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U S West Marketing Resources Group, Inc. Patents
U S West Marketing Resources Group, Inc.
Englewood, CO
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5758323 System and Method for producing voice files for an automated concatenated voice system May 26, 1998
A method for producing a voice file for use in an automated concatenated voice system. The words and phrases to be used in the system are scripted in a staged script, and read by a voice talent. The recording of the staged script as read by the voice talent is processed and edited to
5745882 Electronic classified advertising interface method and instructions with continuous search notif April 28, 1998
An interface for an electronic classified advertising system. The interface includes the capability for the user to enter search criteria for an item of interest, to save the search criteria and to be notified by the system when an item matching the search criteria is entered into the sy
5737725 Method and system for automatically generating new voice files corresponding to new text from a April 7, 1998
A method and system for automatically generating at least one new voice file corresponding to at least one new text from a script incorporating a plurality of known text having corresponding preexisting voice files associated therewith. A plurality of phonetic sequences corresponding to
5602582 Method and system for processing a request based on indexed digital video data February 11, 1997
A method is disclosed for processing an input signal related to streamed digital video data. The method is directed to an interactive media network employing a client-server architecture. The method begins with initializing a counter. The counter may represent an elapsed time or a fr
5594661 Method for interfacing with a multi-media information system January 14, 1997
A method for processing selections identified by a user in an interactive multi-media information system. The interactive multi-media information system includes a processor, a memory, a display device and an input device having a plurality of alpha-numeric keys. The identification of
5583563 Method and system for delivering an application in an interactive television network December 10, 1996
A method is disclosed for dynamically transferring an application from a server to a client station in an interactive television network. The method begins with the step of storing an application engine in the memory of the client station. The method further includes the step of tran

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