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U. E. Sebald Druck und Verlag GmbH Patents
U. E. Sebald Druck und Verlag GmbH
Nuremberg, DE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6293200 Drying method September 25, 2001
In a method of drying inks which are printed on to a paper web in the printing mechanisms of a rotary intaglio printing machine and which are diluted by means of a solvent. the paper web, downstream of each printing mechanism, passes through a drier having a substantially closed housing
6230620 Bearing for a rotary press cylinder May 15, 2001
A bearing assembly for a rotary printing press cylinder supports a journal of the cylinder using a plurality of support rollers. At least one of the cylinder journal support rollers is moveable so that the cylinder will either be supported or can be removed from the printing press.
6209454 Multicolor rotogravure rotary press with first and second side printing towers April 3, 2001
In a rotary rotogravure printing press for accomplishing the multicolor printing of first and second sides of a material to be printed, first side printing units and second side printing units are arranged in an alternating form. Dryers are located between the alternating first and s
5564336 Rotary intaglio printing machine October 15, 1996
A rotary intaglio printing machine has at least two printing mechanisms and a drying device arranged between the printing mechanisms, through which a web of paper to be printed upon successively passes. The printing mechanisms are so arranged that the web of paper is guided only by the
5542965 Process and installation for removing solvent vapor from exhaust air August 6, 1996
In a process and installation for removing solvent vapor from exhaust air sucked from a working space, the air is fed to at least two parallel activated carbon adsorbers. Each adsorber can be switched to and fro between a charging mode in which it adsorbs solvent vapors from the exha
5437227 Doctor band displaceable parallel to cylinder's axis of rotation August 1, 1995
A doctor arrangement for a rotary intaglio printing machine comprises a doctor to remove excess ink from the plate cylinder. The doctor is in the form of a band which extends parallel to the axis of rotation of the plate cylinder against which it is pressed by a doctor bar. The doctor ba

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