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Toyota Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha Patents
Toyota Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
Toyota, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D252266 Wheel July 3, 1979
D248848 Wheel August 8, 1978
D248551 Wheel July 18, 1978
4811226 Optimum angle adjusting apparatus for vehicle equipments March 7, 1989
An automatic angle adjusting apparatus for adjusting vehicle equipments to be adjusted to optimum angular positions to a driver such as a fender mirror, an inner mirror, blowing ports of an air conditioner, a speaker and a meter is disclosed. Amounts of adjustment of vehicle seat parts a
4762026 Speed change control method and device of automatic transmission for vehicle August 9, 1988
While running of an engine used to be unstable in warming-up, the output of the engine is large and the running of the engine is maintained stably in high vehicle speed even if the engine is in the warming-up. According to the present invention, an automatic transmission is allowed to be
4683771 Gear-teeth protector in change-speed gearing units August 4, 1987
A gear-teeth protector for a change-speed gearing unit in which a pair of upper and lower change-speed gears of high meshing rate are arranged adjacent to an upright wall in a housing for the gearing unit. The gear-teeth protector comprises a U-shaped shroud member secured at its out
4662672 Lacking device for a detachable panel of vehicles May 5, 1987
A locking device for a detachable panel fitted in a roof opening of automobiles comprises a pivotable lever mounted to the panel, a stationary body fixed to the vehicle roof, and a link mechanism securely fixed to the lever while pivoted to the stationary body. The link mechanism include
4652049 Device for adjusting height of front part of seat cushion of seat March 24, 1987
A device for adjusting the height of a cushion pad in the front part of the seat cushion of a seat, for example, for a vehicle, which has a hard plate disposed laterally of the seat cushion under the cushion pad, and a rotating mechanism connected to a shaft disposed under the cushion pa
4630209 Audio/visual display system for multiple maps December 16, 1986
Data for a map of a predetermined area is divided into a plurality of blocks, stored in an external memory medium such as a cassette tape, and loaded into a CPU when deemed necessary. The map as a whole or parts of the map can be arbitrarily selected and displayed through the operation o
4606425 Vehicle speed control apparatus August 19, 1986
A vehicle speed control apparatus for automatically maintaining the vehicle speed of an automobile at a desired speed without the operation of the accelerator pedal, which apparatus includes an increase switch and a speed-increase means for continuously increasing the opening degree of t
4606238 Mounting construction of shift lever retainer casing in change-speed gearing unit August 19, 1986
In a change-speed gearing unit, a manual shift lever is mounted at its lower end on a retainer casing which is secured at its outer peripheral portion to the upper seating face of an extension housing for the unit by means of fastening bolts threaded into the housing with intervention of
4604913 Parking brake releasing mechanism August 12, 1986
A parking brake releasing mechanism for used in a vehicle which has solved an apparently illogical problem, that is, minimizing the operating power of the brake releasing rod (or lever in some case) without increasing the stroke thereof, by ingeniously combining a first lever secured to
4598729 Negative pressure control valve July 8, 1986
A negative pressure control valve for generating a negative pressure has an inlet port communicating with a negative pressure source, an outlet port communicating with a negative pressure load, a diaphragm chamber with one surface defined by a diaphragm, and an atmospheric pressure chamb
4594912 Banjo type axle casing June 17, 1986
In a banjo type axle casing comprising an enlarged center case portion for housing a differential gear and a pair of sleeve-like case portions outwardly extending from opposite ends of said center case portion for housing an axle shaft, an oil deflector for covering the axle shaft is
4572029 Speed change control method and device of automatic transmission for vehicle February 25, 1986
A speed change method and apparatus for the transmission of a vehicle provides for a speed change stage to produce a reduction gear ratio lower than a predetermined value when the engine temperature is low and vehicle speed is high, otherwise the speed change stage is prohibited from
4571683 Learning control system of air-fuel ratio in electronic control engine February 18, 1986
This system computes final fuel injection amount TAU on the basis of the following formula;whereA : a first learning termB : a second learning termTP : basic fuel injection amountJ : correction amountLearning control is effected by correcting the second learning term B during idling periods
4569246 Shift lever of a transmission for an automobile February 11, 1986
The shift lever of a transmission is comprised of a first shift lever having a cylindrical portion for mounting a grip, and a rod-like second shift lever inserted into the cylindrical portion of the first shift lever. In the space defined between the cylindrical portion of the first
4569027 Method and apparatus for detecting rotational speed of rotary member February 4, 1986
A method of detecting the rotational speed of a rotary member, which comprises the steps of detecting, in sequence, a time period indicative of the interval between successive preceding and following angular positions of the rotary member, memorizing in turn from each of the angular
4565106 Gear transmission mechanism with multiple layshafts January 21, 1986
A gear transmission mechanism for an automotive vehicle, with a power input shaft, including several combination assemblies, each including a layshaft and a selectively engagable friction engaging mechanism which can either be engaged to rotationally drive the layshaft from the power inp
4560332 Rotary vane-type compressor with vanes of more thermally expansible material than rotor for main December 24, 1985
In a rotary vane-type compressor the rotor, the housing and the side plates are made of the same kind of material as one another. A plurality of vane grooves the length of each of which is as long as the thickness of the rotor is provided on the rotor. A set of vanes which is made of a
4558417 Computer based engine control with lower priority interrupt requests generated in selected highe December 10, 1985
An engine control method and apparatus generally applicable to those control systems of the engine such as an ignition system, fuel injection system, etc., which are controlled to optimum operation in accordance with the engine operating conditions. A plurality of angular pulses are
4556150 Split-type plastic cover with elastic clips December 3, 1985
A plastic cover comprising a pair of matable convex cover halves each having flanged projections, and fixtures which hold the corresponding opposite flanged projections of the two cover halves when the two cover halves are connected to each other, said fixtures each comprising an ela
4555006 Automatic engine stop and start system November 26, 1985
Clutch operation signal issued in operational association with depression of a clutch pedal are taken as answer-back signals into an electronic control unit (ECU), a starter start command signal is issued in response to one of these answer-back signals. Additionally, a clutch upper switc
4554900 Method for controlling ignition timing of an internal combustion engine November 26, 1985
A method for controlling ignition timing of an internal combustion engine using an electronic ignition timing control apparatus includes the steps of:(i) setting ignition timing when the engine is under load to a value determined by the amount of intake air flow and the rotational speed
4553208 Engine control event timing employing both crank angle rotation and time measurements November 12, 1985
An engine control method generally applicable to those control systems of the engine such as an ignition system, fuel injection system, etc., which are controlled to optimum operation in accordance with engine operating conditions. Angular pulses are generated each time the output shaft
4550703 Continous method of fuel injection in electronically controlled engine November 5, 1985
The minimum fuel injection time is on electronically controlled fuel injection engine is set in relation to the running condition of the engine. For example, in shift change, when the throttle valve is in the idling angle and the revolution speed of the engine is high, the minimum fu
4550373 Temperature-feedback electronic engine control apparatus and method October 29, 1985
An electronic engine control apparatus and method for computing various engine operating parameters such as fuel injection amount on the basis of input signals from a temperature sensor which detects engine temperature, wherein the signals from the temperature sensor are read more freque
4549398 Exhaust gas cleaning device for diesel engines October 29, 1985
An exhaust particle cleaning device for a diesel engine includes a trap case provided in a passage way of exhaust gas. A filter material is disposed in the trap case so that carbon particles or other exhaust particles contained in the exhaust gas can be caught within the filter mater
4546338 Rotary driving apparatus October 8, 1985
A rotary driving apparatus suitable for use for a flow control valve provided with a rotor valve rotatably mounted in a housing. The rotor valve is connected to a permanent magnet member. The permanent magnet member is arranged adjacent to a pair of diametrically spaced ends of a cor
4541817 Drive shaft assembly September 17, 1985
A drive shaft assembly has a first shaft, a casing receiving an end portion of the first shaft through an opening at its one end and provided with a first flange on the periphery of the other end, a second shaft provided with a second flange to be joined with the first flange, and an end
4541302 Support structure for power transmission cables September 17, 1985
In a vehicle body structure wherein a reinforcement panel is fixedly arranged at an angle to reinforce an upright fire-wall panel in the form of a rear wall of an engine room for mounting a power transmission unit together with an internal combustion engine in the engine room and wherein
4540153 Temperature sensitive negative-pressure control valve September 10, 1985
A temperature sensitive negative-pressure control valve is provided with a pressure adjusting means functioning to output a constant negative-pressure which is determined by the biasing force of an adjusting spring, and a temperature sensitive device for varying the biasing force of
4537444 Occupant's side holding device for the seat back of a seat August 27, 1985
An occupant's side holding device for the seat back of an automotive seat in which occupant's body side holders are rockably provided in the lateral direction of the seat back at both the right and left side of the seat back comprising operating shafts vertically provided at both the rig
4537095 Hydraulic control system for automatic transmission August 27, 1985
A low coast shift (LCS) valve and a low coast shift control (LCC) valve are disposed coaxially with a shift valve, and a spring is disposed between the LCS valve and LCC valve. In the range in which engine braking occurs, the LCC valve is at first displaced by the line pressure toward th
4536937 Process of manufacturing auto bumpers August 27, 1985
The invention represents an auto bumper with an exterior part which can be seen from the outside. The exterior part is made of stainless steel plate and an interior part is made of fiber reinforced plastics via a layer of aluminum or aluminum alloy.
4536010 Automatic seatbelt system August 20, 1985
An automatic system for use in a motor vehicle has an outer webbing, both ends of which are secured to a vehicle door and an inner webbing, one end of which is connected to the intermediate portion of the outer webbing through a ring joint movable along the outer webbing and the other en
4535865 Cruise control system for automotive vehicle August 20, 1985
A cruise control system for an automotive vehicle, which automatically controls the throttle valve opening to maintain the vehicle speed constant without a driver's operation of the accelerator pedal once the vehicle speed is set to a desired value, is designed so that acceleration at th
4535864 Cruise control system for automotive vehicle August 20, 1985
A cruise control system for an automotive vehicle which automatically controls the throttle valve opening to maintain the vehicle speed constant without a driver's operation of the accelerator pedal once the vehicle speed is set to a desired value, is designed so that acceleration at the
4530374 Linear motor-actuated flow control valve July 23, 1985
A linear motor-actuated flow control valve includes: a casing having an inlet port and an outlet port; a moving-coil linear motor disposed within said casing, said linear motor including a hollow, ferromagnetic core which delimits the interior of said casing into valve chambers and which
4528552 Travel locus display device July 9, 1985
A travel locus display device has a display unit such as a CRT display to display a start point and a destination point of a vehicle and a travel locus of the vehicle from the start point to the destination point on a coordinate display area of a display screen of the display unit. The
4528279 Monolithic catalyst for exhaust gas purification July 9, 1985
A monolithic catalyst, for the purification of exhaust gases from an internal combustion engine, comprising: an inert carrier; a film of alumina and rare earth oxides coated onto the surface of said inert carrier, wherein Ce and La are present in said film at an atomic ratio of Ce/La
4525781 Method of determining fluctuations in indicated mean effective pressure of engine and apparatus June 25, 1985
A method of and an apparatus for measuring fluctuations in the indicated mean effective pressure of an engine from a deviation of the mean pressure or from an unbiased variance (mean square) of the mean pressure obtained from the deviation in the mean pressure by utilizing a deviation of
4523560 Intake device of an internal combustion engine June 18, 1985
An internal combustion engine having a plurality of cylinders each comprising a first intake valve, a first intake passage connected to the corresponding cylinder via the first intake valve, a second intake valve, and a second intake passage connected to the corresponding cylinder via
4522278 Torque sensor June 11, 1985
A torque sensor generates an electric signal representing a change in the state of electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling between first and second rotors coupled together by a torsion spring. The change is caused with relative rotation of the two rotors caused by detected torque in a
4519747 Method for assembling an impeller onto a turboshaft May 28, 1985
An impeller is assembled onto a turboshaft such that the impeller is deformed at its end walls so as to deform the inner wall of the hole of the impeller against the shaft such that the clearance between the shaft and the hole of the impeller is reduced to zero, thereby, preventing b
4519346 Helically-shaped intake port of an internal combustion engine May 28, 1985
A helically-shaped intake port comprising a helical portion and an inlet passage portion which is tangentially connected to the helical portion and extends so as to be slightly curved. The intake valve is arranged at the outlet open end of the helical portion. The first side wall of the
4516443 Restriction device for differential gear May 14, 1985
A restriction device for a differential gear having multiplate clutches which are formed by first friction plates fixed to a pair of side gears installed inside of a differential casing and second friction plates fixed to the differential casing. The first and second friction plates are
4516207 Apparatus for controlling air conditioner by voice May 7, 1985
In an apparatus for controlling an air conditioner through a computer, various controls are automatically effected by voice command as well as by manual operation. Specific voice commands are predetermined in accordance with the control objectives. The voice commands are read by a voice
4515575 Torque transmission system May 7, 1985
A torque transmission system has driving and driven pulley units around which an endless V-belt extends. Each pulley unit has a stationary pulley part rotatable with a shaft and a movable pulley part disposed to define with the stationary pulley part a circumferentially continuous groove
4514008 Vehicle body floor construction of motor vehicle April 30, 1985
A vehicle body floor construction of a motor vehicle, wherein a tunnel being upwardly projecting, downwardly opening and disposed in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle is formed at the central portion in the widthwise direction of a floor panel, a fuel tank is disposed in the

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