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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D271874 Computer display terminal December 20, 1983
D271202 Computer disk drive November 1, 1983
D271103 Computer display terminal October 25, 1983
D270911 Keyboard October 11, 1983
7000722 Operating device for a cruise control system of an automobile vehicle February 21, 2006
A device for the operating of an automative cruise control system for an automobile vehicle comprises means to separate the travel of the accelerator pedal into two parts. The depressing of the pedal in the first travel part engages the automotive cruise control system, the pull-back
6993086 High performance short-wave broadcasting transmitter optimized for digital broadcasting January 31, 2006
A short wave high efficiency radio broadcasting transmitter for digital transmissions. The transmitter includes a power tube in which the grid is excited by a variable phase signal through an excitation device and in which the anode is amplitude modulated by the output signal from a
6852561 Encapsulated surface acoustic wave component and method of collective fabrication February 8, 2005
The invention relates to a new type of encapsulated surface acoustic wave component and to a method for the batch production of such components.The component comprises a surface acoustic wave device on the surface of a substrate. The encapsulation package furthermore comprises the substrate,
6850630 Process for separating dynamic and static components of a sequence of images February 1, 2005
A process for the separation of static and dynamic components of a sequence of images separated in time and taken under the same conditions. The process includes recording a first intensity of a first pixel in at least one area in the sequence of images, recording subsequent intensities
6809350 Quantum well detector with layer for the storage of photo-excited electrons October 26, 2004
A quantum well made out of a the stack of layers of III-V semiconductor materials comprises, in addition to the quantum well, an electron storage layer separated from the quantum well by a transfer barrier layer. The barrier layer has a thickness that is greater than the thickness of the
6778669 Quantum encryption device August 17, 2004
A quantum encryption device comprises a transmitter and a receiver between which an encrypted piece of information is transmitted. The transmitter comprises at least means to send a first packet of photons and an information photon to the receiver, the appearance of the information p
6738431 Method for neutralizing a transmitter tube May 18, 2004
A process for neutralizing a tube of a high power digital radio broadcasting transmitter includes modulating two quadrature signals I(t), Q(t) at a transmission frequency (F.sub.0) by a modulator to control a grid of the tube which is configured to work at saturation with a gain
6738404 Method for controlling a unipolar semiconductor laser May 18, 2004
A method of controlling a unipolar semiconductor laser in the 4-12 .mu.m mid-infrared range. This is an optical control method, unlike a purely electrical, power control method which injects a relatively large flux of electrons. The optical control method may advantageously include two
6738331 Copy-protected optical disk and protection process for such disk May 18, 2004
The disclosure relates to an optical disk of the type including at least one spiral track on which information marks are written in sectors whose addresses are substantially sequential along the track, wherein said disk includes a copy protection zone (PZ) comprising two parts of equal s
6738091 Digital camera and method of control using pre-set digital setting functions and options May 18, 2004
Disclosed are a digital display camera in a changing environment and an associated method of digital control. The method can be applied more particularly to digital cameras for endoscopy. It enables a user to access a very large number of parameters of settings while at the same time usi
6729001 Method for making a sonoprobe May 4, 2004
A process for the fabrication of a multielement acoustic probe. A flexible circuit having conducting tracks on at least one of its sides is used. This circuit is joined to a plate of piezoelectric material having metallizations. Vias are produced through the flexible circuit in order to
6715121 Simple and systematic process for constructing and coding LDPC codes March 30, 2004
A process for the construction of LDPC codes including N symbols, of which K are free, each code being defined by a check matrix A including M=N-K rows, N columns, and t nonzero symbols in each column. The method includes allocating the same number of nonzero symbols to all the rows of t
6714782 Method for the localizing of terrestrial mobile radio from an aircraft March 30, 2004
The disclosure relates to methods and devices for the real-time localization of terrestrial transmitters belonging to a TDMA type cellular radiocommunications network. The device comprises an antenna array, a multichannel receiver and a digital processor. The method consists of the i
6687667 Method for quantizing speech coder parameters February 3, 2004
A method for encoding speech at a low bit rate. The method assembles parameters on N consecutive frames to form a super-frame. A vector quantization of transition frequencies of a voicing during each super-frame is made. Only the most frequent configurations are transmitted without d
6677892 Process for the phase amplitude demodulation of a received radar signal and device implementing January 13, 2004
The present invention relates to a process for the phase amplitude demodulation of a received radar signal and to an implementing device, the process consisting in sampling the intermediate frequency signal at a sampling frequency f.sub.e such that f.sub.e is equal to .alpha.B, .alpha.
6675923 Operating device for a cruise control system of an automobile vehicle January 13, 2004
A device for the operating of an automative cruise control system for an automobile vehicle comprises means to separate the travel of the accelerator pedal into two parts. The depressing of the pedal in the first travel part engages the automative cruise control system, the pull-back
6658238 Method for elaborating a transmission signal and transmitter with amplifying cells for implement December 2, 2003
Transmitter systems in which an output signal is obtained by the summation of signals with predetermined discreet levels given by several amplification cells. Given a signal to be sent with an amplitude A and a phase .phi..sub.0, a control circuit determines (.alpha.) a number of amp
6631151 Parametrical generation laser October 7, 2003
This semiconductor laser comprises at least two layers of optically non-linear material as well as a quantum well at least located within one of the layers of optically non-linear material. The thicknesses and optical indices of these two layers are such that the waveguide constitute
6627868 Bi-functional optical detector including four optical detectors used to detect combination of tw September 30, 2003
A bi-functional optical detector including a first active photoconduction detection element configured to detect light within first and second wavelength ranges, a first diffraction grating associated with the first detection element and configured to couple the light within the first
6627489 Method of producing CMOS transistors and related devices September 30, 2003
A method for making CMOQ transistors and associated devices. The method is used to make transistors of a first type and a second type in CMOS technology in an active layer. The method etches regions of the active layer or making them inactive so as to define active islands designed to
6625174 Method for transmitting data packets on carrier frequency with linear variation and transmitter September 23, 2003
A method for transmitting data packets having a heading followed by a data field. The data of the field is transmitted by groups of symbols. According to the OFDM technique, subcarriers modulated by the groups are generated. A frequency modulation of a carrier signal delivered by a l
6618449 Receiver for a frequency-shift-keying, continuous-wave radar September 9, 2003
A receiver of a frequency-shift-keying, continuous-wave radar comprises at least sampling means taking real samples of the signals in each reception channel and extrapolation means, the extrapolation means producing fictitious samples synchronous with the real samples, the reception
6614852 System for the estimation of the complex gain of a transmission channel September 2, 2003
A system for the estimation of the complex gain of a transmission channel is designed for parallel type modulators/demodulators that can be used in digital radio broadcasting. The system includes a given number N of sets of interpolators to estimate the gain on a useful symbol from known
6606302 Method for the control of flows within an ATM switch with distributed architecture August 12, 2003
A method for the control of flows particularly within an ATM switch transmission network with a distributed architecture. The method distributes a specified number n of shapers to each input line card, a specific shaper being dedicated to the VBRnrt (Variable Bit Rate non real time)
6580758 Method of coding images at very low data rate and coding/decoding device implementing this metho June 17, 2003
A method and apparatus for differential coding of blocks of images includes coding the difference between a current block of an image to be transmitted and one of four blocks of the reconstructed current image in the closest vicinity of the current block. The device includes a differ
6577561 Anti-chipping recording disc, reading method and recording head June 10, 2003
An anti-piracy recording disk. The disk includes a main recording track which has interruptions or changes of turn. This gives rise to non-sequential reading and therefore to information which is difficult to access. The copying of such a disk by conventional means is very difficult
6570460 Voltage-tunable oscillator with dielectric resonator including a ferroelectric ceramic material May 27, 2003
A voltage-controlled oscillator including a dielectric resonator having a ferroelectric ceramic material placed between two metallized surfaces and biased by an electric field created by a difference in potential applied between the two surfaces as a function of a tuning frequency of the
6560121 Method for surface mounting of a microwave package on a printed circuit and package and printed May 6, 2003
The surface mounting of a backset microwave package on a printed circuit. After the package has been accurately positioned against the printed circuit the connections are produced by soldering the conducting elements in direct contact. A chip is enclosed in a sort of cage constituting a
6559534 Thermal capacity for electronic component operating in long pulses May 6, 2003
A thermal capacitor component which includes, on a substrate, a stack of different layers defined in the form of a mesa terminating at its upper part in an electrical contact layer, which layer is coated with an electrically and thermally conducting layer surmounted by a heat sink el
6556570 Method for translating an ATM switch cell header April 29, 2003
The invention relates to a process for translating an ATM cell header for the routing thereof on a transmission highway of a communication network via an ATM switch. The header of the cell includes a first field VPI and a second field VCI, the first field VPI identifying a virtual path n
6556354 Optical adapter for mounting camera lenses on a video camera April 29, 2003
Optical adapter for adapting cine-camera objective to video camera, which includes spectral splitter of light into three spectral bands, and three receivers each associated with one spectral band, the three receivers having the same format, the distance between the entrance of spectral
6556105 Surface wave device connected to a base with a conductive adhesive April 29, 2003
The invention relates to a surface wave device linked to a base by a conductive material which is anisotropic in a direction perpendicular to the plane of the surface wave device and of the base. This anisotropic conductive material provides for the mechanical efficacy and the encaps
6546801 Micro-machined mechanical structure and device incorporating the structure April 15, 2003
A mechanical structure (100) comprises a moving mass (3) suspended by beams (4, 5, 6, 7) from a fixed frame (2). The structure (100) comprises elongation means (23-26) mechanically connected to each of the beams (4, 5, 6, 7). The elongation means is designed such that the stiffness of th
6545548 Fractional synthesizer comprising a phase jitter compensation April 8, 2003
The multiple fractional division frequency synthesizer includes a frequency generator, a voltage-controlled oscillator, a programmable variable N-divider, a phase comparator, an integration and filter circuit, a time window generator, a weighted current source, a phase accumulator, and a
6531699 Heat detector with a limited angle of vision March 11, 2003
An uncooled thermal matrix detector having a given spectral sensitivity range and being formed from pixels which are thermally insulated from each other, each pixel including an absorbing element which is thermosensitive in the spectral sensitivity range. The thermal matrix detector also
6529473 Device for ATM cell switching, with failure tolerance March 4, 2003
A device for ATM cell switching having failure tolerance. The device is divided into two types of equipment modules. The first type includes connecting modules while the second type includes two branching and managing modules, one operating in an active mode while the other operates
6522051 Multielement sound probe comprising a composite electrically conducting coating and method for m February 18, 2003
The invention relates to a multielement acoustic probe comprising an acoustic support and an electrical circuit with conducting tracks connected to elementary piezoelectric transducers.In addition, the probe comprises a film of composite conducting material placed between the piezoelectr
6498780 Method for detecting upstream congestion in an ATM commutator with a switching system architectu December 24, 2002
A process for detecting upstream congestion within an ATM switch. The switch includes several junctions linked together by a cross-connector. In each input junction, the number of incoming cells bound for a same specified output port of a junction are counted. Results of the count su
6496004 Magnetic field sensor using magneto-resistance of ferromagnetic layers with parallel magnetic ax December 17, 2002
A magnetic detector which includes a first thin-layer element and a second thin-layer element made of magnetic material with magnetic anisotropy in the plane possessing, in this plane, two easy axes of magnetization. A coercive field of one of the first and second thin-layer elements has
6493315 ATM switch for routing different cell types December 10, 2002
An ATM routing switch has a buffer circuit for holding cells located on queues at output ports, the buffer having a first reserve buffer capacity for cells of a first type requiring integrity of cell transmission and a first designation for use in determining a permitted path through the
6492194 Method for the packaging of electronic components December 10, 2002
A method for the packaging of electronic components, including the mounting of at least one electronic component on its active face side to a base, the base including electrical contacts on an external face and connection pads on a face opposite the external face, and including a first s
6483455 Device for the unambiguous measurement of the roll of a projectile and application to the correc November 19, 2002
A device for the unambiguous measurement of the angle of roll of a projectile, comprises at least a radar equipped with means of processing and sending a signal to the casing of the projectile in at least one direction of incident polarization; a set of parallel grooves made on the c
6476948 Accurate synchronizing device November 5, 2002
A synchronization device which synchronizes signals transmitted from a transmitter to receivers. The transmitter includes a generator for generating a synchronization signal having a recurrence period substantially equal to the minimum resolution of the journey time between the trans
6476759 Method for the calibration of an FM/CW type radio altimeter, and radio altimeter designed for th November 5, 2002
A radio altimeter using a linear oscillator to transmit a saw-toothed signal comprises, in addition to this first oscillator, a second linear oscillator to transmit, in synchronism with the first linear oscillator, another saw-toothed signal with a given saw-tooth duration Td. The platea
6476408 Field emission device November 5, 2002
A field-emission device includes at least one plane cathode made of conductive material with a low electron affinity located on a face of a substrate carrying a layer of a dielectric material, which layer has at least one cavity in which the cathode is located. A gate made of conduct
6473050 Motor-drive device for sensors in a receiver and/or transmitter with spherical electromagnetic l October 29, 2002
A motor-drive device for sensors around a spherical electromagnetic lens, for example a Luneberg type lens using in a system of transmission and/or reception, comprises, for each module, at least one piezoelectric motor rigidly connected to the module, the module moving in the vicinity o

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