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RE33461 Generation and diagnostic verification of complex timing cycles November 27, 1990
A timing generator and verifier is provided in which a PROM stores the timing constants that are employed by the generator. An address counter, which is driven by a clock timer, cycles through an associated portion of the PROM to provide a sequence of output signals which represent timin
H2187 System and method for gender identification in a speech application environment April 3, 2007
An automatic speech recognizer (ASR) is used in conjunction with a gender-neutral grammar to recognize words uttered by a user of a speech application at a given state of the dialogue implemented by the speech application. An identification of the gender (i.e., male or female) of the
D490436 Front panel for a computer system enclosure May 25, 2004
D459358 Front panel for a computer system enclosure June 25, 2002
D433418 Front panel for a computer system enclosure November 7, 2000
D367856 Parallel processor display panel March 12, 1996
D324453 Computer carrying case March 10, 1992
D323743 Computer carrying case February 11, 1992
D297845 Equipment housing module with dual displays September 27, 1988
D296879 Electro-mechanical equipment housing for scales or the like July 26, 1988
8571902 Remote biometric verification October 29, 2013
An apparatus for and method of providing remote, self-service airport passenger check-in using a passenger verification provided by one or more personal identifiers, preferably a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and at least one biometric identifier. In the preferred mode, a remote
8281319 Method and apparatus for sequenced message processing between an event handler and an administra October 2, 2012
An apparatus for and method of predefining a series of messages between a client application and a server application which needed to be transferred and honored in sequence to perform a compound service request. The sequence of messages is predefined through the use of an Action Cont
8276128 Systems, methods, and computer programs for dynamic binary translation in a master control progr September 25, 2012
Various embodiments of systems and methods for dynamic binary translation in an interpreter are disclosed. An embodiment comprises a method for dynamic binary translation in an interpreter. One such method comprises: receiving non-native code comprising a sequence of one or more operator
8250116 KStore data simulator directives and values processor process and files August 21, 2012
A data simulator receives a set of directives specified in a file and creates one or more datastreams from which a data structure may be built as specified by the directives. The directives may specify configuration settings, constants, changing fields, values and probabilities.
8245260 Video server August 14, 2012
A method of and apparatus for efficiently providing video on demand services to a cable television subscriber. The provider system consists of two major subsystems. The first subsystem, called a video server, streams video to video on demand subscribers through the cable television n
8238351 Method for determining a most probable K location August 7, 2012
The process of traversing a K may involve determining a match between a root node and a Result node of a node on the asCase list of a current K node. When learning is off and a match is not found, the procedure may ignore the particle being processed. An alternative solution determines
8196120 Computer emulator employing direct execution of compiled functions June 5, 2012
An emulation system that provides the functionality of an emulated computer on a host computer pre-processes the object code file to be emulated to reduce the run-time overhead due to parsing the object code. The emulator uses pre-programmed functions that model each instruction of t
8185542 Stored procedure interface May 22, 2012
An apparatus for and method of utilizing an Internet terminal coupled to the world wide web to access a legacy data base management system having a dialog-based request format to prepare, modify, and execute stored procedures. The user request is passed to the legacy data base management
8161494 Method and system for offloading processing tasks to a foreign computing environment April 17, 2012
A method and apparatus for offloading processing tasks from a first computing environment to a second computing environment, such as from a first interpreter emulation environment to a second native operating system within which the interpreter is running. The offloading method uses
8156090 Maintaining file name uniqueness in an application development environment of a computing system April 10, 2012
A computer system comprises an operating system that provides a file system for storage of objects. A compile manager creates a repository within the file system in response to a compilation request. A directory stores file names previously generated by the compile manager during a c
8145861 Managing data transfer between different types of tape media with encryption March 27, 2012
A method for managing data transfer from at least one input tape to an output tape begins by opening the output tape. For each input tape, the input tape is opened and directory information about the opened input tape is gathered. Data is read from the opened input tape, the data is
8145588 Determination of graph connectivity metrics using bit-vectors March 27, 2012
Determination of a connectivity-metrics for graphs representative of networks of interest. A graph that represents a network of interest is accessed. The graph includes nodes representing points in the network of interest, and edges corresponding to the nodes. Bit-vectors are generated
8135980 Storage availability using cryptographic splitting March 13, 2012
A secure storage appliance is disclosed, along with methods of storing and reading data in a secure storage network. In one aspect, a method includes assigning a volume to a primary secure storage appliance located in a secure data storage network, the secure data storage network inc
8131772 Method and apparatus for improving the performance of object-oriented queues March 6, 2012
A method for managing object-oriented queues by reusing queue entry objects instead of creating and destroying each queue entry object inserted into and removed from the queue. Inserting a queue entry object into the queue involves changing the status of the queue entry object from a
8122120 Failover and failback using a universal multi-path driver for storage devices February 21, 2012
An embodiment of the invention is a technique to manage failover and failback. A failover of a first path is detected. The first path corresponds to a first device in a plurality of physical devices having M device types. A connection status of the first device is determined if the f
8099501 Adapter architecture January 17, 2012
An apparatus for and method of processing service requests having a number of formats within a single generic gateway. The service requests are received by the server and routed to the appropriate one of a number of adapters. Each of the adapters convert service requests to a standar
8074109 Third-party voting to select a master processor within a multi-processor computer December 6, 2011
Techniques are described of using votes of third-party components to select a master processor from a plurality of redundant processors. A master processor and a standby processor maintain communications with one another. If communication between the master processor and the standby
8042156 Mapping proprietary SSL APIs onto openssl APIs October 18, 2011
Techniques are described for mapping an emulated SSL implementation to, for example, OpenSSL. An exemplary method includes receiving a request to initiate a communication session from an application, running in an emulation environment, with a first SSL API of an emulated SSL impleme
8041836 Automatic COBOL working storage to open/OLTP view conversion October 18, 2011
A system and method which automatically converts COBOL data definitions into view files which allows a user from an Internet terminal to access an On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) enterprise server. This conversion permits the Internet user to perform COBOL transactions using th
8032742 Dynamic updating of trusted certificates and certificate revocation lists in a computing system October 4, 2011
This application generally describes techniques for dynamically updating trusted certificates and CRLs, generally referred to herein as certificate information. That is, techniques are described for updating trusted certificates and CRLs without terminating existing communication ses
8032687 Method, system, and apparatus for supporting limited address mode memory access October 4, 2011
Supporting limited address mode memory access involves receiving a write request from the processor targeted to a first predetermined address. A data portion of the write request includes a target address of the system memory. In response to determining the write request is targeted to t
8032412 Collecting and paying micropayments for internet and wireless purchase of copyright material October 4, 2011
An apparatus for and method of transacting business over a network, such as the Internet. The technique is applicable to a number of e-commerce applications, but the low transaction cost permits its use with microsales involving micropayments of less than one U.S. dollar. An Internet
8019768 Bidirectional data structure processing September 13, 2011
To enhance data structure processing performance, data is organized bi-directionally in a data structure. That is, depending on the value of a data key associated with an entry, the entry is stored either from a low end or from a high end of the data structure. For example, the low e
8010572 Kstore scenario simulator processor and XML file August 30, 2011
A scenario simulator processor receives a declarative file and invokes one or more data simulators to create one or more datastreams from a data structure may be built as specified by the declarative file. The declarative file may specify one or more scenario names, and a set of info
8010569 Adding and subtracting KStores August 30, 2011
The KStore is a datastore made up of a forest of interconnected, highly unconventional trees of one or more levels. One KStore can be added to an existing KStore to create an updated KStore by traversing the trees of the KStores and incrementing the count fields to reflect the added coun
7984108 Computer system para-virtualization using a hypervisor that is implemented in a partition of the July 19, 2011
Embodiments of the present invention provide a virtualization infrastructure that allows multiple guest operating systems to run and communicate amongst each other within a host hardware partition. The host system is divided into distinct logical/virtual partitions and special infras
7966298 Record-level locking and page-level recovery in a database management system June 21, 2011
Disclosure of approaches for processing database transactions against a database. In one approach, a first transaction is received that specifies an operation for changing state of a first record stored in a first database page. In processing the operation, the state of the record is
7958165 Converting logical aspects of common warehouse model to design elements for relational database June 7, 2011
A method and a system for converting logical aspects of a common warehouse model (CWM) to corresponding design items for a relational database by processing in a hierarchical manner the logical aspects and creating the corresponding design items. The logical aspects comprise entity-r
7941451 Dynamic preconditioning of a B+ tree May 10, 2011
Various approaches for processing a B+ tree data structure are described. In one approach, in a first transaction a first insert operation to a first data page of a first index page in the B+ tree data structure is detected, and then it is determined whether performing the first insert
7921317 Method and apparatus for synchronizing central processing units in a multiprocessor apparatus April 5, 2011
Updating timers of central processing units (CPUs) in a multiprocessor apparatus involves the repeated performance of update operations by a device that is coupled to the CPUs via a memory interface. The operations include selecting one of the plurality of CPUs and determining an offset
7921213 Ring content distribution system April 5, 2011
A method of handing off connection requests from a file server to other receivers on a network includes receiving a connection request from a receiver, checking to see if the requested content is currently being provided by the file server to another receiver, and, if so, handing off
7908606 Usage metering system March 15, 2011
A usage metering system for determining computer resource utilization is described herein. Computer resource utilization is determined by accumulating instances of computer resource utilization based on array of counters. This enables an accurate determination of instances of when a
7908240 Facilitated use of column and field data for field record universe in a knowledge store March 15, 2011
Typically, field names are saved separately from tables as metadata in modern databases. Databases did not traditionally get built into interlocking trees datastores that recorded the data as events. However, in cases where one may wish to do that, thus avoiding the need for saving s
7899958 Input/output completion system and method for a data processing platform March 1, 2011
A mechanism is disclosed for performing I/O operations using queue banks within a data processing system that supports multiple processing partitions. A queue bank is a re-useable area of memory allocated for performing I/O operations. All memory locking and address-translation funct
7895471 Fault isolation system and method February 22, 2011
A mechanism for isolating failures in a digital system is provided. In one embodiment, a fault table is defined for each unit in the system. Related faults are ordered within the table to reflect the time-order in which the faults would be activated during operation of the associated uni
7895379 Logic controller having hard-coded control logic and programmable override control store entries February 22, 2011
Control logic of a node controller receives an input vector and produces an output vector. The control logic includes a plurality of tied control store entries including hard-coded logic to identify unique values of the input vector and to produce the output vector from a hard-coded outp
7886205 Verification of a data processing system using overlapping address ranges February 8, 2011
Verifying operation of a data processing system. A first sequence of addressing ranges is generated for multiple requesters. Each addressing range includes a start and an end address and a respective identifying number. A second sequence of verification ranges is generated correspond
7873868 Method for obtaining higher throughput in a computer system utilizing a clustered systems manage January 18, 2011
An apparatus for and method of enhancing reliability and performance within a cluster lock processing system having a relatively large number of commodity instruction processors which are managed by a highly scalable, off the shelf platform. Because the commodity processors have virt
7870316 System and method for providing an inline data conversion for multiplexed data streams January 11, 2011
A computing system having an apparatus for providing an inline data conversion processor. The inline data conversion processor includes a host processor interface, a network interface, a peripheral interface, and a packer stream address for defining a data transformation applied to a
7831807 System and method for expanding the instruction set of an instruction processor November 9, 2010
A system and method for modifying the hardware instruction set of an instruction processor is disclosed. The invention utilizes one or more bits of an instruction opcode and one or more programmable bits stored within the instruction processor to generate a branch address. The branch

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