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RE29570 Television system having aperture correction March 7, 1978
In a color television camera system of the type having camera tubes for the production of red, green and blue color signals, contour signals derived from only one of the color signals are added to all of the color signals.
D379744 Citrus press June 10, 1997
D363809 Beard trimmer October 31, 1995
6370388 Telephony device transmitting divided messages April 9, 2002
The invention discloses a base station connected to the telephone line, at least one handset including, inter alia, a display and means for transmitting CLMS messages defined by the DECT standard. For transmitting data messages of arbitrary length, the device further includes a trans
6368946 Manufacture of a semiconductor device with an epitaxial semiconductor zone April 9, 2002
A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with an epitaxial semiconductor zone, wherebya first layer of insulating material, a first layer of non-monocrystalline silicon, and a second layer of insulating material are provided in that order on a surface of a silicon wafer,a window
6345076 Receiver for a digital transmission system February 5, 2002
The invention relates to a receiver for a digital transmission system with an incoherent transmission method, which receiver includes an equalizer for forming estimates for a sequence of symbols a[k] transmitted by a transmission channel from received symbols r[k] by means of an impulse
6329847 Radio device including a frequency synthesizer and phase discriminator for such a device December 11, 2001
A radio device includes phase discriminator with a phase locked loop. Where when there is no phase locking, the output voltage of the phase discriminator remains constant, which provides considerable gain for loop. When there is phase locking, the phase discriminator produces an error
6255183 Manufacture of a semiconductor device with a MOS transistor having an LDD structure using SiGe s July 3, 2001
A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with a MOS transistor having an LDD structure. A gate dielectric (6) and a gate electrode (7, 8) are formed on a surface (5) of a silicon substrate (1). The surface adjacent the gate electrode is then exposed, and a layer of semiconductor
6249548 Motion vector processing June 19, 2001
In a motion vector processing method, a motion vector (MV) is generated (MV-EVAL, MV-MEM) for a given picture part (I) based on a selection of a motion vector out of a predetermined set of motion vectors to obtain a selected motion vector, and the given picture part (I) is supplied (EOC)
6242270 Method of manufacturing integrated circuits June 5, 2001
Visible defects are detected on a process semiconductor wafer. Defects are classified according to appearance and an association is kept between classes and apparatuses. When the density of defects in a given class exceeds a control limit the associated apparatus is switched off-line. In
6219314 Disc changer with rotatable disc support and disc player including the disc changer April 17, 2001
A disc changer for bringing disc-shaped information carriers into and out of a position. The disc changer includes a supporting body and a disc-shaped disc which is supported by the supporting body, is arranged to be movable relative to the body, and is rotatable about an axis of rot
6170495 Apparatus for treating substrates using the marangoni effect January 9, 2001
Apparatus for treating substrates, such as silicon wafers (1), wherein the substrates are immersed for some time in a bath (2) containing a liquid (3) and are taken therefrom so slowly that practically all of the liquid remains in the bath (2). The substrates (1) are brought from the liq
6166337 Device including a printed circuit board which is contacted by depressing a key located at a hou December 26, 2000
A device includes a housing, a built-in electric printed circuit board and a set of keys positioned near to a wall of the housing. At least a key portion movable by depression, positioned substantially perpendicularly to the wall, is present inside the housing and, aligned to the key por
6160304 Semiconductor device comprising a half-bridge circuit December 12, 2000
The invention relates to a half-bridge circuit comprising two series-connected n-channel DMOS transistors, in which the source of the one transistor, the low-side transistor T.sub.1, is connected to a low-voltage terminal, and the drain of the other transistor, the high-side
6144152 Luminescent screen for low pressure mercury discharge lamp with specific emission range November 7, 2000
Color rendering indices Ra,8 between 80 and 90 and R9 greater than 20, and a color point on or near the Planckian curve, are achieved with a lamp vessel provided with a luminescent screen including a first luminescent substance which emits predominantly between 520 nm and 565 nm, a secon
6133688 Luminescent material October 17, 2000
A luminescent material of general formulawherein 0<x<96, 0<y<96, y<x and z<20, and Ln comprises one or more elements chosen from the group formed by Sc, Y, La and the Lanthanides and wherein M comprises one or more elements chosen from the group formed by Mo, W, V, Nb a
6072856 Power supply unit including a pulse width modulated inverter, notably for an x-ray generator June 6, 2000
The invention relates to a power supply unit which includes an inverter having output connections whereto the primary winding of a transformer is connected via a series capacitor. The rectified secondary voltage of this transformer is applied to a use which requires a high short-time pow
6046880 Device for blocking insertion of undersized objects April 4, 2000
A device such as a cassette recorder of a computer has a wall portion formed with a loading aperture for introduction of standard-type objects, such as a magnetic-tape cassette or a cassette for an optical or magnetic disc. To prevent damage or incorrect operation, the device includes a
6044345 Method and system for coding human speech for subsequent reproduction thereof March 28, 2000
Human speech is coded by singling out from a transfer function of the speech, all poles that are unrelated to any particular resonance of a human vocal tract model. All other poles are maintained. A glottal pulse related sequence is defined representing the singled out poles through an
6031331 Electric lamp having lamp vessel with improved pinch seal February 29, 2000
The electric lamp has a quartz glass lamp vessel (1) having first and second neck-shaped portions (2, 3) with first and second seals (4, 5). Current supply conductors (6, 7, 8; 9, 10, 11) consist of a metal foil (7, 10) embedded in the respective seal (4, 5), an inner (6, 9) and an outer
6028831 Loading mechanism for loading and unloading an information disc into/from an information-technol February 22, 2000
Loading mechanism for loading and unloading an information disc into or from an information-technology apparatus in which first and second guides have respective first and second grooves each provided for engaging the edges of the information disc, and the second guide includes a rot
6026821 Method of and hair dryer for drying hair using remote sensing of the moisture content of the hai February 22, 2000
Hair dryer with remote sensing of the moistness of the hair by means of a detector which compares the amount of radiant energy in two absorption bands in the spectrum of light emitted by an infra red source and reflected by the hair. One of the absorption bands is caused by water in
6002774 Arrangement, a system, a circuit and a method for enhancing a stereo image December 14, 1999
A stereophonic audio signal processing arrangement for variably enhancing a stereo image, wherein the stereo image enhancement is reduced at high signal levels so as to reduce distortion. The arrangement is used in a stereophonic audio reproduction system for enhancing the stereo image,
5991608 Portable communication device with optimized transmission loss November 23, 1999
A portable electronic apparatus is disclosed having an antenna and a communication circuit. The antenna impedance is chosen to be a predetermined value which is deliberately mismatched to the impedance of the communication for a predetermined frequency band. This mismatch is chosen t
5970207 Television system for transmitting pictures in a digital form October 19, 1999
To be able to transmit television pictures in a digital form through a medium having a limited bandwidth, the pictures are subjected to picture transform and to variable-length coding. The picture to be transmitted is converted in this manner into a bit stream comprising code words of
5960037 Encoding of a plurality of information signals September 28, 1999
The apparatus for encoding a plurality of digital information signals, having at least a first input unit for receiving a first digital information signal and a second input unit for receiving a second digital information signal. A signal combination unit combines the first and secon
5936334 Impregnated cathode with composite top coat August 10, 1999
A cathode having a matrix body (1) impregnated with an alkaline earth compound, whose surface is provided with a top coat (2, 3, 4) comprising a high melting point metal, such as particularly tungsten, and scandium. A high emission at a low operating temperature and simultaneously a rapi
5934791 Electric lamp August 10, 1999
An electric lamp according to the invention comprises a lamp vessel (10) which is closed in a gastight manner, which has an end portion (11), and which surrounds a light source (12). The lamp vessel supports a cylindrical collar (30) with an axis (31) at its end portion (11). One or
5923218 Device with amplifier means including safety means, and with filter means connected to the ampli July 13, 1999
In a device comprising an amplifier with short circuit protection, and a resistor-capacitor (RC) filter connected to the amplifier output, an inductor is arranged in parallel with the filter resistor to protect the resistor.
5919385 Cooking apparatus July 6, 1999
A cooking apparatus comprises a glass-ceramic plate, at least one heat radiator arranged underneath the plate, at least one sensor arranged underneath the plate in an area which is shielded from the heat radiation, for measuring the temperature in this area, and a device for controlling
5900695 Luminescent screen including a luminescent zeolite May 4, 1999
A luminescent screen includes a luminescent zeolite containing rare earths, such as terbium (Tb), and europium (Eu), and an oxide of a transition metal, such as, molybdenum (Mo), tungsten (W), niobium (Nb), and tantalum (Ta). It was found that a zeolite containing both terbium, and tungs
5889612 Rear pojection screen March 30, 1999
A rear projection screen is described, which comprises an optically transparent plate, a first surface of which is provided with a structure of juxtaposed cylindrical lenses which extend in a first direction and a second, opposite surface intended to be directed towards an audience space
5864219 Circuit for detecting a level or a variation of an input direct voltage January 26, 1999
A circuit for detecting a level of an input direct voltage comprises a comparator for comparing the input direct voltage with a reference signal, which by means of an integrator is derived from pulses whose charge quantity is variable in dependence on a comparator direct voltage. The
5854810 Apparatus and methods for use in transmitting and relieving a digital signal and a record carrie December 29, 1998
A transmitter apparatus for transmitting a digital data signal via a transmission medium (10) includes an error protection encoder (3) for carrying out an error protection encoding on the digital data signal so as to obtain an error protection encoded digital data signal, and a channel
5841625 Ceramic multilayer capacitor November 24, 1998
A ceramic multilayer capacitor includes a number of ceramic layers on the basis of a doped BaTiO.sub.3 and a number of electrode layers of Ni. The ceramic layers and the electrode layers are alternately stacked to form a multilayer structure which is provided with electric connections at
5832374 Radio transceiver including transmitter power control circuit November 3, 1998
The invention relates to a radio transceiver having a high-frequency output stage and a control circuit for controlling the transmitter power, in which the control circuit is supplied with an actual voltage in the form of a signal derived from the transmit signal. Especially in handheld
5801482 Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp September 1, 1998
A low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp according to the invention is provided with a discharge vessel having a tubular portion and a first and a second end portion. The discharge vessel encloses a discharge space provided with a filling of mercury and a rare gas in a gastight manner
5800354 Method of and device for magnetic resonance imaging September 1, 1998
In a magnetic resonance method for imaging of a moving part of a body (106) temporary magnetic gradient fields (230) are applied and a echo signal (641, 642) is obtained after an excitation pulse (201). An image of the moving part is reconstructed from the received echo signals (240). Th
5797085 Wireless communication system for reliable communication between a group of apparatuses August 18, 1998
The communication system allows a group of at least three apparatuses, such as game computers and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), to communicate wirelessly by using, for instance, infrared transmission. The apparatuses are the same from a communication point of view. A message frame
5781176 Image quality improvement on raster display July 14, 1998
A structure with fine details, such as a periodic signal, is displayed on a raster display. To avoid aliasing due to an interference between the details and the columns and row pattern of the raster display each of the points representing the structure to be displayed is allocated to pix
5750939 Data processing system comprising a graphic tablet and a stylus, and stylus for use in such a sy May 12, 1998
In a data processing system including a graphic tablet and a wireless stylus cooperating with the tablet, the stylus transmits an electromagnetic field to be received by the tablet. The stylus has a detector whereby a disturbance of the field, caused by a means external of the stylus
5742124 High-pressure discharge lamp April 21, 1998
The invention relates to a high-pressure discharge lamp provided with a discharge vessel which encloses a discharge space, which has a ceramic wall, and which is sealed at one end by means of a projecting ceramic plug which encloses with clearance a current supply conductor to an electro
5740085 Data processing apparatus for the modeling of logic circuitry April 14, 1998
A data processing apparatus includes a unit (60,68) for modelling a first asynchronous logic circuit as a plurality of circuit elements the functions of which are governed by a set of rules each defining a response to a given condition. For elements functioning as registers, units are
5737252 Circuit arrangement comprising a permutation unit and method of processing a batch of items April 7, 1998
A circuit arrangement calculates pseudo-random permutations of a set of numbers. Including compositions of some basic pseudo-random permutations and the inverse permutations of permutations that are calculated. The basic pseudo-random permutations, their compositions and inverses are all
5724327 Record carrier having first variations of a first physical parameter corresponding to informatio March 3, 1998
A record carrier, a playback apparatus and a system including the record carrier and the playback apparatus. Information has been recorded on the record carrier in the form of variations of a first physical parameter. The playback apparatus scans the record carrier by means of a transduc
5719614 Optical reading and recording device containing a radiation source which has a substantially con February 17, 1998
A radiation beam is generated by a radiation source such as laser. An optical system focuses the radiation beam at a recording layer (in a disc-shaped carrier) of a type in which an optically detectable change is caused to take place if the recording layer is heated to above a write
5715251 Local network including concentric main and relief rings February 3, 1998
A local network for connecting a plurality of stations includes a main ring which is formed by a number of network interfaces coupled via main ring lines, which network interfaces are each coupled to a respective one of the stations, and a first relief ring, which is formed by a number o
5710479 Color display tube comprising an in-line electron gun with astigmatism tuning element January 20, 1998
A colour display tube has an in-line electron gun for generating three co-planar electron beams first and second lens electrode produce a focusing lens field for focusing the electron beams. At least one of the lens electrodes has a correction element for tuning the astigmatism of the
5677903 Multi-layer information storage system with improved aberration correction October 14, 1997
An optical information storage system has a multi-recording layer record carrier and a scanner device for the carrier. The scanner produces a radiation beam which is compensated for spherical aberration for a single height of the scanning spot with the stack of layers. The height of the
5669510 Method and device for selecting low-pressure murcury discharge lamps September 23, 1997
A method of selecting low-pressure mercury discharge lamps comprising a luminescent layer, the luminescent layer being excited and the low-pressure mercury discharge lamps being selected in dependence on the emission spectrum of the visible light emitted by the luminescent layer. The
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