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Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. Patents
Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.
Nishikasugai-gun, Aichi, JP
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RE41234 Light-emitting unit having specific fluorescent material April 20, 2010
A light-emitting device with an emission wavelength range of from 360 nm to 550 nm and a fluorescent material made of Ca--Al--Si--O--N oxynitride activated with Eu.sup.2+ are used so that a part of light emitted from the light-emitting device is emitted while the wavelength of the part o
RE39629 Side air bag May 15, 2007
A side air bag expands near a window at a time of collision of a vehicle to restrain an occupant from moving in a lateral direction. The air bag has an expansion duration .[.protracted.]. .Iadd.which is extended constrain the occupant during overturning of the vehicle. St
RE38125 Garnish members having an air bag May 27, 2003
Garnish members according to this invention are installed and fixed to peripheries of a door opening in the interior of a vehicle body. The garnish members have an air bag therein and include elongate garnish bodies disposed in the interior of a vehicle body fixing portions. The fixi
RE36747 Light-emitting device of gallium nitride compound semiconductor June 27, 2000
A light-emitting diode of GaN compound semiconductor emits a blue light from a plane rather than dots for improved luminous intensity. This diode includes a first electrode associated with a high-carrier density n.sup.+ layer and a second electrode associated with a high-impurity density
RE32757 Glass-run for window glass of motor car September 27, 1988
A glass-run for a window glass moving to open and close of a motor car, which has excellent non-adhesion property is disclosed, said glass-run comprising a substrate of a high molecular material having coated on the surface thereof a film formed by hardening a specific paint composition
D666483 Automobile floor mat clip September 4, 2012
D653222 Light emitting diode January 31, 2012
D652807 Light emitting diode January 24, 2012
D652394 Light emitting diode January 17, 2012
D640211 Light emitting diode June 21, 2011
D640210 Light emitting diode June 21, 2011
D631018 Light emitting diode chip January 18, 2011
D631017 Light emitting diode chip January 18, 2011
D597499 Light emitting diode August 4, 2009
D590241 Weather-strip clip April 14, 2009
D589910 Light emitting diode April 7, 2009
D585851 Light emitting diode February 3, 2009
D578083 Light emitting diode October 7, 2008
D578082 Light emitting diode October 7, 2008
D553767 Interior light for vehicle October 23, 2007
D301224 Steering wheel for agricultural machine May 23, 1989
8586965 Group III nitride semiconductor light-emitting device November 19, 2013
A Group III nitride semiconductor light-emitting device includes a light-emitting layer having a multiple quantum structure including an Al.sub.xGa.sub.1-xN (0<x<1) layer as a barrier layer. When the light-emitting layer is divided into three blocks including first, second and
8586391 Method of manufacturing light-emitting device November 19, 2013
A method of manufacturing a light-emitting device includes providing a plate-shaped substrate, forming a lattice frame on a light-emitting element mounting surface of the plate-shaped substrate, mounting a light-emitting device in an opening of the lattice frame on the light-emitting
8580592 Method for manufacturing semiconductor light emitting element, and semiconductor light emitting November 12, 2013
Provided is a method for manufacturing a semiconductor light emitting element, which has a step wherein a substrate composed of a material different from that of a semiconductor layer is used and a III compound semiconductor layer is formed on the substrate, and can reduce the emissi
8579322 Curtain airbag system November 12, 2013
A curtain airbag system for a vehicle is stored in a folded state in a roof side portion, and includes a gas supply passage to be deployed along the roof side portion, a rear main chamber that is inflated and deployed below the gas supply passage in the event of a side impact or rollover
8579151 Roller shutter storage container November 12, 2013
A roller shutter storage container includes a container body, a roller shutter accommodating portion, a pair of guide grooves, and a roller shutter. Each of the guide grooves extends linearly in an opening formed in the container body and is curved in the roller shutter accommodating
8578587 Method of producing a weather strip November 12, 2013
A method for producing a weather strip, includes an extrusion step for extruding a non-vulcanized and non-foamed rubber into a predetermined shape, a coating step for coating a treatment liquid containing a simple sulfur, a sulfur compound, or both of the simple sulfur and the sulfur
8573638 Head-protecting airbag apparatus November 5, 2013
In a head-protecting airbag apparatus, an airbag is folded up and housed in a case that is made from synthetic resin and has an inverse U-shaped sectional contour opening downward. The airbag includes a plurality of mounting portions, and the mounting portions are taken out to an outer
8573633 Seat cushion airbag apparatus November 5, 2013
A seat cushion airbag apparatus is applied to a vehicle seat having a seat portion. The seat portion has a seat cushion that is supported from below by a support portion of a seat frame. The apparatus raises a seat face of the vehicle seat, thereby restraining an object on the seat face
8573130 Gas generator November 5, 2013
A gas generator includes a housing body for housing a gas generating charge, a squib for igniting the gas generating charge and a holder section that holds the squib. The holder section includes a holder body made of metal and a molded section that is molded from synthetic resin and
8569794 Group III nitride semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same, group III nitride October 29, 2013
A Group III nitride semiconductor device of the present invention is obtained by laminating at least a buffer layer (12) made of a Group III nitride compound on a substrate (11), wherein the buffer layer (12) is made of AlN, and a lattice constant of a-axis of the buffer layer (12) is
8569735 Semiconductor light-emitting element, electrode and manufacturing method for the element, and la October 29, 2013
A semiconductor light-emitting element including a substrate, a laminated semiconductor layer including a light-emitting layer formed over the substrate, one electrode (111) formed over the upper face of the laminated semiconductor layer, and an other electrode formed over the expose
8567818 Vibration damping structure for steering wheel October 29, 2013
A vibration damping structure for a steering wheel includes an airbag mounted in the steering wheel, an inflator arranged forward of the airbag, and a support member elastically supporting the inflator at a position forward of the inflator. The inflator includes a peripheral wall por
8567127 Glass run October 29, 2013
A sub-lip is provided on an interior side wall portion of a main body having a U-shaped cross section in a vertical section of a glass run. The sub-lip extends from the interior side wall portion of the main body while inclined towards an inner side of a glass opening. A projecting l
8294160 Light emitting device including a sealing portion, and method of making the same October 23, 2012
A method of making a light emitting device, includes a mounting and a light emitting element on a substrate; hot-pressing a glass material on the light emitting element to form a glass sealing portion for sealing the light emitting element; and forming a phosphor layer on a surface of
8294136 Nitride-based semiconductor light emitting element October 23, 2012
The purpose of the present invention is to obtain a nitride-based semiconductor light emitting element capable of improving light emission efficiency by reducing sheet resistance and a forward voltage of a translucent electrode including indium cerium oxide. The nitride-based semicon
8293397 Battery assembly October 23, 2012
A battery assembly includes single-battery cells, and thermally-conductive members. The thermally-conductive members are formed of a soft material as a plated configuration. The soft material exhibits thermal conductivity and electric insulatability. The single-battery cells, and the
8287990 Radio wave transmission cover and method of manufacturing the same October 16, 2012
The present invention provides a radio wave transmission cover, which is provided in front of a radar device for vehicles, and a method of manufacturing the radio wave transmission cover. In the radio wave transmission cover, cover-side wall surfaces (50) are formed in a second cover
8287166 Vehicle headlamp October 16, 2012
A vehicle head lamp comprising a first low beam member including a first light source part; a second low beam member including a second light source part, wherein the first low beam member and the second low beam member are arranged in a vertical direction and are both reflective type;
8286995 Side airbag apparatus October 16, 2012
A side airbag apparatus includes an airbag 50 that is inflated and deployed in a space between an occupant seated in a vehicle seat 12 and a vehicle body side portion by inflation gas that is supplied from an inflator 41 in response to an impact applied to the vehicle from a side. Th
8282252 Vehicle interior light source unit October 9, 2012
A vehicle interior light source unit for being disposed at an installation hole formed in a panel of a vehicle interior. The light source unit includes a connector portion that is disposed on a back side of the panel and includes a tubular main body extending parallel to the panel, a
8282123 Knee airbag device and connecting method thereof October 9, 2012
A knee airbag device includes a column cover that covers a rear end portion of a steering column from below; and an airbag module. The airbag module is disposed in a column lower cover and includes a gas generation portion that generates gas and a knee airbag that is housed in the airbag
8276963 Storage structure having a lid October 2, 2012
A storage structure, including: a main body portion including an opening portion and a cable outlet portion; a lid slidably mounted on the main body portion to open and close the opening portion, the lid including a cable introductory portion; and a flat plate-shaped cable including a
8274070 Semiconductor light-emitting element including an auxiliary electrode September 25, 2012
A semiconductor light-emitting element includes a semiconductor laminated body including a first conductivity type layer, a light-emitting layer and a second conductivity type layer in this order, a transparent electrode formed on the first conductivity type layer and comprising an o
8261763 Tank valve unit September 11, 2012
The tank valve unit includes a support body, and a fuel cutoff valve installed on the support body. The support body includes a mounting plate having a support engaged portion. The fuel cutoff valve has a casing in which a valve chamber is defined by a tubular casing body and a bottom
8256814 Console media and cord multi-position management system September 4, 2012
The present invention is directed to a unique solution for a storage console with a cord and media management system, including a movable tray assembly, for a vehicle that allows for provides a convenient system for display, storage (general storage and otherwise), power supply and other
8256797 Steering wheel with airbag device and method for assembling the same September 4, 2012
A folded airbag is accommodated between a bag holder, to which horn switch mechanisms are secured, and a pad secured to the bag holder. The horn switch mechanisms are installed by being inserted in attachment holes formed in the bag holder. The pad has switch support portions for sup
8247823 Light-emitting element August 21, 2012
A light-emitting element includes a semiconductor laminated structure including a first semiconductor layer, a light-emitting layer and a second semiconductor layer, an insulation layer provided on the semiconductor laminated structure, a first wiring including a first vertical condu
8245357 Assist grip August 21, 2012
An assist grip of the present invention includes a grip body provided at both side base portions thereof with hinge recess portions and a hinge portion rotatably and pivotally supported in each of the hinge recess portions of both sides, and is fixed via the hinge portion to a to-be-
8242524 Light emitting device August 14, 2012
A light emitting device includes a light emitting element, a sealing material for sealing the light emitting element, a first filler included in the sealing material, and a second filler included in the sealing material. The second filler includes a particle diameter smaller than tha

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