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RE33105 Separation of mannose by selective adsorption on zeolitic molecular sieves October 31, 1989
A process for the separation of mannose is disclosed which comprises the selective adsorption of same on certain types of zeolitic molecular sieves. The process is especially useful for separating mannose from glucose epimerization product or plant tissue hydrolyzate, using zeolites
5925284 Shaped article and process for preparing the article July 20, 1999
Applicants have developed a unique process for preparing a shaped article comprising an ion exchange composition and a hydroxy oxide binder. The ion exchange compositions include metallotitanates, metallogermanates, pillared clays and metal phosphonates. The process involves combining th
5906731 Process for hydroprocessing hydrocarbons May 25, 1999
A hydroprocess catalyzed by a catalyst composition comprising a porous refractory oxide, a molybdenum component, a phosphorus component and an underbedded nickel component, the composition characterized by a Raman spectrum comprising at least one Raman band in each of the regions of (1)
5889186 Process for preparation of the pharmaceutically desired (S)-oxetine enantiomers March 30, 1999
Improved processes for preparation of the (S)-oxetines in high enantiomeric purity centers on resolution using simulated moving bed chromatography of a racemic precursor early in the oxetine synthesis. Resolution is effected with high enantiomeric purity, and subsequent reactions of the
5864051 Selective oxidation catalyst process for preparing the catalyst and process using the catalyst January 26, 1999
A catalyst for the selective oxidation of alkanes and alkenes has been developed. The catalyst consists of a noble metal component such as platinum and a SbOx component. A unique feature of the catalyst is that the noble metal component is present as particles of which from about 1 to
5858243 Use of crystalline intergrowth molecular sieves for removing contaminant metal ions from liquid January 12, 1999
A process for removing contaminant metal ions from a liquid stream is disclosed. The process involves contacting the liquid stream with a crystalline molecular sieve which has a crystal structure which is an intergrowth of the pharmacosiderite and sitinakite structures. The molecular
5858209 Catalytic reforming process with increased aromatics yield January 12, 1999
A processing step is added to an existing catalytic reforming unit to increase the yield of aromatic product. The additional processing comprises separation of product from the reforming unit into an aromatic concentrate and a low-octane recycle stream which is upgraded by aromatizat
5856264 Adsorbent for use in double glazed windows January 5, 1999
Novel, hollow, low-density agglomerates for use in sealed insulating glass windows to adsorb water vapor, and optionally organic materials, present in the cavity between the two glazings. These agglomerates provide sufficient but not excessive amounts of zeolitic and other adsorbents whe
5849977 Metal cation-modified alkylation catalysts December 15, 1998
A process for the alkylation of alkenes having from 2 to 6 carbon atoms with an alkane having from 4 to 6 carbon atoms to afford an alkylate comprises reacting in the liquid phase the alkene and alkane under alkylation conditions in the presence of a novel catalyst comprising: a) a r
5847393 Control of gaseous hydrogen peroxide concentration during sterilization December 8, 1998
On line and essentially continuous measurements of hydrogen peroxide vapor in the presence of water vapor can be made using near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy using fiber optic cables to transmit infrared radiation between, e.g, a sterilization chamber and the NIR instrument. Measurement
5847392 Determining the concentration of gaseous hydrogen peroxide December 8, 1998
On line and essentially continuous measurements of hydrogen peroxide vapor in the presence of water vapor can be made using near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy using fiber optic cables to transmit infrared radiation between, e.g, a sterilization chamber and the NIR instrument. Hydrogen
5837208 Hydroprocessing reactor mixer/distributor November 17, 1998
Quench fluids being charged to a hydroprocessing reactor and liquid flowing downward within the reactor are admixed between the catalyst beds located in the reactor by an apparatus comprising three circular trays (16, 21, 22) and a mixing chamber (20). The mixing chamber receives liquid
5824619 Particulate cooling process with reduced thermal channeling October 20, 1998
A regeneration process is described that eliminates or greatly reduces thermal channelling in a cooling zone bed. The method controls the flow rate of cooling gas independently of the requirements of the regeneration process for combusting coke and for halogenating or drying the catalyst
5811622 Process for the production of dehydrogenated hydrocarbons September 22, 1998
A process for the dehydrogenation of a dehydrogenatable hydrocarbon by (1) contacting the dehydrogenatable hydrocarbon with a liquid alkali metal in a dehydrogenation zone to produce a stream containing a dehydrogenated hydrocarbon and an unconverted dehydrogenatable hydrocarbon, and an
5796251 Process for controlling blending using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy August 18, 1998
A process of controlling the blending of components to produce a product composition at a target value for least one characteristic has been developed. The process involves varying the proportion of the components, determining with each variation the change in the value of a characte
5792338 BTX from naphtha without extraction August 11, 1998
A hydrocarbon feedstock is catalytically reformed in a sequence comprising a continuous-reforming zone associated with continuous catalyst regeneration, a zeolitic-reforming zone containing a catalyst comprising a platinum-group metal and a nonacidic L-zeolite and an aromatics-isomer
5780695 Process for the selective saturation of olefin-containing halogenated organic streams July 14, 1998
A process for saturating an olefin-containing halogenated organic stream to produce saturated halogenated organic compounds while minimizing the hydrodehalogenation of the organic compounds.
5770078 Phase separator apparatus to separate a mixture of liquids and finely divided suspended particle June 23, 1998
An apparatus for the separation of mixtures of liquids and finely divided suspended particles to produce a liquid product stream having a reduced concentration of finely divided suspended particles. The apparatus uses a generally vertical separator vessel having a feed inlet distributor
5770045 Modified riser-reactor reforming process June 23, 1998
A catalytic reforming process uses a riser reactor with multiple catalyst injection points to obtain high aromatics yields from a naphtha feedstock. Product from the riser reactor typically is discharged into a fluidized-reforming reactor, in which the reforming reaction is completed
5770042 Upgrading of cyclic naphthas June 23, 1998
A process combination is disclosed to selectively upgrade naphtha to obtain an isoparaffin-rich product for blending into gasoline. A naphtha feedstock is subjected to ring cleavage to convert naphthenes to paraffins using a nonacidic catalyst followed by isomerization of paraffins to
5763730 Process for alkane isomerization using reactive chromatography June 9, 1998
A process for the continuous isomerization of an alkane to produce an isomerized product through contacting the alkane with a simulated moving bed acting as a catalyst for isomerization and an adsorbent for the alkanes has been developed. The alkane may be n-butane and the isomerized
5763729 Alkylation of alkanes with alkyl halides June 9, 1998
Although olefins commonly are used to alkylate alkanes using various solid acid catalysts, the process is severely hampered by short catalyst lifetimes attending substantial olefin oligomerization. This problem can be avoided by using an alkyl chloride as the alkylating agent. Thus,
5763728 Recovery and recycle of HF-amine complex in HF alkylation June 9, 1998
An HF-agent complex, such as HF-pyridine complex where the complexing agent is pyridine, is recovered and recycled from a by-product containing stream in an alkylation process using the complex by (a) selectively removing a portion of the HF from the by-product stream to produce an HF-de
5762888 Process and apparatus for discharging particles and fluid from a flow channel June 9, 1998
A vessel arrangement and process for contacting a fluid reactant with a particulate catalyst in a plurality of flow channels and discharging fluid and particles from the flow channels. The particles are discharged axially from the bottom of the flow channels into an unconfined bed of par
5762887 Apparatus for controlling reaction temperatures June 9, 1998
A reactor arrangement and process for indirectly contacting a reactant stream with a heat exchange stream uses an arrangement of heat exchange plates to control temperature conditions by varying the heat transfer factor in different portions of a continuous channel defined by the heat
5762882 FCC separation apparatus with improved stripping June 9, 1998
In this invention a cyclonic separation apparatus discharges particulate solids and gaseous fluids into a separation vessel from a discharge opening of a central conduit and withdraws separated gaseous fluids from the separation vessel that contacts the catalyst in the separation vessel
5759386 Process for thioetherification and selective hydrogenation of light hydrocarbons June 2, 1998
A light hydrocarbon stream, such as a C.sub.3 -C.sub.5 stream recovered from an FCC unit, is catalytically treated for the selective hydrogenation of dienes and for the removal of mercaptans by thioetherification. The effluent of the reaction zone is fractionated to remove light ends and
5756055 Two phase fluid heat exhange May 26, 1998
A prior art quench-type, direct contact, heat exchanger device used especially between catalyst beds in a reactor vessel, is modified to include a liquid-liquid pre-mixing baffle upstream of a gas-liquid heat exchange section. The pre-mixing reduces the fluid non-homogeneity experien
5755956 Stable, high-yield reforming catalyst May 26, 1998
A reforming process, selective for the dehydrocyclization of paraffins to aromatics, is effected using a catalyst containing multiple Group VIII (8-10) noble metals having different gradients within the catalyst and a nonacidic large-pore molecular sieve. The use of this bed of catalyst
5750800 Process for producing diisopropyl ether from propane May 12, 1998
An integrated process to produce diisopropyl ether from propane has been developed. In a first reaction zone the propane in a feedstock, after any hydrocarbons containing four or more carbon atoms are removed from the feedstock via fractionation, is dehydrogenated in the presence of a
5744686 Process for the removal of nitrogen compounds from an aromatic hydrocarbon stream April 28, 1998
This invention relates to a process for the removal of nitrogen compounds from an aromatic hydrocarbon stream comprising the nitrogen compounds by contacting the hydrocarbon stream with a selective adsorbent having an average pore size less than. about 5.5 Angstroms. The selective adsorb
5744684 Process for alkane isomerization using reactive chromatography and reactive desorbent April 28, 1998
A process for isomerizing a mixture of alkanes containing pentanes and at least one alkane having from 6 to about 8 carbon atoms and no more than one methyl branch has been developed. The process includes: 1) separating the mixture in a first separation zone to produce two streams, a str
5744683 Process for continuous reaction and deparation using reactive chromatography April 28, 1998
A process for the continuous isomerization of an alkane to produce an isomerized product through contacting the alkane with a simulated moving bed acting as a catalyst for isomerization and an adsorbent for the alkanes has been developed. The alkane may be n-butane and the isomerized
5744682 Alkylation process using a catalyst with non-uniform metal dispersion April 28, 1998
A novel catalyst for alkylating an alkene with an alkane to give an alkylate product has been developed. The catalyst comprises a refractory inorganic oxide on which is dispersed a Group VIII metal, a metal cation and the reaction product of a metal halide and bound surface hydroxyl
5744680 Process for producing light olefins April 28, 1998
A process is provided for the production of light olefins from an oxygenate feedstream. The oxygenate feedstream in the presence of a diluent is passed to a reaction zone containing a SAPO catalyst selective for the conversion of at least a portion of the feedstock into light olefins
5744673 Activated zeolite beta and its use for hydrocarbon conversion April 28, 1998
The present invention relates to a zeolite beta catalyst characterized by critical limits of weak and strong acid species and exceptionally high catalytic activity. The catalyst is activated at a temperature effective to substantially reduce the concentration of strong acid species, i.e.
5744669 Process for the conversion of a halogenated organic stream containing trace quantities of organi April 28, 1998
A process for the conversion of a halogenated organic stream containing trace quantities of organic nitrates to produce a stream comprising hydrogenated hydrocarbonaceous compounds free from organic nitrates and halogenated organic compounds by means of contacting the feed stream and
5744645 Two-stage process for producing diisopropyl ether using catalytic distillation April 28, 1998
A process for the efficient production of diisopropyl ether where catalytic distillation is used to increase the yield of product beyond thermodynamic equilibrium limitations has been developed. In a hydration zone the propylene in a feedstock is reacted with water in the presence of a
5744404 Crystalline odor adsorbing zeolite delivery system April 28, 1998
Applicants have developed a process and an article for delivering or applying a zeolitic molecular sieve to an odorous surface. The process involves contacting the surface with a porous article which contains a slurry a zeolitic molecular sieve having a SiO.sub.2 /Al.sub.2 O.sub.3 ra
5739074 Metal cation-modified alkylation catalysts April 14, 1998
A catalytic composite of a refractory inorganic oxide whose bound surface hydroxyl group has reacted with a Friedel-Crafts type metal halide and whose acidity has been modified by the deposition of a monovalent metal cation, especially an alkali metal cation, or alkaline earth metal cati
5733439 Hydrocarbon conversion processes using substituted fluoride smectite clays March 31, 1998
Hydrocarbon conversion processes, e.g., alkylation, are disclosed and claimed which use as the catalyst novel fluoride containing substituted smectite clays. The clay has the formulawhere A is a cation, M and M' are metals having a +3 oxidation state, each selected from the group consist
5723710 Zeolite beta and its use in aromatic alkylation March 3, 1998
There is disclosed a new form of zeolite beta which shows substantially greater stability and greater catalyst lifetime when used in the alkylation and transalkylation of aromatic compounds. The new, surface-modified zeolite beta is characterized by having surface aluminum 2p binding
5723706 Process for the treatment of halogenated organic feedstocks March 3, 1998
A process for the conversion of a halogenated organic feedstock to produce a stream of hydrocarbonaceous compounds having an exceedingly low concentration of halogenated organic compounds and an aqueous stream containing hydrogen halide.
5719322 Zeolitic capillary columns for gas chromatography February 17, 1998
Methods have been found to prepare fused silica capillary gas chromatographic columns where the stationary phase is a molecular sieve affixed to the silica capillary wall without the aid of an organic binder by modifying the interior surface of the silica prior to contact with the mo
5716897 Sulfur tolerant hydrocarbon conversion catalyst February 10, 1998
Applicants have developed a catalyst for various hydrocarbon conversion processes which is tolerant to the presence of large mounts of sulfur (1000 ppm) in the feedstream. The catalyst consists of a MeAPSO support that has dispersed thereon palladium and a modifier such as lanthanum or
5716516 Pneumatic particulate transport with gravity assisted flow February 10, 1998
A system for transporting particulate material uses a combination of non-mechanical valves and pneumatic and gravity transport to reduce breakage of particulate material. This system is particularly useful for the conveyance of catalyst particles where a lift conduit raises the parti
5714662 Process for producing light olefins from crude methanol February 3, 1998
A process is disclosed for the production of light olefins from a hydrocarbon gas stream by a combination of reforming, oxygenate production, and oxygenate conversion wherein a crude methanol stream--produced in the production of oxygenates and comprising methanol, light ends, and he
5707563 V-module fractionation tray January 13, 1998
High capacity, low cost fractionation trays are formed from a number of adjacent triangular (v-shaped) downcomer modules. The trays are free of the horizontal perforated decking surface of conventional trays. The downcomer modules have perforations only in a bottom region for liquid
5705730 Isomerization process with improved chloride recovery January 6, 1998
A process for the isomerization of hydrocarbons using a chloride promoted catalyst wherein an adsorption zone arrangement operates to maintain chloride compounds in the reaction zone and to prevent contamination of product streams with chloride compounds removes normal paraffins from the
5705712 Integrated process for producing diisopropyl ether, an isopropyl tertiary alkyl ether and isopro January 6, 1998
A highly integrated process for concurrently producing diisopropyl ether and an isopropyl tertiary alkyl ether has been developed. Optionally, high purity isopropyl alcohol may also be collected as a product. In a first reactor, propylene and water are reacted to form isopropyl alcohol,
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