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Tork, Inc. Patents
Tork, Inc.
Mt. Vernon, NY
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4687985 Two terminal control switch having a main switch and a saturable current transformer whose prima August 18, 1987
A two terminal control switch having a main switch and a saturable current transformer whose primary winding is series connected with the main switch. A center tapped full wave rectifier has a capacitor connected between its DC sides, such capacitor also being connected to a junction
4349863 Emergency lighting system September 14, 1982
A lighting system for supplying AC power normally, and DC power on an emergency basis selectively, to electron discharge devices, particularly fluorescent lamps; thus, the AC or DC power is furnished over common lines to a high frequency inverter associated with each lamp or lamp fixture
4071749 Self-contained maintenance-free emergency lighting January 31, 1978
A self-contained maintenance-free emergency lighting system involving a housing including a tough plastic cover so as to protect the system from vandalism; in order to test the system to determine whether it is operating properly, i.e., such that the emergency battery supply will fur

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