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Tsubakimoto Chain Co. Patents
Tsubakimoto Chain Co.
Osaka, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D449416 Silent chain October 16, 2001
D373950 Link plate for a chain September 24, 1996
D289984 Trolley bus bar May 26, 1987
D289983 Monorail for overhead running carrier May 26, 1987
8585015 Engagement chain November 19, 2013
There is provided an engagement chain whose driving force per occupied space is increased, whose durability is improved by reducing stress in a direction of bending a connecting pin and whose engagement noise during driving is reduced. The engagement chain includes a large number of oute
8579746 Chain guide mechanism November 12, 2013
In a chain guide mechanism having a guide bridge for integrally holding two chain guides, a chain and a driving sprocket for more efficient assembly and maintenance, the guide bridge has a oil inlet on a surface of its sprocket-pressing base for receiving oil from an oil supply port
8574107 Chain tensioner November 5, 2013
In a hydraulic tensioner, a tensioner housing is provided with an oil outflow channel communicating with a high pressure oil chamber formed by a plunger and the tensioner housing. A control valve in the oil outflow channel can be adjusted manually or automatically to optimize the damping
8568258 Chain tensioner October 29, 2013
In a tensioner having a ratchet mechanism composed of annular teeth on a plunger and an expansible resilient ring disposed in a groove formed in the inner peripheral surface of a plunger-accommodating hole in a tensioner housing, the rear surfaces of the annular teeth have a steep sl
8567171 Cable protection and guide apparatus October 29, 2013
The invention provides a cable protection and guide apparatus allowing a protecting and guiding apparatus to be downsized by reducing a radius of a polygonal bend formed when link plates are bent back in a cable longitudinal direction between a cable stationary end and a cable mobile
8562468 Pulley for use with toothed belt October 22, 2013
There is provided a pulley for use with a toothed belt capable of reducing the noise generated when the pulley engages with the toothed belt, while reducing the manufacturing costs and time used to manufacture the pulley. The pulley includes a disk whose inner circumference is fitly
8561949 Articulated cable protection and guide apparatus October 22, 2013
There is provided an articulated cable protection and guide apparatus that can securely and stably guide a large number of cables, can assure durability of articulated supporting members that operate between straight and bending postures for a long period of time, and can be easily d
8298104 Timing chain driving system October 30, 2012
In a timing chain drive, a hybrid driving sprocket, having roller-engaging teeth and side sprocket teeth, cooperates with a hybrid chain having rollers that mesh with the roller-engaging teeth and toothed link plates that mesh with the side sprocket teeth. A driven sprocket from whic
8292564 Pharmaceutical container transferring system October 23, 2012
The present invention provides a pharmaceutical container transferring system suitable for taking containers stored in a storage rack in closely-spaced relation into and out of the storage rack. The system has a storage rack mounting plate for holding the storage rack, a thrust-up me
8282520 Chain tensioner October 9, 2012
In a chain tensioner, an expansible ring is disposed in an internal groove formed in the inner wall of a plunger-accommodating hole near an open end thereof. The ring cooperates with grooves formed on the plunger to exert a ratchet action. The relationship between the angles of the s
8246498 Chain transmission device August 21, 2012
In a chain transmission, the link plates of a roller chain or rollerless bushing chain are formed with pairs of teeth. A sprocket has a central set of sprocket teeth for meshing with the rollers or bushings, and sets of side sprocket teeth for meshing with the teeth of the link plates. T
8221275 Chain transmission device July 17, 2012
In a chain transmission using a hybrid chain having inner and outer links with bushings, or with bushings and rollers, the rollers mesh with a central sprocket, and the link plates have teeth that function as a silent chain, meshing with side sprockets fixed to the central sprocket.
8220620 Load-carrying conveyor chain July 17, 2012
The invention provides a load-carrying conveyor chain that can be bent backward, realizing spatial three-dimensional conveyance, and can be hooked deeply by sprocket teeth, thus rarely causing jump of the teeth. The chain is constructed by endlessly connecting link bodies each having
8220243 Cable protection and guide device July 17, 2012
The invention provides a cable protection and guide device that steadily protects and guides a cable by rigidly anchoring and preventing a connecting arm from being disengaged upwardly. The device smoothly flexes and reduces torsional deformation. The hinged connecting arm extends ac
8206665 Cap for microtube for pharmaceutical development June 26, 2012
A cap for a microtube, which can be automatically aligned by an alignment plate for insertion in a correct orientation into the open end of the microtube held in a micro tube rack. The plate has partitions in a grid which produces a matrix of cells having a pitch defined by the spacing
8136339 Oil-impregnated bushing, oil-free chain and method for manufacturing oil-impregnated bushing March 20, 2012
The oil-free chain is obtained by connecting a pair of inner link plates which are connected by oil-impregnated bushings and a pair of outer link plates, which are connected by pins inserted into adjacent oil-impregnated bushings of adjacent inner link plates alternately. The oil-imp
8118699 Sprocket for chain February 21, 2012
A sprocket for a chain drive using a roller or bushing chain has a plurality of different pitch angles, including both pitch angles larger than the standard pitch angle, and pitch angles smaller than the standard pitch angle. The number of pitch angles in the sprocket larger than the
8092327 Tensioner lever for chain drive January 10, 2012
In a spring-loaded tensioner lever having a coiled torsion spring accommodated in a space inside the lever, a stopper mechanism, comprising a pin held removably in a hole in the lever, holds an arm of the torsion spring against movement in the unwinding direction while the lever, or
8088029 Chain transmission for use in an engine January 3, 2012
In a chain transmission, the guide-contacting portions of inner and outer plates of a chain each comprise a pair of front and rear flat surfaces, an intermediate concave oil-retaining surface and convex connecting surfaces. The lengths of the flat surfaces are such that adjacent flat
8066601 Timing chain drive system November 29, 2011
In a timing chain driving system in which the speed of a driving sprocket fluctuates cyclically, the tooth pitch of a driven sprocket from which a tension span of the chain travels toward the driving sprocket varies cyclically around the circumference of the driven sprocket so that the
8062158 Timing chain drive unit November 22, 2011
In a timing chain drive unit the tooth pitch of a driven sprocket from which a tension span of the chain travels toward a driving sprocket varies cyclically around the circumference of the driven sprocket and cyclically increases and decreases the length of the tension span in synchr
8057340 Chain November 15, 2011
A chain has a resin member integrally molded on an inner circumferential surface of a bushing with a strong joining force between the resin member and an inner circumferential surface of the bushing. The chain has an inner link in which both end portions of a pair of front and rear b
8051976 Track frame assembly in conveyor system November 8, 2011
A track frame assembly is provided having a frame member formed from an elongated channel, a pair of track rail members each fixed in place on a predetermined surface of the frame member, and a plurality of rail fixtures with which the pair of track rail members can removably be fixed
8033938 Hydraulic tensioner October 11, 2011
In a hydraulic tensioner, at least a part of a bar is located within a coil spring that biases a plunger in the protruding direction. The bar reduces the volume of the high pressure oil chamber of the tensioner.
8033390 Wear resistant, heat resistant conveyor chain October 11, 2011
A wear resistant, heat resistant conveyor chain comprising a series of links, each having a heat resistant roller rotatably fitted onto a bush between inner plates. The links are interconnected in the longitudinal direction of the chain by outer plates, and connecting pins rotatably
8012054 Rocker joint pin type silent chain September 6, 2011
In a rocker joint silent chain, the link plates have two different engagement pitches, and the connecting pins are composed of combinations of rocker pins and joint pins, where each rocker pin has one of two thicknesses and each joint pin has one of two thicknesses, so that the rocke
8007385 Sliding contact guide for transmission device August 30, 2011
In a sliding contact chain guide of the kind used in the timing transmission of an internal combustion engine, the back of the guide shoe, which engages a metal guide base, is formed with two, spaced longitudinal ribs, having between them a set of ribs formed in a lattice. The longit
8007384 Hydraulic tensioner August 30, 2011
In a hydraulic tensioner having a coiled plunger-biasing spring, the volume of the high pressure oil chamber is reduced by incorporating a bar inside the spring. One of both ends of the spring are formed to block passage of the bar, so that the bar and spring can be installed as a pr
7980978 Hoisting and lowering driving engagement multi-row chain July 19, 2011
A hoisting and lowering driving engagement multi-row chain is disclosed, in which bending of the connecting pins in the chain is suppressed to avoid fatigue failure. Additionally, the load carrying balance in the chain width direction is improved, and contact vibrations and contact n
7975464 Guide rail for cable protection and guide device July 12, 2011
A guide rail for a cable protection and guide device in which lateral run out of the cable protection and guide device is suppressed is disclosed and claimed. Excellent traveling stability is realized and sliding of the cable protection and guide device is suppressed so that wear is
7972233 Bearing roller chain July 5, 2011
A bearing roller chain which is sealed by a seal mechanism which prevents entry of foreign substances from the outside and leakage of lubricating oil leakage from the inside to the outside, resulting in an improvement in wear resistance of the bearing roller and avoidance both of rotatio
7971833 Cable protection and guide device July 5, 2011
A cable protection and guide device in which wear damage in mounting portions of a mounting bracket is avoided and the mounting bracket is reliably and strongly mounted so that the cable is smoothly protected and guided. The mounting operation of the bracket is easy. A cable protection
7971706 Conveyor chain and conveyor chain driving device July 5, 2011
A conveyor having conveyor chain 100 adapted to be engaged and driven by drums 180 and 190 having spiral flights. The conveyor chain has a number of interconnected conveying modules 120, 140, 150 and 160. Selected modules 120 are aligned in the direction of travel parallel to the axis
7967708 Chain guide for use in engine June 28, 2011
A chain guide is composed of a resin shoe engageable with an aluminum base frame. The shoe has a hook formed at a chain entry end for engagement with a chain entry end of the base frame, and a C-shaped hook at the chain exit end engageable with a side edge of the base frame. The shoe
7963872 Transmission chain for use in engine June 21, 2011
The plates of transmission chain for an engine are formed with a guide-contacting configuration composed of spaced flat surfaces that come into sliding contact with a flat chain guide, and convex surfaces, continuous with and between the flat surfaces, for sliding contact with a conv
7951029 Guide for transmission device May 31, 2011
In an engine timing chain guide composed of a synthetic resin shoe supported on a frame by L-shaped and strip-shaped engagement members integrally molded as unitary parts of the shoe, the L-shaped members are formed with oblique tongues that resiliently engage side edges of the frame
7942772 Silent chain May 17, 2011
In a silent chain having interleaved guide rows and joint rows, guide plates at the outer sides of the guide rows are connected by engagement pins which extend through overlapping recesses formed on the outer flanks of the guide row plates, and on the inner flanks of the joint row plates
7942169 Folding type cable protection and guide device May 17, 2011
A folding type cable protection and guide device is provided in which a cable is accommodated into a cable accommodating space. The cable accomodating space can be easily adapted to accommodate the cable, even if the cable is a long body. The assembly load is decreased. Further, the
7927242 Downward angle settable hydraulic tensioner April 19, 2011
In a hydraulic chain tensioner having a housing, a hollow plunger slidable in a plunger-accommodating hole in the housing, and a hollow sleeve extending into the plunger from a bottom of the plunger-accommodating hole, and a check valve mounted at the opposite end of the sleeve, a pa
7921986 Hoisting and lowering driving engagement multi-row chain April 12, 2011
Aspects of the invention provide a hoisting and lowering driving engagement multi-row chain in which the weight of the chain is balanced across the chain width direction so as to improve the load balance. This allows the weight of articles to be hoisted and lowered more stably hoiste
7918754 Hydraulic tensioner April 5, 2011
A hydraulic tensioner comprises a plunger, and a plunger-accommodating hole in a tensioner housing, together forming a high pressure oil chamber. A plunger-biasing spring is provided in the high pressure oil chamber between the plunger and the bottom of the plunger-accommodating hole
7914409 Oil-free chain March 29, 2011
In an oil-free roller chain, the inner faces of the outer link plates have recesses that receive the ends of bushings, and the inner faces of the inner link plates have recesses that receive the ends of rollers surrounding the bushings. Each such recess is formed by punching, so that
7901312 Silent chain transmission device March 8, 2011
In a silent chain transmission, a silent chain composed of uniform link plates meshes with a sprocket having two or three kinds of teeth randomly distributed around its circumference. The teeth have a common tooth gap bottom diameter, and a uniform angular spacing, but have different
7893353 Cable protection and guide device February 22, 2011
A general purpose mounting bracket of a specific length which can be easily mounted onto a cable protection and guide device. The cable protection and guide device includes a fine setting of the entire length can be made without increasing the number of parts. A bracket joint include
7892504 Pharmaceutical sample storage system February 22, 2011
A pharmaceutical sample storage system in which the accommodation volume of a case is increased is disclosed and claimed. The molding of the storage rack is easy. The cases in the storage rack are locked in place and will not fall out even if the storage rack is turned upside down. P
7837583 Silent chain November 23, 2010
In a silent chain, link plates having two different back heights are arranged so that V-shaped oil guiding walls, opening in the direction of chain travel, are formed on the back of the chain that comes into sliding contact with the shoe of a chain guide.
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