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Ehime-ken, JP
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RE37154 Method of manufacturing disposable underpants by applying annular adhesive zones to the backshee May 1, 2001
Here is disclosed a method for manufacturing individual disposable underpants provided around a waist line and a pair of leg-holes with elastic members from two continuous webs and a plurality of continuous elastic members, characterized by that the webs are applied on predetermined
RE35687 Disposable garments of pants type December 9, 1997
Disposable garments of pants type having a waist-opening with a first elastic member, a pair of leg-openings with second elastic members and a pair of cuff members with third elastic members which are inwardly spaced from said second elastic members, respectively and thereby said leg
D661868 Pet chew article June 19, 2012
D652587 Pet toilet January 17, 2012
D634088 Handle for a handy mop March 8, 2011
D609869 Wiping sheet February 9, 2010
D608965 Handle for a cleaning device January 26, 2010
D593678 Absorbent pad for breast milk June 2, 2009
D591421 Disposable diaper April 28, 2009
D590558 Insert plate for a handy mop April 14, 2009
D583936 Disposable diaper December 30, 2008
D583935 Disposable diaper December 30, 2008
D579614 Combination handle and insert plate for a handy mop October 28, 2008
D577119 Disposable diaper September 16, 2008
D575409 Absorbent pad for breast milk August 19, 2008
D574489 Disposable diaper August 5, 2008
D573254 Disposable diaper July 15, 2008
D572817 Diaper July 8, 2008
D522653 Disposable diaper pant June 6, 2006
D520135 Disposable diaper pant May 2, 2006
D504510 Disposable diaper pant April 26, 2005
D498298 Disposable diaper pant November 9, 2004
D497991 Disposable diaper pant November 2, 2004
D492410 Disposable diaper pant June 29, 2004
D492409 Disposable diaper pant June 29, 2004
D491660 Disposable diaper pant June 15, 2004
D491659 Disposable diaper pant June 15, 2004
D483868 Disposable diaper pant December 16, 2003
D437409 Disposable urine-absorbing pad February 6, 2001
D380545 Disposable sanitary mask July 1, 1997
D340283 Diaper pants October 12, 1993
D335707 Diaper pants May 18, 1993
D331627 Diaper pants December 8, 1992
D280927 Air freshener container October 8, 1985
8585673 Absorbent article November 19, 2013
An absorbent article that can attain altering of the sensation of fitness thereof while maintaining a given capability of leakage prevention. The absorbent article is one comprising an absorbent article main body including at least a surface sheet part whose at least one area is perm
8585670 Disposable pants-type body fluid absorbent wearing article November 19, 2013
In a disposable pants-type wearing article, a body fluid absorbent panel provided in a crotch region extends in a longitudinal direction A and is fixed to a sheet member defining inner surfaces of front and rear waist regions. The body fluid absorbent panel is formed along its opposite s
8580080 Process for producing bulky paper with concavo-convex pattern November 12, 2013
The present invention relates to a process for producing a bulky paper with a concavo-convex pattern consisting of low density regions with a high degree of expansion of the heat-expanding particles and high density regions with a low degree of expansion of the heat-expanding particles,
8580057 Apparatus and method for ultrasonic processing of a fibrous web November 12, 2013
An apparatus and a method for ultrasonic processing improved so as to prevent a fibrous web from being disfigured due to the ultrasonic processing. In an apparatus to ultrasonically process a fibrous web running in a machine direction MD, a first mechanical element defined by one of
8580056 Method of making wearing article November 12, 2013
A wearing article configured so that loop elements engaged with associated hook elements will not ride up or curl up in the course of the production process. Mount members are attached to an inner sheet in a front waist region so as to extend along first lateral zones of the front wa
8578888 Animal excrement disposal sheet and manufacturing method thereof November 12, 2013
An animal excrement disposal sheet that can reduce an area of excrement diffusing on a surface of the sheet. The animal excretion disposal sheet includes a liquid-permeable top sheet, a liquid-impermeable back sheet, and an absorbent layer disposed between the top sheet and the back
8574212 Absorptive article including waistline stretching regions November 5, 2013
An absorptive article has an absorptive article body, a pair of side flaps, and a pair of waist flaps provided in the rear region so as to extend outward from the side flaps in the lateral direction of the absorptive article body. Each of the pair of waist flaps has formed thereon a
8574209 Absorbent article having a top sheet with a lower apparent density region November 5, 2013
An absorbent article includes liquid-permeable top sheet, a liquid-impermeable back sheet, and an absorber sandwiched between the top sheet and back sheet, wherein the top sheet is composed of a nonwoven fabric, and the region of the top sheet that contacts the site of discharge is t
8568383 Disposable pants-type wearing article and method for making the same October 29, 2013
The present invention provides a disposable pants-type wearing article improved so as to eliminate a possibility that elastic members attached to peripheral edges of respective leg-openings might irritate the wearer's skin. The disposable pants-type wearing article has a band-like el
8567638 Openable and closable container October 29, 2013
An openable and closable container includes a container body having a take-out opening, and an opening-closing lid provided on the container body swingably about a swing axis on a base end side of the lid, the lid opening and closing the take-out opening. Plate rubber (an elastic mem
8563802 Absorbent article with pattern October 22, 2013
To apply a clear pattern to an absorbent article such as sanitary napkin without worsening the soft and comfortable touch to skin and allowing the colorant from coming into direct contact with the skin of a wearer. An absorbent article comprising a liquid-permeable sheet, a liquid-im
8298204 Disposable pull-on type diaper October 30, 2012
A disposable pull-on type diaper has a separator interposed between an inner surface of an absorbent chassis and the wearer's skin so as to protect the diaper wearer's skin from being soiled with feces. The separator is formed by a piece of sheet extending from a bottom of a crotch r
8292792 Cutting device and manufacturing method for absorptive article October 23, 2012
A cutting device feeds a web between a die roll and an anvil roll, and cuts a continuous portion of the web. The cutting device includes a continuous portion transport unit configured to hold and transport the continuous portion of the web being continuous in a moving direction of th
8287511 Disposable diaper October 16, 2012
A disposable diaper includes a body fluid absorbing zone extending over a crotch region further into front and rear waist regions, side flaps extending in a longitudinal direction outside transversely opposite side edges of the zone, and end flaps extending in a transverse direction
8286793 Individual package of tampon October 16, 2012
An individual package of tampon that has a bag body capable of easily accommodating an applicator after use. The individual package of tampon comprises a vertically long, flat bag body (2) consisting of a sheet member and, individually enclosed therein, a tampon with applicator. The
8276638 Intermittent cutting transferring device October 2, 2012
An intermittent cutting transferring device configured to cut a first web into individual sheets and to intermittently transfer the individual cut sheets onto a second web being continuously fed includes an upper blade roll with a blade and a lower blade roll with an anvil element. The c
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