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RE37502 Fixation of cathode ray tube in TV receiver cabinet January 8, 2002
A TV receiver includes a cabinet, a cathode ray tube (3) with a substantially rectangular screen (4) and two brackets (6) which are secured to side parts (9) of the cathode ray tube for the purpose of mounting the cathode ray tube in the cabinet. For easy mounting of electronic parts
RE37056 Temperature compensated color LCD projector February 20, 2001
In a projection display device based on one or more (twisted nematic) LCDs (4), simple temperature compensation is possible by optimizing the d..DELTA.n value (n) at the maximal operating temperature. The associated transmission/voltage characteristics at different temperatures then exte
RE36096 Arrangement for recording clock run-in codewords at the beginning of a track on a magnetic recor February 16, 1999
In a helical seen recorder, a sequence of n-bit first codewords (W.sub.1) and n-bit second codewords (W.sub.2) if any, are stored in second track parts (TP2) which form the beginning of the tracks (T.sub.1, T.sub.2 . . . ), these codewords having a form so that both a PR1 detection and a
RE35548 Color display tube system with reduced spot growth July 1, 1997
A color display tube system comprising an electron gun for producing three co-planar electron beams, and including a main deflection system which in operation generates deflection fields of the self-convergent type, and an auxiliary deflection system which in operation generates a 45.deg
RE35498 Vehicle location system April 29, 1997
Signals from a number of NAVSTAR global positioning system (GPS) satellites (11,12,13,14) are received by a receiver (16) in a vehicle (15) and a segment of the signals is stored in a memory (18) prior to retransmission by a transmitter (19). A base station (35) receives these transmissi
RE34943 X-ray examination apparatus comprising a balanced supporting arm May 16, 1995
An X-ray examination apparatus for irradiating an object in different directions comprises a C-shaped support whereto there are secured an X-ray source, an X-ray detector and a counterweight. The counterweight is situated at the end of the arm which also carries the X-ray detector. The
RE34583 Method of forming a configuration of interconnections on a semiconductor device having a high in April 12, 1994
A method of the kind consisting in that a contact is obtained with an active zone (11) carried by a semiconductor substrate (10) by means of conductive contact studs (18a) located in the contact openings (16c) of an isolating layer (12) and in that then a metallic configuration of in
RE34475 Apparatus for automatically reproducing preferred selections from a record carrier December 14, 1993
A compact-disc digital audio player is described in which a user can store preferred selections on selected discs in a memory. The player can identify the disc from the subcode on the disc and can read the corresponding preferred selection out of the memory to play this preferred sel
RE34131 Display tube having improved brightness distribution November 24, 1992
A projection television system comprising an array of three projection television display tubes (14) luminescing in red, green and blue, a focusing lens (16) associated with each tube and a display screen (12) on which the respective optical images are merged to form a single multico
RE33950 Apparatus having at least two control bars with differing latching arrangements June 9, 1992
The invention relates to a magnetic tape apparatus having at least two push buttons (31, 32) which, when their push-button bars (33, 34) are pressed in separately, exercise individual functions on apparatus parts, with it being possible for each of the push-button bars (33, 34), loaded i
RE33872 Magnetic-tape cassette with a latching cover plate April 7, 1992
A magnetic-tape cassette has a front opening (7) which when the cassette is not in use is covered by a pivotal front cover (20) and a sliding plate (9) which is situated on the outside of the cassette housing (1) adjacent the bottom wall (2) thereof. In the closed position the sliding pl
RE33592 Color display tube with reduced deflection defocussing May 21, 1991
Color display tube comprising an electron gun 5 of the in-line type. The electron gun 5 comprises a main lens which is constituted by a first focussing electrode 25 and a second focussing electrode 26. The first focussing electrode comprises sub-electrodes 27, 28 placed at a distance
RE32961 Device for measuring local radiation absorption in a body June 20, 1989
A device for measuring the spatial distribution of radiation absorption in a body wherein a multiplicity of radiators are regularly distributed about a circle surrounding the body, each radiator emitting a wedge-shaped beam of radiation in the plane of the circle toward a different arc p
RE32545 Magnetic domain logic device November 17, 1987
A magnetic device comprising a first and a second plate of a magnetic material between which domains are situated. An interaction force occurs between the domains in the two plates. Stable domain positions in a second plate define equally stable domain positions in a first plate. One or
RE32099 Optical printer March 25, 1986
A template to form the characters to be written is placed between the light source and the record carrier. The template is formed as a light-switching mask the switching elements of which can be controlled by a character generator. The switching elements may be arranged separately beside
RE31580 Insulated gate field-effect transistor comprising a mesa channel and a thicker surrounding oxide May 1, 1984
An insulated gate field-effect transistor and a method of making same, in which the channel is provided in a mesa region of a silicon body, and the channel is surrounded by thicker silicon oxide over the adjacent source and drain regions. A thinner insulating layer is over the channel, a
RE31498 Electrostatically controlled picture display device January 17, 1984
A passive picture display device having a number of display elements for controlling the reflection or the transmission of light. Each display element has two parallel supporting plates of which at least one is transparent, a first electrode disposed on one of said supporting plates,
RE31437 Resistance material November 1, 1983
.[.Resistance material consisting of a mixture of metal oxidic compounds, metal oxides, a permanent binder and a temporary binder, the resistance-determining component consisting of barium-rhodate BaRh.sub.6 O.sub.12..]. .Iadd.Resistance material consisting essentially of a mixture o
RE30635 Method of producing internally coated glass tubes for the drawing of fibre optic light conductor June 2, 1981
In the reactive deposition of the core material from a gas which is passed through the tube onto the inner wall of the tube by means of a plasma zone, while a relative motion is effected in the axial direction between the tube and a plasma-producing device, the rate of precipitation is
RE30513 Color splitting prism assembly February 10, 1981
A beam splitting prism assembly in which at least some of the prisms are separated by an air gap, optionally connected at the edges through the beam splitting layers by means of strips of a thermo-plastic material.
RE30251 Semiconductor device comprising an insulated gate field effect transistor and method of manufact April 8, 1980
Method of making an insulated gate field effect transistor is described in which the surface of a silicon semiconductor is covered in whole or in part with a layer of a masking material which masks against oxidation, such as silicon nitride. Areas of the silicon surface are exposed for t
RE30133 Deflection unit for color television display tubes October 30, 1979
Before mounting, coils heads comprising clearly defined faces and edges are formed on deflection coils by moulding. The sides of the flared portion of the coils are also clearly defined by the same operation. After mounting, the coil bears in the coil holder by way of the faces and edges
RE30074 Circuit arrangement for producing a sawtooth current through a line deflection coil in an image August 14, 1979
A circuit arrangement which is the combination of a switched supply circuit and a line deflection circuit, the supply transformer being replaced by a coil.
RE30054 Control device July 24, 1979
For simultaneous correction of all function adjustments of, for example, a television receiver, adjustable correcting information is stored by means of a normal function control members in a memory which is read out on operation of a function correction member.
RE29963 Servo system for reading from a disc-shaped record carrier containing signals coded in optical f April 10, 1979
Apparatus for reading a disc-shaped record carrier in which video and/or audio information is recorded in a preferably spiral track. This information is optically read by means of a beam of radiation which via a reflecting element transmits the information present in the scanned point
RE29956 Luminescent screen having a mosaic structure April 3, 1979
In a luminescent layer which is composed of spatially separated areas for reduction of lateral light dispersion in the layer, this subdivision is realized by provision of a crack structure in the luminescent layer.This crack structure is realized by thermal treatment of a layer which is
RE29947 Semiconductor pattern delineation by sputter etching process March 27, 1979
A layer is patterned by sputter etching using a photoresist as a sputter-etch-mask and using a thin metal layer between the mask and the layer or layer-system to be patterned. The metal layer is extremely thin and consists of a metal that is itself useless as a sputter-etch-mask. The
RE29700 Voltage-current converter July 11, 1978
A voltage-current converter having a balanced-voltage input and a balanced-current output. Each of the emitter circuits of the two input transistors includes a three-transistor current-mirror circuit, whose input circuit carries a constant current, whose output circuit carries the ba
RE29530 Magneto-optical information storage device using photoconductive control element January 31, 1978
The invention relates to a device for magneto-optic memories controlled by light and/or heat in an external magnetic field, in which the magneto-optic material of the memory has a photoconductive layer which can be activated by the control beam and which can be controlled by means of
RE29390 Electric discharge tube, comprising a highly loaded anode September 6, 1977
An electronic tube comprises a anode assembled of two inner anode members and an outer anode member. Surface portions of the inner member which are placed against corresponding surface portions of the outer member have a coefficient of thermal radiation of more than 60% of that of the .[
RE28928 Integrated circuit comprising supply polarity independent current injector August 10, 1976
Integrated circuit suitable for any desired supply polarity by means of a rectifier bridge two rectifiers of which are designed as current injectors.
RE28704 Semiconductor devices February 3, 1976
A method for making an IGFET is described. The method utilizes impurity ion implantation into the surface channel to determine the conductivity thereof. The advantages include special impurity profiles providing improved performance, better control over important parameters such as t
RE28703 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device February 3, 1976
A method of making a field effect transistor in which a gate electrode is provided on a semiconductor layer and then the surface subjected to electron or ion bombardment to form the source and drain electrodes on opposite sides of the gate, acting as a mask, and spaced apart by the w
D458507 Deep fryer June 11, 2002
D458028 Electric toothbrush June 4, 2002
D457730 Hair styler May 28, 2002
D456996 Electric toothbrush May 14, 2002
D456522 Cellulite reducing device April 30, 2002
D456101 Vacuum cleaner April 23, 2002
D455905 Hair styler April 23, 2002
D455875 Vacuum cleaner April 16, 2002
D455861 Hair styler April 16, 2002
D455226 Hair styler April 2, 2002
D454977 Hair styler March 26, 2002
D454844 Television receiver March 26, 2002
D453247 Suction nozzle for vacuum cleaner January 29, 2002
D452044 Electric hair coloring device December 11, 2001
D451898 Portable MP3 compact disc player December 11, 2001
D451490 Portable MP3 compact disc player December 4, 2001
D451489 Portable MP3 compact disc player December 4, 2001

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