356 Monoclonal antibodies and complementarity-determining regions binding to Ebola glycoprotein February 26, 2008
In this application are described Ebola GP monoclonal antibodies, epitopes recognized by these monoclonal antibodies, and the sequences of the variable regions of some of these antibodies. Also provided are mixtures of antibodies of the present invention, as well as methods of using
7330507 Apparatus and method for multi-channel equalization February 12, 2008
A communication system with a multi-channel array antenna utilizes a receiver matching process that adapts the pass band frequency response of each channel to a selected reference channel. This process is implemented digitally by inserting a tapped delay line filter in each channel,
7318369 Out-of-battery lock for automatic primer feed mechanism January 15, 2008
An out-of-battery lock for a primer feed mechanism having a drive shaft and a drive shaft housing surrounding the drive shaft, the out-of-battery lock including a housing having an opening therethrough for attachment to the drive shaft; a pair of wings disposed on opposite sides of the
7314006 Nonlethal canister tank round January 1, 2008
A nonlethal canister tank round comprising a cartridge having a combustible case and containing propellant; a canister projectile attached to the cartridge, the canister projectile being generally cylindrical, comprising high density polyurethane foam and including a body and a cap f
7310361 Intersubband semiconductor lasers with enhanced subband depopulation rate December 18, 2007
Intersubband semiconductor lasers (ISLs) are of great interest for mid-infrared (2-20 .mu.m) device applications. These semiconductor devices have a wide range of applications from pollution detection and industrial monitoring to military functions.ISLs have generally encountered sev
7309582 Polymer-template complex produced by enzymatic polymerization December 18, 2007
The invention relates to a novel method for enzymatic polymerization which includes (1) obtaining a reaction mixture including a monomer, a template, and an enzyme; and (2) incubating the reaction mixture for a time and under conditions sufficient for the monomer to align along the t
7308827 Integrated gyroscope and temperature sensor December 18, 2007
A gyroscope and temperature sensor are formed on a single chip using SOI-MEMS technology. The temperature sensor has an array of resistors to accurately detect the temperature of the gyroscope in temperatures and conditions that can range from extreme heat to extreme cold. The positi
7307127 Highly sulfonated block copolymer hydrogels and uses thereof December 11, 2007
A block copolymer composition AB is provided that has pendent groups --RZ extending from the A copolymer on at least 70 mol % of the A monomers, where R and Z are each an ionic species. The composition is included in a semipermeable membrane for use in a direct methanol fuel cell. Also
7306806 Recombinant P. falciparum merozoite protein-142 vaccine December 11, 2007
In this application is the expression and purification of a recombinant Plasmodium falciparum (3D7) MSP-1.sub.42. The method of the present invention produces a highly purified protein which retains folding and disulfide bridging of the native molecule. The recombinant MSP-1.sub.42 i
7304742 Flow-through aerosol photoacoustic systems and methods December 4, 2007
Embodiments of photoacoustic devices, systems, and methods are disclosed. One device embodiment, among others, comprises a flow-through configuration for a test sample gas and a modular set of two or more solid-state or gaseous based lasers.
7304732 Microelectromechanical resonant photoacoustic cell December 4, 2007
An integrated photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS) cell is fabricated using microelectromechanical (MEMS) techniques. The multi-layer structure includes an inner layer with a patterned resonant cavity disposed between top and bottom outer layers and a microphone acoustically coupled to the
7304363 Interacting current spreader and junction extender to increase the voltage blocked in the off st December 4, 2007
A technique of spreading current flowing in a semiconductor device comprising an electrode, a drift region adjacent to the electrode, a junction termination extension implant region in the drift region, and a current spreader adjacent to the junction termination extension implant reg
7298255 Sensory systems employing non-uniformly spaced waveguide sensors for determining orientation and November 20, 2007
A sensory system for determining the orientation of an object, wherein the sensory system includes a plurality of non-uniformly spaced waveguide sensors or array(s) of waveguide sensors. The non-uniformly spaced waveguide sensors are responsive to received radio frequency signals whe
7297785 Unique chromosomal sequence of Bacillus anthracis and methods of making and using thereof includ November 20, 2007
Disclosed herein are nucleic acid molecules having sequences that are unique to Bacillus anthracis and method of making and using thereof. Also disclosed are kits comprising the nucleic acid molecules.
7297626 Process for nickel silicide Ohmic contacts to n-SiC November 20, 2007
A Ni.sub.2Si-nSiC Ohmic contact is formed by pulsed laser ablation deposition (PLD) of Ni.sub.2Si source target deposited on a n-SiC substrate or SiC substrate wafer with SiC epilayer. The Ni.sub.2Si Ohmic contact on n-SiC was rapid thermal annealed at C. for 30 s in a N.
7296654 Tunable stacked plate vibration isolator November 20, 2007
Disclosed is a method and apparatus for reducing vibrations in an electrical device, wherein the apparatus comprises a plurality of stacked metal plates, wherein the stacked metal plates move frictionally opposed to one another upon excitation of the device, and wherein movement of the
7296488 System and method for accessing ferrous surfaces normally accessible only with special effort November 20, 2007
A system incorporating a robot to inspect ferrous surfaces. Preferably, the robot is an articulated device having a tractor module for motive power and steering, a power module for electrical power and communications and additional motive power, and a third module for cleaning and in
7295312 Rapid 4-Stokes parameter determination via Stokes filter wheel November 13, 2007
A system for determining polarization profiles of points in a scene from video frames using Stokes parameters includes a scene having a region that emits scene light rays that correspond to the points in the scene, an optical chopper controller, a rotating Stokes filter wheel that in
7294686 Polymerization of aromatic monomers using derivatives of hematin November 13, 2007
Hematin, a hydroxyferriprotoporphyrin, is derivatized with one or more non-proteinaceous amphipathic groups. The derivatized hematin can serve as a mimic of horseradish peroxidase in polymerizing aromatic monomers, such as aromatic compounds. These derivatized hematins can also be used
7291016 Ophthalmic surgery simulation device November 6, 2007
This invention relates to a device for simulating life-like conditions during eye surgery. The device includes a prosthetic head which includes an eye socket coupled to a fluid line adapted to create negative pressure or a vacuum in the eye socket. An eye for practicing surgical techniqu
7286444 Method and system for synchronizing separated clocks October 23, 2007
Methods and systems for synchronizing a first clock with a second clock, wherein the clocks are separated, are disclosed. A representative system, among others, includes a correlated particle emitter that emits a first particle stream and a second particle stream. Particles in the first
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