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5929567 Constant field gradient planar coupled cavity structure July 27, 1999
A cavity structure having at least two opposing planar housing members spaced apart to accommodate the passage of a particle beam through the structure between the members. Each of the housing members have a plurality of serially aligned hollows defined therein, and also passages, fo
5919387 Inductive systems for bonding and joining pipes July 6, 1999
A method for bonding or joining plastic or metallic pipe using induced energy is provided. A susceptor is placed between the two pipes to be joined and a magnetic flux is induced onto the susceptor. The second pipe may be a coupling device. The magnetic flux may be induced by a tank
5909786 Apparatus and method for reducing fiber waste by lint cleaners June 8, 1999
An apparatus for cleaning cotton having a frame which rotatably supports a cylinder member having a cylindrical surface supporting a fiber-engaging structure for seizing contaminated cotton. The frame supports a grid assembly which assists in the removal of undesirable particulates from
5905619 Arc fault detection system May 18, 1999
An arc fault detection system for use on ungrounded or high-resistance-grounded power distribution systems is provided which can be retrofitted outside electrical switchboard circuits having limited space constraints. The system includes a differential current relay that senses a cur
5900042 Method for the removal of elemental mercury from a gas stream May 4, 1999
A method is provided to remove elemental mercury from a gas stream by reacting the gas stream with an oxidizing solution to convert the elemental mercury to soluble mercury compounds. Other constituents are also oxidized. The gas stream is then passed through a wet scrubber to remove
5895508 Down-flow moving-bed gasifier with catalyst recycle April 20, 1999
The gasification of coal and other carbonaceous materials by an endothermic gasification reaction is achieved in the presence of a catalyst in a down-flow, moving-bed gasifier. Catalyst is removed along with ash from the gasifier and is then sufficiently heated in a riser/burner by the
5892391 TRIAC/SCR proportional control circuit April 6, 1999
A power controller device which uses a voltage-to-frequency converter in conjunction with a zero crossing detector to linearly and proportionally control AC power being supplied to a load. The output of the voltage-to frequency converter controls the "reset" input of a R-S flip flop, whi
5891011 Vitrification of waste April 6, 1999
A method for encapsulating and immobilizing waste for disposal. Waste, preferably, biologically, chemically and radioactively hazardous, and especially electronic wastes, such as circuit boards, are placed in a crucible and heated by microwaves to a temperature in the range of approx
5775648 Portable conduit retention apparatus for releasably retaining a conduit therein July 7, 1998
Portable conduit retention apparatus for releasably retaining a conduit therein. The apparatus releasably retains the conduit out of the way of nearby personnel and equipment. The apparatus includes a portable support frame defining a slot therein having an open mouth portion in comm
5774815 Dry halide method for separating the components of spent nuclear fuels June 30, 1998
The invention is a nonaqueous, single method for processing multiple spent nuclear fuel types by separating the fission- and transuranic products from the nonradioactive and fissile uranium product. The invention has four major operations: exposing the spent fuels to chlorine gas at
5774348 Light-weight DC to very high voltage DC converter June 30, 1998
A DC-DC converter capable of generating outputs of 100 KV without a transformer comprises a silicon opening switch (SOS) diode connected to allow a charging current from a capacitor to flow into an inductor. When a specified amount of charge has flowed through the SOS diode, it opens up
5772793 Tube-in-tube thermophotovoltaic generator June 30, 1998
A thermophotovoltaic device includes at least one thermal radiator tube, a cooling tube concentrically disposed within each thermal radiator tube and an array of thermophotovoltaic cells disposed on the exterior surface of the cooling tube. A shell having a first end and a second end sur
5772328 Optical temperature sensor using thermochromic semiconductors June 30, 1998
An optical temperature measuring device utilizes thermochromic semiconductors which vary in color in response to changes in temperature. The thermochromic material is sealed in a glass matrix which allows the temperature sensor to detect high temperatures without breakdown. Cuprous o
5770800 Flexible ultrasonic pipe inspection apparatus June 23, 1998
A flexible, modular ultrasonic pipe inspection apparatus, comprising a flexible, hollow shaft that carries a plurality of modules, including at least one rotatable ultrasonic transducer, a motor/gear unit, and a position/signal encoder. The modules are connected by flexible knuckle j
5762057 Light gas gun with reduced timing jitter June 9, 1998
Gas gun with reduced timing jitter. A gas gun having a prepressurized projectile held in place with a glass rod in compression is described. The glass rod is destroyed with an explosive at a precise time which allows a restraining pin to be moved and free the projectile.
5756925 Precision flyer initiator May 26, 1998
A precision flyer initiator forms a substantially spherical detonation wave in a high explosive (HE) pellet. An explosive driver, such as a detonating cord, a wire bridge circuit or a small explosive, is detonated. A flyer material is sandwiched between the explosive driver and an end of
5756892 Apparatus for measuring ambient pressure within a gaseous flow field May 26, 1998
The invention as disclosed herein teaches apparatus whereby the instantaneous dynamic static pressure and the steady-state static pressure may be simultaneously measured within a supersonic or subsonic gaseous fluid flow field. The dynamic static pressure is measured by an electronic
5753930 Device for translating negative film image to a line scan May 19, 1998
A negative film reader records high-resolution optical density changes across negative film radiographic images to allow precise image dimensions to be determined. A laser light source capable of high-resolution focusing is passed through an intensity control filter, focused by a lens, a
5753109 Apparatus and method for phosphate-accelerated bioremediation May 19, 1998
An apparatus and method for supplying a vapor-phase nutrient to contaminated soil for in situ bioremediation. The apparatus includes a housing adapted for containing a quantity of the liquid nutrient, a conduit in communication with the interior of the housing, means for causing a ga
5752302 Method and apparatus for sizing and separating warp yarns using acoustical energy May 19, 1998
A slashing process for preparing warp yarns for weaving operations including the steps of sizing and/or desizing the yarns in an acoustic resonance box and separating the yarns with a leasing apparatus comprised of a set of acoustically agitated lease rods. The sizing step includes i
5747418 Superconducting thermoelectric generator May 5, 1998
An apparatus and method for producing electricity from heat. The present invention is a thermoelectric generator that uses materials with substantially no electrical resistance, often called superconductors, to efficiently convert heat into electrical energy without resistive losses.
5745309 Method for removing tilt control in adaptive optics systems April 28, 1998
A new adaptive optics system and method of operation, whereby the method removes tilt control, and includes the steps of using a steering mirror to steer a wavefront in the desired direction, for aiming an impinging aberrated light beam in the direction of a deformable mirror. The de
5744780 Apparatus for precision micromachining with lasers April 28, 1998
A new material processing apparatus using a short-pulsed, high-repetition-rate visible laser for precision micromachining utilizes a near diffraction limited laser, a high-speed precision two-axis tilt-mirror for steering the laser beam, an optical system for either focusing or imagi
5743842 Method for encapsulating and isolating hazardous cations, medium for encapsulating and isolating April 28, 1998
A method for encapsulating hazardous cations is provided comprising supplying a pretreated substrate containing the cations; contacting the substrate with an organo-silane compound to form a coating on the substrate; and allowing the coating to cure. A medium for containing hazardous
5742209 Four cavity efficiency enhanced magnetically insulated line oscillator April 21, 1998
A four cavity, efficient magnetically insulated line oscillator (C4-E MILO) having seven vanes and six cavities formed within a tube-like structure surrounding a cathode. The C4-E MILO has a primary slow wave structure which is comprised of four vanes and the four cavities located near a
5741959 Portable tester for determining gas content within a core sample April 21, 1998
A portable tester is provided for reading and displaying the pressure of a gas released from a rock core sample stored within a sealed container and for taking a sample of the released pressurized gas for chemical analysis thereof for subsequent use in a modified direct method test which
5737445 Automated feature detection and identification in digital point-ordered signals April 7, 1998
A computer-based automated method to detect and identify features in digital point-ordered signals. The method is used for processing of non-destructive test signals, such as eddy current signals obtained from calibration standards. The signals are first automatically processed to re
5729424 Autogenous electrolyte, non-pyrolytically produced solid capacitor structure March 17, 1998
A solid electrolytic capacitor having a solid electrolyte comprising manganese dioxide dispersed in an aromatic polyamide capable of further cure to form polyimide linkages, the solid electrolyte being disposed between a first electrode made of valve metal covered by an anodic oxide
5729123 Method and apparatus for probing relative volume fractions March 17, 1998
A relative volume fraction probe particularly for use in a multiphase fluid system includes two parallel conductive paths defining therebetween a sample zone within the system. A generating unit generates time varying electrical signals which are inserted into one of the two parallel
5723923 Apparatus for providing torque and for storing momentum energy March 3, 1998
A torque reaction/momentum wheel device for attitude control of a body, such as a spacecraft, having a motor driven flywheel with the flywheel at one end of a shaft and cantilevered with respect to at least two bearings which support the shaft which is common to the motor and flywheel, a
5722648 Spring loaded locator pin assembly March 3, 1998
This invention deals with spring loaded locator pins. Locator pins are sometimes referred to as captured pins. This is a mechanism which locks two items together with the pin that is spring loaded so that it drops into a locator hole on the work piece.
5722290 Closed-field capacitive liquid level sensor March 3, 1998
A liquid level sensor based on a closed field circuit comprises a ring oscillator using a symmetrical array of plate units that creates a displacement current. The displacement current varies as a function of the proximity of a liquid to the plate units. The ring oscillator circuit p
5721186 Method for producing catalysis from coal February 24, 1998
A method for producing catalysts from coal is provided comprising mixing an aqueous alkali solution with the coal, heating the aqueous mixture to treat the coal, drying the now-heated aqueous mixture, reheating the mixture to form carbonized material, cooling the mixture, removing excess
5720858 Method for the photocatalytic conversion of methane February 24, 1998
A method for converting methane to methanol is provided comprising subjecting the methane to visible light in the presence of a catalyst and an electron transfer agent. Another embodiment of the invention provides for a method for reacting methane and water to produce methanol and hy
5719702 Polarization-balanced beamsplitter February 17, 1998
A beamsplitter assembly that includes several beamsplitter cubes arranged to define a plurality of polarization-balanced light paths. Each polarization-balanced light path contains one or more balanced pairs of light paths, where each balanced pair of light paths includes either two
5711019 Method for treating electrolyte to remove Li.sub.2 O January 20, 1998
A method of removing Li.sub.2 O present in an electrolyte predominantly of LiCl and KCl. The electrolyte is heated to a temperature not less than about C. and then Al is introduced into the electrolyte in an amount in excess of the stoichiometric amount needed to convert the
5706645 Removal of oxides of nitrogen from gases in multi-stage coal combustion January 13, 1998
Polluting NO.sub.x gas values are removed from off-gas of a multi-stage coal combustion process which includes an initial carbonizing reaction, firing of char from this reaction in a fluidized bed reactor, and burning of gases from the carbonizing and fluidized bed reactions in a topping
5702683 Nuclear magnetic resonance contrast agents December 30, 1997
A family of contrast agents for use in magnetic resonance imaging and a method of enhancing the contrast of magnetic resonance images of an object by incorporating a contrast agent of this invention into the object prior to forming the images or during formation of the images. A contrast
5702293 Holding fixture for metallographic mount polishing December 30, 1997
A fixture for holding mounted specimens for polishing, having an arm; a body attached to one end of the arm, the body having at least one flange having an opening to accommodate a mounted specimen; and a means applying pressure against the outer surface of the mounted specimen to hold th
5701963 Continuous injection of an inert gas through a drill rig for drilling into potentially hazardous December 30, 1997
A drill rig for drilling in potentially hazardous areas includes a drill having conventional features such as a frame, a gear motor, gear box, and a drive. A hollow rotating shaft projects through the drive and frame. An auger, connected to the shaft is provided with a multiplicity of ho
5701125 Method for compression of data using single pass LZSS and run-length encoding December 23, 1997
A method used preferably with LZSS-based compression methods for compressing a stream of digital data. The method uses a run-length encoding scheme especially suited for data strings of identical data bytes having large run-lengths, such as data representing scanned images. The metho
5700332 Segregated tandem filter for enhanced conversion efficiency in a thermophotovoltaic energy conve December 23, 1997
A filter system to transmit short wavelength radiation and reflect long wavelength radiation for a thermophotovoltaic energy conversion cell comprises an optically transparent substrate segregation layer with at least one coherent wavelength in optical thickness; a dielectric interfe
5698771 Varying potential silicon carbide gas sensor December 16, 1997
A hydrocarbon gas detection device operates by dissociating or electro-chemically oxidizing hydrocarbons adsorbed to a silicon carbide detection layer. Dissociation or oxidation are driven by a varying potential applied to the detection layer. Different hydrocarbon species undergo re
5698173 Purification of uranium alloys by differential solubility of oxides and production of purified f December 16, 1997
A method for purifying metallic alloys of uranium for use as nuclear reactor fuels in which the metal alloy is first converted to an oxide and then dissolved in nitric acid. Initial removal of metal oxide impurities not soluble in nitric acid is accomplished by filtration or other physic
5697834 Remote repair appliance December 16, 1997
A remote appliance for supporting a tool for performing work at a worksite on a substantially circular bore of a workpiece and for providing video signals of the worksite to a remote monitor comprising: a baseplate having an inner face and an outer face; a plurality of rollers, wherein e
5690898 Process for treating effluent from a supercritical water oxidation reactor November 25, 1997
A method for treating a gaseous effluent from a supercritical water oxidation reactor containing entrained solids is provided comprising the steps of expanding the gas/solids effluent from a first to a second lower pressure at a temperature at which no liquid condenses; separating the
5688003 Retaining latch for a water pit gate November 18, 1997
A retaining latch for use in a hazardous materials storage or handling facility to adjustably retain a water pit gate in a gate frame. A retaining latch is provided comprising a latch plate which is rotatably mounted to each end of the top of the gate and a recessed opening, formed i
5679135 Process for off-gas particulate removal and apparatus therefor October 21, 1997
In the event of a breach in the off-gas line of a melter operation requiring closure of the line, a secondary vessel vent line is provided with a particulate collector utilizing atomization for removal of large particulates from the off-gas. The collector receives the gas containing
5678240 Sodium to sodium carbonate conversion process October 14, 1997
A method of converting radioactive alkali metal into a low level disposable solid waste material. The radioactive alkali metal is atomized and introduced into an aqueous caustic solution having caustic present in the range of from about 20 wt % to about 70 wt % to convert the radioactive
5676819 In situ removal of contamination from soil October 14, 1997
A process of remediation of cationic heavy metal contamination from soil utilizes gas phase manipulation to inhibit biodegradation of a chelating agent that is used in an electrokinesis process to remove the contamination, and further gas phase manipulation to stimulate biodegradatio

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