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The United States of America as represented by the United States Energy
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T966004 Method of cooling a fast-breeder reactor January 3, 1978
Operation of a liquid-metal-cooled fast-breeder reactor is enhanced by distributing coolant among the fuel assemblies at such a rate that the strain equivalent limiting temperature of each fuel assembly is closely approached but not exceeded. Further improvement is attained by propor
4068015 Process to minimize cracking of pyrolytic carbon coatings January 10, 1978
Carbon-coated microspheroids useful as fuels in nuclear reactors are produced with a low percentage of cracked coatings and are imparted increased strength and mechanical stability characteristics by annealing immediately after the carbon coating processes.
4066496 Cryogenic expansion joint for large superconducting magnet structures January 3, 1978
An expansion joint is provided that accommodates dimensional changes occurring during the cooldown and warm-up of large cryogenic devices such as superconducting magnet coils. Flattened tubes containing a refrigerant such as gaseous nitrogen (N.sub.2) are inserted into expansion spaces i
4065853 Portable punch and die jig January 3, 1978
A portable punch and die jig includes a U-shaped jig of predetermined width having a slot of predetermined width in the base thereof extending completely across the width of the jig adapted to fit over the walls of rectangular tubes and a punch and die assembly disposed in a hole ext
4065602 Wick-and-pool electrodes for electrochemical cell December 27, 1977
An electrode system includes a reservoir of liquid-metal reactant, and a wick extending from a submersed location within the reservoir into the molten electrolyte of an electrochemical cell structure. The wick is flooded with the liquid metal and thereby serves as one electrode within
4065400 Nuclear waste solidification December 27, 1977
High level liquid waste solidification is achieved on a continuous basis by atomizing the liquid waste and introducing the atomized liquid waste into a reaction chamber including a fluidized, heated inert bed to effect calcination of the atomized waste and removal of the calcined waste b
4065351 Particle beam injection system December 27, 1977
This invention provides a poloidal divertor for stacking counterstreaming ion beams to provide high intensity colliding beams. To this end, method and apparatus are provided that inject high energy, high velocity, ordered, atomic deuterium and tritium beams into a lower energy, toroidal,
4065217 Nose tip locking device December 27, 1977
The disclosure relates to a mechanism for releasably locking a nose tip to a vehicle utilizing a pawl and ratchet and pinion arrangement.
4064029 Method of making an improved superconducting quantum interference device December 20, 1977
An improved superconducting quantum interference device is made by sputtering a thin film of an alloy of three parts niobium to one part tin in a pattern comprising a closed loop with a narrow region, depositing a thin film of a radiation shield such as copper over the niobium-tin, s
4064025 Separation of carbon and nitrogen isotopes by selective photodissociation azo or diazo compounds December 20, 1977
Separation of isotopes, particularly of carbon or nitrogen, is achieved by the selective photodissociation of an azo compound or a diazoalkane, particularly azomethane or diazomethane.
4064003 Rupture disc December 20, 1977
The intermediate heat transport system for a sodium-cooled fast breeder reactor includes a device for rapidly draining the sodium therefrom should a sodium-water reaction occur within the system. This device includes a rupturable member in a drain line in the system and means for cutting
4063190 CO.sub.2 laser December 13, 1977
The disclosure relates to a pulsed gas laser comprising an optical resonant cavity, a CO.sub.2 lasing medium, structure for containing the CO.sub.2 lasing medium within the optical cavity and a device for causing a population inversion in the lasing medium, with a novel improvement c
4063090 Method for isotope separation by photodeflection December 13, 1977
In the method of separating isotopes wherein a desired isotope species is selectively deflected out of a beam of mixed isotopes by irradiating the beam with a directed beam of light of narrowly defined frequency which is selectively absorbed by the desired species, the improvement compri
4063089 X-ray chemical analyzer for field applications December 13, 1977
A self-supporting portable field multichannel X-ray chemical analyzer system comprising a lightweight, flexibly connected, remotely locatable, radioisotope-excited sensing probe utilizing a cryogenically-cooled solid state semi-conductor crystal detector for fast in situ non-destructive,
4063005 Cathode for molten salt batteries December 13, 1977
A molten salt electrochemical system for battery applications comprises tetravalent sulfur as the active cathode material with a molten chloroaluminate solvent comprising a mixture of AlCl.sub.3 and MCl having a molar ratio of AlCl.sub.3 /MCl from greater than 50.0/50.0 to 80/20.
4062515 Compact gate valve December 13, 1977
This invention relates to a double-disc gate valve which is compact, comparatively simple to construct, and capable of maintaining high closing pressures on the valve discs with low frictional forces. The valve casing includes axially aligned ports. Mounted in the casing is a sealed cham
4062404 Method for in situ combustion December 13, 1977
This invention relates to an improved in situ combustion method for the recovery of hydrocarbons from subterranean earth formations containing carbonaceous material. The method is practiced by penetrating the subterranean earth formation with a borehole projecting into the coal bed a
4061921 Infrared laser system December 6, 1977
An infrared laser system and method for isotope separation may comprise a molecular gas laser oscillator to produce a laser beam at a first wavelength, Raman spin flip means for shifting the laser to a second wavelength, a molecular gas laser amplifier to amplify said second waveleng
4061536 Fuel assembly for nuclear reactors December 6, 1977
A new and improved fuel assembly is formed to minimize the amount of parasitic structural material wherein a plurality of hollow tubular members are juxtaposed to the fuel elements of the assembly. The tubular members may serve as guide tubes for control elements and are secured to a
4059759 Passive and active pulse stacking scheme for pulse shaping November 22, 1977
Apparatus and method for producing a sequence of radiation pulses with a pulse envelope of time variation which is controllable by an external electromagnetic signal applied to an active medium or by a sectored reflector, through which the radiation passes.
4059539 (U,Zr)N alloy having enhanced thermal stability November 22, 1977
A nitrided alloy of uranium and zirconium is provided which consists of a single-phase UN structure containing a dissolved amount of Zr as ZrN, effective to inhibit dissociation of the UN phase.
4059439 Pu-Zr alloy for high-temperature foil-type fuel November 22, 1977
A nuclear reactor fuel alloy consists essentially of from slightly greater than 7 to about 4 w/o zirconium, balance plutonium, and is characterized in that the alloy is castable and is rollable to thin foils. A preferred embodiment of about 7 w/o zirconium, balance plutonium, has a melti
4057780 Method for describing fractures in subterranean earth formations November 8, 1977
The configuration and directional orientation of natural or induced fractures in subterranean earth formations are described by introducing a liquid explosive into the fracture, detonating the explosive, and then monitoring the resulting acoustic emissions with strategically placed a
4057678 Molten salt battery having inorganic paper separator November 8, 1977
A high temperature secondary battery comprises an anode containing lithium, a cathode containing a chalcogen or chalcogenide, a molten salt electrolyte containing lithium ions, and a separator comprising a porous sheet comprising a homogenous mixture of 2-20 wt.% chrysotile asbestos
4057462 Radio frequency sustained ion energy November 8, 1977
Electromagnetic (E.M.) energy injection method and apparatus for producing and sustaining suprathermal ordered ions in a neutral, two-ion-species, toroidal, bulk equilibrium plasma. More particularly, the ions are produced and sustained in an ordered suprathermal state of existence above
4057074 Bidirectional piston valve November 8, 1977
This invention is a reversing valve having an inlet, an outlet, and an inlet-outlet port. The valve is designed to respond to the introduction of relatively high-pressure fluid at its inlet or, alternatively, of lower-pressure fluid at its inlet-outlet port. The valve includes an axi
4056963 Means of determining extrusion temperatures November 8, 1977
In an extrusion process comprising the steps of fabricating a metal billet, heating said billet for a predetermined time and at a selected temperature to increase its plasticity and then forcing said heated billet through a small orifice to produce a desired extruded object, the improvem
4056052 Method for shearing spent nuclear fuel assemblies November 1, 1977
A method is disclosed for shearing spent nuclear fuel assemblies of the type wherein a plurality of long metal tubes packed with ceramic fuel are supported in a spaced apart relationship within an outer metal shell or shroud which provides structural support to the assembly. Spent nuclea
4056000 Altitude release mechanism November 1, 1977
An altitude release mechanism for releasing a radiosonde or other measuring instrument from a balloon carrying it up into the atmosphere includes a bottle partially filled with water, a tube sealed into the bottle having one end submerged in the water in the bottle and the free end exten
4055782 Method of enhancing cyclotron beam intensity October 25, 1977
When an easily ionized support gas such as xenon is added to the cold cathode in sources of the Oak Ridge Isochronous Cyclotron, large beam enhancements are produced. For example, .sup.20 Ne.sup.7+ is increased from 0.05 enA to 27 enA, and .sup.16 O.sup.5+ intensities in excess of 35
4055247 Explosion containment device October 25, 1977
The disclosure relates to an explosives storage container for absorbing and containing the blast, fragments and detonation products from a possible detonation of a contained explosive. The container comprises a layer of distended material having sufficient thickness to convert a portion
4055199 Nozzle seal October 25, 1977
In an illustrative embodiment of the invention, a nuclear reactor pressure vessel, having an internal hoop from which the heated coolant emerges from the reactor core and passes through to the reactor outlet nozzles, is provided with sealing members operatively disposed between the outle
4054933 Saturating time-delay transformer for overcurrent protection October 18, 1977
Electrical loads connected to d-c supplies are protected from damage by overcurrent in the case of a load fault by connecting in series with the load a saturating transformer that detects a load fault and limits the fault current to a safe level for a period long enough to correct the
4054686 Method for preparing high transition temperature Nb.sub.3 Ge superconductors October 18, 1977
Bulk coatings of Nb.sub.3 Ge superconductors having transition temperatures in excess of 20 K are readily formed by a chemical vapor deposition technique involving the coreduction of NbCl.sub.5 and GeCl.sub.4 in the presence of hydrogen. The NbCl.sub.5 vapor may advantageously be formed
4053852 Method and apparatus for generating coherent near 14 and near 16 micron radiation October 11, 1977
A method and apparatus for producing coherent radiation in CO.sub.2 vibrational-rotational transitions at wavelengths near 14 and 16 microns. This is accomplished by passing a mixture of N.sub.2 and Ar through a glow discharge producing a high vibrational temperature in the N.sub.2, pass
4053851 Near 16 micron CO.sub.2 laser system October 11, 1977
Method and apparatus for inducing laser action in CO.sub.2 at a wavelength of 16 microns involving the transition between the 02.sup.0 0 and 01.sup.1 0 states. The population inversion between these two states is achieved by pumping to the 00.sup.0 1 level, suppressing the usual 10.6 mic
4053763 Method and apparatus for pulse stacking October 11, 1977
An active pulse stacking system including an etalon and an electro-optical modulator apparatus combined with a pulse-forming network capable of forming and summing a sequence of time-delayed optical waveforms arising from, for example, a single laser pulse. The Pockels cell pulse stacker
4053359 Nuclear reactor October 11, 1977
A nuclear reactor in which the core components, including fuel-rod assemblies, control-rod assemblies, fertile rod-assemblies, and removable shielding assemblies, are supported by a plurality of separate inlet modular units. These units are referred to as inlet module units to distin
4053358 Modular assembly for supporting, straining, and directing flow to a core in a nuclear reactor October 11, 1977
A reactor core support arrangement for supporting, straining, and providing fluid flow to the core and periphery of a nuclear reactor during normal operation. A plurality of removable inlet modular units are contained within permanent liners in the lower supporting plate of the reactor
4053355 Nuclear reactor remote disconnect control rod coupling indicator October 11, 1977
A coupling indicator for use with nuclear reactor control rod assemblies which have remotely disengageable couplings between the control rod and the control rod drive shaft. The coupling indicator indicates whether the control rod and the control rod drive shaft are engaged or disengaged
4052999 Bumper wall for plasma device October 11, 1977
Operation of a plasma device such as a reactor for controlled thermonuclear fusion is facilitated by an improved bumper wall enclosing the plasma to smooth the flow of energy from the plasma as the energy impinges upon the bumper wall. The bumper wall is flexible to withstand unequal and
4052976 Non-tracking solar concentrator with a high concentration ratio October 11, 1977
A nontracking solar concentrator with a high concentration ratio is provided. The concentrator includes a plurality of energy absorbers which communicate with a main header by which absorbed heat is removed. Undesired heat flow of those absorbers not being heated by radiant energy at
4052885 Portable device and method for determining permeability characteristics of earth formations October 11, 1977
The invention is directed to a device which is used for determining permeability characteristics of earth formations at the surface thereof. The determination of the maximum permeability direction and the magnitude of permeability are achieved by employing a device comprising a housing
4051203 Method for purifying bidentate organophosphorus compounds September 27, 1977
Bidentate organophosphorus compounds useful for extracting actinide elements from acidic nuclear waste solutions are purified of undesirable acidic impurities by contacting the compounds with ethylene glycol which preferentially extracts the impurities found in technical grade bidentate
4051202 Method for separating mono- and di-octylphenyl phosphoric acid esters September 27, 1977
A method for separating mono-octylphenyl phosphoric acid ester and di-octylphenyl phosphoric acid ester from a mixture thereof comprises reacting the ester mixture with a source of lithium or sodium ions to form a mixture of the phosphate salts; contacting the salt mixture with an or
4050986 Nuclear reactor I September 27, 1977
A nuclear reactor, particularly a liquid-metal breeder reactor whose upper internals include provision for channeling the liquid metal flowing from the core-component assemblies to the outlet plenum in vertical paths in direction generally along the direction of the respective assemblies
4049864 Penetration resistant barrier September 20, 1977
The disclosure relates to a barrier for resisting penetration by such as hand tools and oxy-acetylene cutting torches. The barrier comprises a layer of firebrick, which is preferably epoxy impregnated sandwiched between inner and outer layers of steel. Between the firebrick and steel
4049515 Laser isotope separation by multiple photon absorption September 20, 1977
Multiple photon absorption from an intense beam of infrared laser light may be used to induce selective chemical reactions in molecular species which result in isotope separation or enrichment. The molecular species must have a sufficient density of vibrational states in its vibrational
4049432 High strength ferritic alloy-D53 September 20, 1977
A high strength ferritic alloy is described having from about 0.2% to about 0.8% by weight nickel, from about 2.5% to about 3.6% by weight chromium, from about 2.5% to about 3.5% by weight molybdenum, from about 0.1% to about 0.5% by weight vanadium, from about 0.1% to about 0.5% by weig
4049431 High strength ferritic alloy September 20, 1977
A high-strength ferritic alloy useful for fast reactor duct and cladding applications where an iron base contains from about 9% to about 13% by weight chromium, from about 4% to about 8% by weight molybdenum, from about 0.2% to about 0.8% by weight niobium, from about 0.1% to about 0.3%
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