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Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha Patents
Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha
Aichi-ken, JP
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8587749 Liquid crystal display device for vehicle use having a screen with a polarization member November 19, 2013
The present invention can include a display device for use in a vehicle having a screen with a polarizing member disposed in the front of a display surface of a liquid crystal display, the polarizing member having a light transmittance of less than 50%, a surface of the screen is cop
8586514 Lubricants for use in processing of metallic material and methods for processing the metallic ma November 19, 2013
A lubricant for use in processing of a metallic material includes a lubricant base composed of at least one paraffinic hydrocarbon and a modifier oil added to the lubricant base at a rate of 2-20 wt % of total weight of the lubricant. The modifier oil contains (a) a sulfuric extreme
8585387 Manufacturing apparatus for nonwoven fabric November 19, 2013
A nonwoven fabric manufacturing apparatus has a spinning portion that spins fiber and an air delivery portion that blows air toward fiber spun out of the spinning portion. A roller is provided below the spinning portion. Fiber spun out of the spinning portion is blown onto the circum
8585123 Door trim for vehicle November 19, 2013
A door trim for a vehicle includes a trim body and an armrest. The trim body has an armrest mount hole, a mount member arranged in an edge area of the armrest mount hole, and a support member. The armrest is fitted in the armrest mount hole. The armrest has a mount base to which the moun
8584542 Lock releasing mechanism November 19, 2013
There is provided an lock releasing mechanism coupled to a locking mechanism via a cable and configured to be capable of releasing a locked state of the locking mechanism by electrically towing the cable, and an lock releasing mechanism can include a main switch configured to operate
8579368 Seat for vehicle November 12, 2013
A seat for a vehicle includes a seat cushion frame reciprocating between seating and retracted positions, a seat back frame rotatable between standing and forward-tilted positions, a head rest movable between stationary and retracted positions, a pair of links provided at both end po
8574700 Carpet and method of manufacture therefor November 5, 2013
A carpet according to the present invention includes: a first air-impermeable layer (surface layer), a sound absorbent layer provided on a reverse side of the first air-impermeable layer, and a second air-impermeable layer (backing material layer) provided on a reverse side of the so
8573696 Ottoman device for variable-cushion-length seat November 5, 2013
An ottoman device includes a first mechanism that has an operating portion operable to adjust a longitudinal position of a front end portion of a seat cushion corresponding to the inner sides of knees of a seated person, and is operable to vary a cushion length by adjusting the longi
8573674 Vehicle seat November 5, 2013
A switching mechanism that switches a locking device of a slider device between a locked state and an unlocked state includes a sliding member that slides along a wall surface of a fixed rail, a step portion that is formed on the wall surface of the fixed rail and onto which the sliding
8570146 In-vehicle wireless system October 29, 2013
An in-vehicle wireless system, capable of operating at least in a copy mode and a transmission mode, comprises: at least one receiving unit receiving a wireless signal transmitted from a remote control transmitter and demodulates a control code signal; and at least one transmitting unit
8567868 Vehicle seat October 29, 2013
In a vehicle seat, an ottoman portion that includes a shaft member that attaches to the sitting portion, a first frame member that rotates about the shaft member, and a second frame member that is fixed to a cushion. One side of the first frame member is attached to one side of the secon
8567865 Connecting apparatuses October 29, 2013
A connecting apparatus of the present invention includes an inner teeth member with inner teeth, a guide member with a rotation support portion rotatably supporting an outer peripheral surface of the inner teeth member, a first and second teeth member movably mounted on the guide mem
8562889 Method for producing plastic cylinder head cover October 22, 2013
A method produces a plastic cylinder head cover having an oil control valve holder as an integral part thereof by insert molding. The method includes a step of setting the oil control valve holder in one of a pair of molds that can approach and separate from each other; and a step of
8562069 Fixing structure for interior base material October 22, 2013
A fixing structure for a vehicle interior material in accordance with the present invention includes: a first interior base material including a first end portion; a second interior base material including a second end portion disposed adjacent to the first end portion; an ornamental mem
8562064 Vehicle interior part October 22, 2013
A door trim 10 having a side-impact absorption capability includes a base 22 having suction holes 23 and grooves 24 on a rear side between the adjacent suction holes 23. The base 22 is covered with a top cover 50 that is clung to a surface of the base 22 by applying vacuum through the
8562017 Vehicle seat including side airbag system October 22, 2013
A vehicle seat including a side airbag system, in which an airbag body accommodated inside a seatback of the vehicle seat is configured to deploy when the vehicle is collided from a side thereof and a deployment groove which is configured to improve the deployment of the airbag body
8561651 Fabric, fabric manufacturing method and vehicle seat October 22, 2013
A fabric, a fabric manufacturing method and a vehicle seat are provided. The fabric has one surface and an opposite surface, and includes a constituent yarn having at least an elastic yarn; and a chenille yarn having a core yarn and a pile yarn. At least one kind of yarn of the const
8297900 Composite member fixing structure October 30, 2012
A composite member 12, which is formed by integrating an OCV housing 14 and a cylinder head cover 13, is fixed to a cam cap 15 by a bolt 20. The bolt 20 is passed through a bolt insertion hole 16 of the composite member 12 and fastened to the cam cap 15. A step portion 20d is formed in
8297708 Assembling structure of planar elastic body of vehicle seat October 30, 2012
An assembling structure for a vehicle seat includes: an assembly frame having a frame shape and configured to be detachably attached to a seat main body of the vehicle seat, the seat main body having a backbone frame having a frame shape; a planar elastic body configured to elastically
8297704 Connector for vehicle seat October 30, 2012
A connector for a vehicle seat includes a ratchet, a guide, and engagement pieces. The engagement pieces are supported so as to be movable only in the radial direction of the guide, and prevent relative rotation between the ratchet and the guide when engaged with an inner peripheral
8297678 Retractable seat for vehicle October 30, 2012
A retractable seat for a vehicle includes: a first leg with a proximal end that is rotatably attached to a seat cushion and a distal end that is rotatably attached to a floor; a second leg that is rotatably attached to the seat cushion; and an interlocking member that couples the first l
8293055 Manufacturing method of a vehicular interior part October 23, 2012
A manufacturing method of a vehicular interior part in which a cover member is attached to a base material, comprising the steps of forming a skin material, comprising a plurality of skin pieces sewn together, in accordance with a surface shape of said base material; and forming said
8292363 Clutch mechanism October 23, 2012
A clutch mechanism for selectively transmitting a force applied thereto may include an operation bracket that is rotatably connected to the vehicle seat via a first pivot shaft and is connected to a force output cable, a rotatable arm that is rotatably connected to the operation brac
8292344 Mounting structure of grip with integrated handle October 23, 2012
A mounting structure of a grip with integrated handle to a door panel includes the grip, a door trim to which the grip is mounted, a bracket, an overlapping portion and a handle fastening portion. The grip includes a grip portion and a handle portion that are integrally formed. The b
8292116 Oil tank structure October 23, 2012
An object of the present invention is to provide an oil tank structure capable of cooling oil flowing into the oil tank to properly adjust the oil temperature, and also capable of preventing overcooling. The oil tank structure includes a tank portion; an oil introducing portion that is
8276968 Locking device October 2, 2012
A locking device includes a locking mechanism and a striker. The locking mechanism includes a lock base, a hook and a pawl. The lock base has a recess that is capable of receiving the striker. The hook is capable of forming a locked condition in which the striker is held between the hook
8267457 Vehicular seat device September 18, 2012
A vehicular seat device assumes, as seat arrangements, a seating state and in which an occupant can sit, an entry/exit state in which the seat cushion (12) is in a standing state, and a retracted state in which a seatback (14) is superimposed on an upper side of the seat cushion (12).
8262165 Connection devices September 11, 2012
A reclining device as a connecting device includes an internal gear member, an external gear member and a retainer member. The retainer member is constructed such that when retainer strips are axially inserted into depressed portions formed in an outer circumferential portion of the
8256844 Vehicular seat having a walk in mechanism September 4, 2012
A vehicular seat including a reclining apparatus capable of adjusting an angle of a seat back relative to a seat cushion, a tilt down mechanism, a walk in mechanism, a base member provided on a side of the vehicular floor, and a middle member provided between the base member and the seat
8247713 Slide switch structure and power seat switch using the same August 21, 2012
A power seat switch includes a structure main body; switches provided in the structure main body; sliders slidably provided in the structure main body and changing over contacts of the switches; and moderation units each including a moderation adjuster fitted into the structure main body
8246819 Automatic transmission fluid filter August 21, 2012
The automatic transmission fluid filter includes a plastic upper case having an outlet port, a plastic lower case having an inlet port, and a filter element including a filter medium and a plastic holder frame holding the periphery of the filter medium and held between the upper case
8245868 Case locking mechanism August 21, 2012
Lock mechanisms are provide between a first case part and a second case part, which are openable and closable. Projections are formed on an outer side surface of the first case part. Each projection has a stopper hole that extends along a circumferential direction of the outer side surfa
8241385 Air cleaner unit for internal combustion engine August 14, 2012
An air cleaner unit includes a casing and a filter element disposed in the casing for filtering air to be introduced into an internal combustion engine of a vehicle. The casing includes a first case member and a second case member that are coupled to each other such that the filter eleme
8235466 Seat structure and vehicle August 7, 2012
In a seat (10), in a state in which tilting of a back main frame (16) around a tilting center (16A) is locked by a reclining mechanism (18), a lower end of a back joint link (26) is turnably joined to a vehicle side. Thus, turning of a first link (22), a back sub frame (24) and the back
8235278 Press method and press apparatus August 7, 2012
A press apparatus includes a mounting table and a pressing member. A workpiece formed of a plurality of laminated core sheets is placed on the mounting table, and the pressing member is used for pressing the workpiece on the mounting table from above. The mounting table is supported
8231176 Rotation prevention devices of vehicle seat July 31, 2012
An internal gear member and an external gear member of a reclining device are axially inserted into a cylindrical interior of a retainer member in order, so that the internal gear member that is inserted first faces a first bottom surface that is formed in an insertion direction side end
8231174 Seat structure and seat contraction method July 31, 2012
When a seat (10) is to be stowed, a seat pad (28) is moved toward a seat (10) reverse side, pad side portions (32) are rotated toward the seat (10) reverse side with respect to a pad center portion (30), and a center portion (12) and side portions (14) of the seat (10) are contracted.
8226160 Vehicular roof structure July 24, 2012
Provided is a vehicular roof structure, which can adjust the quantity of daylighting and which can be set to give a sense of spaciousness to a passenger in the rear seat by the wide field of view from the vehicular upper side while blocking the incident light upon the front seat side.
8226145 Board for the attachment of electronic parts July 24, 2012
The present invention is a board for attachment of electronic parts to be assembled to a lower part of a seat. The board comprising a board body containing a resin. It is preferred that the board body includes vegetable fiber. It is preferred that the board body has a depressed porti
8215716 Buckle structure for vehicle seat July 10, 2012
A buckle structure of a vehicle seat includes: a seat belt that restrains an occupant; a tongue member that is provided at the seat belt; and a buckle member that is configured to lock the tongue member. The buckle member is disposed at a restraint position of the vehicle seat so that a
8215711 Vehicular seat July 10, 2012
A vehicular seat can include a pair of right and left slide devices, right and left lock mechanisms, and a synchronous releasing mechanism releasing the right and left lock mechanisms in synchronism with each other. The synchronous releasing mechanism can include a rod whose both end
8215699 Mounting structure of side-impact-resistant resin-made shock absorbing member July 10, 2012
A mounting structure between a door trim and a door panel is provided and includes at least a shock absorbing member and movement restricting members. The shock absorbing member includes a cross-shaped rib including four ribs coupled into a cross shape and arranged perpendicular to the
8215696 Vehicle sun visor July 10, 2012
A vehicle sun visor includes a sun visor main body, an auxiliary visor provided on the sun visor main body, and a support mechanism that is provided between the sun visor main body and the auxiliary visor and supports the auxiliary visor with respect to the sun visor main body so as
8215695 Removable vehicle seat July 10, 2012
A removable vehicle seat includes a base, a removable seat main body, and a first attachment mechanism and a second attachment mechanism configured to removably attach the removable seat main body to the base. The first attachment mechanism includes a pin provided to the removable seat m
8215148 Shear punching die assemblies July 10, 2012
A shear punching die assembly having first and second die units in which a material is punched to form a work while the material is clamped between the first and second die units is taught that preferably include a main punch contained in the first die unit and having a cross-sectional
8210153 Intake manifold July 3, 2012
An intake manifold includes a manifold case having an intake passage. A valve is arranged in the intake passage. The valve is rotatable about its proximal end so as to partly close the intake passage. When the valve partly closes the intake passage, a clearance is formed between a wall
8201882 Clutch mechanism for vehicle seat June 19, 2012
A clutch mechanism for a vehicle seat is provided. The clutch mechanism includes a pressure-receiving member rotatably assembled to a frame of a seatback of the vehicle seat, a connecting arm having a weight and a pin, and provided rotatably to the pressure-receiving member, and a swingi
8201881 Clutch mechanism for vehicle seat June 19, 2012
A clutch mechanism for a vehicle seat is provided. The clutch mechanism includes a pressure-receiving member rotatably assembled to a frame of a seatback, a connecting arm having a weight and provided rotatably to the pressure-receiving member, a first swinging member provided rotatably
8201880 Seat cushion covering structure June 19, 2012
A seat cushion covering structure includes a fabric seat cushion cover into which conductive fibers, electrically connected at one end to a conductive member, are woven, and a groove, which is formed in the seat cushion and into which the fabric seat cushion cover is tucked. The cond
8196710 Oil pan structure June 12, 2012
An oil pan structure is provided that can prevent overheating when the temperature of oil is high, and can rapidly raise the temperature when the temperature of the oil is low. The oil pan structure includes: an oil pan main body; a partitioning wall that partitions the inside of the oil
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