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5675606 Solenoid and monocusp ion source October 7, 1997
An ion source which generates hydrogen ions having high atomic purity incorporates a solenoidal permanent magnets to increase the electron path length. In a sealed envelope, electrons emitted from a cathode traverse the magnetic field lines of a solenoid and a monocusp magnet between the
5672918 System level latchup mitigation for single event and transient radiation effects on electronics September 30, 1997
A "blink" technique, analogous to a person blinking at a flash of bright light, is provided for mitigating the effects of single event current latchup and prompt pulse destructive radiation on a micro-electronic circuit. The system includes event detection circuitry, power dump logic
5666724 Installation and assembly device and method of using September 16, 1997
An installation and assembly device for aligning a first member such as a pump impeller with a second member such as an inlet nozzle of an impeller pump. The installation and assembly device includes a sleeve slideable within the inlet nozzle and a vertical positioning assembly which has
5666385 Jitter compensation circuit September 9, 1997
The instantaneous signal on a charging capacitor is sampled and the charge voltage on capacitor C.sub.o is captured just prior to its discharge into the first stage of magnetic modulator. The captured signal is applied to an averaging circuit with a long time constant and to the
5664066 Intelligent system for automatic feature detection and selection or identification September 2, 1997
A neural network uses a fuzzy membership function, the parameters of which are adaptive during the training process, to parameterize the interconnection weights between an (n-1)'th layer and an n'th layer of the network. Each j'th node in each k'th layer of the network except the input
5662579 Vitrification of organics-containing wastes September 2, 1997
A process for stabilizing organics-containing waste materials and recovering metals therefrom, and a waste glass product made according to the process. Vitrification of wastes such as organic ion exchange resins, electronic components and the like can be accomplished by mixing at least
5661230 Assembly and method for testing the integrity of stuffing tubes August 26, 1997
A stuffing tube integrity checking assembly includes first and second annular seals, with each seal adapted to be positioned about a stuffing tube penetration component. An annular inflation bladder is provided, the bladder having a slot extending longitudinally therealong and including
5654818 Polarization independent electro-optic modulator August 5, 1997
A polarization insensitive electro-optic modulator is constructed by providing a polarization beamsplitter to separate an incoming light beam into two orthogonally plane polarized beams. Each of the polarized beams passes through a separate electro-optic modulator where each beam is
5654541 Small vacuum compatible hyperthermal atom generator August 5, 1997
A vacuum compatible hyperthermal atom generator includes a membrane having two sides, the membrane having the capability of dissolving atoms into the membrane's bulk. A first housing is furnished in operative association with the first side of the membrane to provide for the exposure of
5652190 Method for regenerating magnetic polyamine-epichlorohydrin resin July 29, 1997
Magnetic polymer resins capable of efficient removal of actinides and heavy metals from contaminated water are disclosed together with methods for making, using, and regenerating them. The resins comprise polyamine-epichlorohydrin resin beads with ferrites attached to the surfaces of
5652098 Method for rapid isolation of sensitive mutants July 29, 1997
Sensitive mammalian cell mutants are rapidly isolated using flow cytometry. A first population of clonal spheroids is established to contain both normal and mutant cells. The population may be naturally occurring or may arise from mutagenized cells. The first population is then flow sort
5651570 Cam operated tool for proximate or remote holding of an object July 29, 1997
A tool for releasably holding an object includes a receptacle having an outer sleeve and a rotatable inner sleeve. The inner sleeve is coaxially positioned within the outer sleeve and includes a locking member. An insert which is adapted to be operably associated with the receptacle
5650331 Optical high acidity sensor July 22, 1997
An apparatus and method for determining acid concentrations in solutions having acid concentrations of from about 0.1 Molar to about 16 Molar is disclosed. The apparatus includes a chamber for interrogation of the sample solution, a fiber optic light source for passing light transversely
5650053 Electrorefining cell with parallel electrode/concentric cylinder cathode July 22, 1997
A cathode-anode arrangement for use in an electrolytic cell is adapted for electrochemically refining spent nuclear fuel from a nuclear reactor and recovering purified uranium for further treatment and possible recycling as a fresh blanket or core fuel in a nuclear reactor. The arrangeme
5641686 Flow injection trace gas analysis method for on-site determination of organoarsenicals June 24, 1997
A method for real-time determination of the concentration of Lewisite in the ambient atmosphere, the method includes separating and collecting a Lewisite sample from the atmosphere in a collection chamber, converting the collected Lewisite to an arsenite ion solution sample, pumping the
5637507 Tetraethyl orthosilicate-based glass composition and method June 10, 1997
A tetraethyl orthosilicate-based, sol-gel glass composition with additives selected for various applications. The composition is made by mixing ethanol, water, and tetraethyl orthosilicate, adjusting the pH into the acid range, and aging the mixture at room temperature. The additives, su
5633626 Self-testing security sensor for monitoring closure of vault doors and the like May 27, 1997
A self-testing device is provided for a monitoring system for monitoring whether a closure member such as a door or window is closed. The monitoring system includes a switch unit mounted on the frame of the closure member being monitored and including magnetically biased switches con
5631514 Microfabricated microengine for use as a mechanical drive and power source in the microdomain an May 20, 1997
A microengine uses two synchronized linear actuators as a power source and converts oscillatory motion from the actuators into rotational motion via direct linkage connection to an output gear or wheel. The microengine provides output in the form of a continuously rotating output gear th
5629824 Hall-effect arc protector May 13, 1997
The Hall-Effect Arc Protector is used to protect sensitive electronics from high energy arcs. The apparatus detects arcs by monitoring an electrical conductor, of the instrument, for changes in the electromagnetic field surrounding the conductor which would be indicative of a possible ar
5628808 Glass melter off-gas system May 13, 1997
Apparatus and method for melting glass in a glass melter in such a way as to reduce deposition of particulates in the off-gas duct. Deposit accumulation is reduced by achieving an off-gas velocity above approximately 15 meters/second and an off-gas temperature as close as possible to
5626687 Thermophotovoltaic in-situ mirror cell May 6, 1997
A photovoltaic cell used in a direct energy conversion generator for converting heat to electricity includes a reflective layer disposed within the cell between the active layers of the cell and the cell substrate. The reflective layer reflects photons of low energy back to a photon prod
5626445 Tube cutter tool and method of use for coupon removal May 6, 1997
A tube cutter tool is insertable into a tube for cutting a coupon from a damaged site on the exterior of the tube. Prior to using the tool, the damaged site is first located from the interior of the tube using a multi-coil pancake eddy current test probe. The damaged site is then mar
5625314 Self-calibrating multiplexer circuit April 29, 1997
A time domain multiplexer system with automatic determination of acceptable multiplexer output limits, error determination, or correction is comprised of a time domain multiplexer, a computer, a constant current source capable of at least three distinct current levels, and two series
5623510 Tunable, diode side-pumped Er: YAG laser April 22, 1997
A discrete-element Er:YAG laser, side pumped by a 220 Watt peak-power InGaAs diode array, generates >500 mWatts at 2.94 .mu.m, and is tunable over a 6 nm range near about 2.936 .mu.m. The oscillator is a plano-concave resonator consisting of a concave high reflector, a flat output
5622453 Method and apparatus for in-densification of geomaterials for sealing applications April 22, 1997
A method and apparatus (10) for forming improved seals in boreholes (101) formed in host rock (100) by using the apparatus (10) to introduce a feedstock (60) into the borehole (101) and simultaneously subject the introduced feedstock to both compressive and shear stresses until the b
5617024 Flux focusing eddy current probe April 1, 1997
A flux-focusing electromagnetic sensor which uses a ferromagnetic flux-focusing lens simplifies inspections and increases detectability of fatigue cracks and material loss in high conductivity material. The unique feature of the device is the ferrous shield isolating a high-turn pick-up
5615826 Method for welding beryllium April 1, 1997
A method is provided for joining beryllium pieces which comprises: depositing aluminum alloy on at least one beryllium surface; contacting that beryllium surface with at least one other beryllium surface; and welding the aluminum alloy coated beryllium surfaces together. The aluminum
5615238 Method for fabricating .sup.99 Mo production targets using low enriched uranium, .sup.99 Mo prod March 25, 1997
A radioisotope production target and a method for fabricating a radioisotope production target is provided, wherein the target comprises an inner cylinder, a foil of fissionable material circumferentially contacting the outer surface of the inner cylinder, and an outer hollow cylinde
5613240 Method of preparing sodalite from chloride salt occluded zeolite March 18, 1997
A method for immobilizing waste chloride salts containing radionuclides and hazardous nuclear material for permanent disposal starting with a substantially dry zeolite and sufficient glass to form leach resistant sodalite with occluded radionuclides and hazardous nuclear material. The
5610704 Probe for measurement of velocity and density of vapor in vapor plume March 11, 1997
A probe which directs a light beam through a vapor plume in a first direction at a first angle ranging from greater than to less than, reflecting the light beam back through the vapor plume at a angle, and then reflecting the light beam through the vapor
5610452 E-beam high voltage switching power supply March 11, 1997
A high power, solid state power supply is described for producing a controllable, constant high voltage output under varying and arcing loads suitable for powering an electron beam gun or other ion source. The present power supply is most useful for outputs in a range of about 100-40
5608404 Imaging synthetic aperture radar March 4, 1997
A linear-FM SAR imaging radar method and apparatus to produce a real-time image by first arranging the returned signals into a plurality of subaperture arrays, the columns of each subaperture array having samples of dechirped baseband pulses, and further including a processing of each
5606146 Energetic composites and method of providing chemical energy February 25, 1997
A method for providing chemical energy and energetic compositions of matter consisting of thin layers of substances which will exothermically react with one another. The layers of reactive substances are separated by thin layers of a buffer material which prevents the reactions from taki
5606014 Imide oligomers and co-oligomers containing pendent phenylethynyl groups and polymers therefrom February 25, 1997
Controlled molecular weight imide oligomers and co-oligomers containing pendent phenylethynyl groups (PEPIs) and endcapped with nonreactive or phenylethynyl groups have been prepared by the cyclodehydration of the precursor amide acid oligomers or co-oligomers containing pendent phen
5602994 Method and apparatus for high speed data acquisition and processing February 11, 1997
A method and apparatus for high speed digital data acquisition. The apparatus includes one or more multiplexers for receiving multiple channels of digital data at a low data rate and asserting a multiplexed data stream at a high data rate, and one or more FIFO memories for receiving
5595666 Removal of radioactive materials and heavy metals from water using magnetic resin January 21, 1997
Magnetic polymer resins capable of efficient removal of actinides and heavy metals from contaminated water are disclosed together with methods for making, using, and regenerating them. The resins comprise polyamine-epichlorohydrin resin beads with ferrites attached to the surfaces of
5594240 Strain-optic voltage monitor wherein strain causes a change in the optical absorption of a cryst January 14, 1997
A voltage monitor which uses the shift in absorption edge of crystalline material to measure strain resulting from electric field-induced deformation of piezoelectric or electrostrictive material, providing a simple and accurate means for measuring voltage applied either by direct co
5591912 Method and apparatus for inspecting conduits January 7, 1997
An apparatus and method for ultrasonic inspection of a conduit are provided. The method involves directing a first ultrasonic pulse at a particular area of the conduit at a first angle, receiving the reflected sound from the first ultrasonic pulse, substantially simultaneously or sub
5586745 Value for controlling flow of cryogenic fluid December 24, 1996
A valve is provided for accurately controlling the flow of cryogenic fluids such as liquid nitrogen. The valve comprises a combination of disc and needle valves affixed to a valve stem in such a manner that the disc and needle are free to rotate about the stem, but are constrained in lat
5586504 Dual-keel electrodynamic maglev system December 24, 1996
A propulsion and stabilization system with a plurality of superconducting magnetic devices affixed to the dual-keels of a vehicle, where the superconducting magnetic devices produce a magnetic field when energized. The system also includes a plurality of figure-eight shaped null-flux
5582844 Molds for cable dielectrics December 10, 1996
Molds for use in making end moldings for high-voltage cables are described wherein the dielectric insulator of a cable is heated and molded to conform to a desired shape. As a consequence, high quality substantially bubble-free cable connectors suitable for mating to premanufactured
5579999 Shock-free supersonic elliptic nozzles and method of forming same December 3, 1996
A method of forming a shock-free supersonic elliptic nozzle, in which the nozzle to be designed is divided into three sections, a circular-to-elliptic section which begins at a circular nozzle inlet, an elliptic subsonic section downstream from the circular-to-elliptic section and a
5576663 Wideband gain stable amplifier November 19, 1996
A method and apparatus for increasing the bandwidth of an operational amplifier and including a capacitor being connected across the inverting and non-inverting inputs of the operational amplifier and further including a feedback circuit connected from the output to one of the inputs
5576488 Micro-sensor thin-film anemometer November 19, 1996
A device for measuring turbulence in high-speed flows is provided which includes a micro-sensor thin-film probe. The probe is formed from a single crystal of aluminum oxide having a half-wedge shaped portion. The tip of the half-wedge is rounded and has a thin-film sensor atta
5574370 Nuclear resonance tomography with a toroid cavity detector November 12, 1996
A toroid cavity detection system for determining the spectral properties and distance from a fixed point for a sample using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. The detection system consists of a toroid with a central conductor oriented along the main axis of the toroidal cylinder and perpend
5573737 Functionally gradient material for membrane reactors to convert methane gas into value-added pro November 12, 1996
A functionally gradient material for a membrane reactor for converting methane gas into value-added-products includes an outer tube of perovskite, which contacts air; an inner tube which contacts methane gas, of zirconium oxide, and a bonding layer between the perovskite and zirconiu
5572559 Radiography apparatus using gamma rays emitted by water activated by fusion neutrons November 5, 1996
Radiography apparatus includes an arrangement for circulating pure water continuously between a location adjacent a source of energetic neutrons, such as a tritium target irradiated by a deuteron beam, and a remote location where radiographic analysis is conducted. Oxygen in the pure
5572113 Compensated gain control circuit for buck regulator command charge circuit November 5, 1996
A buck regulator command charge circuit includes a compensated-gain control signal for compensating for changes in the component values in order to achieve optimal voltage regulation. The compensated-gain control circuit includes an automatic-gain control circuit for generating a variabl
5570189 Split-field pupil plane determination apparatus October 29, 1996
A split-field pupil plane determination apparatus (10) having a wedge assembly (16) with a first glass wedge (18) and a second glass wedge (20) positioned to divide a laser beam (12) into a first laser beam half (22) and a second laser beam half (24) which diverge away from the wedge
5568255 Apparatus for controlling the scan width of a scanning laser beam October 22, 1996
Swept-wavelength lasers are often used in absorption spectroscopy applications. In experiments where high accuracy is required, it is desirable to continuously monitor and control the range of wavelengths scanned (the scan width). A system has been demonstrated whereby the scan width

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