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5424640 Method for removal of random noise in eddy-current testing system June 13, 1995
Eddy-current response voltages, generated during inspection of metallic structures for anomalies, are often replete with noise. Therefore, analysis of the inspection data and results is difficult or near impossible, resulting in inconsistent or unreliable evaluation of the structure.
5424211 Composition for detecting uranyl June 13, 1995
A composition for detecting the presence and concentration of a substance such as uranyl, comprising an organohalide covalently bonded to an indicator for said substance. The composition has at least one active OH site for forming a complex with the substance to be detected. The comp
5422427 Pneumococcal fimbrial protein A June 6, 1995
The present invention relates, in general, to pneumococcal fimbrial protein A. In particular, the present invention relates to a DNA segment encoding a pneumococcal fimbrial protein A gene; polypeptides encoded by said DNA segment; recombinant DNA molecules containing the DNA segment; ce
5421855 Process for continuous production of metallic uranium and uranium alloys June 6, 1995
A method is described for forming metallic uranium, or a uranium alloy, from uranium oxide in a manner which substantially eliminates the formation of uranium-containing wastes. A source of uranium dioxide is first provided, for example, by reducing uranium trioxide (UO.sub.3), or an
5420380 Seismic switch for strong motion measurement May 30, 1995
A seismic switching device that has an input signal from an existing microseismic station seismometer and a signal from a strong motion measuring instrument. The seismic switch monitors the signal level of the strong motion instrument and passes the seismometer signal to the station
5419820 Process for producing enriched uranium having a .sup.235 U content of at least 4 wt. % via combi May 30, 1995
An uranium enrichment process capable of producing an enriched uranium, having a .sup.235 U content greater than about 4 wt. %, is disclosed which will consume less energy and produce metallic uranium tails having a lower .sup.235 U content than the tails normally produced in a gaseous d
5419819 Self-regenerating column chromatography May 30, 1995
The present invention provides a process for treating both cations and anions by using a self-regenerating, multi-ionic exchange resin column system which requires no separate regeneration steps. The process involves alternating ion-exchange chromatography for cations and anions in a
5419222 Method for measuring the contour of a machined part May 30, 1995
A method for measuring the contour of a machined part with a contour gage apparatus, having a probe assembly including a probe tip for providing a measure of linear displacement of the tip on the surface of the part. The contour gage apparatus may be moved into and out of position for me
5418707 High voltage dc-dc converter with dynamic voltage regulation and decoupling during load-generate May 23, 1995
A high-power power supply produces a controllable, constant high voltage output under varying and arcing loads. The power supply includes a voltage regulator, an inductor, an inverter for producing a high frequency square wave current of alternating polarity, an improved inverter voltage
5416381 Self aligning electron beam gun having enhanced thermal and mechanical stability May 16, 1995
A compact, high power electron gun having enhanced thermal and mechanical stability which incorporates a mechanically coupled, self aligning structure for the anode and cathode. The enhanced stability, and reduced need for realignment of the cathode to the anode and downstream optics
5416334 Hot cell shield plug extraction apparatus May 16, 1995
An apparatus is provided for moving shielding plugs into and out of holes in concrete shielding walls in hot cells for handling radioactive materials without the use of external moving equipment. The apparatus provides a means whereby a shield plug is extracted from its hole and then
5414199 Apparatus and method for two-stage oxidation of wastes May 9, 1995
An apparatus and method for oxidizing wastes in a two-stage process. The apparatus includes an oxidation device, a gas-liquid contacting column and an electrocell. In the first stage of the process, wastes are heated in the presence of air to partially oxidize the wastes. The heated wast
5413973 Method for thermal processing alumina-enriched spinel single crystals May 9, 1995
A process for age-hardening alumina-rich magnesium aluminum spinel to obtain the desired combination of characteristics of hardness, clarity, flexural strength and toughness comprises selection of the time-temperature pair for isothermal heating followed by quenching. The time-temper
5413596 Digital electronic bone growth stimulator May 9, 1995
A device for stimulating bone tissue by applying a low level alternating current signal directly to the patient's skin. A crystal oscillator, a binary divider chain and digital logic gates are used to generate the desired waveforms that reproduce the natural electrical characteristics
5412700 Reactor refueling containment system May 2, 1995
A method of refueling a nuclear reactor whereby the drive mechanism is disengaged and removed by activating a jacking mechanism that raises the closure head. The area between the barrier plate and closure head is exhausted through the closure head penetrations. The closure head, upper
5412465 Method for verification of constituents of a process stream just as they go through an inlet of May 2, 1995
A method for validating a process stream for the presence or absence of a substance of interest such as a chemical warfare agent; that is, for verifying that a chemical warfare agent is present in an input line for feeding the agent into a reaction vessel for destruction, or, in a fa
5411928 Composition for absorbing hydrogen May 2, 1995
A hydrogen absorbing composition. The composition comprises a porous glass matrix, made by a sol-gel process, having a hydrogen-absorbing material dispersed throughout the matrix. A sol, made from tetraethyl orthosilicate, is mixed with a hydrogen-absorbing material and solidified to
5411722 Compact reaction cell for homogenizing and down-blanding highly enriched uranium metal May 2, 1995
The invention is a specialized reaction cell for converting uranium metal to uranium oxide. In a preferred form, the reaction cell comprises a reaction chamber with increasing diameter along its length (e.g. a cylindrical chamber having a diameter of about 2 inches in a lower portion
5410425 Magnetron cathodes in plasma electrode pockels cells April 25, 1995
Magnetron cathodes, which produce high current discharges, form greatly improved plasma electrodes on each side of an electro-optic crystal. The plasma electrode has a low pressure gas region on both sides of the crystal. When the gas is ionized, e.g., by a glow discharge in the low
5410397 Method and apparatus for holographic wavefront diagnostics April 25, 1995
A wavefront diagnostic apparatus has an optic and a measuring system. The optic forms a holographic image in response to a beam of light striking a hologram formed on a surface of the optic. The measuring system detects the position of the array of holographic images and compares the pos
5408553 Optical power splitter for splitting high power light April 18, 1995
An optical power splitter for the distribution of high-power light energy has a plurality of prisms arranged about a central axis to form a central channel. The input faces of the prisms are in a common plane which is substantially perpendicular to the central axis. A beam of light which
5408356 Fiber optic signal amplifier using thermoelectric power generation April 18, 1995
A remote fiber optic signal amplifier for use as a repeater/amplifier, such as in transoceanic communications, powered by a Pu.sub.238 or Sr.sub.90 thermoelectric generator. The amplifier comprises a unit with connections on the receiving and sending sides of the communications system, a
5406258 Pressurized security barrier and alarm system April 11, 1995
A security barrier for placement across a passageway is made up of interconnected pressurized tubing made up in a grid pattern with openings too small to allow passage. The tubing is connected to a pressure switch, located away from the barrier site, which activates an alarm upon occ
5405588 Process for removing cadmium from scrap metal April 11, 1995
A process for the recovery of a metal, in particular, cadmium contained in scrap, in a stable form. The process comprises the steps of mixing the cadmium-containing scrap with an ammonium carbonate solution, preferably at least a stoichiometric amount of ammonium carbonate, and/or free
5404218 Fiber optic probe for light scattering measurements April 4, 1995
A fiber optic probe and a method for using the probe for light scattering analyses of a sample. The probe includes a probe body with an inlet for admitting a sample into an interior sample chamber, a first optical fiber for transmitting light from a source into the chamber, and a second
5404052 Base drive circuit April 4, 1995
An improved base drive circuit (10) having a level shifter (24) for providing bistable input signals to a pair of non-linear delays (30, 32). The non-linear delays (30, 32) provide gate control to a corresponding pair of field effect transistors (100, 106) through a corresponding pair
5402508 Fiber optic probe having fibers with endfaces formed for improved coupling efficiency and method March 28, 1995
A fiber optic probe for detecting scattered light, with transmitting and receiving fibers having slanted ends and bundled together to form a bevel within the tip of the probe. The probe comprises a housing with a transparent window across its tip for protecting the transmitting and r
5400184 Kinematic high bandwidth mirror mount March 21, 1995
An adjustable mirror mount system for a mirror is disclosed comprising a mirror support having a planar surface thereon, a mirror frame containing a mirror and having a planar surface behind the mirror facing the planar surface of the mirror support and parallel to the reflecting surface
5398560 Apparatus for inspecting piping March 21, 1995
An inspection rabbit for inspecting piping systems having severe bends therein. The rabbit consists of a flexible, modular body containing a miniaturized eddy current inspection probe, a self-contained power supply for proper operation of the rabbit, an outer surface that allows ease of
5398256 Interferometric ring lasers and optical devices March 14, 1995
Two ring diode lasers are optically coupled together to produce tunable, stable output through a Y-junction output coupler which may also be a laser diode or can be an active waveguide. These devices demonstrate a sharp peak in light output with an excellent side-mode-rejection ratio.
5397737 Deposition of device quality low H content, amorphous silicon films March 14, 1995
A high quality, low hydrogen content, hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) film is deposited by passing a stream of silane gas (SiH.sub.4) over a high temperature, C., tungsten (W) filament in the proximity of a high temperature, C., substrate within a low
5397642 Articles including thin film monolayers and multilayers March 14, 1995
Articles of manufacture including: (a) a base substrate having an oxide surface layer, and a multidentate ligand, capable of binding a metal ion, attached to the oxide surface layer of the base substrate, (b) a base substrate having an oxide surface layer, a multidentate ligand, capable
5396513 Metal vapor laser including hot electrodes and integral wick March 7, 1995
A metal vapor laser, specifically one utilizing copper vapor, is disclosed herein. This laser utilizes a plasma tube assembly including a thermally insulated plasma tube containing a specific metal, e.g., copper, and a buffer gas therein. The laser also utilizes means including hot elect
5396075 Method for in situ characterization of a medium of dispersed matter in a continuous phase March 7, 1995
A method for in situ characterization of a medium of a dispersed phase in a continuous phase, including the steps of adding a fluorescent dye to one phase capable of producing fluorescence therein when the fluorescent dye is optically excited, optically exciting the fluorescent dye at a
5395945 Synthesis of 3,3-dinitroazetidine March 7, 1995
The compound, 3,3-dinitroazetidine, and a process of preparing 3,3-dinitroazetidine including reacting a mixture of 1-tertiary-butyl-3,3-dinitroazetidine and benzyl chloroformate to form 1-(benzyloxycarbonyl)-3,3-dinitroazetidine, reacting the 1-(benzyloxycarbonyl)-3,3-dinitroazetidi
5395532 Method for extracting metals from aqueous waste streams for long term storage March 7, 1995
A liquid--liquid extraction method for removing metals and hydrous metal colloids from waste streams is provided wherein said waste streams are contacted with a solvent system containing a water-in-oil microemulsion wherein the inverted micelles contain the extracted metal. A silicon
5393209 Double-ended ceramic helical-rotor expander February 28, 1995
A ceramic helical rotor expander using a double-ended or tandem herringbone type rotor arrangement with bearing and seal assemblies remote from the hot gas inlets and especially capable of operating at an inlet temperature of above C. The rotors are solid or hollow and bonde
5389837 Superconducting flux flow digital circuits February 14, 1995
A NOR/inverter logic gate circuit and a flip flop circuit implemented with superconducting flux flow transistors (SFFTs). Both circuits comprise two SFFTs with feedback lines. They have extremely low power dissipation, very high switching speeds, and the ability to interface between Jose
5389784 Ion cyclotron resonance cell February 14, 1995
An ion cyclotron resonance cell having two adjacent sections separated by a center trapping plate. The first section is defined by the center trapping plate, a first end trapping plate, and excitation and detector electrodes. The second section includes a second end trapping plate spaced
5389222 Spring-loaded polymeric gel actuators February 14, 1995
Spring-loaded electrically controllable polymeric gel actuators are disclosed. The polymeric gels can be polyvinyl alcohol, polyacrylic acid, or polyacrylamide, and are contained in an electrolytic solvent bath such as water plus acetone. The action of the gel is mechanically biased,
5389123 Method for continuously recovering metals using a dual zone chemical reactor February 14, 1995
A dual zone chemical reactor continuously processes metal-containing materials while regenerating and circulating a liquid carrier. The starting materials are fed into a first reaction zone of a vessel containing a molten salt carrier. The starting materials react to form a metal pro
5388810 Cermet crucible for metallurgical processing February 14, 1995
A cermet crucible for metallurgically processing metals having high melting points comprising a body consisting essentially of a mixture of calcium oxide and erbium metal, the mixture comprising calcium oxide in a range between about 50 and 90% by weight and erbium metal in a range betwe
5388446 Method and apparatus for container leakage testing February 14, 1995
An apparatus for use in one-hundred percent leak testing of food containers used in conjunction with a tracer gas. The apparatus includes a shell with entrance and exit air locks to create a controlled atmosphere through which a series of containers is conveyed by a conveyor belt. The pr
5377207 Mappings between codewords of two distinct (N,K) Reed-Solomon codes over GF (2J) December 27, 1994
A process for realizing mappings between codewords of two distinct (N,K) Reed-Solomon codes over GF(2.sup.J) having selected two independent parameters: J, specifying the number of bits per symbol; and E, the symbol error correction capability of the code, wherein said independent pa
5376803 Device for calibrating a radiation detector system December 27, 1994
A device for testing a radiation detector system that includes at least two arrays of radiation detectors that are movable with respect to each other. The device includes a "shield plate" or shell, and an opposing "source plate" containing a source of ionizing radiation. Guides are attac
5376458 Structural alloy with a protective coating containing silicon or silicon-oxide December 27, 1994
An iron-based alloy containing chromium and optionally, nickel. The alloy has a surface barrier of silicon or silicon plus oxygen which converts at high temperature to a protective silicon compound. The alloy can be used in oxygen-sulfur mixed gases at temperatures up to about 1100.degre
5376246 Efficient mass-selective three-photon ionization of zirconium atoms December 27, 1994
In an AVLIS process, .sup.91 Zr is selectively removed from natural zirconium by a three-step photoionization wherein Zr atoms are irradiated by a laser beam having a wavelength .lambda..sub.1, selectively raising .sup.91 Zr atoms to an odd-parity E.sub.1 energy level in the range of
5375474 Compensated high temperature strain gage December 27, 1994
A device for measuring strain in substrates at high temperatures in which the thermally induced apparent strain is nulled. Two gages are used, one active gage and one compensating gage. Both gages are placed on the substrate to be gaged; the active gage is attached such that it responds
5375457 Apparatus and method for detecting leaks in piping December 27, 1994
A method and device for detecting the location of leaks along a wall or piping system, preferably in double-walled piping. The apparatus comprises a sniffer probe, a rigid cord such as a length of tube attached to the probe on one end and extending out of the piping with the other end, a
5375149 Apparatus and method for extracting power from energetic ions produced in nuclear fusion December 20, 1994
An apparatus and method of extracting power from energetic ions produced by nuclear fusion in a toroidal plasma to enhance respectively the toroidal plasma current and fusion reactivity. By injecting waves of predetermined frequency and phase traveling substantially in a selected poloida

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