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7726383 Method for producing a magnesium hot strip June 1, 2010
The invention relates to a method for producing a magnesium hot strip, in which a melt from a magnesium alloy is continuously cast to form a roughed strip with a thickness of maximum 50 mm, and in which the cast roughed strip is hot-rolled directly from the cast heat at a hot-rolling
7703207 Blank, chassis component and method for production of said chassis component April 27, 2010
According to the invention, a blank intended for the production of a sheet panel (11) for a bodywork part of automotive bodywork by cold forming has two deformation sections (2, 4), which consist of highly ductile sheet metal and in the course of cold forming are subjected to a high degr
7501028 Non-grain oriented magnetic steel strip or magnetic steel sheet and method for its production March 10, 2009
The invention relates to non-grain oriented magnetic steel sheets which can be produced as final annealed and as a non-final annealed types in such a way that they have improved magnetic polarisation and reduced magnetic reversal losses compared with the previously achieved values. T
7290422 Device for free three-dimensional profile forming November 6, 2007
The invention pertains to a device for the 3D free-form bending of profiles with arbitrary, but constant outside dimensions over the profile length, particularly hollow profiles, wherein the profile to be bent has a longitudinal axis and is moved through the through-opening-of a guide
7100433 Vehicle wheel having primary detector function September 5, 2006
The present invention relates to a wheel rim (1), having a wheel rim bed (1a), of a vehicle wheel having a detection system for a measurement device for detecting the rotational velocity of the vehicle wheel. The detection system comprises a marking (6), running around the circumfere
7052072 Sealing for an opening closure on a car body, especially in space-frame design May 30, 2006
In order to attach a seal on an aperture rim of a motor vehicle body in the space-frame design, wherein said aperture rim is edged by a profile frame and is closable by means of a door or flap, for the purpose of minimising the installation effort as well as the weight, the invention
6941787 Bending device for thin-walled metal pipes September 13, 2005
A bending device is described for thin-walled metal tubes (R) made of a straight tube guide (1), a core template (2), which adjoins the tube guide (1) and is pivotable in relation thereto, having a connection strip (3), and a mandrel, having a mandrel tip (4), which is flexible in the re
6887590 Galvannealed metal sheet and method for manufacture of such metal sheet May 3, 2005
The present invention relates to a method for the manufacture of galvannealed metal sheet, wherein a hot strip is produced from an IF steel containing 0.01 to 0.1 wt. % silicon, wherein the hot strip is coiled at a coiler temperature no lower than C. and no higher than 75
6883218 Method for the production of a cold formed piece part made out of a steel plate April 26, 2005
This invention relates to a procedure for manufacturing cold-formed components (R) out of sheet steel and use of a sheet bar comprising the following steps: Generation of a sheet bar (P) out of a base plate (G), which consists of a first steel material; replacement of at least one se
6855218 Method for producing a hot-rolled strip February 15, 2005
The invention relates to a method for producing hot strip which features good forming ability and increased strength. This is achieved in that a hot strip (W) which is produced in particular from continuous casting in the shape of reheated slabs or slabs obtained directly from the castin
6835253 Method for producing a hot strip December 28, 2004
The invention relates to a method for producing a hot strip, in particular for producing a hot strip intended for the production of a cold strip with good deep-drawing characteristics; in which a steel melt comprising (in % by weight) C:.ltoreq.0.07%, Si:.ltoreq.0.5%, Mn:.ltoreq.2.5%,
6832501 Method for producing components using a flowable active medium and a forming tool December 21, 2004
The invention is for a method to produce components from a blank made of deep-drawable material using a free-flowing action medium. The method consists in clamping the blank in a forming device in which the action medium applies a pressure to the blank, preforming the blank be elevating
6773514 Method for producing non-grain oriented electric sheet steel August 10, 2004
The present invention relates to a method for producing non grain-oriented magnetic steel sheets in which hot strip is produced from an input stock such as cast slabs, strip, roughed strip, or thin slabs, made of steel comprising (in weight %) C: 0.001-0.05%; Si: .ltoreq.1.5%; Al: .l
6767412 Method for producing non-grain-oriented magnetic steel sheet July 27, 2004
The invention relates to a method for producing non-grain-oriented hot-rolled magnetic steel sheet in which from a raw material such as cast slabs, strip, roughed strip or thin slabs produced from a steel comprising (in weight %) C: 0.0001-0.05%; Si: .ltoreq.1.5%; Al: .ltoreq.0.5%, where
6743307 High resistance steel band or sheet and method for the production thereof June 1, 2004
The invention relates to a higher-strength steel strip or steel sheet comprising a predominantly ferritic-martensitic microstructure with a martensite content of between 4 and 20%, wherein the steel strip or steel sheet, apart from Fe and impurities due to smelting, comprises (in % by
6736189 Guide segment fitted with rollers on a continuous casting installation May 18, 2004
The invention relates to a guide segment fitted with rollers on a continuous casting installation. In order to be able to accommodate as high mechanical loads as possible so as to accommodate the supporting force, at least some rollers are split up into three axially aligned roller b
6726786 Process for the production of stove-finished structural components from ageing-sensitive steel April 27, 2004
The invention relates to processes for the production of a buckling-resistant stove-finished structural member from cold rolled and dressed strip (cold strip) non-ageing steel with high bake-hardening potential, more particularly of more than 70 N/mm.sup.2. The characterising feature
6673468 Composite material made of two steel cover sheets resistance-welded together and an intermediate January 6, 2004
The invention concerns a composite material in band or slab form made of two cover plates (1, 2), made of steel, which can be resistance welded together via electrically conductive bodies (4), and an intermediate layer (3) made of a filler material in which the bodies (4) are embedded, w
6658912 Bending block for a bending device December 9, 2003
The invention relates to a bending mandrel for a bending device and also to a bending method for pipes, more particularly pipes which have a large diameter-to-wall thickness ratio and are to be bent by a small radius, for example, of the order of magnitude of the pipe diameter. To this e
6656305 Method for producing a stove-enameled molded component December 2, 2003
The invention relates to a process for producing an enamel baked molded component made from a double-layer plate comprising two cover plates with an intermediate epoxy resin layer that is glued to the cover plates. The process comprises introducing the epoxy resin between the cover plate
6645317 Metal components for picture tubes November 11, 2003
A steel material suitable for producing components for picture tubes, in particular for producing masks, shielding covers or frames for such picture tubes, with outstanding characteristics concerning the requirements to be met by such components, according to the invention, comprises
6613272 Vessel for metallurgical purposes September 2, 2003
The invention relates to a vessel for metallurgical purposes intended for transporting molten metals. The tank has a metal jacket provided with a heat-proof lining. Two lifting lugs are disposed on the outer side opposite one another, each of which is supported by a lug shield connected
6591659 Process for the determination of the friction properties of sheet metal during forming and the m July 15, 2003
The invention relates to a process and a measuring apparatus for determining the friction characteristics of sheet metal during forming. To do this, a strip-shaped sample of sheet metal (1) is clamped between two gripping jaws (2, 3) and drawn by a drawing device (9), for preference at
6582537 Method for producing cold-rolled bands or sheets June 24, 2003
The present invention concerns a method for the production of cold-rolled bands or sheets from low-alloy steel with a maximum of 0.2% C, Al, Ti, V, Nb respectively and a maximum of 1% Si and Mn respectively, in addition to a portion of boron required for N binding (>0,78.times.N), the
6524408 Method for producing load-optimized steel strips February 25, 2003
To produce sheet steel components optimised for loading, a steel strip is cast between two cooled rolls with a variable nip and the thickness of the steel strip is changed by changing the time of contact between the strand shells and the rolls or by changing the cooling intensity of the
6524400 Process for the production of grain-oriented electric quality sheet with low remagnetization los February 25, 2003
A process for the production of grain-oriented electric quality sheet by melting a silicon steel and casting the melt continuously into a strand having a thickness of 25-100 mm. During solidification the strand is cooled to a temperature above C. and divided into thin slabs.
6503339 Method for producing non-grain oriented magnetic sheet steel January 7, 2003
The invention relates to a method to produce non-grain-oriented magnetic steel sheet made of thin-slab or slab casting with low specific total loss and high polarisation and favourable mechanical properties. It is a characteristic of the invention that the steel slabs are hot rolled eith
6494360 Method and device for producing straight bead welded pipes from flat sheet metal blanks December 17, 2002
An apparatus to produce straight bead welded tubes from flat sheet metal blanks with two parallel longitudinal edges includes two form tool halves. The two form tool halves have outer cylindrical half shells borne by a tool support, and are disposed laterally inverted in relation to one
6461450 Method for controlling the coating weight for strip-phosphating October 8, 2002
A process for controlling the layer weight during the phosphating of steel strip zinc-coated on one or both sides, using a phosphating solution which contains 1 to 6 g/l zinc ions and 10 to 30 g/l phosphate ions, characterized in that a Fe(II) ion content within the range of 3 to 100
6436556 Method for producing a strip-like metal composite by high temperature dip coating August 20, 2002
The invention relates to a method and a device for the production of a strip-like metallic composite material by the high-temperature dip coating of a metallic carrier strip, consisting of a metallurgic vessel for receiving the liquid depositing material, through which the carrier strip
6428905 Double sheet metal consisting of two covering metal sheets and an intermediate layer August 6, 2002
The invention relates to a double-layered sheet comprising two cover sheets (1, 2) with a space between them, and a fill material (3) which fills the space between said cover sheets. Said fill material is made of plastic, in particular of porous duroplastic plastic, comprising embedded h
6391126 Method for producing aging-resistant strip from an aluminum-killed steel May 21, 2002
In order to provide a cost-effective, time saving method for producing aging-resistant strip consisting of aluminum-killed steel, for which, initially, a strip is produced in the usual manner by rolling and the rolled strip is annealed continuously, the still hot strip is wound into a
6369346 Method for welding a double layer sheet to a jointing sheet April 9, 2002
The invention relates to a method for welding a double layer sheet metal (1, 2) having an intermediate layer (5), in particular, a sheet metal with knobs, with a bonding sheet metal (8) by spot or roll seam welding. Before welding of the bonding sheet metal (8) with the two cover sheet m
6288359 Welding device for two work pieces to be joined together by a weld seam which is closed in itsel September 11, 2001
The invention relates to a welding device operating by laser for two workpieces (1, 2) to be connected to one another via a self-contained, continuously extending weld seam (N). The welding device comprises a focusing optical system (7) having a seam follow-up sensor (10) and is born
6284069 Hot-rolling steel strip September 4, 2001
The invention relates to a process for producing strips of homogenous structures and characteristics made of non-alloyed and low-alloyed steel by continuous hot rolling in several roll passes in the austenitic region and subsequently in the ferritic region, as well as coiling. The invent
5953949 Method and apparatus for producing a metal strip having areas of different thickness over its wi September 21, 1999
The invention relates to the production of a metal strip having formed-in thinner areas. To this end the strip B is drawn through a drawing nip 1, 2 formed by the end face of a working roll 3 adjusted at an angle and a support roll 4, which can take the form of a working roll. When drawi

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