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H627 Spherical torus fusion reactor April 4, 1989
A fusion reactor is provided having a near spherical-shaped plasma with a modest central opening through which straight segments of toroidal field coils extend that carry electrical current for generating a toroidal magnet plasma confinement fields. By retaining only the indispensable
H625 Grout formulation for disposal of low-level and hazardous waste streams containing fluoride April 4, 1989
A composition and related process for disposal of hazardous waste streams containing fluoride in cement-based materials is disclosed. The presence of fluoride in waste materials acts as a set retarder and as a result, prevents cement-based grouts from setting. This problem is overcome by
H599 Apparatus and method for simulating material damage from a fusion reactor March 7, 1989
An apparatus and method for simulating a fusion environment on a first wall or blanket structure. A material test specimen is contained in a capsule made of a material having a low hydrogen solubility and permeability. The capsule is partially filled with a lithium solution, such that th
H59 Process for converting magnesium fluoride to calcium fluoride May 6, 1986
This invention is a process for the conversion of magnesium fluoride to calcium fluoride whereby magnesium fluoride is decomposed by heating in the presence of calcium carbonate, calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide. Magnesium fluoride is a by-product of the reduction of uranium tetraf
H572 Optical analyzer February 7, 1989
An optical analyzer (10) wherein a sample (19) of particulate matter, and particularly of organic matter, which has been collected on a quartz fiber filter (20) is placed in a combustion tube (11), and light from a light source (14) is passed through the sample (19). The temperature of t
H566 Apparatus and process for deposition of hard carbon films January 3, 1989
A process and an apparatus for depositing thin, amorphous carbon films having extreme hardness on a substrate is described. An enclosed chamber maintained at less than atmospheric pressure houses the substrate and plasma producing elements. A first electrode is comprised of a cavity
H554 Toroidal reactor December 6, 1988
Method for producing fusion power wherein a neutral beam is injected into a toroidal bulk plasma to produce fusion reactions during the time permitted by the slowing down of the particles from the injected beam in the bulk plasma.
H545 In vivo generator for radioimmunotherapy November 1, 1988
The present invention involves labeling monoclonal antibodies with intermediate half-life radionuclides which decay to much shorter half-life daughters with desirable high energy beta emissions. Since the daughter will be in equilibrium with the parent, it can exert an in-situ tumori
H530 Method and apparatus for staking optical elements October 4, 1988
A method and apparatus for staking two optical elements together in order to retain their alignment is disclosed. The apparatus includes a removable adaptor made up of first and second adaptor bodies each having a lateral slot in their front and side faces. The adaptor also includes a sy
H525 Device for providing a circuit with resistive and capacitive characteristics where the resistive September 6, 1988
A dielectric body composed of mercuric iodide is placed between and in contact with two capacitor plates. Electrical conductivity of mercuric iodide increases with the intensity of light on the dielectric body. The dielectric body then forms a resistive path between the two capacitor
H522 Method of forming ceramic bricks September 6, 1988
A method for forming free standing ceramic bricks for use as tritium breeder material is disclosed. Aqueous solutions of sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate are mixed with an organic hydrocolloid dispersion and powdered lithium carbonate, spray dried, and ceramic bricks formed by
H52 Heat exchanger April 1, 1986
A heat exchanger comparising a shell attached at its open end to one side of a tube sheet and a detachable head connected to the other side of said tube sheet. The head is divided into a first and second chamber in fluid communication with a nozzle inlet and nozzle outlet, respectively,
H514 Compact range for variable-zone measurements August 2, 1988
A compact range for testing antennas or radar targets includes a source for directing energy along a feedline toward a parabolic reflector. The reflected wave is a spherical wave with a radius dependent on the distance of the source from the focal point of the reflector.
H51 Heat insulating system for a fast reactor shield slab April 1, 1986
Improved thermal insulation for a nuclear reactor deck comprising many helical coil springs disposed in generally parallel, side-by-side laterally overlapping or interfitted relationship to one another so as to define a three-dimensional composite having both metal and voids between
H508 Hybrid-drive implosion system for ICF targets August 2, 1988
Hybrid-drive implosion systems (20,40) for ICF targets (10,22,42) are described which permit a significant increase in target gain at fixed total driver energy. The ICF target is compressed in two phases, an initial compression phase and a final peak power phase, with each phase driv
H505 Boron uptake in tumors, cerebrum and blood from [10B]NA4B24H22S2 August 2, 1988
A stable boronated (.sup.10 B-labeled) compound, sodium mercaptoundecahydrododecaborate is infused in the form of the disulfide dimer, [.sup.10 B]Na.sub.4 B.sub.24 H.sub.22 S.sub.2, at a dose of about 200 .mu.g .sup.10 B per gm body weight. The infusion is performed into the blood or
H499 System and method for linearly amplifying optical analog signals by backward Raman scattering July 5, 1988
A system for linearly amplifying an optical analog signal by backward stimulated Raman scattering comprises a laser source for generating a pump pulse; and an optic fiber having two opposed apertures, a first aperture for receiving the pump pulse and a second aperture for receiving the
H471 Remnant field detector May 3, 1988
A method apparatus for qualitatively detecting remnant magnetic fields in matched pairs of magnet cores. Equal magnitude and oppositely oriented magnetic flux is induced in the magnet cores by oppositely wound primary windings and current source. Identically wound secondary windings gene
H450 Magnetic field adjustment structure and method for a tapered wiggler March 1, 1988
An improved method and structure is disclosed for adjusting the magnetic field generated by a group of electromagnet poles spaced along the path of a charged particle beam to compensate for energy losses in the charged particles which comprises providing more than one winding on at least
H45 Portable cutting apparatus April 1, 1986
A remotely operable, portable cutting apparatus detachably secured to the workpiece by laterally spaced clamp assemblies engageable with the workpiece on opposite sides of the intended line of cut. A reciprocal cutter head is mounted between the clamp assemblies and is provided with a
H446 Method of controlling fusion reaction rates March 1, 1988
A method of controlling the reaction rates of the fuel atoms in a fusion reactor comprises the step of polarizing the nuclei of the fuel atoms in a particular direction relative to the plasma confining magnetic field. Fusion reaction rates can be increased or decreased, and the direction
H410 Open-cycle magnetohydrodynamic power plant based upon direct-contact closed-loop high-temperatur January 5, 1988
A magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) power generating system in which ionized combustion gases with slag and seed are discharged from an MHD combustor and pressurized high temperature inlet air is introduced into the combustor for supporting fuel combustion at high temperatures necessary to i
H407 Electricity and short wavelength radiation generator January 5, 1988
Methods and associated apparati for use of collisions of high energy atoms and ions of He, Ne or Ar with themselves or with high energy neutrons to produce short wavelength radiation (.lambda..apprxeq.840-1300 .ANG.) that may be utilized to produce cathode-anode currents or photovoltaic
H383 Laminated magnet field coil sheath December 1, 1987
a method for manufacturing a magnet cable trim coil in a sheath assembly for use in a cryogenic particle accelerator. A precisely positioned pattern of trim coil turns is bonded to a flexible substrate sheath that is capable of withstanding cryogenic operating conditions. In the method
H326 Mn-Fe base and Mn-Cr-Fe base austenitic alloys September 1, 1987
Manganese-iron base and manganese-chromium-iron base austenitic alloys designed to have resistance to neutron irradiation induced swelling and low activation have the following compositions (in weight percent): 20 to 40 Mn; up to about 15 Cr; about 0.4 to about 3.0 Si; an austenite s
H32 Stud hardware with self-contained stud anti-rotation feature and method of installing studs March 4, 1986
Disclosed herein is a method and apparatus for preventing the rotation of a stud member during preloading. The apparatus comprises a stud member having a shaft portion extending into the member to be clamped and a hex or double hex portion carrying a locking nut. Extending outward from t
H313 Monochromator for continuous spectrum x-ray radiation July 7, 1987
A monochromator for use with synchrotron x-ray radiation comprises two diffraction means which can be rotated independently and independent means for translationally moving one diffraction means with respect to the other. The independence of the rotational and translational motions allow
H302 Ceramics containing dispersants for improved fracture toughness July 7, 1987
The invention is a ceramic composition containing a new class of dispersant for hindering crack propagation by means of one or more energy-dissipative mechanisms. The composition is composed of a ceramic matrix with dispersed particles of a transformation-prone rare-earth niobate, tantal
H30 Method and apparatus for the preparation of liquid samples for determination of boron March 4, 1986
A method and apparatus for the preparation of a liquid sample for the quantitative determination of boron by flame photometry. The sample is combined in a vessel with sulfuric acid, and an excess of methanol is added thereto. The methanol reacts with any boron present in the sample to
H268 Elmo bumpy square plasma confinement device May 5, 1987
An Elmo bumpy square (EBS) plasma confinement device is provided by four linear sections formed of a plurality of series connected magnetic mirror confinement segments linked by four sections. Each section is formed of toroidal solenoid-type confinement windings whi
H263 Woven heat exchanger May 5, 1987
In a woven ceramic heat exchanger using the basic tube-in-shell design, each heat exchanger consisting of tube sheets and tube, is woven separately. Individual heat exchangers are assembled in cross-flow configuration. Each heat exchanger is woven from high temperature ceramic fiber,
H262 Method of and apparatus for removing silicon from a high temperature sodium coolant May 5, 1987
A method of and system for removing silicon from a high temperature liquid sodium coolant system for a nuclear reactor. The sodium is cooled to a temperature below the silicon saturation temperature and retained at such reduced temperature while inducing high turbulence into the sodium f
H259 Coated ceramic breeder materials April 7, 1987
A breeder material for use in a breeder blanket of a nuclear reactor is disclosed. The breeder material comprises a core material of lithium containing ceramic particles which has been coated with a neutron multiplier such as Be or BeO, which coating has a higher thermal conductivity
H243 Catalysts for the production of hydrocarbons from carbon monoxide and water April 7, 1987
A method of converting low H.sub.2 /CO ratio syngas to carbonaceous products comprising reacting the syngas with water or steam at to C. in the presence of a metal catalyst supported on zinc oxide. Hydrocarbons are produced with a catalyst selected from cobalt,
H24 Toroidal midplane neutral beam armor and plasma limiter February 4, 1986
For use in a tokamak fusion reactor having a midplane magnetic coil on the inner wall of an evacuated toriodal chamber within which a neutral beam heated, fusing plasma is magnetically confined, a neutral beam armor shield and plasma limiter is provided on the inner wall of the toroidal
H235 In-situ determination of energy species yields of intense particle beams March 3, 1987
An arrangement is provided for the in-situ determination of energy species yields of intense particle beams. The beam is directed onto a target surface of known composition, such that Rutherford backscattering of the beam occurs. The yield-energy characteristic response of the beam to
H209 Differential pressure pin discharge apparatus February 3, 1987
Disclosed is a discharge assembly for allowing elongate pins to be discharged from an area of relatively low pressure to an area of relatively greater pressure. The discharge assembly includes a duck valve having a lip piece made of flexible material. The flexible lip piece responds
H200 High temperature structural insulating material January 6, 1987
A high temperature structural insulating material useful as a liner for cylinders of high temperature engines through the favorable combination of high service temperature (above about C.), low thermal conductivity (below about 0.2 W/ C.), and high compressive st
H197 Ternary rare earth-lanthanide sulfides January 6, 1987
A new ternary rare earth sulfur compound having the formula:where M is a rare earth element selected from the group europium, samarium and ytterbium and x=0.15 to 0.8.The compound has good high-temperature thermoelectric properties and exhibits long-term structural stability up to 1000.degre
H194 Decontamination apparatus and method January 6, 1987
A blast head including a plurality of spray nozzles mounted in a chamber for receiving a workpiece. The several spray nozzles concurrently direct a plurality of streams of a pressurized gas and abrasive grit mixture toward a peripheral portion of the workpiece to remove particulates or d
H19 Fuel injection device and method February 4, 1986
A fuel injection system and method provide for shaping a combustion plume within a combustion chamber to effectively recirculate hot combustion gases for stable combustion conditions while providing symmetrical combustion conditions. Char and molten slag are passed to the outer bound
H1856 Lapped substrate for enhanced backsurface reflectivity in a thermophotovoltaic energy conversion September 5, 2000
A method for fabricating a thermophotovoltaic energy conversion cell including a thin semiconductor wafer substrate (10) having a thickness (.beta.) calculated to decrease the free carrier absorption on a heavily doped substrate; wherein the top surface of the semiconductor wafer sub
H177 Fuel handling system for a nuclear reactor December 2, 1986
A pool type nuclear fission reactor has a core, with a plurality of core elements and a redan which confines coolant as a hot pool at a first end of the core separated from a cold pool at a second end of the core by the redan. A fuel handling system for use with such reactors comprises a
H1695 Method of solubilizing phthalocyanines and metallophthalocyanines November 4, 1997
A one-step method of manufacturing soluble phthalocyanines and metallophthalocyanines, like zinc phthalocyanine, by converting a phthalocyanine or a metallophthalocyanine to a trialkylsilyl-substituted derivative is disclosed. The phthalocyanine or metallophthalocyanine is converted
H16 Fuel cell electrode and method of preparation January 7, 1986
A fuel cell having good resistance to compressive creep includes electrodes having a superstructure of porous electrically conductive foam with surface sections adjacent to opposing surfaces of an electrolyte matrix impregnated with electrode catalyst materials. The catalyst materials ar
H152 Radioactive waste disposal package November 4, 1986
A radioactive waste disposal package comprising a canister for containing vitrified radioactive waste material and a sealed outer shell encapsulating the canister. A solid block of filler material is supported in said shell and convertible into a liquid state for flow into the space
H1501 Radial flow nuclear thermal rocket (RFNTR) November 7, 1995
A radial flow nuclear thermal rocket fuel assembly includes a substantially conical fuel element having an inlet side and an outlet side. An annular channel is disposed in the element for receiving a nuclear propellant, and a second, conical, channel is disposed in the element for discha
H149 On-line temperature sensor November 4, 1986
An on-line outlet temperature monitoring device to back up readings provided by stationary temperature detectors on individual process tubes in a nuclear reactor. The monitoring device includes a highly accurate temperature sensor that can be selectively coupled to the outlet end of
H1455 Titanium hermetic seals July 4, 1995
Titanium is prenitrided by being heated in a nitrogen environment under conditions which give rise to the formation of a titanium-nitride surface layer on the titanium. Titanium thus prenitrided may be used in electrical components which are hermetically sealed using silicate glasses and
H1430 Clay enhancement of methane, low molecular weight hydrocarbon and halocarbon conversion by metha April 4, 1995
An apparatus and method for increasing the rate of oxidation of toxic vapors by methanotrophic bacteria. The toxic vapors of interest are methane and trichloroethylene. The apparatus includes a gas phase bioreactor within a closed loop pumping system or a single pass system. The meth

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