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8580661 Method for the hydrogenation of poly-si November 12, 2013
A method for hydrogenating poly-si. Poly-si is placed into the interior of a chamber. A filament is placed into the interior of a chamber. The base pressure of the interior of the chamber is evacuated, preferably to 10.sup.-6 Torr or less. The poly-si is heated for a predetermined poly-s
8293780 Anti-cancer agents based on 6-trifluoromethoxybenzimidazole derivatives and method of making October 23, 2012
The present disclosure relates to novel compounds having the structural Formulas (1a,1b), stereoisomers, tautomers, racemics, prodrugs, metabolites thereof, or pharmaceutically acceptable salt and/or solvate thereof as chemotherapy agents for treating of cancer, particularly androgen
8217353 Non-astigmatic imaging with matched pairs of spherically bent reflectors July 10, 2012
Arrangements for the point-to-point imaging of a broad spectrum of electromagnetic radiation and ultrasound at large angles of incidence employ matched pairs of spherically bent reflectors to eliminate astigmatic imaging errors. Matched pairs of spherically bent crystals or spherical
8143020 Enhanced metabolite generation March 27, 2012
The present invention relates to the enhanced production of metabolites by a process whereby a carbon source is oxidized with a fermentative microbe in a compartment having a portal. An electron acceptor is added to the compartment to assist the microbe in the removal of excess elect
8137700 Main chain acid-degradable polymers for the delivery of bioactive materials March 20, 2012
Novel main chain acid degradable polymer backbones and drug delivery systems comprised of materials capable of delivering bioactive materials to cells for use as vaccines or other therapeutic agents are described. The polymers are synthesized using monomers that contain acid-degradable
8124559 Destabilized and catalyzed borohydride for reversible hydrogen storage February 28, 2012
A process of forming a hydrogen storage material, including the steps of: providing a borohydride material of the formula: M(BH.sub.4).sub.x where M is an alkali metal or an alkaline earth metal and 1.ltoreq.x.ltoreq.2; providing an alanate material of the formula: M.sub.1(AlH.sub.4).sub
8110111 Membrane contactor assisted extraction/reaction process employing ionic liquids February 7, 2012
The present invention relates to a functionalized membrane contactor extraction/reaction system and method for extracting target species from multi-phase solutions utilizing ionic liquids. One preferred embodiment of the invented method and system relates to an extraction/reaction sy
7922792 Method for sequestering CO.sub.2 and SO.sub.2 utilizing a plurality of waste streams April 12, 2011
A neutralization/sequestration process is provided for concomitantly addressing capture and sequestration of both CO.sub.2 and SO.sub.2 from industrial gas byproduct streams. The invented process concomitantly treats and minimizes bauxite residues from aluminum production processes a
7841226 Proboscis extension reflex platform for volatiles and semi-volatiles detection November 30, 2010
The present invention provides an apparatus for the detection of volatile and semi-volatile chemicals using the olfactory abilities of honey bees that are trained to respond to the presence of a specific chemical in a sample of gas with the proboscis extension reflex (PER). In particular
7758843 Inclusion free cadmium zinc tellurium and cadmium tellurium crystals and associated growth metho July 20, 2010
The present disclosure provides systems and methods for crystal growth of cadmium zinc tellurium (CZT) and cadmium tellurium (CdTe) crystals with an inverted growth reactor chamber. The inverted growth reactor chamber enables growth of single, large, high purity CZT and CdTe crystals tha
7585995 Continuous wasteless ecologically safe technology of propylenecarbonate production in presence o September 8, 2009
A continuous method of producing propylenecarbonate includes carboxylation of propylene oxide with carbon dioxide in presence of phthalocyanine catalyst on an inert carrier, using as the phthalocyanine catalyst at least one catalyst selected from the group consisting of not-substituted,
7314582 Lanthanide-halide based humidity indicators January 1, 2008
The present invention discloses a lanthanide-halide based humidity indicator and method of producing such indicator. The color of the present invention indicates the humidity of an atmosphere to which it is exposed. For example, impregnating an adsorbent support such as silica gel wi
7311013 Complex pendulum biomass sensor December 25, 2007
A complex pendulum system biomass sensor having a plurality of pendulums. The plurality of pendulums allow the system to detect a biomass height and density. Each pendulum has an angular deflection sensor and a deflector at a unique height. The pendulums are passed through the biomas
7309878 3-D readout-electronics packaging for high-bandwidth massively paralleled imager December 18, 2007
Dense, massively parallel signal processing electronics are co-packaged behind associated sensor pixels. Microchips containing a linear or bilinear arrangement of photo-sensors, together with associated complex electronics, are integrated into a simple 3-D structure (a "mirror cube")
7305869 Spin microscope based on optically detected magnetic resonance December 11, 2007
The invention relates to scanning magnetic microscope which has a photoluminescent nanoprobe implanted in the tip apex of an atomic force microscope (AFM), a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) or a near-field scanning optical microscope (NSOM) and exhibits optically detected magneti
7271592 Toroid cavity/coil NMR multi-detector September 18, 2007
An analytical device for rapid, non-invasive nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy of multiple samples using a single spectrometer is provided. A modified toroid cavity/coil detector (TCD), and methods for conducting the simultaneous acquisition of NMR data for multiple samples
7267754 Porous membrane electrochemical cell for uranium and transuranic recovery from molten salt elect September 11, 2007
An improved process and device for the recovery of the minor actinides and the transuranic elements (TRU's) from a molten salt electrolyte. The process involves placing the device, an electrically non-conducting barrier between an anode salt and a cathode salt. The porous barrier all
7247383 Integrated self-cleaning window assembly for optical transmission in combustion environments July 24, 2007
An integrated window design for optical transmission in combustion environments is described. The invention consists of an integrated optical window design that prevents and removes the accumulation of carbon-based particulate matter and gaseous hydrocarbons through a combination of
7241878 Modified cellulose synthase gene from Arabidopsis thaliana confers herbicide resistance to plant July 10, 2007
Cellulose synthase ("CS"), a key enzyme in the biosynthesis of cellulose in plants is inhibited by herbicides comprising thiazolidinones such as 5-tert-butyl-carbamoyloxy-3-(3-trifluromethyl)phenyl-4-thiazolidinone (TZ), isoxaben and 2,6-dichlorobenzonitrile (DCB). Two mutant genes e
7091386 Method for facilitating catalyzed oxidation reactions, device for facilitating catalyzed oxidati August 15, 2006
A catalytic process for the oxidation of organic. Oxygen is loaded into a metal foil by heating the foil while in contact with an oxygen-containing fluid. After cooling the oxygen-activated foil to room temperature, oxygen diffuses through the foil and oxidizes reactants exposed to the
6660414 Tungsten-doped thin film materials December 9, 2003
A dielectric thin film material for high frequency use, including use as a capacitor, and having a low dielectric loss factor is provided, the film comprising a composition of tungsten-doped barium strontium titanate of the general formula (Ba.sub.x Sr.sub.1-x)TiO.sub.3, where X is betwe
6102687 Simplified configuration for the combustor of an oil burner using a low pressure, high flow air- August 15, 2000
The invention relates to clean burning of fuel oil with air. More specifically, to a fuel burning combustion head using a low-pressure, high air flow atomizing nozzle so that there will be a complete combustion oil resulting in a minimum emission of pollutants. The inventors have devised
6056125 Cross flow cyclonic flotation column for coal and minerals beneficiation May 2, 2000
An apparatus and process for the separation of coal from pyritic impurities using a modified froth flotation system. The froth flotation column incorporates a helical track about the inner wall of the column in a region intermediate between the top and base of the column. A standard
6046592 Near-electrode imager April 4, 2000
An apparatus, near-electrode imager, for employing nuclear magnetic resonance imaging to provide in situ measurements of electrochemical properties of a sample as a function of distance from a working electrode. The near-electrode imager uses the radio frequency field gradient within a
5994660 High power x-ray welding of metal-matrix composites November 30, 1999
A method for joining metal-matrix composites (MMCs) by using high power x-rays as a volumetric heat source is provided. The method involves directing an x-ray to the weld line between two adjacent MMCs materials to create an irradiated region or melt zone. The x-rays have a power density
5991351 Method and system to directly produce electrical power within the lithium blanket region of a ma November 23, 1999
A method for integrating liquid metal magnetohydrodynamic power generation with fusion blanket technology to produce electrical power from a thermonuclear fusion reactor located within a confining magnetic field and within a toroidal structure. A hot liquid metal flows from a liquid meta
5961679 Recovery of fissile materials from nuclear wastes October 5, 1999
A process for recovering fissile materials such as uranium, and plutonium, and rare earth elements, from complex waste feed material, and converting the remaining wastes into a waste glass suitable for storage or disposal. The waste feed is mixed with a dissolution glass formed of lead o
5424743 2-D weighted least-squares phase unwrapping June 13, 1995
Weighted values of interferometric signals are unwrapped by determining the least squares solution of phase unwrapping for unweighted values of the interferometric signals; and then determining the least squares solution of phase unwrapping for weighted values of the interferometric sign
4886521 Decaking of coal or oil shale during pyrolysis in the presence of iron oxides December 12, 1989
A method for producing a fuel from the pyrolysis of coal or oil shale in the presence of iron oxide in an inert gas atmosphere. The method includes the steps of pulverizing feed coal or oil shale, pulverizing iron oxide, mixing the pulverized feed and iron oxide, and heating the mixture
4276507 Homopolar machine for reversible energy storage and transfer systems June 30, 1981
A homopolar machine designed to operate as a generator and motor in reversibly storing and transferring energy between the machine and a magnetic load coil for a thermo-nuclear reactor. The machine rotor comprises hollow thin-walled cylinders or sleeves which form the basis of the sy

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