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H1426 Apparatus and method for determining the optical power passing through an optical fiber April 4, 1995
An apparatus and method for determining the optical power transmitted through an optical fiber. The invention is based on measuring the intensity of the fluorescence produced by a doped segment of an optical fiber. The dopant is selected so that it emits light at a different waveleng
H137 Process for reducing beta activity in uranium October 7, 1986
This invention is a method for lowering the beta radiation hazards associated with the casting of uranium. The method reduces the beta radiation emitted from the as-cast surfaces of uranium ingots. The method also reduces the amount of beta radiation emitters retained on the interior
H1366 SCB initiator November 1, 1994
A detonator for high explosives initiated by mechanical impact includes a cylindrical barrel, a layer of flyer material mechanically covering the barrel at one end, and a semiconductor bridge ignitor including a pair of electrically conductive pads connected by a semiconductor bridge. Th
H1364 Fluorescent fiber diagnostics October 4, 1994
A fluorescent fiber (13) having a doped core (16) is pumped (11) by light (18) of a relatively short wavelength to produce fluorescence at a longer wavelength that is detected by detector (24). The level of fluorescence is monitored (26) and evaluated to provide information as to the exc
H1310 Process for measuring low cadmium levels in blood and other biological specimens May 3, 1994
A process for measuring low levels of cadmium in blood and other biological specimens is provided without interference from high levels of alkali metal contaminants by forming an aqueous solution and without contamination by environmental cadmium absent the proteins from the specimen
H1309 Phosphazene polymer containing composites and method for making phosphazene polymer containing c May 3, 1994
A composite is produced by first coating a reinforcing material with an inorganic phosphazene compound and then polymerizing the phosphazene compound so as to confer superior thermal, physical and chemical resistance qualities to the composite.
H128 Jet-controlled freeze valve for use in a glass melter September 2, 1986
A drain valve for use in a furnace for the melting of thermoplastic material. The furnace includes a drain cavity formed in its bottom for withdrawing a flow of thermoplastic material. The drain valve includes a flow member which include a flow tube having an inlet and outlet for the
H1262 Rod examination gauge December 7, 1993
The present invention is directed to a semi-automatic rod examination gauge for performing a large number of exacting measurements on radioactive fuel rods. The rod examination gauge performs various measurements underwater with remote controlled machinery of high reliability. The rod ex
H1239 Extrusion of metal oxide superconducting wire, tube or ribbon October 5, 1993
A process for extruding a superconducting metal oxide composition YBa.sub.2 Cu.sub.3 O.sub.7-x provides a wire (tube or ribbon) having a cohesive mass and a degree of flexibility together with enhanced electrical properties. Wire diameters in the range of 6-85 mils have been produced wit
H1209 No-carrier-added (18F)-N-methylspiroperidol July 6, 1993
There is disclosed a radioligand labeled with a positron emitting radionuclide suitable for dynamic study in living humans with positron emission transaxial tomography. [.sup.18 F]-N-methylspiroperidol, exhibiting extremely high affinity for the dopamine receptors, provides enhanced
H1204 Environmentally safe fluid extractor July 6, 1993
An environmentally safe fluid extraction device for use in mobile laboratory and industrial settings comprising a pump, compressor, valving system, waste recovery tank, fluid tank, and a exhaust filtering system.
H12 Nuclear medicine imaging system January 7, 1986
A nuclear medicine imaging system having two large field of view scintillation cameras mounted on a rotatable gantry and being movable diametrically toward or away from each other is disclosed. In addition, each camera may be rotated about an axis perpendicular to the diameter of the
H119 Passive emergency core cooling system for a liquid metal fast September 2, 1986
A passive decay heat removal system in which gas pressurization of a gap between the double walls of heat exchanger tubes initiates heat removal by triggering an increase in tube heat conductivity.
H1161 Aqueous coal slurry April 6, 1993
An aqueous slurry containing coal and dextrin as a dispersant. The slurry, in addition to containing dextrin, may contain a conventional dispersant or, alternatively, a pH controlling reagent.
H116 Charged particle accelerator grating September 2, 1986
A readily disposable and replaceable accelerator grating for a relativistic particle accelerator. The grating is formed for a plurality of liquid droplets that are directed in precisely positioned jet streams to periodically dispose rows of droplets along the borders of a predetermined
H1149 High solids fermentation reactor March 2, 1993
A fermentation reactor and method for fermentation of materials having greater than about 10% solids. The reactor includes a rotatable shaft along the central axis, the shaft including rods extending outwardly to mix the materials. The reactor and method are useful for anaerobic dige
H1138 Processing method for superconducting ceramics February 2, 1993
A process for preparing a superconducting ceramic and particularly YBa.sub.2 Cu.sub.3, where .delta. is in the order of about 0.1-0.4, is carried out using a polymeric binder which decomposes below its ignition point to reduce carbon residue between the grains of the
H1118 Chemical comminution and deashing of low-rank coals December 1, 1992
A method of chemically comminuting a low-rank coal while at the same time increasing the heating value of the coal. A strong alkali solution is added to a low-rank coal to solubilize the carbonaceous portion of the coal, leaving behind the noncarbonaceous mineral matter portion. The
H1115 Robot arm apparatus December 1, 1992
A robot arm apparatus is provided for inspecting and/or maintaining an interior of a steam generator which has an outside wall and a port for accessing the interior of the steam generator. The robot arm apparatus includes a flexible movable conduit for conveying inspection and/or mai
H11 Can-out hatch assembly and positioning system January 7, 1986
A can-out hatch assembly is adapted to engage in a sealed manner the upper end of a covered sealed container around an aperture in a sealed chamber and to remove the cover from the container permitting a contaminant to be transferred between the container and the chamber while isolating
H1095 Cooled, temperature controlled electrometer August 4, 1992
A cooled, temperature controlled electrometer for the measurement of small currents. The device employs a thermal transfer system to remove heat from the electrometer circuit and its environment and dissipate it to the external environment by means of a heat sink. The operation of the th
H1093 HCL monitoring apparatus and method for process gas streams August 4, 1992
An HCl monitor is provided for the extractive analysis of high-temperature, high-pressure, coal-derived process streams. The monitor is capable of HCl concentration measurement in the presence of all known coal gasification products, with detection being based on the ability of HCl to pr
H1074 Bacterio-electric leaching of metals July 7, 1992
The separation of cationic materials from an ore body is assisted by the application of an electric potential, and resulting current, to the ore body, in association with iron or sulphur oxidizing bacteria. The combined process induces migration of cationic metals to a cathode suspended
H1026 Rotary bulk solids divider March 3, 1992
An apparatus for the disbursement of a bulk solid sample comprising, a gravity hopper having a top open end and a bottom discharge end, a feeder positioned beneath the gravity hopper so as to receive a bulk solid sample flowing from the bottom discharge end, and a conveyor receiving the
H10 Can-out hatch assembly with magnetic retention means January 7, 1986
A can-out hatch assembly may be positioned in sealed engagement about an aperture within a chamber and is adapted to engage a cover on a container positioned over the aperture to allow the transfer of a contaminant from the chamber to the container while maintaining the contaminant as we
6141362 Reduction of B-integral accumulation in lasers October 31, 2000
A pulsed laser is provided wherein the B-integral accumulated in the laser pulse is reduced using a semiconductor wafer. A laser pulse is generated by a laser pulse source. The laser pulse passes through a semiconductor wafer that has a negative nonlinear index of refraction. Thus, the l
6137110 Focused ion beam source method and apparatus October 24, 2000
A focused ion beam having a cross section of submicron diameter, a high ion current, and a narrow energy range is generated from a target comprised of particle source material by laser ablation. The method involves directing a laser beam having a cross section of critical diameter onto t
6137025 Ceramic composition for immobilization of actinides October 24, 2000
Disclosed is a ceramic composition for the immobilization of actinides, particularly uranium and plutonium. The ceramic is a titanate material comprising pyrochlore, brannerite and rutile.
6133498 Method for producing chemically bonded phosphate ceramics and for stabilizing contaminants encap October 17, 2000
Known phosphate ceramic formulations are improved and the ability to produce iron-based phosphate ceramic systems is enabled by the addition of an oxidizing or reducing step during the acid-base reactions that form the phosphate ceramic products. The additives allow control of the rate o
6125297 Body fluids monitor September 26, 2000
Method and apparatus are described for determining volumes of body fluids in a subject using bioelectrical response spectroscopy. The human body is represented using an electrical circuit. Intra-cellular water is represented by a resistor in series with a capacitor; extra-cellular water
6122967 Free motion scanning system September 26, 2000
The present invention relates to an ultrasonic scanner system and method for the imaging of a part system, the scanner comprising: a probe assembly spaced apart from the surface of the part including at least two tracking signals for emitting radiation and a transmitter for emitting ultr
6122920 High specific surface area aerogel cryoadsorber for vacuum pumping applications September 26, 2000
A cryogenic pumping system is provided, comprising a vacuum environment, an aerogel sorbent formed from a carbon aerogel disposed within the vacuum environment, and cooling means for cooling the aerogel sorbent sufficiently to adsorb molecules from the vacuum environment onto the aer
6121716 Apparatus and method for prevention of cracking in welded brittle alloys September 19, 2000
An apparatus and method for reducing cracking in a heated material as the material cools. The apparatus includes a variable frequency electric signal generator that is coupled to a transducer. The transducer produces a variable frequency acoustic signal in response to the variable freque
6118886 Automatic target recognition apparatus and method September 12, 2000
An automatic target recognition apparatus (10) is provided, having a video camera/digitizer (12) for producing a digitized image signal (20) representing an image containing therein objects which objects are to be recognized if they meet predefined criteria. The digitized image signal
6115674 Automated detection and location of indications in eddy current signals September 5, 2000
A computer implemented information extraction process that locates and identifies eddy current signal features in digital point-ordered signals, signals representing data from inspection of test materials, by enhancing the signal features relative to signal noise, detecting features of t
6115528 Raman fiber optic probe assembly for use in hostile environments September 5, 2000
This invention provides a device for Raman spectroscopic measurement of composition and concentrations in a hostile environment by the use of a first fiber optic as a means of directing high intensity monochromatic light from a laser to the hostile environment and a second fiber optic to
6110855 Process for strengthening aluminum based ceramics and material August 29, 2000
A process for strengthening aluminum based ceramics is provided. A gaseous atmosphere consisting essentially of silicon monoxide gas is formed by exposing a source of silicon to an atmosphere consisting essentially of hydrogen and a sufficient amount of water vapor. The aluminum based
6105335 Sustainable wall construction and exterior insulation retrofit technology process and structure August 22, 2000
A low-cost process for exterior wall insulation retrofit, or new wall construction by stacking layers of fabric tube filled with insulating material against a wall and covering them with mesh and stucco provides a durable structure with good insulating value.
6104018 Uniform bulk material processing using multimode microwave radiation August 15, 2000
An apparatus for generating uniform heating in material contained in a cylindrical vessel is described. TE.sub.10 -mode microwave radiation is coupled into a cylindrical microwave transition such that microwave radiation having TE.sub.11 -, TE.sub.01 - and TM.sub.01 -cylindrical modes
6102979 Oxide strengthened molybdenum-rhenium alloy August 15, 2000
Provided is a method of making an ODS molybdenum-rhenium alloy which includes the steps of:(a) forming a slurry containing molybdenum oxide and a metal salt dispersed in an aqueous medium, the metal salt being selected from nitrates or acetates of lanthanum, cerium or thorium;(b) heating
6100807 Rack protection monitor August 8, 2000
A hardwired, fail-safe rack protection monitor utilizes electromechanical relays to respond to the detection by condition sensors of abnormal or alarm conditions (such as smoke, temperature, wind or water) that might adversely affect or damage equipment being protected. When the monitor
6100621 Thermionic converter with differentially heated cesium-oxygen source and method of operation August 8, 2000
A thermionic converter having an emitter, a collector, and a source of cesium vapor is provided wherein the source of cesium vapor is differentially heated so that said source has a hotter end and a cooler end, with cesium vapor evaporating from said hotter end into the space between
6099389 Fabrication of an optical component August 8, 2000
A method for forming optical parts used in laser optical systems such as high energy lasers, high average power lasers, semiconductor capital equipment and medical devices. The optical parts will not damage during the operation of high power lasers in the ultra-violet light range. A
6098579 Carbon fiber reinforced carbon composite rotary valve for an internal combustion engine August 8, 2000
Carbon fiber reinforced carbon composite rotary, sleeve, and disc valves for internal combustion engines and the like are disclosed. The valves are formed from knitted or braided or warp-locked carbon fiber shapes. Also disclosed are valves fabricated from woven carbon fibers and from mo
6083781 Method for manufacturing compound semiconductor field-effect transistors with improved DC and hi July 4, 2000
A method for making compound semiconductor devices including the use of a p-type dopant is disclosed wherein the dopant is co-implanted with an n-type donor species at the time the n-channel is formed and a single anneal at moderate temperature is then performed. Also disclosed are d
6083641 Titanium carbide bipolar plate for electrochemical devices July 4, 2000
A corrosion resistant, electrically conductive, non-porous bipolar plate is made from titanium carbide for use in an eletrochemical device. The process involves blending titanium carbide powder with a suitable binder material, and molding the mixture, at an elevated temperature and p
6081574 Void forming pyrolytic carbon coating process June 27, 2000
A pyrolytic carbon coated nuclear fuel particle and method of making it. The fuel particle has a core composed of a refractory compound of an actinide metal. The pyrolytic carbon coating surrounds the core so as to provide a void volume therebetween. The coating has an initial density of
6079267 Method and apparatus for measuring gravitational acceleration utilizing a high temperature super June 27, 2000
Gravitational acceleration is measured in all spatial dimensions with improved sensitivity by utilizing a high temperature superconducting (HTS) gravimeter. The HTS gravimeter is comprised of a permanent magnet suspended in a spaced relationship from a high temperature superconductor,
6075176 Iron-phosphate ceramics for solidification of mixed low-level waste June 13, 2000
A method of immobilizing mixed low-level waste is provided which uses low cost materials and has a relatively long hardening period. The method includes: forming a mixture of iron oxide powders having ratios, in mass %, of FeO:Fe.sub.2 O.sub.3 :Fe.sub.3 O.sub.4 equal to 25-40:40-10:35-50
6065630 Sapphire tube pressure vessel May 23, 2000
A pressure vessel is provided for observing corrosive fluids at high temperatures and pressures. A transparent Teflon bag contains the corrosive fluid and provides an inert barrier. The Teflon bag is placed within a sapphire tube, which forms a pressure boundary. The tube is received

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