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Tokyo Shibaura Denki Kabushiki Kaisha Patents
Tokyo Shibaura Denki Kabushiki Kaisha
Kawasaki, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE32492 Solid-state color television camera device September 1, 1987
According to the invention, a photosensor array having a plurality of photosensors are formed in horizontal and vertical rows on a semiconductor substrate. Vertical charge transfer electrodes are provided along the vertical rows of photosensors for transferring the charges generated in
RE32281 Copy sheet-feeding apparatus November 11, 1986
A copy sheet-feeding apparatus comprises a switch and control mechanism. The switch detects an open state of a sheet cover capable of exposing a stack of copy sheet and a closed state of the cover sheet capable of enclosing the stack, and generates signals denoting the open and closed
D288448 Printer for electronic computers February 24, 1987
D286042 Telephone October 7, 1986
D285565 Printer for electronic computers September 9, 1986
D285013 Clothes drying machine August 5, 1986
D284377 Data totalizing machine for money classifying machines June 24, 1986
D283253 Fluorescent lamp assembly April 1, 1986
D282664 Microprocessor February 18, 1986
D282546 Rotary compressor February 11, 1986
D279128 Fluorescent lamp June 4, 1985
D279127 Fluorescent lamp June 4, 1985
D279031 Fluorescent lamp May 28, 1985
D278051 Cassette player March 19, 1985
D277189 Memory unit cartridge for electronic computers January 15, 1985
D276524 Magnetic disc unit for electronic computers November 27, 1984
D276186 Compact fluorescent lamp October 30, 1984
D274728 Display unit for electronic computers July 17, 1984
D274727 Data display unit for electronic computers July 17, 1984
D274656 Compact fluorescent lamp July 10, 1984
D274472 Compact fluorescent lamp June 26, 1984
D273861 Video tape magazine May 15, 1984
D272067 Picture image memory unit January 3, 1984
D270536 Picture image memory-search apparatus with copying function September 13, 1983
D269086 Video tape recorder May 24, 1983
D266663 Video tape recorder October 26, 1982
D264966 Video tape magazine June 15, 1982
D261434 Automatic ticket gate October 20, 1981
D261433 Automatic ticket gate October 20, 1981
5115306 Projection CRT with a green emitting terbium activated lanthanum oxychloride phosphor exhibiting May 19, 1992
A projection cathode-ray tube for a projection video apparatus, comprising a green-emitting screen including a terbium-activated lanthanum oxychloride phosphor. The disclosed phosphor exhibits a luminance maximum at a minimum beam size, a property advantageous for producing a high-re
5061983 Semiconductor device having a metal silicide layer connecting two semiconductors October 29, 1991
A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device that includes p- and n-type regions formed on an insulating substrate, and an interconnection layer electrically coupled with these p- and n-type regions. The interconnection layer is an n-type polycrystalline silicon layer which is e
5051338 Method and apparatus for forming resist pattern September 24, 1991
A method for forming a highly precise resist pattern with good reproducibility has the steps of: applying a resist material to a substrate to form a resist film; baking the resist film; cooling the resist film in a controlled manner; selectively irradiating the resist film with one o
5049028 Control system of multi-joint arm robot apparatus September 17, 1991
A multi-joint arm robot apparatus comprises a multi-joint arm having a plurality of unit arms coupled in tandem with each other through joints, and a movable support for supporting the proximal portion of the multi-joint arm. The multi-joint arm robot apparatus has motors for control
5029071 Multiple data processing system with a diagnostic function July 2, 1991
A multiple data processing system includes first and second microprocessors for executing the same data processing in parallel fashion. A selector selectively delivers one of the output data of the microprocessors to an external I/O device. A comparator detects an off normal data process
5017994 Semiconductor circuit May 21, 1991
A semiconductor circuit has a power source terminal set at a positive potential, a reference potential terminal set at a reference potential, a first MOS transistor whose current path is connected between the power source terminal and an output terminal, and a second MOS transistor whose
5009527 Thermal transfer color printer with sheet retaining and guiding structure adjacent platen April 23, 1991
A thermal transfer color printer for printing color images on individual sheets of paper. One sheet of paper at a time is removed from a stack of paper stored in a cassette and this sheet is transported by a reversible platen roller in a first or forward direction at a first predetermine
4998164 Swing-driven solid-state color image sensor March 5, 1991
A color image sensing system includes a CCD image sensor with an optical color filter. A CCD driver is provided to electrically drive the image sensor, which is attached to a vibration table serving as a swing-driver for moving the image sensor along a horizontal direction such that each
4981776 Method of manufacturing a plastic encapsulated semiconductor device with insulated heat sink January 1, 1991
A semiconductor device has a lead frame. The lead frame has a mount portion and a lead portion. A semiconductor chip is mounted on one major surface of the mount portion of the lead frame. The semiconductor chip is connected by an electrical connecting means to the lead portion of the
4980543 Multiple denominator bank note depositor/dispenser with automatic loading to and from storage se December 25, 1990
In an automatic bank note transaction apparatus bills dispensed from a first storage section for storing bills to be loaded are discriminated when the number of bills (to be loaded) of the given denomination is specified, bills are loaded into a second storage section in units of den
4954874 Package semiconductor device using chalcogenide glass sealing September 4, 1990
A semiconductor device includes a package hermetically sealed with a chalcogenide-based glass sealing agent. A semiconductor element is housed within the package, and the respective electrodes of the semiconductor element are connected through bonding wires to leads extending to the
4949152 Semiconductor integrated circuit August 14, 1990
A semiconductor integrated circuit having a polycrystalline light interrupting layer covering at least one P-N junction. Photo leakage currents produced at the P-N junction by irradiation with light are thus decreased, and malfunctions are prevented.
4943408 Method and apparatus for operating nuclear electric power generating plants July 24, 1990
In a nuclear electric power generating plant connected to an electric power system, an output of a nuclear reactor of the plant is reduced during a nighttime operation, increased to a predetermined level during a daytime operation and reduced during a lunch time operation in which a pois
4936117 Washing apparatus June 26, 1990
A washing apparatus comprises a pedestal, drive device fitted to the pedestal, a tub body provided with a washing tank, two elongate fitting legs fitted to the tub body at one end and attached to the pedestal at the other end, thereby supporting the tub body above the pedestal at a p
4924117 Logic circuit having an error detection function May 8, 1990
A logic circuit has two pairs of input terminals to each of which is applied a pair of input signals opposite in phase and a pair of output terminals for deriving a pair of output signals corresponding to the logical states of the two pairs of input signals. The logic circuit is furt
4920553 Film feeder of a cassetteless X-ray photographic apparatus April 24, 1990
A film feeder of a cassettes X-ray photographic apparatus comprises a plurality of suction cups capable of attracting unexposed film in a first and second magazines receiving unexposed film of different sizes, first guide path for guiding the cups between the first magazine and a feed
4920075 Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device having a lens section April 24, 1990
A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device with a lens section. A semiconductor element is formed in a semiconductor substrate and a transparent layer is formed on this semiconductor element. The transparent layer is patterned to form the lens section.
4916518 Plastic encapsulated semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same April 10, 1990
A semiconductor device has a lead frame. The lead frame has a mount portion and a lead portion. A semiconductor chip is mounted on one major surface of the mount portion of the lead frame. The semiconductor chip is connected by an electrical connecting means to the lead portion of the
4913330 Web feeding apparatus April 3, 1990
A web feeding apparatus according to the present invention feeds in one direction a thermal transfer ribbon as a web with low transverse rigidity clamped between a platen roller and a recording head having a predetermined printing range. The web feeding apparatus comprises support me
4910565 Electrically erasable and electrically programmable read-only memory March 20, 1990
A semiconductor memory device having a MOS transistor with a floating gate capable of storing data.The MOS transistor has an erase gate which overlaps part of the floating gate with an insulating film interposed therebetween. Upon application of a high voltage on the erase gate, the fiel
4910508 Matrix logic circuit network suitable for large-scale integration March 20, 1990
A matrix logic circuit network comprises a great number of interconnected logic gates. Input and output lines of the logic gates are arranged in the matrix array. By rearranging the input and output lines of the matrix in accordance with a sort algorithm, direct connection points of the

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