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Union Carbide Corporation Patents
Union Carbide Corporation
Danbury, CT
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE32733 Polymer/polyol compositions having improved combustion resistance August 16, 1988
A stable dispersion of a polymer in a polyol which imparts improved combustion resistance to polyurethane foams prepared therefrom wherein the polymer is a free-radical initiated copolymer containing from about 0.5 to 75 weight percent, based on the copolymer, of acrylonitrile and from a
RE32562 Process and apparatus for mixing a gas and a liquid December 15, 1987
In a process for mixing a gas and a liquid in an apparatus having an axial flow down-pumping impeller located in a draft tube and preceded by a first baffle wherein a vortex and turbulence are created and gas is drawn into the vortex, the improvement comprising providing liquid velocity
RE31992 Reinforcement promoters for filled thermoplastic polymers September 24, 1985
A reinforced, filled thermoplastic polymer composition, having increased strength and ductility, contains a reinforcement promoter having at least two reactive olefinic double bonds and a positive promoter index, based on the double bond resonance and polarity, and the promoter adsorptiv
RE31365 Solid state electrolytes August 30, 1983
A solid state electrolyte comprising an ionically conducting product of a fused ternary mixture of lead fluoride, an alkali salt of sodium, potassium, rubidium or cesium in a range of 0.1 to 15.0 mole percent and a fluoride, nitrate or sulfate of magnesium, calcium, strontium or barium i
RE30938 Line edge follower May 18, 1982
A system incorporating a photosensitive device and associated circuitry for scanning a line to be traced.
RE30791 Cantilevered belted bag loading apparatus November 10, 1981
A multiplicity of relatively narrow spaced apart parallel arrayed endless conveyor belts cantilevered from a support frame in the direction of product movement at a bagging station moves individual product articles, one at a time, towards the cantilevered ends of the conveyor belt array.
RE30554 Coordination complexes as catalysts March 24, 1981
A process for producing polyesters and copolyesters, useful for making films and fibers, by the polycondensation of dicarboxylic acids and aliphatic glycols using coordinations complexes of metal halides and silicon compounds as catalysts.
RE30390 Stuffing apparatus September 2, 1980
Apparatus and method for stuffing viscous food product into a shirred tubular casing article containing a casing diameter sizing means confined within an unshirred portion of one closed end, comprising means to stretch-size and snub the casing to a predetermined diameter as it is bei
RE30320 Corona reaction method and apparatus July 1, 1980
Corona induced chemical reactions are conducted in a corona discharge zone in which narrow high voltage pulses are applied along with a relatively low voltage bias potential. It is found that for many corona discharge reactions, such as the conversion of oxygen to ozone, the present meth
RE30265 Presizing disc with self-locking means May 6, 1980
A sizing disc for a shirred tubular casing length utilized in a stuffing apparatus said sizing disc including a rim portion, a wall support extending inwardly therefrom and terminating in a terminal end portion defining an annulus, and frangible self-locking elements disposed on said
RE30212 Coating and ink compositions February 12, 1980
Compositions based on 2(N-alkylcarbamoyl.Iadd.oxy) .Iaddend.alkyl acrylate have been prepared which are useful as coatings and inks.
RE30077 Surface for boiling liquids August 21, 1979
A boiling surface layer is formed on a thermally conductive wall comprising a plurality of ridges separated by grooves provided at microscopic density, with outer sections of the ridges partly deformed into adjacent grooves to provide sub-surface cavities with restricted openings to the
RE29782 Cyclic oxygenation of BOD-containing water September 26, 1978
BOD-containing water such as sewage is mixed with active biomass and a first quantity of oxygen feed gas in a first cycle for biochemical oxidation to produce oxygenated liquid-solid and unconsumed oxygen-containing gas of lower purity than the feed gas. The unconsumed oxygen is disc
RE29781 High oxygen utilization in BOD-containing water treatment September 26, 1978
BOD-containing water such as municipal waste is mixed with at least 60% oxygen gas and active biomass in accordance with specified relationships of oxygen feed gas quantity/energy supplied ratio, oxygen concentration range in the aeration gas, and degree of oxygen saturation in the mixin
RE29584 Use of CO.sub.2 in argon-oxygen refining of molten metal March 21, 1978
An improved argon-oxygen decarburization process for refining stainless steel comprising injecting a three component gas mixture consisting of oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide into the molten steel during decarburization. .[.The critical upper limit of CO.sub.2 injection into the mel
RE29131 Radiation-curable acrylate-capped polycaprolactone compositions February 1, 1977
Unsaturated acrylate-capped polycaprolactone polyol derivatives are produced having terminal acrylyl groups and at least one polycaprolactone polyol chain residue in the molecule. In one of its simplest forms the final product can be the reaction product of a polycaprolactone diol an
RE29047 Push button switching module for flashlights November 23, 1976
A switching module for detachably mounting to various size lens and reflector units and battery casings, said module comprising a tubular casing having a lamp-circuit controlled push button switch mounted therein with the button segment facing a flexible boot covered opening in the wall
D294171 Gas storage cylinder valve cover February 9, 1988
D294170 Gas storage cylinder valve cover February 9, 1988
D294169 Gas storage cylinder valve cover February 9, 1988
D284035 Chemical container May 27, 1986
D282520 Casserole February 11, 1986
D280969 Casserole October 15, 1985
D280936 Lantern October 8, 1985
D280591 Casserole September 17, 1985
D280590 Casserole September 17, 1985
D280589 Casserole September 17, 1985
D280588 Casserole September 17, 1985
D280175 Casserole August 20, 1985
D270041 Packaging container August 9, 1983
D269068 Packaging container May 24, 1983
D268649 Packaging container April 19, 1983
D265615 Display tray August 3, 1982
D264905 Plastic bag holding rack June 15, 1982
D264650 Plastic bag holding rack June 1, 1982
D259095 Bottle May 5, 1981
D258495 Packaging container with cap March 10, 1981
D255426 Combined cap for a pressurized can, squeegee and scraper June 17, 1980
D253874 Windshield cleaner device January 8, 1980
D252502 Rechargeable battery checker July 31, 1979
D250469 Multi-cell battery charger December 5, 1978
6372902 Process for preparing polysaccharides with alkyl-aryl hydrophobes and latex compositions contain April 16, 2002
Polysaccharides, including hydroxyethyl cellulose, having alkyl-aryl hydrophobic substitution, provide latex compositions, such as paints, with improved rheology and stability. Improved processes for producing such polysaccharides are also provided.
6372901 Polysaccharides with alkyl-aryl hydrophobes and latex compositions containing same April 16, 2002
Polysaccharides, including hydroxyethyl cellulose, having alkyl-aryl hydrophobic substitution, provide latex compositions, such as paints, with improved rheology and stability. Improved processes for producing such polysaccharides are also provided.
5019426 Topical treatment for sealing carbon and graphite surfaces May 28, 1991
A method of sealing the surfaces of porous carbon and graphite articles by impregnation at ambient pressure using a treating solution comprising a high temperature polymerizable liquid resin. The liquid treating solution, when upon the surface of the article, is of sufficiently low visco
5007962 Boron nitride coatings April 16, 1991
A boron nitride-containing composition for use as a film-forming coating on substrates comprising particulate boron nitride dispersed in a solution of methyl chloroform and a solvent, with or without clay. The composition is also suitable for use in aerosol cans.
5004708 Pyrolytic boron nitride with columnar crystalline morphology April 2, 1991
A pyrolytic boron nitride with a highly oriented crystalline morphology of twinned boron nitride crystallites is produced by addition of a trace amount of zirconium into the boron nitride.
5004482 Production of dry, high purity nitrogen April 2, 1991
Wet feed air to, or high purity nitrogen from, a pressure swing adsorption system is dried in a dryer membrane system preferably operated with a countercurrent flow path. Drying is enhanced by the use of a purge gas on the permeate side of the membrane, with waste gas from the pressure s
4997605 Zirconia mullite/boron nitride composites March 5, 1991
A hot-pressed ceramic composite having good resistance to thermal shock and good erosion/corrosion resistance in molten alloys, and a method for producing said composite which comprises the blending of fused zirconia mullite with boron nitride.
4988464 Method for producing powder by gas atomization January 29, 1991
A method for producing power by atomizing a stream of molten material by contact with a swirling annular gas stream having an angular to axial velocity ratio sufficient to cause some of the gas to flow in the axially opposite direction from that of the gas stream.
4988285 Reduced No.sub.x combustion method January 29, 1991
A combustion method enabling reduced NO.sub.x formation wherein fuel and oxidant are separately injected into a combustion zone in a defined velocity relation, combustion gases are aspirated into the oxidant stream prior to intermixture with the fuel, and the fuel is maintained free from

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