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5567946 Deconnable self-reading pocket dosimeter containment with self-contained light October 22, 1996
A container for a self-reading pocket dosimeter includes a transparent tube for receiving the self-reading pocket dosimeter, a light source mounted at one end of the transparent tube, and an eyepiece mounted on an opposite end of the transparent tube for viewing a read-out of the self-re
5566573 Capacitive acoustic wave detector and method of using same October 22, 1996
A capacitor having two substantially parallel conductive faces is acoustically coupled to a conductive sample end such that the sample face is one end of the capacitor. A non-contacting dielectric may serve as a spacer between the two conductive plates. The formed capacitor is connec
5566139 Picosecond resolution sampling time interval unit October 15, 1996
A time interval unit which operates in accordance with electronic sampling techniques and employing a pair of identical sampling interpolators which are respectively triggered at the start and stop of the time interval to be measured. Each time interval unit includes a GHz frequency sinu
5565626 Simulation of pyroshock environments using a tunable resonant fixture October 15, 1996
Disclosed are a method and apparatus for simulating pyrotechnic shock for the purpose of qualifying electronic components for use in weapons, satellite, and aerospace applications. According to the invention, a single resonant bar fixture has an adjustable resonant frequency in order
5562593 Split ring containment attachment device October 8, 1996
A containment attachment device 10 for operatively connecting a glovebag 200 to plastic sheeting 100 covering hazardous material. The device 10 includes an inner split ring member 20 connected on one end 22 to a middle ring member 30 wherein the free end 21 of the split ring member 20 is
5561286 Scintillation probe with photomultiplier tube saturation indicator October 1, 1996
A photomultiplier tube saturation indicator is formed by supplying a supplemental light source, typically an light emitting diode (LED), adjacent to the photomultiplier tube. A switch allows the light source to be activated. The light is forwarded to the photomultiplier tube by an op
5560883 Method for forming a layer of synthetic corrosion products on tubing surfaces October 1, 1996
A method is provided for forming a synthetic corrosion product layer on tube surfaces. The method utilizes two dissimilar materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion. An object tube and sacrificial tube are positioned one inside the other such that an annular region is cre
5560760 Method for optical and mechanically coupling optical fibers October 1, 1996
A method and apparatus for splicing optical fibers. A fluorescing solder glass frit having a melting point lower than the melting point of first and second optical fibers is prepared. The solder glass frit is then attached to the end of the first optical fiber and/or the end of the s
5557477 Apparatus for and method of correcting for aberrations in a light beam September 17, 1996
A technique for adjustably correcting for aberrations in a light beam is disclosed herein. This technique utilizes first means which defines a flat, circular light reflecting surface having opposite reinforced circumferential edges and a central post and which is resiliently distorta
5551285 Leak checker data logging system September 3, 1996
A portable, high speed, computer-based data logging system for field testing systems or components located some distance apart employs a plurality of spaced mass spectrometers and is particularly adapted for monitoring the vacuum integrity of a long string of a superconducting magnet
5550636 Self-tuning method for monitoring the density of a gas vapor component using a tunable laser August 27, 1996
The present invention relates to a vapor density monitor and laser atomic absorption spectroscopy method for highly accurate, continuous monitoring of vapor densities, composition, flow velocity, internal and kinetic temperatures and constituent distributions. The vapor density monitor
5548992 Leak test adapter for containers August 27, 1996
An adapter is provided for facilitating the charging of containers and leak testing penetration areas. The adapter comprises an adapter body and stem which are secured to the container's penetration areas. The container is then pressurized with a tracer gas. Manipulating the adapter stem
5547649 Hydrogen sulfide conversion with nanophase titania August 20, 1996
A process for disassociating H.sub.2 S in a gaseous feed using an improved catalytic material in which the feed is contacted at a temperature of at least about C. with a catalyst of rutile nanocrystalline titania having grain sizes in the range of from about 1 to about 100
5546783 Crimp sealing of tubes flush with or below a fixed surface August 20, 1996
An apparatus for crimp sealing and severing tubes flush or below a fixed surface. Tube crimping below a fixed surface requires an asymmetric die and anvil configuration. The anvil must be flat so that, after crimping, it may be removed without deforming the crimped tubes. This asymmetric
5543120 Method for converting asbestos to non-carcinogenic compounds August 6, 1996
Hazardous and carcinogenic asbestos waste characterized by a crystalline fibrous structure is transformed into non-carcinogenic, relatively nonhazardous, and non-crystalline solid compounds and gaseous compounds which have commercial utilization. The asbestos waste is so transformed by
5541014 Indirect-fired gas turbine dual fuel cell power cycle July 30, 1996
A fuel cell and gas turbine combined cycle system which includes dual fuel cell cycles combined with a gas turbine cycle wherein a solid oxide fuel cell cycle operated at a pressure of between 6 to 15 atms tops the turbine cycle and is used to produce CO.sub.2 for a molten carbonate fuel
5539518 Method for determining and displaying the spacial distribution of a spectral pattern of received July 23, 1996
An imaging Fourier transform spectrometer (10, 210) having a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (12) providing a series of images (40) to a focal plane array camera (38). The focal plane array camera (38) is clocked to a multiple of zero crossing occurrences as caused by a moving
5539100 Organic solid state switches incorporating porphyrin compounds and method for producing organic July 23, 1996
A light-intensity dependent molecular switch comprised of a compound which shuttles an electron or a plurality of electrons from a plurality of electron donors to an electron acceptor upon being stimulated with light of predetermined wavelengths, said donors selected from porphyrins and
5535301 Method for guessing the response of a physical system to an arbitrary input July 9, 1996
Stacked generalization is used to minimize the generalization errors of one or more generalizers acting on a known set of input values and output values representing a physical manifestation and a transformation of that manifestation, e.g., hand-written characters to ASCII characters, sp
5534663 Electrically shielded enclosure with magnetically retained removable cover July 9, 1996
Disclosed is an electrically shielded enclosure having electrical components therein and a removable electrically shielded cover over an opening in the enclosure with a magnetic securement mechanism provided to removably secure the cover to the enclosure in a manner which will provide
5533075 Spent fuel container alignment device and method July 2, 1996
An alignment device is used with a spent fuel shipping container including a plurality of fuel pockets for spent fuel arranged in an annular array and having a rotatable cover including an access opening therein. The alignment device includes a lightweight plate which is installed over t
5531868 Advanced electrorefiner design July 2, 1996
A combination anode and cathode for an electrorefiner which includes a hollow cathode and an anode positioned inside the hollow cathode such that a portion of the anode is near the cathode. A retaining member is positioned at the bottom of the cathode. Mechanism is included for provi
5529635 Ultrasonic cleaning of interior surfaces June 25, 1996
An ultrasonic cleaning method for cleaning the interior surfaces of tubes. The method uses an ultrasonic generator and reflector each coupled to opposing ends of the open-ended, fluid-filled tube. Fluid-tight couplings seal the reflector and generator to the tube, preventing leakage of f
5526372 High energy bursts from a solid state laser operated in the heat capacity limited regime June 11, 1996
High energy bursts are produced from a solid state laser operated in a heat capacity limited regime. Instead of cooling the laser, the active medium is thermally well isolated. As a result, the active medium will heat up until it reaches some maximum acceptable temperature. The waste hea
5525812 Retractable pin dual in-line package test clip June 11, 1996
This invention is a Dual In-Line Package (DIP) test clip for use when troubleshooting circuits containing DIP integrated circuits. This test clip is a significant improvement over existing DIP test clips in that it has retractable pins which will permit troubleshooting without risk of
5525799 Portable gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer June 11, 1996
A gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (GC-MS) for use as a field portable organic chemical analysis instrument. The GC-MS is designed to be contained in a standard size suitcase, weighs less than 70 pounds, and requires less than 600 watts of electrical power at peak power (all syste
5525760 Fan-fold shielded electrical leads June 11, 1996
Fan-folded electrical leads made from copper cladded Kapton, for example, with the copper cladding on one side serving as a ground plane and the copper cladding on the other side being etched to form the leads. The Kapton is fan folded with the leads located at the bottom of the fan-
5525318 High specific activity silicon-32 June 11, 1996
A process for preparation of silicon-32 is provided and includes contacting an irradiated potassium chloride target, including spallation products from a prior irradiation, with sufficient water, hydrochloric acid or potassium hydroxide to form a solution, filtering the solution, adjusti
5524809 Soldering instrument safety improvements June 11, 1996
A safe soldering device includes a retractable heat shield which can be moved between a first position in which the solder tip of the device is exposed for soldering operation and a second position in which the solder tip is covered by the heat shield. Preferably, the heat shield is bias
5524040 High energy resolution, high angular acceptance crystal monochromator June 4, 1996
A 4-bounce dispersive crystal monochromator reduces the bandpass of synchrotron radiation to a 10-50 meV range without sacrificing angular acceptance. The monochromator includes the combination of an asymmetrical channel-cut single crystal of lower order reflection and a symmetrical
5524038 Method of non-destructively inspecting a curved wall portion June 4, 1996
A method of non-destructively inspecting a curved wall portion of a large and thick walled vessel for a defect by computed tomography is provided. A collimated source of radiation is placed adjacent one side of the wall portion and an array of detectors for the radiation is placed on the
5523285 Rapid formation of phase-clean 110 K (Bi-2223) powders derived via freeze-drying process June 4, 1996
A process for the preparation of amorphous precursor powders for Pb-doped Bi.sub.2 Sr.sub.2 Ca.sub.2 Cu.sub.3 O.sub.x (2223) includes a freeze-drying process incorporating a splat-freezing step. The process generally includes splat freezing a nitrate solution of Bi, Pb, Sr, Ca, and C
5522319 Free form hemispherical shaped charge June 4, 1996
A hemispherical shaped charge has been modified such that one side of the hemisphere is spherical and the other is aspherical allowing a wall thickness variation in the liner. A further modification is to use an elongated hemispherical shape. The liner has a thick wall at its pole and
5520052 Method and apparatus for determining material structural integrity May 28, 1996
A non-destructive method and apparatus for determining the structural integrity of materials by combining laser vibrometry with damping analysis techniques to determine the damping loss factor of a material. The method comprises the steps of vibrating the area being tested over a known
5517924 Double row loop-coil configuration for high-speed electrodynamic maglev suspension, guidance, pr May 21, 1996
A stabilization and propulsion system comprising a series of loop-coils arranged in parallel rows wherein two rows combine to form one of two magnetic rails. Levitation and lateral stability are provided when the induced field in the magnetic rails interacts with the superconducting
5515001 Current-measuring operational amplifier circuits May 7, 1996
An operational amplifier connected in series with a load and a current-measuring impedance and having at least two input ports and an output port, the output port of the operational amplifier further being directly connected to current-measuring impedance, with one of the input ports
5512164 Method for sputtering with low frequency alternating current April 30, 1996
Low frequency alternating current sputtering is provided by connecting a low frequency alternating current source to a high voltage transformer having outer taps and a center tap for stepping up the voltage of the alternating current. The center tap of the transformer is connected to a
5502439 Method for compression of binary data March 26, 1996
The disclosed method for compression of a series of data bytes, based on LZSS-based compression methods, provides faster decompression of the stored data. The method involves the creation of a flag bit buffer in a random access memory device for temporary storage of flag bits generated
5501385 Large core fiber optic cleaver March 26, 1996
The present invention relates to a device and method for cleaving optical fibers which yields cleaved optical fiber ends possessing high damage threshold surfaces. The device can be used to cleave optical fibers with core diameters greater than 400 .mu.m.
5499529 Detecting small holes in packages March 19, 1996
A package containing a tracer gas, and a method for determining the presence of a hole in the package by sensing the presence of the gas outside the package. The preferred tracer gas, especially for food packaging, is sulfur hexafluoride. A quantity of the gas is added to the package
5498916 Wedge and spring assembly for securing coils in electromagnets and dynamoelectric machines March 12, 1996
A wedge and spring assembly for use in electromagnets or dynamoelectric machines having a housing with an axis therethrough and a plurality of coils supported on salient poles that extend radially inward from the housing toward the housing axis to define a plurality of interpole spaces.
5497392 Segmented lasing tube for high temperature laser assembly March 5, 1996
A high temperature laser assembly capable of withstanding operating temperatures in excess of C. is described comprising a segmented cylindrical ceramic lasing tube having a plurality of cylindrical ceramic lasing tube segments of the same inner and outer diameters non-r
5494880 Durable zinc oxide-containing sorbents for coal gas desulfurization February 27, 1996
Durable zinc-oxide containing sorbent pellets for removing hydrogen sulfide from a gas stream at an elevated temperature are made up to contain titania as a diluent, high-surface-area silica gel, and a binder. These materials are mixed, moistened, and formed into pellets, which are then
5494647 Use of Chelex-100 for selectively removing Y-90 from its parent Sr-90 February 27, 1996
A method for selectively removing yttrium-90 from its parent strontium-90 contained in an environmental sample includes loading the sample onto a column containing a chelating ion-exchange resin capable of retaining yttrium-90; washing the column with a solution capable of removing s
5492021 Variable depth core sampler February 20, 1996
A variable depth core sampler apparatus comprising a first circular hole saw member, having longitudinal sections that collapses to form a point and capture a sample, and a second circular hole saw member residing inside said first hole saw member to support the longitudinal sections of
5486830 Radar transponder apparatus and signal processing technique January 23, 1996
An active, phase-coded, time-grating transponder and a synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) and signal processor means, in combination, allow the recognition and location of the transponder (tag) in the SAR image and allow communication of information messages from the transponder to the S
5486234 Removal of field and embedded metal by spin spray etching January 23, 1996
A process of removing both the field metal, such as copper, and a metal, such as copper, embedded into a dielectric or substrate at substantially the same rate by dripping or spraying a suitable metal etchant onto a spinning wafer to etch the metal evenly on the entire surface of the
5482688 Plutonium dissolution process January 9, 1996
A two-step process for dissolving plutonium metal, which two steps can be carried out sequentially or simultaneously. Plutonium metal is exposed to a first mixture containing approximately 1.0M-1.67M sulfamic acid and 0.0025M-0.1M fluoride, the mixture having been heated to a temperature
5480696 Silica powders for powder evacuated thermal insulating panel and method January 2, 1996
A powder evacuated thermal insulating panel using generally spherical and porous silica particles of a median size less than about 100 nanometers in diameter, a pour packing density of about 0.4 to 0.6 g/cm.sup.3 and an external surface area in the range of about 90 to 600 m.sup.2/ g is
5480549 Method for phosphate-accelerated bioremediation January 2, 1996
An apparatus and method for supplying a vapor-phase nutrient to contaminated soil for in situ bioremediation. The apparatus includes a housing adapted for containing a quantity of the liquid nutrient, a conduit in fluid communication with the interior of the housing, means for causin

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