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Thermo Niton Analyzers LLC Patents
Thermo Niton Analyzers LLC
Billerica, MA
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8184287 Multiple-light-path front end for OES instrument May 22, 2012
An optical emission spectroscopic system contains multiple distinct light paths that provide increased light to a spectrometer, thereby increasing sensitivity and signal-to-noise of the system.
8155268 Rapid screening for lead concentration compliance by X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis April 10, 2012
A method is provided for screening lead concentration compliance of objects, particularly consumer products such as toys, using x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis. The measured intensity ratio of the characteristic L.sub..alpha. and L.sub..beta. x-rays of lead provides an indication o
8022349 Linear sensor array for an optical spectroscopy device and methods of use thereof September 20, 2011
Time-resolved analysis of a spectrum is performed by illuminating a one-dimensional array of charge-transfer device light-sensitive pixel cells and periodically non-destructively copying charges in the light-sensitive cells to respective storage cells ("row storage registers") co-loc
7933379 Measurement of lead by X-ray fluorescence April 26, 2011
A method, instrument, and computer program software product for characterizing a sample with respect to the presence of a specified element, either as a constituent of a surface layer or of the bulk of the sample. Intensities of fluorescent emission at two characteristic emission lin
7916834 Small spot X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer March 29, 2011
A hand-held, self-contained x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer produces a small x-ray spot on a sample to interrogate the elemental composition of a sample region of millimeter-size characteristic dimension. The analyzer includes a collimator for aiming an x-ray beam toward a desired loca
7899153 Automated x-ray fluorescence analysis March 1, 2011
A method for classifying a sample based upon a complete spectral analysis. The sample is illuminated with penetrating radiation and an initial complete spectral analysis is performed based on spectral resolution of resonant fluorescence lines emitted at the surface, or within the volume,
7875847 Docking stand for analytical instrument January 25, 2011
An analytical instrument may be docked in a stand. The stand provides electrical power, cooling, gas to purge air from an analytical gap within the instrument and/or other supplies or services to the instrument. The stand contains a contactless memory, such as an RF-ID tag, which stores
7821634 Laser-triggered plasma apparatus for atomic emission spectroscopy October 26, 2010
Multiple energy sources, such as a laser and electrical current, are employed, in close coordination, spatially and temporally, to clean a sample, vaporize its material and excite vapor atoms for the purpose of atomic emission spectroscopy. These methods permit better monitoring and
7787589 In vivo measurement of trace elements in bone by x-ray fluorescence August 31, 2010
Methods for in vivo measurement of lead or other trace elements in bone by x-ray fluorescence (XRF) without independent measurement of underlying tissue thickness are disclosed. In one method, the lead concentration is calculated based on the intensity of a first characteristic fluoresce
7702067 Measurement of lead by X-ray fluorescence April 20, 2010
A method, instrument, and computer program software product for characterizing a sample with respect to the presence of a specified element, either as a constituent of a surface layer or of the bulk of the sample. Intensities of fluorescent emission at two characteristic emission lin
7657003 X-ray tube with enhanced small spot cathode and methods for manufacture thereof February 2, 2010
An x-ray source produces a well-defined electron beam, without an undesirable halo. The x-ray source includes a housing, a cathode disposed within the housing, an anode spaced apart from the cathode for accelerating electrons emitted from the cathode and an x-ray emitter target dispo
7634052 Two-stage x-ray concentrator December 15, 2009
A method for obtaining a concentrated, monochromatic x-ray beam from a standard x-ray tube or other source of polychromatic emission. X-rays from the anode of the x-ray tube fluoresce an adjoining, independent target that produces a monochromatic spectrum, a portion of which is focus
7623614 Apparatus for inspecting objects using coded beam November 24, 2009
An apparatus for inspecting objects utilizes a fan beam or flood beam to illuminate the inspected region of the object. A modulator, which may take the form of a movable mask, dynamically encodes the beam so that each segment of the inspected region receives varying amounts of radiat
7525101 Neutron and gamma ray monitor April 28, 2009
An apparatus for selective radiation detection includes a neutron detector that facilitates detection of neutron emitters, e.g. plutonium, and the like; a gamma ray detector that facilitates detection of gamma ray sources, e.g., uranium, and the like. The apparatus comprises a first
7391508 Arc/spark optical emission spectroscopy correlated with spark location June 24, 2008
Two or more high-frequency microphones are used to determine where an individual spark or other excitation beam strikes a sample in an optical emission spectroscopy (OES) instrument. The position of the spark can be correlated with the elemental composition of the material in the sample
7375359 Portable X-ray fluorescence instrument with tapered absorption collar May 20, 2008
An instrument and method for measuring the elemental composition of a test material. The instrument has a source of penetrating radiation for irradiating an irradiated region of the test material, a detector for detecting fluorescence emission by the test material and for generating a
7375358 Radiation shield for portable x-ray fluorescence instruments May 20, 2008
A radiation shield and method for reducing ambient radiation levels at a distance from a surface irradiated by penetrating radiation emanating from an instrument substantially along a propagation axis. The shield attaches to an end of the instrument proximate to an irradiated surface
7302034 Analysis of elemental composition and thickness in multilayered materials November 27, 2007
A method and computer program software product for establishing an areal density of an elemental constituent of one layer of a stack of layers of material overlying a substrate. Incident penetrating radiation excites characteristic x-ray fluorescent radiation in multiple lines associated
7266178 Calibration source for X-ray detectors September 4, 2007
A method and device for calibrating the energy response of detectors of photons in the range from about 0.5 keV to at least 100 keV. The device makes use of the inherent property of a polarizable crystal such as a pyroelectric crystal to produce monoenergetic x-rays when the crystal is

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