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UMC Industries, Inc. Patents
UMC Industries, Inc.
Stamford, CT
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RE31352 Coffee vendor August 23, 1983
A coffee vendor comprising a brewer having a horizontal relatively small-mesh screen therein dividing the brewer into upper and lower chambers, a line for delivering hot water to the upper chamber of the brewer, a line for delivering filtered brewed coffee from the brewer, an air com
D270887 Disposable pan for heating and serving food October 11, 1983
D269586 Disposable pan for heating and serving food July 5, 1983
D269190 Combined vending machine and storage cabinet unit May 31, 1983
D262894 Vending machine cabinet February 2, 1982
D256031 Vending machine July 22, 1980
D255908 Cigarette vending machine July 15, 1980
D255907 Cigarette vending machine July 15, 1980
D249582 Front door for a vending machine September 19, 1978
D249341 Electro-mechanical pulser September 12, 1978
D248121 Front display panel for vending machines June 6, 1978
D247828 Front display panel for vending machines May 2, 1978
4550819 Coin apparatus November 5, 1985
Coin apparatus for use in a manually operable vending machine which has latches for locking it against operation unless coin sufficient for purchase of an item is deposited, the apparatus having electronically controlled latch release members operable on manual operation of the vendi
4548427 Strain accommodating fluid conduit assembly and fitting therefor October 22, 1985
A conduit consisting of a metal tube, with or without a plastic tube liner, is rendered strain accommodating by securing to its ends fittings that have a first component part to one end of which is joined the usual male or female coupling means or other connector means and to the other e
4537425 High integrity flange connection arrangement August 27, 1985
Connection between flange faces is effected with a rigid metal load bearing ring interposed therebetween for assuming the bolt torquing load and, when desired, for providing a fluid seal. Within said load bearing ring are disposed at least one coned ring spring and a force distributing r
4523285 Vendor controller June 11, 1985
A controller for a multi-item vendor includes a memory, a set of manually operable selectors, an alphanumeric display, and a logic circuit. Information associated with the vending of items is electronically stored in the memory by categories such as price, throw, sales and diagnostic
4522432 Components for lined piping system with anchored liners and method of manufacture June 11, 1985
Molded plastic liners for pipe spools and fittings are provided with embedded structural anchors having externally projecting parts that are secured to the metal housing by various mechanical fastening arrangements. In a series of embodiments they are welded into the welded seams of the
4512454 Coin apparatus having coin escrow and return means April 23, 1985
Coin apparatus for use in a vendor for handling acceptable coins and unacceptable coins or slugs deposited in the vendor, having change tubes for coins of different denominations, and operable to reject unacceptable coins and slugs, to accept acceptable coins and to deliver them as neede
4512453 Vendor accountability system April 23, 1985
An accountability system for a vendor having a cash handler, change tubes and a cash box, the cash handler being adapted to accept deposited coins and deliver them to the change tubes if needed, otherwise to deliver them to the cash box. A memory stores data on the amount of cash which s
4507550 High security credit card, system and method March 26, 1985
A credit card includes a non-magnetic substrate and a first strip of permanently magnetic material extending in a first direction along the substrate. The first strip comprises a predetermined series of permanently magnetic lines, the lines defining positions along the first strip and
4499985 Vendor change return control February 19, 1985
A change return control for a money handler in a vendor capable of a plurality of customer selectable transactions at different prices, the money handler having circuitry for identifying the denominations of money deposited in the vendor. The control includes circuitry for determining if
4496201 Closure such as a glass door for a refrigeration or freezer January 29, 1985
A glass door for a refrigerator or freezer having an open rectangular frame around the glass, the top, bottom and sides of the frame each comprising a front metal extrusion and a rear plastic extrusion, the front extrusion having a part extending in front of the glass and the rear having
4494776 Joint for plastic lined light-weight metal piping January 22, 1985
A seal load ring having a radial face and a tapered face is installed between the flared gasket portion of the piping plastic liner and the frusto-conically flared flange end of a section of light-weight metal piping. The radial face of the ring is provided with a plurality of concen
4463446 Control device July 31, 1984
A price-setting control device for a vending machine can be used to set prices for a number of products and to store those prices in a memory. A decimal-type visual display selectively, but simultaneously, displays a "line" number which is assigned to a given product plus the price set f
4462512 Change making system July 31, 1984
A change making system having circuitry for sensing the availability of coins for making change in at least two change tubes containing coins of different denominations, the coin tubes being part of a money handler in a vendor. A memory has stored therein, for each of a number of coin
4440044 Two stage speed reducer April 3, 1984
A two stage speed reducer having a primary reduction stage the output gear of which is fixed to an eccentric which causes an output planetary gear to orbit within a fixed ring gear. The eccentric forms the inner and outer races for coplanar bearings for the planetary gear and the output
4434931 Cash box for paper currency March 6, 1984
A cash box for paper currency has an opening therein through which a bill can be introduced into that cash box to form part of a stack of paper currency within that cash box. A closure is movable away from that opening to an open position to permit a bill to be introduced through that op
4429594 Planetary speed reducer February 7, 1984
A planetary speed reducer having a movable output ring gear; a stationary or fixed ring gear; the ring gears having different numbers of rigid involute teeth, different pitch diameters, equal internal diameters and equal base pitches; a sun gear; and at least one planetary gear mounted
4426017 Apparatus for dispensing containers from a stack of nested containers January 17, 1984
Apparatus for dispensing containers, such as paper cups, each having an outwardly extending rim, from a stack of nested containers, the apparatus being adjustable to handle containers of different diameters within a range of diameters.
4410077 Coin handling apparatus with coin retardation feature October 18, 1983
Coin handling apparatus having an inclined chute and a lateral entrance to the chute, the arrangement being such that the motion of the coins is retarded or deadened for rolling of the coins on edge down the chute without substantial bounce or flutter for accurate detection by a detector
4397875 Method of heating food August 9, 1983
Apparatus for heating food, such as a serving of partially or fully precooked french fried potatoes supplied in a refrigerated or frozen state and requiring heating for being eaten, comprising a blower for blowing air, a heater for heating the air, a support for holding a receptacle
4381835 Control device May 3, 1983
A control device for a vending machine for setting prices and storing prices in a memory with a price-setting mode, a price verification mode and a product-vending mode. In the product-vending mode, actuation of a selection switch provides a momentary pulse through the vending circuit to
4376447 Hot water valve March 15, 1983
A valve comprising a body having a chamber therein, fluid inlet and outlet ports in communication with the chamber, an opening for a valve plunger, and a nipple extending into the chamber having a passage constituting one of said ports. A valve plunger extends through the opening in the
4375184 Apparatus for heating foods, such as french fried potatoes March 1, 1983
Apparatus for heating food, such as a serving of partially or fully precooked french fried potatoes supplied in a refrigerated or frozen state and requiring heating for being eaten, comprising a blower for blowing air, a heater for heating the air, a support for holding a receptacle
4374318 Apparatus for heating food, such as french fried potatoes February 15, 1983
Apparatus for heating food, such as a serving of partially or fully precooked french fried potatoes supplied in a refrigerated or frozen state and requiring heating for being eaten, comprising a blower for blowing air, a heater for heating the air, a support for holding a receptacle
4373923 Torque limiting overload coupling February 15, 1983
A torque limiting overload device, or clutch, and suitable for use between a shaft, flange, or the dial for automated machinery, or indexing machine, a drive or rotating member imparting turning or rotational force to a driven or rotatable member, the rotatable member incorporates a seri
4361161 Coin handling device November 30, 1982
Positioning surfaces and complementary surfaces on the walls and frame of a coin handling device partially restrain and position those walls. Positioning surfaces and complementary surfaces on a coin dispensing sub-assembly and on the frame partially restrain and position that sub-as
4353452 Coin-handling device October 12, 1982
A detecting magnetic coil is mounted adjacent the authenticity-determining magnetic coil of an electronic slug rejector to distinguish between authentic coins and any copper slugs which might cause the authenticity-determining coil to produce an output which closely simulates the out
4350238 Data acquisition unit September 21, 1982
A data acquisition unit accepts serial bit streams from a control device for a vending machine, and it records the data represented by those serial bit streams. The data in one of those serial bit streams will include the number of vends of each product corresponding to the various selec
4349111 Paper currency device September 14, 1982
A bill-handling device provides relative movement between a sensor and a U.S. bill or other object to permit that sensor to sense longitudinally-spaced areas on that U.S. bill or other object which correspond to areas, on authentic U.S. bills or counterfeits thereof, where significan
4336892 Article dispensing apparatus June 29, 1982
A vendor for packs of cigarettes comprising a cabinet having a window at the front, a plurality of dispensers in the cabinet for the packs, each adapted to hold a plurality of packs of one brand in a row extending in rear-to-front direction in the cabinet, the dispensers being arranged i
4324494 Drink dispensing April 13, 1982
Drink dispensing apparatus comprising a container for holding a supply of a particulate drink ingredient adapted to be mixed with water to constitute a drink, a dispenser for dispensing a charge of the particulate ingredient from the container through an opening in the container for the
4322588 Slide selector switch device March 30, 1982
A slide selector switch device comprising a membrane switch having a base layer, an intermediate layer and a cover layer of electrical insulation material, the intermediate layer having a plurality of sets of openings arranged in straight lines, the base and cover layers each having an
4305328 Coffee vendor December 15, 1981
A coffee vendor comprising a brewer having a horizontal relatively small-mesh screen therein dividing the brewer into upper and lower chambers, a line for delivering hot water to the upper chamber of the brewer, a line for delivering filtered brewed coffee from the brewer, an air com
4286703 Coin testing and sorting apparatus September 1, 1981
For use in a vendor for handling acceptable coins and rejecting unacceptable items (slugs, unacceptable coins) inserted in the coin slot of the vendor and for making change: coin apparatus for handling coins of various denominations (e.g., U.S. nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars),
4273259 Flood control for a beverage vendor June 16, 1981
Flood control apparatus for a beverage vendor of the type comprising a cabinet and a water supply system including a line for bringing water into the cabinet to provide water for beverages and a valve in the line, the apparatus comprising a pan located beneath components of the water sup
4265351 Apparatus for totalizing sales May 5, 1981
Apparatus for totalizing sales of a vendor, the vendor having a plurality of selection circuits adapted to be energized for vending items at different prices which are whole multiples of 5.cent., the apparatus comprising an electrically operated register operable on being electricall
4263924 Coin separating device April 28, 1981
A coin separating device has a movable coin director which is mounted intermediate an inlet for coins of different predetermined diameters and a plurality of outlets that are generally in register with each other but that are located in separate planes. That coin director responds to the
4257436 Coin dispensing apparatus having a U-shaped coin ejector March 24, 1981
Coin dispensing apparatus comprising a base having a socket therein adjacent one end of the base constituting its rearward end, a coin ejector at the bottom of the socket movable forward away from a retracted position for ejecting a coin in the socket, the ejector being movable forward t
4252254 Hot beverage vendor February 24, 1981
A hot beverage vendor having a hot water tank for supplying hot water for hot beverages, such as coffee, tea, soup and chocolate. On entering the tank, water is directed by baffles to a heater in the tank adjacent the bottom of the tank where it is heated. The heated water gradually rise
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