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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE40749 Cable assembly with equalizer board June 16, 2009
An electrical cable assembly 1 comprising: a housing 2, electrical contacts 3 in the housing 2 connected to a circuit board 4, multiple conductors 5 of an electrical cable 6 connected to the circuit board 4, signal conditioning circuitry 7 on the circuit board 4, the circuitry 7 bein
RE39380 Electrical connector with protection for electrical contacts November 7, 2006
An electrical connector (1) comprising, an insulative housing (2), conductive contacts (4, 5) within an interior of the housing (2), insulative wiping surfaces (61) on a mating end (12) of the housing (2), and conductive surface areas (60) on the contacts (4, 5) being rearward of the
RE37893 Cable assembly with equalizer board October 22, 2002
An electrical cable assembly 1 comprising: a housing 2, electrical contacts 3 in the housing 2 connected to a circuit board 4, multiple conductors 5 of an electrical cable 6 connected to the circuit board 4, signal conditioning circuitry 7 on the circuit board 4, the circuitry 7 being
RE35873 Shielded printed circuit card holder August 18, 1998
This invention is directed to a fully shielded printed circuit (PC) card holder, that may be readily "snapped" into the assembly, or disassembled, as the case may be. The holder is intended to receive a PC card, where at least one end of the card is adapted to be electrically connected t
RE35735 Connector with barbed boardlock February 17, 1998
An electrical connector (20) for mounting to a printed circuit board (24) includes a boardlock (22) secured thereto by an interference fit. The boardlock (22) has a first portion (58) including means for securing the boardlock (22) to the connector housing (26) and a second portion (68).
D418484 Circuit card holder January 4, 2000
D408012 Hub April 13, 1999
D407626 Holder for an electrical connector April 6, 1999
D402628 Electrical connector housing December 15, 1998
D399829 Cable television wall outlet October 20, 1998
D392252 Fluorescent lamp ballast enclosure March 17, 1998
D392251 Fluorescent lamp ballast enclosure March 17, 1998
D376082 Tool for terminating an electrical connector December 3, 1996
D361313 Electrical connector August 15, 1995
D355407 Electrical connector module for telephone cable conductors February 14, 1995
D352699 Electrical connector module for telephone cable conductors November 22, 1994
D346386 Enclosure for telephone cable electrical connectors April 26, 1994
7058359 LMDS system with equal power to subscriber locations June 6, 2006
A local multipoint distribution service system having an antenna (1) for transmitting a signal of reused frequency within a specified range from the antenna (1), the antenna (1) having multiple radiating antenna elements, each of the antenna elements being adjusted in phase and in am
7001079 Optical connector February 21, 2006
An optical connector system comprising a connector for interconnection to a mating component, the first connector defining a non-mated state when not connected to the mating component, and a mated state when connected to the mating component, the connector having a front and rear ori
6963687 Process for cutting an optical fiber November 8, 2005
A process for cutting or splitting at least one optical fiber at a predetermined angle, wherein the fiber is introduced into a holding and positioning device and is cut by a pulsed laser beam.
6802729 Contact for error resistant coupling of electrical signals October 12, 2004
A signal connector assembly with a plug contact within a plug having a high resistive portion. When the plug of the assembly first makes contact with the electrical receptacles within a mating receptacle, the high resistive portion prevents a current surge. As the plug is further inserte
6781065 Solder-coated articles useful for substrate attachment August 24, 2004
A solder-coated article is described. The article comprises (1) a dielectric core having a largest dimension ranging from 1 to 1000 microns; (2) a solderable metal layer over the core; and (3) a solder layer over the metal layer. Preferably, the dielectric core is a spherical core of
6759742 Interchangeable bond-wire interconnects July 6, 2004
A method for making a bond-wire interconnect to pass signals between different substrates is described. According to this process, a first compensated bond wire interconnect is made to connect two substrates of a first type at an operating frequency, the first interconnect comprising a
6647244 Wireless vehicular repeater system November 11, 2003
A wireless communications system has a plurality of base stations 1, a plurality of mobile vehicular repeater units 2, and a plurality of portable units 3. In a public safety network context, each mobile vehicular repeater unit 2 is associated with a portable unit 3, and both are ass
6642559 Structure and process for improving high frequency isolation in semiconductor substrates November 4, 2003
An isolation structure for high frequency integrated circuits is a conductive material disposed over a region of active gallium arsenide substrate. The conductive material over the active region creates a lossy RF path to reduce undesired coupling between adjacent conductors. In one
6638100 Ribbon cable connector with ground bus October 28, 2003
An electrical connector for terminating flat cable of the type having a plurality of signal and ground conductors in parallel alignment comprises a housing which holds a plurality of signal contacts and a ground bus. Each of the signal contacts has a signal conductor termination slot
6595796 Flexible film circuit connector July 22, 2003
A backer plate (40) secured to leading end portion (20) of flexible film circuit (10), providing rigidity to facilitate manipulation of the circuit during mating with and unmating from a receptacle connector (26). Backer plate (40) may either be molded of insulative material or be conduc
6585423 Connector system having interlocking inner housing July 1, 2003
An optical connector system comprising first and second complementary connectors, which, when separated, define a non-plugged state and, when joined, define a plugged state, each connector has a front and rear oreintation and comprises: (a) an inner housing containing at least one fi
6558195 Electrical connector for printed circuit boards May 6, 2003
The object of the present invention is to provide an electrical connector which makes it possible for the contacts to electrically contact each other with a high contact pressure even when the contacts are made smaller and shorter. Contacts 40 and 80 which electrically contact each other
6535147 Segmented gain controller March 18, 2003
A touch screen includes a transmitter capable of delivering an acoustic signal to the touch screen and a receiver adapted to detect acoustic signals on the touch screen and deliver a first signal representative of the detected acoustic signals. An automatic gain control amplifier has an
6519063 Planar wave length multiplexer/demultiplexer February 11, 2003
The present invention relates to a planar wave guide structure having a grating element fabricated thereon as well as a focusing element therein. The lens element of the present disclosure is preferably a void, to include air, a vacuum or other material which has an index of refraction
6491772 Solderable aluminum December 10, 2002
The invention is directed to a solderable aluminum alloy having an aluminum alloy which is formable into a substrate. The aluminum alloy has 0.05-4.5% by weight of tin added to the aluminum alloy to be formed into the substrate. The invention is also directed to a process for preparing a
6491445 Crimp plug for a connector December 10, 2002
The invention is directed to a crimp plug having a front portion, a center portion, and a securing portion. A conductor receiving cavity extends from the front e into the center portion. A stop shoulder within the center portion provides transition from the conductor receiving cavity to
6483806 Signal detect circuitry for a passive GBIC module November 19, 2002
Transceiver circuitry (10, 200) for use in a GBIC module uses readily available off the shelf components to satisfy the specifications of the GBIC standard. In both passive and active modules, a voltage divider (98) and parallel transistors (94, 96, 100) are utilized to insure that the
6480661 Optical ADD/DROP filter and method of making same November 12, 2002
The invention is an optical ADD/DROP filter suitable for dense wavelength division multiplexing/de-multiplexing. It comprises an optical bench having a longitudinal V-groove into which the optical components of the ADD/DROP filter are passively aligned and bonded. The bench further i
6471545 Coaxial connector for coaxial cable having a corrugated outer conductor October 29, 2002
A coaxial connector (10) for a coaxial cable (100) having a corrugated outer conductor (108), including one which is helically corrugated. An adapter (40) of the connector can include a crimpable sleeve (44) within which is a bushing (70) initially having an axial slot (72) of selected
6461053 Optical connector having multiple modular housings October 8, 2002
The present invention provides an optical interconnection system capable of connecting a plurality of optical array connectors between assemblies. The optical array connectors are arranged to minimize the board real estate occupied by the assembly. Safety features are provided for preven
6457878 Multiple fiber splice element and connector October 1, 2002
A duplex fiber optic splice has a fiber-receiving element, two clamping elements covering opposite faces of the fiber-receiving element, and a spring element. A bearing key may be inserted into a bearing channel in the fiber-receiving element and rotated resulting in resilient diseng
6435730 Optical fiber connector with improved ferrule float feature August 20, 2002
A fiber optic connector utilizing a fiber array ferrule 20 has a housing 1 with an internal geometry that provides transverse alignment of the ferrule relative to the housing 1 when the connector is in an unmated condition and permits transverse displacement of the ferrule relative to
6431898 Card connector August 13, 2002
The present invention improves the durability of a card connector by providing a card-holding structure which does not have resilient parts.Ribs (30) and grooves (32) are formed at corresponding positions in opposite inside surfaces (6a, 6b) of a rear end portion of a card-receiving slot
6427067 Detector driven bias circuit for power transistors July 30, 2002
A power transistor (2) circuit for increasing the gain of an amplified RF signal has a power transistor (2), a voltage bias circuit biasing the power transistor 2, the voltage bias circuit having a peak detector (12) and a source of voltage (9) supplying respective outputs to a summer (1
6422885 Connector assembly adapted for axial realignment July 23, 2002
An electrical connector assembly (1) for establishing a mated electrical connection with a plug-in unit (2), has an electrical connector (5) mounted on rails (16), and a resilient spring mechanism (19) urged in compression in response to movement of the connector (5) rearwardly to re
6418121 Transceiver circuitry for a GBIC module July 9, 2002
Transceiver circuitry (10) for use in a GBIC module uses readily available off the shelf components to satisfy the specifications of the GBIC standard. A diode cross over quad (84) is utilized to extend the input range of a low input differential receiver (78). A voltage divider (98)
6414545 Predistortion to improve linearity of an amplifier July 2, 2002
An amplifier (1) of improved linearity has a predistortion, bipolar junction device (4), and a transistor (2) on an input side of the amplifier (1), the bipolar junction device (4) being smaller in size than the transistor (2), and having its bipolar junction of opposite polarity wit
6413109 Card edge connector having a ground contact July 2, 2002
The present invention provides a card edge electrical connector which makes it possible to achieve reliable grounding of a daughter board to a mother board via latch members thereof. Card edge connector (1) is equipped with an insulating housing (10), which is to be attached to a mother
6405928 PC card connector June 18, 2002
The present invention provides a PC card connector which has a small number of parts, and which makes it possible to obtain good operating characteristics and a low-operating force by means of a relatively simple structure. A guide plate assembly (70) of the PC card connector has a g
6394840 Contact securing sleeve for use with a coaxial cable May 28, 2002
An electrical connector for coaxial cable having at least one contact with a contact region for connection to a mating contact and a connection region for connection to a coaxial cable, wherein the contact includes a peripheral groove; a contact-securing sleeve can be pushed onto the
6394831 Retention member for card edge connector May 28, 2002
A retention member (40) for a card edge connector (4) is provided for securing a printed circuit card (6) in the connector. The retention member is formed as a spring clip having free ends (42) secured to releasably attached to ends of the electrical connector. Tabs (44) are received in
6394819 Dielectric member for absorbing thermal expansion and contraction at electrical interfaces May 28, 2002
The invention is directed to a dielectric member interposed between two electrical components which have different coefficients of thermal expansion (CTEs). The dielectric member has conductive traces for electrically connecting the electrical components. The traces may be joined by
6392502 Balun assembly with reliable coaxial connection May 21, 2002
A Balun assembly has a signal conductor (2) on the balanced side of a Balun, the signal conductor (2) being joined to a microstrip RF launch area 7 on a circuit board 6, the signal conductor (2) having a bend of axial orientation for lower cost, reliability, avoiding contact with a g

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