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Tokyo, JP
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7572106 Ink pumping apparatus for printing press and ink leak preventing method August 11, 2009
It is intended to prevent ink from leaking through the ink outlet of the ink rail while the printing press is at halt. To achieve this object, a motor control section 40 shown in FIG. 4 controls the rotation of a stepping motor 15 driving a plunger 13 and, every time the stepping motor
7022059 Chopper folder for rotary press April 4, 2006
A chopper folder for a rotary press folds signatures which are periodically conveyed, one signature at a time, from a folding machine. The chopper folder includes a pair of folding rollers for folding a signature parallel to the conveyance direction, a prime mover, a crank arm fixed
6971295 Sheet delivery apparatus December 6, 2005
A sheet delivery apparatus includes a cutter cylinder, a cutter reception cylinder, and a conveyor provided downstream of the cylinders. The cutter cylinder and the cutter reception cylinder cooperatively cut a paper web so as to yield sheets of predetermined size. The sheets are deliver
6951272 Signature-stacking apparatus October 4, 2005
In a signature-stacking apparatus, a conveyor chain holding a row of signatures travels along a conveyance path. A first signature release section and a second signature release section are provided in the conveyance path. During travel from the first signature release section to the
6938543 Web fed printing machine having pasting-related misregistration eliminating apparatus September 6, 2005
A web fed printing machine includes a web path provided between two sequentially disposed printing units and a misregistration detector for detecting misregistration in superimposition printing performed by the printing units. During superimposition printing, cylinder fine-move mecha
6889970 Delivery apparatus for folding machines May 10, 2005
A delivery apparatus for folding machines having a folding apparatus FA and a delivery apparatus DA, comprising a delivery fly 3 for receiving signatures S1, S2 and S3 folded by the folding apparatus FA, a conveyor C for operating the delivery fly 3 at a predetermined speed ratio and
6832549 Rotary printing press having printing units each having printing devices arranged vertically in December 21, 2004
A rotary printing press includes a plurality of printing units, including at least one multiple-printing unit having a plurality of printing devices arranged vertically in layers. A plurality of first web feed units each having a web roll support device are provided for the printing unit
6824032 Controller of running tension of paper web for rotary press November 30, 2004
A controller for controlling the running tension of paper web for rotary press includes a paper feed unit (1) and a printing unit (2) provided with a printing cylinder (21) rotating according to an operation speed command. An in-feed roller (4) is provided in a running path of paper web
6817291 Printing-cylinder bearing device November 16, 2004
A printing-cylinder bearing device for rotatably supporting a printing cylinder 12 via a frame 6 in such a manner that the printing cylinder can be moved between a printing position and a non-printing position, comprising a radial-load supporting means 3 having between the frame 6 and
6782814 Method and apparatus for detecting registering errors, and automatic register control apparatus August 31, 2004
A method for detecting registering errors for multi-color rotary presses in which register marks are printed on a paper web by each printing section, a light source is caused to flash based on a reference signal generated by signal output means operating in synchronism with the rotation
6769359 Paper-web holding apparatus for rotary printing press August 3, 2004
A paper-web holding apparatus is provided in a rotary printing press having rollers which form a path for a paper web fed from a paper web feeding unit to travel along to a folding unit via a press unit and around which the paper web is wrapped. The paper-web holding apparatus includes a
6761305 Self-contained honeycomb structure from flexible film strips and method for its production July 13, 2004
A honeycomb structure with a plurality of flexible material strips which are arranged next to one another and are connected to one another is presented. The material strips have a corrugated shape with U-shaped cross section of essentially straight, vertical partial areas (3) and curved,
6739546 Axial-position adjustment apparatus for arm shaft equipped with paper roll support arms in paper May 25, 2004
An axial-position adjustment apparatus is used to adjust the axial position of an arm shaft equipped with paper roll support arms. The arm shaft is supported rotatably and axially movably on a frame in a paper web feed unit and rotated by means of a shaft-rotating apparatus located at on
6725771 Rotary press synchronous controller for selecting control subject based on print image informati April 27, 2004
To provide a synchronous controller of a rotary press for selecting a control subject based on print image information, wherein the rotary press of a multicolor printing unit has a printing division for printing a print image on the plate cylinder onto continuous paper passing between tw
6719542 Pump for printing press April 13, 2004
A pump for a printing press includes a plunger within a cylinder to be rotatable and reciprocatable and having a cutaway portion at its distal end, and a constant-speed motor for rotating and reciprocating the plunger. The plunger and the output shaft of the motor are radially offset
6698951 Paper jam detection system for folding machine March 2, 2004
A paper jam detection system for a folding machine includes an interval signal generator for generating an interval signal which assumes ON and OFF levels alternately according to cutting intervals of a cutting cylinder; a signature detection mechanism including reflection plates each
6689031 Paper cutting apparatus for folder February 10, 2004
There is provided a paper cutting apparatus for a folder, the folder for a web rotary press being provided with a forming roller pair and at least one nipping roller pair on a downstream side of the forming roller pair in a paper passage between a former and a folding cylinder group, and
6688548 Paper roll driving apparatus February 10, 2004
A paper roll driving apparatus for use in a paper roll feeding apparatus comprises a prime mover moving mechanism being freely reciprocally movable along a guide rail and having a moving body on which a prime mover is mounted, and a driving transmission mechanism comprising a relay shaft
6684788 Rotary press control apparatus and method capable of controlling operation in a power failure February 3, 2004
The present invention controls a rotary press comprising printing and folding sections each having at least one electric motor so as to be driven individually; the rotary press operated in a synchronized manner by the motors in such a manner that the rotary press can be decelerated and
6679172 Control apparatus and method for automatically changing plate cylinders in rotary press January 20, 2004
The control apparatus, in a rotary press having a plurality of printing units, performs a first calculation of subtracting the number of effective copies from the required number of copies for an operating printing unit and a second calculation of subtracting the number of copies of the
6659931 Jaw device for rotary-press folding section December 9, 2003
A jaw device for rotary-press folding section provided on a jaw cylinder in which the a continuous paper web guided in between a cutting cylinder and a folding cylinder is guided along the outer periphery of the folding cylinder, with the leading edge thereof held by a holding mechanism
6655274 Printing cylinder for offset printing December 2, 2003
A printing cylinder for offset printing includes a cylinder member of a hollow cylinder having a covering portion which forms a substantially uniform, smooth outer circumferential surface having no spliced portion in the circumferential direction, the covering portion being capable of
6637331 Printing blanket having reinforcing band sheets on opposite end portions October 28, 2003
A blanket to be mounted on a blanket cylinder includes a blanket body and two band sheets serving as reinforcing members and attached to corresponding parallel, opposite end portions of the blanket body across a width of the end portions. One of the band sheets is attached only to one
6568323 Synchronous control system having automatic cutting and printing registering functions May 27, 2003
The present invention is intended to automatically adjust cutting and printing registers based on the detection of predetermined marks for different colors in a rotary press using a paper web, thereby eliminating the need for skill of an operator and reducing time for adjusting cutting
6554266 Guide apparatus for use in folder April 29, 2003
A guide apparatus is composed of a guide plate which is disposed in such a manner as to be able to move between an active position located within the sheet transfer space and a retreat position where the guide plate does not interfere with the sheet transferring from the collect cylinder
6484400 Method of manufacturing an orifice member November 26, 2002
A method of manufacturing an orifice member used in a nozzle for ink-jet printing includes a first step of applying an adhesive onto one surface of a synthetic resin member; a second step of forming at least one through-opening in a metallic member such that the through-opening extends
6481348 Object attachment apparatus for printing cylinder November 19, 2002
A groove for receiving opposite end edges of an object, like a printing plate that extends around a printing cylinder, is formed in a printing cylinder adjacent the outer circumferential surface thereof to extend from an axially extending anchor-shaft hole to the outer circumferential
6472064 Tab for fixing paper web end portion of paper roll October 29, 2002
A tab for fixing a paper web end portion of a paper roll includes a substantially parallelogram-shaped base sheet having two diagonally opposite acute angles. A plurality of linear, discontinuous cuts are formed on the base sheet in parallel with two opposite sides of the base sheet
6450382 Printing web position adjusting apparatus September 17, 2002
The problem to be solved by this invention is a conventional printing web position adjusting apparatus poses a problem in which angularly displacing means having excellent accuracy is difficult to install, large power is needed, fabrication cost is high, an adjustment result cannot be de
6418845 Printing cylinder for offset printing July 16, 2002
A printing cylinder for offset printing includes a cylinder member of a hollow cylinder having a covering portion which forms a substantially uniform, smooth outer circumferential surface having no spliced portion in the circumferential direction, the covering portion being capable of
6386816 Printed matter transport device May 14, 2002
A printed matter transport device. Printed matter is gripped by a gripping mechanism of a chain and made to travel along a guide rail, to improve the durability of the guide rail and chain, to prevent misalignment, falling out and damage when an external force acts on the printed matter,
6349646 Blanket-mounting mechanism of printing press February 26, 2002
A blanket-mounting mechanism includes a dragging shaft, a rotating device, a correction device, and a deflection suppression device. A dragging-shaft accommodation bore extends axially through a blanket cylinder. A blanket insertion groove extends axially on the outer circumferential sur
6332667 Orifice member of nozzle for ink-jet printing December 25, 2001
A nozzle for ink-jet printing includes a manifold, a vibration element, and an orifice member. The manifold has an outside surface extending in the longitudinal direction of the manifold as well as a hollow space. The hollow space has an opening opened in the outside surface such that th
6331154 Pin action timing adjustment device in folding cylinder and folding device December 18, 2001
In a pin action timing adjustment device of a folding device wherein a change-over between straight run and collect run is performed in one operation for a folding blade action and a pin action, to make it very easy to adjust a timing with which pins fall relative to the projection of
6325266 Automatic paper-threading device for use in angle bar section December 4, 2001
An automatic paper-threading device for use in an angle bar section of a rotary press which includes a paper web supply unit, a press unit, an angle bar section, and a folding unit and which has a paper-threading path for paper web formed between the paper web supply unit and the folding
6321650 Paper web feed unit used in a rotary press and equipped with a paper web traveling tension contr November 27, 2001
In a paper web feed unit of a rotary press, a paper web taken out of a paper roll is longitudinally cut into first and second cut paper webs, which are fed out toward the downstream side by a driven roller of a feed-out mechanism, and only the first cut paper web is passed through an
6302353 Turning bar apparatus October 16, 2001
A turning bar apparatus includes a stationary turning bar assuming the form of a hollow cylinder and adapted to change the running direction of a web looped therearound and a compressed-air supply unit for supplying compressed air into the hollow interior of the turning bar. A plurality
6272990 Automatic deceleration and stoppage controller for rotary press August 14, 2001
An automatic deceleration and stoppage controller for a rotary press includes an input unit, a detection unit, a copy-number management unit, a printing-speed detection unit, and a processing unit. The input unit inputs a scheduled copy number indicating the number of signatures to be
6257141 Printing-plate mounting-position instruction system July 10, 2001
A printing-plate mounting-position instruction system instructs a worker where to mount a plurality of printing plates in a rotary printing press. The system includes a controller, a reader, a judging device, and a display device. The controller creates assignment information for ass
6241648 Signature-delivery-pitch regulating apparatus for a delivery apparatus of a folding machine June 5, 2001
A signature-delivery-pitch regulating apparatus includes a grip mechanism adapted to grip a signature received in a rotating delivery fan, push the signature out of the delivery fan, and then release the signature on the transport conveyer operating at a speed slower than the moving spee
6213016 Cylinder throwing-off/throwing-on controller for a multicolor lithographic rotary press April 10, 2001
A cylinder throwing-off/throwing-on controller for a multicolor lithographic rotary press in which paper splicing is performed. The cylinder throwing-off/throwing-in controller comprises a pulse generator for outputting a pulse signal every time the paper web travels a predetermined
6109176 Printing unit drive apparatus for a rotary press August 29, 2000
A printing unit drive apparatus for a rotary press which includes a single or plural printing units and a single or plural folding units. The drive apparatus includes a motor capable of driving a driven portion of each unit, a connection mechanism for drivingly connecting the motor with
6079330 Rotary press having a heating roller for drying June 27, 2000
A rotary press has a paper web supply apparatus, a printing apparatus, and a post-printing processing apparatus. The rotary press further includes at least one heating roller provided in a path along which a paper web carrying printed images runs from the printing apparatus to the po
6062139 Device for adjusting ink supply gap for ink fountain apparatus May 16, 2000
A device for adjusting an ink supply gap is employed in an ink fountain apparatus in which the bottom portion of the ink fountain apparatus forms a space for storing ink in cooperation with a peripheral surface of an ink fountain roller while a forward edge of the bottom portion faces th
6000334 Paper guide unit for folding machine December 14, 1999
A paper guide unit is disposed in a signature delivery section of a rotary press in which signatures are inserted between vanes of a delivery fan and dropped onto a conveyor located under the delivery fan through rotation of the delivery fan. A guide member located in the vicinity of a r
5983798 Doctor blade apparatus November 16, 1999
A doctor blade apparatus is attached to a doctor whose doctor blade is pressed against a metering roller provided in an inking train of a printing apparatus and scrapes off an excess portion of ink transferred onto the circumferential surface of the metering roller. The doctor blade
5906156 Rotary press having additional printing apparatus May 25, 1999
There is disclosed a simple and compact additional printing apparatus for a rotary press and a printing unit. The additional printing apparatus includes an ink jet printing device comprising an ink jetting nozzle section and unnecessary ink droplet deflection unit. The ink jetting no
5893559 Apparatus for sampling a small number of printed sheets from printed sheets conveyance line April 13, 1999
A sampling apparatus automatically samples a small number of printed sheets from a conveyance path which is formed by two opposed conveyance members constituting the conveyance path and through which folded printed sheets are conveyed in a line and overlap each other at a certain pitch.
5816465 Branching apparatus for a paper-web threading guide of a rotary press October 6, 1998
A branching apparatus is provided in a paper-web threading apparatus of a rotary press in which, in order to thread a paper web into a threading path of the rotary press, threading guides are disposed at side portions of the threading path to extend therealong, thereby forming a thre
5813333 Automatic register control system for multi-color rotary presses, and apparatus and method for d September 29, 1998
An automatic register control system for multi-color rotary presses having adjusting means for adjusting the phase on a plate cylinder of each printing section, comprising a registering error detecting device that reads register marks each printed on a traveling paper web by each pri
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