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U.C. Industries Patents
U.C. Industries
Tallmadge, OH
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4469652 Foam extrusion apparatus and method September 4, 1984
A foam extrusion apparatus and method in which extrudate is extruded into a sealed chamber which may be subjected to pressure variation such as a vacuum with the controlled shaping of the plastic being obtained by power driven rolls within the chamber downstream of the die. Because of th
4454082 Method and apparatus for monitoring the thickness of a foamed extrudate in an environmental cont June 12, 1984
An apparatus adapted to be positioned downstream of a foam extrusion die in an environmental control or vacuum chamber for remote monitoring of the thickness and profile of foam boards, planks and like extrudates soon after the extrudate exits the die and takes its final shape, is ch
4445837 Foam extrusion die and monitoring apparatus May 1, 1984
A foam extrusion die and monitoring apparatus, including a pair of adjustable die lip members having opposed, rigid die lips defining therebetween an elongated arcuate die orifice, is characterized by position sensors located along the arc of the die lips to monitor the die opening a
4395214 Foam extrusion apparatus having downstream upper and lower hinged shaping means and side restrai July 26, 1983
An apparatus is provided for forming, shaping and surface finishing a foam extrudate as it expands and passes from an extrusion die to obtain, in particular, foam or cellular bodies having a substantial thickness in relation to their width. The apparatus comprises opposed extrudate shapi
4371488 Method and apparatus for extruding foamed bodies involving the use of adjustable traction shapin February 1, 1983
An improved method and apparatus using edge shaping and traction rolls is disclosed for shaping and forming plastic foams as a foamable extrudate is extruded through an arcuate orifice of an extrusion die. Immediately adjacent and downstream of the die orifice are opposed sets of curved
4364722 Foam extrusion die assembly December 21, 1982
A foam extrusion die assembly includes a die body and a pair of spaced cantilevered lip members having opposed lips defining an elongated, arcuate die orifice through which extrudate moves both laterally and axially outwardly relative to the lip members. Each lip member further has a

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