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6063636 Method for detecting and diagnosing disease caused by pathological protein aggregation May 16, 2000
A method is provided for detecting pathological macromolecules in a patient, comprising obtaining body fluid from the patient, pretreating the body fluid, subjecting the pretreated body fluid to size-exclusion chromatography to create an excluded fluid, and analyzing the excluded flu
6060811 Advanced layered composite polylaminate electroactive actuator and sensor May 9, 2000
The present invention relates to the mounting of pre-stressed electroactive material in such a manner that large displacement actuators or sensors result. The invention comprises mounting the pre-stressed electroactive material to a support layer. This combination of a pre-stressed e
6059560 Periodic equivalence ratio modulation method and apparatus for controlling combustion instabilit May 9, 2000
The periodic equivalence ratio modulation (PERM) method and apparatus significantly reduces and/or eliminates unstable conditions within a combustion chamber. The method involves modulating the equivalence ratio for the combustion device, such that the combustion device periodically
6057506 Variable current-voltage TPV device for use in a thermophotovoltaic energy conversion system May 2, 2000
A front-side or back-side illuminated variable current-voltage thermophotovoltaic device comprises a support substrate; isolation layers disposed on the support substrate; a plurality of cells disposed on the isolation layers, each of the cells including a base layer and an emitter l
6056796 Rigid porous filter May 2, 2000
The present invention involves a porous rigid filter including a plurality of concentric filtration elements having internal flow passages and forming external flow passages there between. The present invention also involves a pressure vessel containing the filter for the removal of
6055048 Optical-to-tactile translator April 25, 2000
An optical-to-tactile translator provides an aid for the visually impaired by translating a near-field scene to a tactile signal corresponding to said near-field scene. An optical sensor using a plurality of active pixel sensors (APS) converts the optical image within the near-field scen
6051777 Double opposite-end tubesheet design for a thermovoltaic energy converter April 18, 2000
A method and apparatus for the direct conversion of energy by thermovoltaic energy conversion having first and second tubesheets, at least one photon emitter plate secured to and extending from the first tubesheet, at least one cold plate secured to and extending from the second tubeshee
6045952 Electrochemical storage cell containing a substituted anisole or di-anisole redox shuttle additi April 4, 2000
A electrochemical cell is described comprising an anode, a cathode, a solid polymer electrolyte, and a redox shuttle additive to protect the cell against overcharging and a redox shuttle additive to protect the cell against overcharging selected from the group consisting of:(a) a substit
6043426 Thermophotovoltaic energy conversion system having a heavily doped n-type region March 28, 2000
A thermophotovoltaic (TPV) energy conversion semiconductor device is provided which incorporates a heavily doped n-type region and which, as a consequence, has improved TPV conversion efficiency. The thermophotovoltaic energy conversion device includes an emitter layer having first a
6039882 Remediation of environmental contaminants using a metal and a sulfur-containing compound March 21, 2000
A method and composition for the remediation of environmental contaminants in soil, sediment, aquifer material, water, or containers in which contaminants were contained, wherein contaminants are reacted with a remediating composition comprising a metal and a sulfur-containing compou
6039878 Recovery of volatile organic compounds from emulsion of volatile organic compounds in water by p March 21, 2000
Volatile organic compounds (VOCS) can be removed from surfactant solutions using pervaporation with hydrophobic pervaporation membranes. This process can be used to remove volatile non-laqueous phase liquids from surfactant-based soil washing and soil flushing solutions for recovery of
6037645 Temperature calibration wafer for rapid thermal processing using thin-film thermocouples March 14, 2000
A thin-film thermocouple is provided which can be used at temperature of up to C. The thin-film thermocouple includes: a silicon substrate; an SiO.sub.2 diffusion barrier layer formed on the substrate; a titanium oxide adhesion layer formed on the diffusion barrier layer; a
6037596 Photoconducting positions monitor and imaging detector March 14, 2000
A photoconductive, high energy photon beam detector/monitor for detecting x-rays and gamma radiation, having a thin, disk-shaped diamond substrate with a first and second surface, and electrically conductive coatings, or electrodes, of a predetermined configuration or pattern, disposed o
6037561 Method and device for reducing overpenetration at the start of plasma arc welds March 14, 2000
A shim for improving plasma arc weld quality has ends tapered at about and notches at each end roughly centered over the corner between the tapered ends and main body of the shim. The improved shim allows lower starting plasma arc heat input and reduces the occurrence of s
6033794 Multi-stage fuel cell system method and apparatus March 7, 2000
A high efficiency, multi-stage fuel cell system method and apparatus is provided. The fuel cell system is comprised of multiple fuel cell stages, whereby the temperatures of the fuel and oxidant gas streams and the percentage of fuel consumed in each stage are controlled to optimize fuel
6033510 Method for fabricating composite structures using pultrusion processing March 7, 2000
A method for fabricating composite structures at a low-cost, moderate-to-high production rate. A first embodiment of the method includes employing a continuous press forming fabrication process. A second embodiment of the method includes employing a pultrusion process for obtaining c
6021681 Sampling device with a capped body and detachable handle February 8, 2000
The apparatus is a sampling device having a pad for sample collection, a body which supports the pad, a detachable handle connected to the body and a cap which encloses and retains the pad and body to protect the integrity of the sample.
6020671 In-line thermoelectric module February 1, 2000
A thermoelectric module with a plurality of electricity generating units each having a first end and a second end, the units being arranged first end to second end along an in-line axis. Each unit includes first and second elements each made of a thermoelectric material, an electrically
6018861 Method of forming micro-sensor thin-film anemometer February 1, 2000
A device for measuring turbulence in high-speed flows is provided which includes a micro-sensor thin-film probe. The probe is formed from a single crystal of aluminum oxide having a half-wedge shaped portion. The tip of the half-wedge is rounded and has a thin-film sensor atta
6008894 Remote adjustable focus Raman spectroscopy probe December 28, 1999
A remote adjustable focus Raman spectroscopy probe allows for analyzing Raman scattered light from a point of interest external probe. An environmental barrier including at least one window separates the probe from the point of interest. An optical tube is disposed adjacent to the en
6008491 Time-of-flight SIMS/MSRI reflectron mass analyzer and method December 28, 1999
A method and apparatus for analyzing the surface characteristics of a sample by Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy (SIMS) and Mass Spectroscopy of Recoiled Ions (MSRI) is provided. The method includes detecting back scattered primary ions, low energy ejected species, and high energy eje
6004698 Solid polymer electrolyte electrochemical storage cell containing a redox shuttle additive for o December 21, 1999
A class of organic redox shuttle additives is described, preferably comprising nitrogen-containing aromatics compounds, which can be used in a high temperature ( C. or higher) electrochemical storage cell comprising a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and a solid polyme
6002553 Giant magnetoresistive sensor December 14, 1999
A magnetoresistive sensor element with a three-dimensional micro-architecture is capable of significantly improved sensitivity and highly localized measurement of magnetic fields. The sensor is formed of a multilayer film of alternately magnetic and nonmagnetic materials. The sensor
5998800 Pipe overpack container for trasuranic waste storage and shipment December 7, 1999
A Pipe Overpack Container for transuranic waste storage and shipment. The system consists of a vented pipe component which is positioned in a vented, insulated 55 gallon steel drum. Both the vented pipe component and the insulated drum are capable of being secured to prevent the contents
5997802 Directly susceptible, noncarbon metal ceramic composite crucible December 7, 1999
A sintered metal ceramic crucible suitable for high temperature induction melting of reactive metals without appreciable carbon or silicon contamination of the melt. The crucible comprises a cast matrix of a thermally conductive ceramic material; a perforated metal sleeve, which serv
5996276 Aerodynamic transport body for distribution of biological agents December 7, 1999
A method and aerodynamic transport body for delivering biological control agents into a field is provided. The aerodynamic transport body is a biodegradable device into which the biological control agent is placed and then the device is projected into the field using a catapult.
5989748 Cyanoethylated compounds as additives in lithium/lithium batteries November 23, 1999
The power loss of lithium/lithium ion battery cells is significantly reduced, especially at low temperatures, when about 1% by weight of an additive is incorporated in the electrolyte layer of the cells. The usable additives are organic solvent soluble cyanoethylated polysaccharides and
5986233 Susceptor heating device for electron beam brazing November 16, 1999
A brazing device and method are provided which locally apply a controlled amount of heat to a selected area, within a vacuum. The device brazes two components together with a brazing metal. A susceptor plate is placed in thermal contact with one of the components. A serrated pedestal sup
5982787 Rippled beam free electron laser amplifier November 9, 1999
A free electron laser amplifier provides a scalloping annular electron beam that interacts with the axial electric field of a TM.sub.0n mode. A waveguide defines an axial centerline and, a solenoid arranged about the waveguide produces an axial constant magnetic field within the waveguid
5980610 Apparatus and method for improving electrostatic precipitator performance by plasma reactor conv November 9, 1999
An apparatus and process that utilize a low temperature nonequilibrium plasma reactor, for improving the particulate removal efficiency of an electrostatic precipitator (ESP) are disclosed. A portion of the flue gas, that contains a low level of SO.sub.2 O.sub.2 H.sub.2 O, and particulat
5978444 Direct detection of x-rays for protein crystallography employing a thick, large area CCD November 2, 1999
An apparatus and method for directly determining the crystalline structure of a protein crystal. The crystal is irradiated by a finely collimated x-ray beam. The interaction of the x-ray beam with the crystal produces scattered x-rays. These scattered x-rays are detected by means of a la
5968425 Methods for the continuous production of plastic scintillator materials October 19, 1999
Methods for producing plastic scintillating material employing either two major steps (tumble-mix) or a single major step (inline-coloring or inline-doping). Using the two step method, the polymer pellets are mixed with silicone oil, and the mixture is then tumble mixed with the dopants
5968224 Recovery of titanium values from titanium grinding swarf by electric furnace smelting October 19, 1999
A method for the recovery of valuable materials from titanium grinding swarf is provided comprising the steps of sieving the accumulated titanium grinding swarf to remove unwanted coarse trash and grinding wheel fragments, pelletizing, and smelting in an electric arc furnace to produce
5962630 Process and material that encapsulates solid hazardous waste October 5, 1999
A method of encapsulating mixed waste in which a thermoplastic polymer having a melting temperature less than about C. and sulfur and mixed waste are mixed at an elevated temperature not greater than about C. and mixed for a time sufficient to intimately mix the
5960013 Self-seeded injection-locked FEL amplifer September 28, 1999
A self-seeded free electron laser (FEL) provides a high gain and extraction efficiency for the emitted light. An accelerator outputs a beam of electron pulses to a permanent magnet wiggler having an input end for receiving the electron pulses and an output end for outputting light and
5959239 Thermovoltaic semiconductor device including a plasma filter September 28, 1999
A thermovoltaic energy conversion device and related method for converting thermal energy into an electrical potential. An interference filter is provided on a semiconductor thermovoltaic cell to pre-filter black body radiation. The semiconductor thermovoltaic cell includes a P/N junctio
5952655 Ultra-high sensitivity radiation detection apparatus and method September 14, 1999
A method and apparatus are provided to concentrate and detect very low levels of radioactive noble gases from the atmosphere. More specifically the invention provides a method and apparatus to concentrate xenon, krypton and radon in an organic fluid and to detect these gases by the r
5949219 Optical state-of-charge monitor for batteries September 7, 1999
A method and apparatus for determining the instantaneous state-of-charge of a battery in which change in composition with discharge manifests itself as a change in optical absorption. In a lead-acid battery, the sensor comprises a fiber optic system with an absorption cell or, alternativ
5948977 Soft-sided air displacement volumometer September 7, 1999
A soft-sided air displacement volumometer includes a soft-sided bag, an air injector, a pressure transducer, and a recording device. The soft-sided volumometer is used to measure the total body volume of a person or the volume of one limb of a person. After the person enters the soft-sid
5948722 Method for producing iron-based catalysts September 7, 1999
A method for preparing an acid catalyst having a long shelf-life is provided comprising doping crystalline iron oxides with lattice-compatible metals and heating the now-doped oxide with halogen compounds at elevated temperatures. The invention also provides for a catalyst comprising an
5948263 Method for separating water soluble organics from a process stream by aqueous biphasic extractio September 7, 1999
A method for separating water-miscible organic species from a process stream by aqueous biphasic extraction is provided. An aqueous biphase system is generated by contacting a process stream comprised of water, salt, and organic species with an aqueous polymer solution. The organic s
5942439 Method for isotopic analysis of chlorinated organic compounds August 24, 1999
The present invention provides a method for preparing a VOC sample for carbon and chlorine isotope ratio analysis by mass spectrometer. A VOC sample is placed in a combustion tube and reacted with CuO to form CO.sub.2 and CuCl. The CO.sub.2 is then extracted and analyzed for the carb
5942164 Combined heat and mass transfer device for improving separation process August 24, 1999
A two-phase small channel heat exchange matrix simultaneously provides for heat transfer and mass transfer between the liquid and vapor phases of a multi-component mixture at a single, predetermined location within a separation column, significantly improving the thermodynamic efficiency
5940460 Solid state neutron detector array August 17, 1999
A neutron detector array is capable of measuring a wide range of neutron fluxes. The array includes multiple semiconductor neutron detectors. Each detector has a semiconductor active region that is resistant to radiation damage. In one embodiment, the array preferably has a relatively sm
5939986 Mobile machine hazardous working zone warning system August 17, 1999
A warning system is provided for a mobile working machine to alert an individual of a potentially dangerous condition in the event the individual strays into a hazardous working zone of the machine. The warning system includes a transmitter mounted on the machine and operable to gene
5939324 Performance evaluation soil samples utilizing encapsulation technology August 17, 1999
Performance evaluation soil samples and method of their preparation using encapsulation technology to encapsulate analytes which are introduced into a soil matrix for analysis and evaluation by analytical laboratories. Target analytes are mixed in an appropriate solvent at predetermined
5938821 Drum bubbler tritium processing system August 17, 1999
A method of separating tritium oxide from a gas stream containing tritium oxide. The gas stream containing tritium oxide is fed into a container of water having a head space above the water. Bubbling the gas stream containing tritium oxide through the container of water and removing gas
5936240 Mobile autonomous robotic apparatus for radiologic characterization August 10, 1999
A mobile robotic system that conducts radiological surveys to map alpha, beta, and gamma radiation on surfaces in relatively level open areas or areas containing obstacles such as stored containers or hallways, equipment, walls and support columns. The invention incorporates improved
5932818 Near real time vapor detection and enhancement using aerosol adsorption August 3, 1999
A vapor sample detection method where the vapor sample contains vapor and ambient air and surrounding natural background particles. The vapor sample detection method includes the steps of generating a supply of aerosol that have a particular effective median particle size, mixing the aer
5930315 Process management using component thermal-hydraulic function classes July 27, 1999
A process management expert system where following malfunctioning of a component, such as a pump, for determining system realignment procedures such as for by-passing the malfunctioning component with on-line speeds to maintain operation of the process at full or partial capacity or to

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