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5103701 Diamond tool machining of materials which react with diamond April 14, 1992
Apparatus for the diamond machining of materials which detrimentally react with diamond cutting tools in which the cutting tool and the workpiece are chilled to very low temperatures. This chilling halts or retards the chemical reaction between the workpiece and the diamond cutting tool
5103676 Method of noncontacting ultrasonic process monitoring April 14, 1992
A method of monitoring a material during processing comprising the steps of (a) shining a detection light on the surface of a material; (b) generating ultrasonic waves at the surface of the material to cause a change in frequency of the detection light; (c) detecting a change in the freq
5103452 X-ray laser system, x-ray laser and method April 7, 1992
Disclosed is an x-ray laser system comprising a laser containing generating means for emitting short wave length radiation, and means external to said laser for energizing said generating means, wherein when the laser is in an operative mode emitting radiation, the radiation has a transv
5103161 Stripline fast faraday cup for measuring GHz structure of ion beams April 7, 1992
The Stripline Fast Faraday Cup is a device which is used to quantitatively and qualitatively measure gigahertz time structure characteristics of ion beams with energies up to at least 30 Mev per nucleon. A stripline geometry is employed in conjunction with an electrostatic screen and a
5102863 Process for producing clad superconductive materials April 7, 1992
A process for fabricating superconducting composite wire by the steps of placing a superconductive precursor admixture capable of undergoing a self propagating combustion in stoichiometric amounts sufficient to form a superconductive product within a metal tube, sealing one end of said t
5102825 Method of making an ion-implanted planar-buried-heterostructure diode laser April 7, 1992
Planar-buried-heterostructure, graded-index, separate-confinement-heterostructure semiconductor diode laser 10 includes a single quantum well or multi-quantum well active stripe 12 disposed between a p-type compositionally graded Group III-V cladding lever 14 and an n-type compositio
5100791 Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF) using cellobiose fermenting yeast Brettanom March 31, 1992
A process for producing ethanol from plant biomass includes forming a substrate from the biomass with the substrate including hydrolysates of cellulose and hemicellulose. A species of the yeast Brettanomyces custersii (CBS 5512), which has the ability to ferment both cellobiose and g
5100486 Method of coating metal surfaces to form protective metal coating thereon March 31, 1992
A process is disclosed for forming a protective metal coating on a metal surface using a flux consisting of an alkali metal fluoride, an alkaline earth metal fluoride, an alkali metal fluoaluminate, an alkali metal fluosilicate, and mixtures thereof. The flux, in particulate form, is
5099490 Method for reducing energy losses in laser crystals March 24, 1992
A process for reducing energy losses in crystals is disclosed which comprises:a. heating a crystal to a temperature sufficiently high as to cause dissolution of microscopic inclusions into the crystal, thereby converting said inclusions into point-defects, andb. maintaining said crystal
5099311 Microchannel heat sink assembly March 24, 1992
The present invention provides a microchannel heat sink with a thermal range from cryogenic temperatures to several hundred degrees centigrade. The heat sink can be used with a variety of fluids, such as cryogenic or corrosive fluids, and can be operated at a high pressure. The heat sink
5099175 Tunability enhanced electromagnetic wiggler March 24, 1992
The invention discloses a wiggler used in synchrotron radiation sources and free electron lasers, where each pole is surrounded by at least two electromagnetic coils. The electromagnetic coils are energized with different amounts of current to provide a wide tunable range of the on-a
5098682 Dehydration of plutonium or neptunium trichloride hydrate March 24, 1992
A process of preparing anhydrous actinide metal trichlorides of plutonium or neptunium by reacting an aqueous solution of an actinide metal trichloride selected from the group consisting of plutonium trichloride or neptunium trichloride with a reducing agent capable of converting the
5098645 Container for reprocessing and permanent storage of spent nuclear fuel assemblies March 24, 1992
A single canister process container for reprocessing and permanent storage of spent nuclear fuel assemblies comprising zirconium-based cladding and fuel, which process container comprises a collapsible container, having side walls that are made of a high temperature alloy and an array of
5098526 Process for preparation of a seed layer for selective metal deposition March 24, 1992
Disclosed is a process for selective metal deposition comprising of the steps of:a. formation of an initial surface on a substrate, said initial surface being comprised of at least two layers of which the uppermost is inert,b. exposing the surface to a source of heat in pre-determined places
5098197 Optical Johnson noise thermometry March 24, 1992
Method and device for direct, non-contact temperature measure of a body. A laser beam is reflected from the surface of the body and detected along with the Planck radiation. The detected signal is analyzed using signal correlation technique to generate an output signal proportional to th
5097200 Electron launching voltage monitor March 17, 1992
An electron launching voltage monitor measures MITL voltage using a relationship between anode electric field and electron current launched from a cathode-mounted perturbation. An electron launching probe extends through and is spaced from the edge of an opening in a first MITL condu
5097199 Voltage controlled current source March 17, 1992
A seven decade, voltage controlled current source is described for use in testing intermediate range nuclear instruments that covers the entire test current range of from 10 picoamperes to 100 microamperes. High accuracy is obtained throughout the entire seven decades of output current w
5096615 Solid aerosol generator March 17, 1992
An improved solid aerosol generator used to produce a gas borne stream of dry, solid particles of predetermined size and concentration. The improved solid aerosol generator nebulizes a feed solution of known concentration with a flow of preheated gas and dries the resultant wet heated ae
5096570 Method for dispersing catalyst onto particulate material March 17, 1992
A method for dispersing finely divided catalyst precursors onto the surface of coal or other particulate material includes the steps of forming a wet paste mixture of the particulate material and a liquid solution containing a dissolved transition metal salt, for instance a solution of f
5096550 Method and apparatus for spatially uniform electropolishing and electrolytic etching March 17, 1992
In an electropolishing or electrolytic etching apparatus the anode is separated from the cathode to prevent bubble transport to the anode and to produce a uniform current distribution at the anode by means of a solid nonconducting anode-cathode barrier. The anode extends into the top of
5096545 Plutonium recovery from spent reactor fuel by uranium displacement March 17, 1992
A process for separating uranium values and transuranic values from fission products containing rare earth values when the values are contained together in a molten chloride salt electrolyte. A molten chloride salt electrolyte with a first ratio of plutonium chloride to uranium chloride
5096167 Spring structure for a thermionic converter emitter support arrangement March 17, 1992
A support is provided for use in a thermionic converter to support an end of an emitter to keep it out of contact with a surrounding collector while allowing the emitter end to move axially as its temperature changes. The emitter end (34) is supported by a spring structure (44) that incl
5092957 Carrier-lifetime-controlled selective etching process for semiconductors using photochemical etc March 3, 1992
The minority carrier lifetime is significantly much shorter in semiconductor materials with very high impurity concentrations than it is in semiconductor materials with lower impurity concentration levels. This phenomenon of reduced minority carrier lifetime in semiconductor materials
5092956 Device for mechanically stabilizing web ribbon buttons during growth initiation March 3, 1992
The invention relates to a stabilization device for stabilizing dendritic web seed buttons during initiation of crystal growth from a float zone melt. The invention includes angular maintenance means for maintaining a constant angular orientation between the axis of a growth initiation s
5090153 Insect monitoring system February 25, 1992
A lightweight, durable convenient, practical, versatile and efficient insect monitoring system and trap for capturing crawling and flying adult insect or larvae. The trap is a two-piece snap-on plastic unit which contains an adhesive to trap the insects and the food or pheromone to lure
5086443 Background-reducing X-ray multilayer mirror February 4, 1992
Background-reducing x-ray multilayer mirror. A multiple-layer "wavetrap" deposited over the surface of a layered, synthetic-microstructure soft x-ray mirror optimized for reflectivity at chosen wavelengths is disclosed for reducing the reflectivity of undesired, longer wavelength inciden
5086034 Calcination and solid state reaction of ceramic-forming components to provide single-phase super February 4, 1992
An improved method for the preparation of single phase, fine grained ceramic materials from precursor powder mixtures where at least one of the components of the mixture is an alkali earth carbonate. The process consists of heating the precursor powders in a partial vacuum under flow
5085848 Method of treating inflammatory diseases using a radiolabeled ferric hydroxide calloid February 4, 1992
A ferric hydroxide colloid having an alpha-emitting radionuclide essentially on the outer surfaces and a method of forming same. The method includes oxidizing a ferrous hydroxide to ferric hydroxide in the presence of a preselected radionuclide to form a colloid having the radionuclide o
5085673 Compact air scrubber February 4, 1992
Method and apparatus for removing material from a gas. A mist created by a piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer is contacted with the gas and both gas and mist are passed through baffled separators. Liquid effluent from the separators contains solid material removed from the gas and gaseo
5084787 Method and apparatus for data decoding and processing January 28, 1992
A system and technique is disclosed for automatically controlling the decoding and digitizaiton of an analog tape. The system includes the use of a tape data format which includes a plurality of digital codes recorded on the analog tape in a predetermined proximity to a period of recorde
5084378 Enhanced detection of fluorescence quenching in labeled cells January 28, 1992
A method is provided for quantifying BrdU labeled DNA in cells. The BrdU is incorporated into the DNA and the DNA is stained with a first fluorochrome having a fluorescence which is quenchable by BrdU. The first fluorochrome is preferably a thymidine base halogen analogue, such as a Hoec
5084229 Critical heat flux test apparatus January 28, 1992
An apparatus for testing, in situ, highly irradiated specimens at high temperature transients is provided. A specimen, which has a thermocouple device attached thereto, is manipulated into test position in a sealed quartz heating tube by a robot. An induction coil around a heating portio
5082630 Fiber optic detector for immuno-testing January 21, 1992
A portable fiber optic detector that senses the presence of specific target chemicals in air or a gas by exchanging the target chemical for a fluoroescently-tagged antigen that is bound to an antibody which is in turn attached to an optical fiber. Replacing the fluorescently-tagged a
5082617 Thulium-170 heat source January 21, 1992
An isotopic heat source is formed using stacks of thin individual layers of a refractory isotopic fuel, preferably thulium oxide, alternating with layers of a low atomic weight diluent, preferably graphite. The graphite serves several functions: to act as a moderator during neutron i
5082541 Method and apparatus for continuous electrophoresis January 21, 1992
A method and apparatus for conducting continuous separation of substances by electrophoresis are disclosed. The process involves electrophoretic separation combined with couette flow in a thin volume defined by opposing surfaces. By alternating the polarity of the applied potential and
5081639 Laser diode assembly including a cylindrical lens January 14, 1992
The present invention provides a diffraction limited, high numerical aperture (fast) cylindrical microlens. The method for making the microlens is adaptable to produce a cylindrical lens that has almost any shape on its optical surfaces. The cylindrical lens may have a shape, such as
5080693 Tritium monitor and collection system January 14, 1992
This system measures tritium on-line and collects tritium from a flowing inert gas stream. It separates the tritium from other non-hydrogen isotope contaminating gases, whether radioactive or not. The collecting portion of the system is constructed of various zirconium alloys called gett
5080559 Liquid metal electric pump January 14, 1992
An electrical pump for pumping liquid metals to high pressures in high temperature environments without the use of magnets or moving mechanical parts. The pump employs a non-porous solid electrolyte membrane, typically ceramic, specific to the liquid metal to be pumped. A DC voltage is
5080146 Method and apparatus for filling thermal insulating systems January 14, 1992
A method for filling insulated glazing units is disclosed. The method utilizes a vacuum chamber in which the insulated glazing units are placed. The insulated glazing units and vacuum chamber are evacuated simultaneously. The units are then refilled with a low conductance gas such as
5079532 Toroidal magnetic detector for high resolution measurement of muon momenta January 7, 1992
A muon detector system including central and end air-core superconducting toroids and muon detectors enclosing a central calorimeter/detector. Muon detectors are positioned outside of toroids and all muon trajectory measurements are made in a nonmagnetic environment. Internal support for
5079038 Hot filament CVD of boron nitride films January 7, 1992
Using a hot filament ( C.) to activate borazine (B.sub.3 N.sub.3 H.sub.6) molecules for subsequent reaction with a direct line-of-sight substrate, transparent boron ntiride films as thick as 25,000 angstroms are grown for a substrate temperature as low as 100.deg
5078919 Composition containing aerogel substrate loaded with tritium January 7, 1992
The invention provides a process for loading an aerogel substrate with tritium and the resultant compositions. According to the process, an aerogel substrate is hydrolyzed so that surface OH groups are formed. The hydrolyzed aerogel is then subjected to tritium exchange employing, for
5078821 Method and apparatus for producing composites of materials exhibiting thermoplastic properties January 7, 1992
A mobile device for the complete consolidation of layers of material which exhibit thermoplastic properties for the formation of a composite of the layers upon a complex contoured substrate. The principal of the device is to provide heating into the molten temperature range of the thermo
5076999 Passive decay heat removal system for water-cooled nuclear reactors December 31, 1991
A passive decay-heat removal system for a water-cooled nuclear reactor employs a closed heat transfer loop having heat-exchanging coils inside an open-topped, insulated box located inside the reactor vessel, below its normal water level, in communication with a condenser located outside
5076663 Corrosion protection for silver reflectors December 31, 1991
A method of protecting silver reflectors from damage caused by contact with gaseous substances which are often present in the atmosphere and a silver reflector which is so protected. The inventive method comprises at least partially coating a reflector with a metal oxide such as aluminum
5076094 Dual output acoustic wave sensor for molecular identification December 31, 1991
A method of identification and quantification of absorbed chemical species by measuring changes in both the velocity and the attenuation of an acoustic wave traveling through a thin film into which the chemical species is sorbed. The dual output response provides two independent sens
5072617 Fiber-optic liquid level sensor December 17, 1991
A fiber-optic liquid level sensor measures the height of a column of liquid through the hydrostatic pressure it produces. The sensor employs a fiber-optic displacement sensor to detect the pressure-induced displacement of the center of a corrugated diaphragm.
5072371 Method for simultaneous overlapped communications between neighboring processors in a multiple December 10, 1991
A parallel computing system and method having improved performance where a program is concurrently run on a plurality of nodes for reducing total processing time, each node having a processor, a memory, and a predetermined number of communication channels connected to the node and in
5071207 Broadband diffractive lens or imaging element December 10, 1991
A broadband diffractive lens or imaging element produces a sharp focus and/or a high resolution image with broad bandwidth illuminating radiation. The diffractive lens is sectored or segmented into regions, each of which focuses or images a distinct narrowband of radiation but all of
5069685 Two-stage coal gasification and desulfurization apparatus December 3, 1991
The present invention is directed to a system which effectively integrates a two-stage, fixed-bed coal gasification arrangement with hot fuel gas desulfurization of a first stream of fuel gas from a lower stage of the two-stage gasifier and the removal of sulfur from the sulfur sorbent
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