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5068485 Activation of methane by transition metal-substituted aluminophosphate molecular sieves November 26, 1991
Aluminophosphate molecular sieves substituted with cobalt, manganese or iron and having the AlPO.sub.4 -34 or AlPO.sub.4 -5, or related AlPO.sub.4 structure activate methane starting at approximately C. Between and C. and at methane pressures .ltoreq.1
5067995 Method for enhancing stability of high explosives, for purposes of transport or storage, and the November 26, 1991
The stability of porous solid high explosives, for purposes of transport or storage, is enhanced by reducing the sensitivity to shock initiation of a reaction that leads to detonation. The pores of the explosive down to a certain size are filled under pressure with a stable, low melt tem
5067820 Radionuclide calorimeter system November 26, 1991
A circuit for measuring temperature differentials in a calorimeter is disclosed. The temperature differential between the reference element and sample element containing a radioactive material is measured via a wheatstone bridge arrangement of thermistors. The bridge is driven with an
5066684 Low density microcellular foams November 19, 1991
Disclosed is a process of producing microcellular foam which comprises the steps of:(a) selecting a multifunctional epoxy oligomer resin;(b) mixing said epoxy resin with a non-reactive diluent to form a resin-diluent mixture;(c) forming a diluent containing cross-linked epoxy gel from said
5066565 Selective protection of poly(tetra-fluoroethylene) from effects of chemical etching November 19, 1991
A photolithographic method for treating an article formed of polymeric material comprises subjecting portions of a surface of the polymeric article to ionizing radiation; and then subjecting the surface to chemical etching. The ionizing radiation treatment according to the present in
5065205 Long wavelength, high gain InAsSb strained-layer superlattice photoconductive detectors November 12, 1991
A high gain photoconductive device for 8 to 12 .mu.m wavelength radiation including an active semiconductor region extending from a substrate to an exposed face, the region comprising a strained-layer superlattice of alternating layers of two different InAs.sub.1-x Sb.sub.x compounds hav
5064789 Silicon nitride reinforced with molybdenum disilicide November 12, 1991
Compositions of matter comprised of silicon nitride and molybdenum disilicide and methods of making the compositions, where the molybdenum disilicide is present in amounts ranging from about 5 to about 50 vol. %.
5063182 Zirconia-molybdenum disilicide composites November 5, 1991
Compositions of matter comprised of molybdenum disilicide and zirconium oxide in one of three forms: pure, partially stabilized, or fully stabilized and methods of making the compositions. The stabilized zirconia is crystallographically stabilized by mixing it with yttrium oxide, cal
5063019 Nuclear reactivity control using laser induced polarization November 5, 1991
A control element for reactivity control of a fission source provides an atomic density of .sup.3 He in a control volume which is effective to control criticality as the .sup.3 He is spin-polarized. Spin-polarization of the .sup.3 He affects the cross section of the control volume for
5062931 Electrochemical polishing of thread fastener test specimens of nickel-chromium iron alloys November 5, 1991
An electrochemical polishing device and method for selective anodic dissolution of the surface of test specimens comprised, for example, of nickel-chromium-iron alloys, which provides for uniform dissolution at the localized sites to remove metal through the use of a coiled wire electrod
5062186 Quick-sealing design for radiological containment November 5, 1991
A quick-sealing assembly and method for forming an adhesive seal on opposite sides of a mechanical seal for a flexible containment bag of the type used for working with radioactively contaminated objects. The assembly includes an elongated mechanical fastener having opposing engaging
5061363 Method for co-processing waste rubber and carbonaceous material October 29, 1991
In a process for the co-processing of waste rubber and carbonaceous material to form a useful liquid product, the rubber and the carbonaceous material are combined and heated to the depolymerization temperature of the rubber in the presence of a source of hydrogen. The depolymerized
5061216 Ionization chamber dosimeter October 29, 1991
A method for fabricating an ion chamber dosimeter collecting array of the type utilizing plural discrete elements formed on a uniform collecting surface which includes forming a thin insulating layer over an aperture in a frame having surfaces, forming a predetermined pattern of through
5061039 Dual axis translation apparatus and system for translating an optical beam and related method October 29, 1991
A dual axis translation device and system in accordance with this invention, for translating an optical beam along both an x-axis and a y-axis which are perpendicular to one another, has a beam directing means acting on said optical beam for directing the beam along a particular path
5060282 Optical pattern recognition architecture implementing the mean-square error correlation algorith October 22, 1991
An optical architecture implementing the mean-square error correlation algorithm,for discriminating the presence of a reference image R in an input image scene I by computing the mean-square-error between a time-varying reference image signal s.sub.1 (t) and a time-varying input image si
5059785 Backscattering spectrometry device for identifying unknown elements present in a workpiece October 22, 1991
A backscattering spectrometry method and device for identifying and quantifying impurities in a workpiece during processing and manufacturing of that workpiece. While the workpiece is implanted with an ion beam, that same ion beam backscatters resulting from collisions with known atoms a
5058762 Shipping device for heater unit assembly October 22, 1991
A shipping device for a heater unit assembly (23), the heater unit assembly (23) including a cylindrical wall (25) and a top plate (31) secured to the cylindrical wall (25) and having a flange portion which projects radially beyond the outer surface of the cylindrical wall (25), and the
5057269 Production of aluminum-26 October 15, 1991
A method of producing Al-26 from potassium chloride by exposing it to a proton beam in order to break potassium and chlorine atoms into smaller pieces, which include Al-26. The Al-26 is isolated from the potassium chloride and other substances produced by the beam by means of extraction
5056136 Secure video communications system October 8, 1991
A secure video communications system having at least one command network formed by a combination of subsystems. The combination of subsystems to include a video subsystem, an audio subsystem, a communications subsystem, and a control subsystem. The video communications system to be windo
5056129 Apparatus for monitoring X-ray beam alignment October 8, 1991
A self-contained, hand-held apparatus is provided for minitoring alignment of an X-ray beam in an instrument employing an X-ray source. The apparatus includes a transducer assembly containing a photoresistor for providing a range of electrical signals responsive to a range of X-ray beam
5055926 Video image position determination October 8, 1991
An optical beam position controller in which a video camera captures an image of the beam in its video frames, and conveys those images to a processing board which calculates the centroid coordinates for the image. The image coordinates are used by motor controllers and stepper motors to
5055890 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory having three dimension charge confinement October 8, 1991
A layered semiconductor device with a nonvolatile three dimensional memory comprises a storage channel which stores charge carriers. Charge carriers flow laterally through the storage channel from a source to a drain. Isolation material, either a Schottky barrier or a heterojunction, loc
5055727 Rotary drive mechanism October 8, 1991
A rotary drive mechanism includes a rotary solenoid having a stator and multi-poled rotor. A moving member rotates with the rotor and is biased by a biasing device. The biasing device causes a further rotational movement after rotation by the rotary solenoid. Thus, energization of the ro
5054321 Method and apparatus for measuring surface contour on parts with elevated temperatures October 8, 1991
The invention is directed to a method and apparatus for measuring the surface contour of a test piece, such as the bow of a radioactive fuel rod, which is completely immersed in water. The invention utilizes ultrasonic technology and is capable of measuring surface contours of test p
5054028 Feedback stabilization system for pulsed single longitudinal mode tunable lasers October 1, 1991
A feedback stabilization system for pulse single longitudinal mode tunable lasers having an excited laser medium contained within an adjustable length cavity and producing a laser beam through the use of an internal dispersive element, including detection of angular deviation in the outp
5054018 Spatial optic multiplexer/diplexer October 1, 1991
An apparatus for simultaneous transmission of optic signals having different wavelengths over a single optic fiber. Multiple light signals are transmitted through optic fibers that are formed into a circumference surrounding a central core fiber. The multiple light signals are directed
5052426 System for pressure letdown of abrasive slurries October 1, 1991
A system and method for releasing erosive slurries from containment at high pressure without subjecting valves to highly erosive slurry flow. The system includes a pressure letdown tank disposed below the high-pressure tank, the two tanks being connected by a valved line communicating th
5051996 Built-in-test by signature inspection (bitsi) September 24, 1991
A system and method for fault detection for electronic circuits. A stimulus generator sends a signal to the input of the circuit under test. Signature inspection logic compares the resultant signal from test nodes on the circuit to an expected signal. If the signals do not match, the sig
5051804 Photodetector having high speed and sensitivity September 24, 1991
The present invention provides a photodetector having an advantageous combination of sensitivity and speed; it has a high sensitivity while retaining high speed. In a preferred embodiment, visible light is detected, but in some embodiments, x-rays can be detected, and in other embodi
5051789 Device having two optical ports for switching applications September 24, 1991
A two-sided light-activatable semiconductor switch device having an optical port on each side thereof. The semiconductor device may be a p-i-n diode or of bulk intrinsic material. A two ported p-i-n diode, reverse-biased to "off" by a 1.3 kV dc power supply, conducted 192 A when activate
5050789 Apparatus and method for explosive bonding to edge of flyer plate September 24, 1991
The invention is an apparatus and a process for the explosive joining of a flyer plate and a base plate. The apparatus consists of a flyer plate positioned over a base plate. The flyer plate has a notch containing a filler material in intimate contact with the flyer plate. An adhesive
5050112 Specimen coordinate automated measuring machine/fiducial automated measuring machine September 17, 1991
The Specimen coordinate Automated Measuring Machine (SCAMM) and the Fiducial Automated Measuring Machine (FAMM) is a computer controlled metrology system capable of measuring length, width, and thickness, and of locating fiducial marks. SCAMM and FAMM have many similarities in their
5049836 High voltage electrical amplifier having a short rise time September 17, 1991
A circuit, comprising an amplifier and a transformer is disclosed that produces a high power pulse having a fast response time, and that responds to a digital control signal applied through a digital-to-analog converter. The present invention is suitable for driving a component such as a
5049492 Biofilm monitoring coupon system and method of use September 17, 1991
An apparatus and method for biofilm monitoring of a water distribution system which includes the mounting of at least one fitting 61 in a wall port 65 of a manifold 19 in the water distribution system with a passage 62 through the fitting in communication with the manifold flow stream an
5048969 Piezoelectric measurement of laser power September 17, 1991
A method for measuring the energy of individual laser pulses or a series of laser pulses by reading the output of a piezoelectric (PZ) transducer which has received a known fraction of the total laser pulse beam. An apparatus is disclosed that reduces the incident energy on the PZ tr
5048038 Ion-implanted planar-buried-heterostructure diode laser September 10, 1991
A Planar-Buried-Heterostructure, Graded-Index, Separate-Confinement-Heterostructure semiconductor diode laser 10 includes a single quantum well or multi-quantum well active stripe 12 disposed between a p-type compositionally graded Group III-V cladding layer 14 and an n-type composit
5047623 Transparent selective illumination means suitable for use in optically activated electrical swit September 10, 1991
A planar transparent light conducting means and an improved optically activated electrical switch made using the novel light conducting means are disclosed. The light conducting means further comprise light scattering means on one or more opposite planar surfaces thereof to transmit
5047594 Nuclear qualified in-containment electrical connectors and method of connecting electrical condu September 10, 1991
A nuclear qualified in-containment electrical connection comprises an insulated, sheathed instrument lead having electrical conductors extending from one end thereof to provide two exposed lead wires, a watertight cable having electrical conducting wires therein and extending from one en
5047225 Low density carbonized composite foams September 10, 1991
A carbonized composite foam having a density less than about 50 mg/cm.sup.3 and individual cell sizes no greater than about 1 .mu.m in diameter is described, and the process of making it.
5047112 Method for preparing homogeneous single crystal ternary III-V alloys September 10, 1991
A method for producing homogeneous, single-crystal III-V ternary alloys of high crystal perfection using a floating crucible system in which the outer crucible holds a ternary alloy of the composition desired to be produced in the crystal and an inner floating crucible having a narrow,
5045793 Toroids as NMR detectors in metal pressure probes and in flow systems September 3, 1991
A nuclear magnetic resonance probe to measure the properties of a sample under high pressure conditions. The apparatus employs a free standing, elongated toroidal coil as the RF transmitter and receiver.
5045508 Ammonia-treated phosphate glasses useful for sealing to metals metals September 3, 1991
A method of improving surface-dependent properties of phosphate glass such as durability and wear resistance without significantly affecting its thermal expansion coefficient is provided which comprises annealing the glass in a dry ammonia atmosphere at temperatures approximating the
5045371 Glass matrix armor September 3, 1991
An armor system which utilizes glass. A plurality of constraint cells are mounted on a surface of a substrate, which is metal armor plate or a similar tough material, such that the cells almost completely cover the surface of the substrate. Each constraint cell has a projectile-receiving
5044606 Valve stem and packing assembly September 3, 1991
A valve stem and packing assembly is provided in which a rotatable valve stem includes a first tractrix surface for sliding contact with a stem packing and also includes a second tractrix surface for sliding contact with a bonnet. Force is applied by means of a spring, gland flange, and
5044552 Supersonic coal water slurry fuel atomizer September 3, 1991
A supersonic coal water slurry atomizer utilizing supersonic gas velocities to atomize coal water slurry is provided wherein atomization occurs externally of the atomizer. The atomizer has a central tube defining a coal water slurry passageway surrounded by an annular sleeve defining an
5043739 High frequency rectenna August 27, 1991
The invention provides an inexpensive array of rectifying antennas which employ field emission diodes for rectifying electromagnetic waves of microwave frequencies and higher frequencies.
5043682 Printed circuit dispersive transmission line August 27, 1991
A printed circuit dispersive transmission line structure is disclosed comprising an insulator, a ground plane formed on one surface of the insulator, a first transmission line formed on a second surface of the insulator, and a second transmission line also formed on the second surfac
5043574 Neutral particle beam sensing and steering August 27, 1991
The direction of a neutral particle beam (NPB) is determined by detecting Ly.alpha. radiation emitted during motional quenching of excited H(2S) atoms in the beam during movement of the atoms through a magnetic field. At least one detector is placed adjacent the beam exit to define an
5042950 Apparatus and method for laser beam diagnosis August 27, 1991
An apparatus and method is disclosed for accurate, real time monitoring of the wavefront curvature of a coherent laser beam. Knowing the curvature, it can be quickly determined whether the laser beam is collimated, or focusing (converging), or de-focusing (diverging). The apparatus inclu
5041147 Hydrogen isotope separation utilizing bulk getters August 20, 1991
Tritium and deuterium are separated from a gaseous mixture thereof, derived from a nuclear fusion reactor or some other source, by providing a casing with a bulk getter therein for absorbing the gaseous mixture to produce an initial loading of the getter, partially desorbing the getter t

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