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5125977 Two-stage dilute acid prehydrolysis of biomass June 30, 1992
A two-stage dilute acid prehydrolysis process on xylan containing hemicellulose in biomass is effected by: treating feedstock of hemicellulosic material comprising xylan that is slow hydrolyzable and xylan that is fast hydrolyzable under predetermined low temperature conditions with
5125321 Apparatus for and method of operating a cylindrical pulsed induction mass launcher June 30, 1992
An electromagnetic cylindrical projectile mass launcher and a method of operation is provided which includes a cylindrical projectile having a conducting armature, a cylindrical barrel in which the armature is received, a plurality of electromagnetic drive coil stages, a plurality of
5124629 Post regulation circuit with energy storage June 23, 1992
A charge regulation circuit provides regulation of an unregulated voltage supply and provides energy storage. The charge regulation circuit according to the present invention provides energy storage without unnecessary dissipation of energy through a resistor as in prior art approach
5124617 Charge regulation circuit June 23, 1992
A charge regulation circuit provides regulation of an unregulated voltage supply in the range of 0.01%. The charge regulation circuit is utilized in a preferred embodiment in providing regulated voltage for controlling the operation of a laser.
5124174 Process for forming one or more substantially pure layers in substrate material using ion implan June 23, 1992
A process is disclosed for forming a substantially pure monocrystalline layer of an implantable element in a monocrystalline substrate material by (a) selecting an implantable element and a monocrystalline substrate material to be implanted which, at the temperatures to be used, have
5123997 Plenum type crystal growth process June 23, 1992
Crystals are grown in a tank which is divided by a baffle into a crystal growth region above the baffle and a plenum region below the baffle. A turbine blade or stirring wheel is positioned in a turbine tube which extends through the baffle to generate a flow of solution from the crystal
5123835 Pulse combustor with controllable oscillations June 23, 1992
A pulse combustor having thermally induced pulse combustion in a continuously flowing system is described. The pulse combustor is fitted with at lease one elongated ceramic body which significantly increases the heat transfer area in the combustion chamber of the combustor. The ceramic
5122224 Direct flow crystal growth system June 16, 1992
A crystal is grown in a constantly filtered solution which is flowed directly into the growing face of a crystal. In a continuous flow system, solution at its saturation temperature is removed from a crystal growth tank, heated above its saturation temperature, filtered, cooled back to
5121985 Optical monitor for observing turbulent flow June 16, 1992
The present invention provides an apparatus and method for non-invasively monitoring turbulent fluid flows including anisotropic flows. The present invention uses an optical technique to filter out the rays travelling in a straight line, while transmitting rays with turbulence induced
5121871 Solder extrusion pressure bonding process and bonded products produced thereby June 16, 1992
Production of soldered joints which are highly reliable and capable of surviving 10,000 thermal cycles between about C. and C. Process involves interposing a thin layer of a metal solder composition between the metal surfaces of members to be bonded and applyi
5121214 Method for eliminating artifacts in CCD imagers June 9, 1992
An electronic method for eliminating artifacts in a video camera (10) employing a charge coupled device (CCD) (12) as an image sensor. The method comprises the step of initializing the camera (10) prior to normal read out and includes a first dump cycle period (76) for transferring r
5121037 Circular zig-zag scan video format June 9, 1992
A circular, ziz-zag scan for use with vidicon tubes. A sine wave is generated, rectified and its fourth root extracted. The fourth root, and its inverse, are used to generate horizontal ramp and sync signals. The fourth root is also used to generate a vertical sync signal, and the ve
5120487 Method of measuring the dc electric field and other tokamak parameters June 9, 1992
A method including externally imposing an impulsive momentum-space flux to perturb hot tokamak electrons thereby producing a transient synchrotron radiation signal, in frequency-time space, and the inference, using very fast algorithms, of plasma parameters including the effective ion ch
5120421 Electrochemical sensor/detector system and method June 9, 1992
An electrochemical detection system is described comprising in combination:(a) a multielement, microelectrode array detector containing means for acquiring a plurality of signals;(b) electronic means for receiving said signals and converting said signals into a readout or display providing i
5119956 Jam proof closure assembly for lidded pressure vessels June 9, 1992
An expendable closure assembly is provided for use (in multiple units) with a lockable pressure vessel cover along its rim, such as of an autoclave. This assembly is suited to variable compressive contact and locking with the vessel lid sealing gasket. The closure assembly consists of a
5118934 Fiber fed x-ray/gamma ray imaging apparatus June 2, 1992
X-ray/gamma ray imaging apparatus is disclosed for detecting the position, energy, and intensity of x-ray/gamma ray radiation comprising scintillation means disposed in the path of such radiation and capable of generating photons in response to such radiation; first photodetection me
5118343 Lithium metal reduction of plutonium oxide to produce plutonium metal June 2, 1992
A method is described for the chemical reduction of plutonium oxides to plutonium metal by the use of pure lithium metal. Lithium metal is used to reduce plutonium oxide to alpha plutonium metal (alpha-Pu). The lithium oxide by-product is reclaimed by sublimation and converted to the chl
5118281 Method and apparatus for the control of fluid dynamic mixing in pulse combustors June 2, 1992
In a method and apparatus for controlling total ignition delay time in a pulse combustor, and thus controlling the mixing characteristics of the combustion reactants and the combustion products in the combustor, the total ignition delay time is controlled by adjusting the inlet geometry
5117466 Integrated fluorescence analysis system May 26, 1992
An integrated fluorescence analysis system enables a component part of a sample to be virtually sorted within a sample volume after a spectrum of the component part has been identified from a fluorescence spectrum of the entire sample in a flow cytometer. Birefringent optics enables the
5117440 Digital quadrature phase detection May 26, 1992
A system for detecting the phase of a frequency of phase modulated signal that includes digital quadrature sampling of the frequency or phase modulated signal at two times that are one quarter of a cycle of a reference signal apart, determination of the arctangent of the ratio of a f
5117432 Vanadium-pumped titanium x-ray laser May 26, 1992
A resonantly photo-pumped x-ray laser (10) is formed of a vanadium (12) and titanium (14) foil combination (16) that is driven by two beams (18, 20) of intense line focused (22, 24) optical laser radiation. Ground state neon-like titanium ions (34) are resonantly photo-pumped by line emi
5117146 Acoustic wave device using plate modes with surface-parallel displacement May 26, 1992
Solid-state acoustic sensors for monitoring conditions at a surface immersed in a liquid and for monitoring concentrations of species in a liquid and for monitoring electrical properties of a liquid are formed by placing interdigital input and output transducers on a piezoelectric su
5116980 Boron containing compounds and their preparation and use in neutron capture therapy May 26, 1992
The present invention pertains to boron containing thiouracil derivatives, their method of preparations, and their use in the therapy of malignant melanoma using boron neutron capture therapy.
5116883 Low density microcellular foams May 26, 1992
Disclosed is a process of producing microcellular from which comprises the steps of:(a) selecting a multifunctional epoxy oligomer resin;(b) mixing said epoxy resin with a non-reactive diluent to form a resin-diluent mixture;(c) forming a diluent containing cross-linked epoxy gel from said
5116693 Unique system of FE/PD for magneto-optical recording and magnetic switching devices May 26, 1992
A high density magneto-optical information storage medium utilizing the properties of an ultrathin iron film on a palladium substrate. The present invention comprises a magneto-optical medium capable of thermal and magnetic stability and capable of possessing a vertical orientation of th
5116589 High density hexagonal boron nitride prepared by hot isostatic pressing in refractory metal cont May 26, 1992
Boron nitride powder with less than or equal to the oxygen content of starting powder (down to 0.5% or less) is hot isostatically pressed in a refractory metal container to produce hexagonal boron nitride with a bulk density greater than 2.0 g/cc. The refractory metal container is formed
5116470 Preparation of high specific activity technetium-96 May 26, 1992
The present invention relates to a method of producing Tc-96 from the proton irradiation of a rhodium target and a technique for isolating under remote hot cell conditions the Tc-96 from the proton irradiated target.
5115673 Non-destructive method for determining elastic moduli of material May 26, 1992
A non-destructive method for determining elastic moduli of isotropic or anisotropic or homogeneous or nonhomogeneous material. The material is subjected to x-radiation for determining the density of the material at a sufficient number of discrete measurement points over the material to
5115482 Optical apparatus for conversion of whispering-gallery modes into a free space gaussian like bea May 19, 1992
An optical converter for efficient conversion of millimeter wavelength whispering-gallery gyrotron output into a linearly polarized, free-space Gaussian-like beam. The converter uses a mode-converting taper and three mirror optics. The first mirror has an azimuthal tilt to eliminate the
5114876 Selective epitaxy using the gild process May 19, 1992
The present invention comprises a method of selective epitaxy on a semiconductor substrate. The present invention provides a method of selectively forming high quality, thin GeSi layers in a silicon circuit, and a method for fabricating smaller semiconductor chips with a greater yiel
5114690 Two stage sorption of sulfur compounds May 19, 1992
A two stage method for reducing the sulfur content of exhaust gases is disclosed. Alkali- or alkaline-earth-based sorbent is totally or partially vaporized and introduced into a sulfur-containing gas stream. The activated sorbent can be introduced in the reaction zone or the exhaust
5114661 Solid state laser media driven by remote nuclear powered fluorescence May 19, 1992
An apparatus is provided for driving a solid state laser by a nuclear powered fluorescence source which is located remote from the fluorescence source. A nuclear reaction produced in a reaction chamber generates fluorescence or photons. The photons are collected from the chamber into a
5114579 Separation of metals by supported liquid membrane May 19, 1992
A supported liquid membrane system for the separation of a preselected chemical species within a feedstream, preferably an aqueous feedstream, includes a feed compartment containing a feed solution having at least one preselected chemical species therein, a stripping compartment containi
5113966 Downhole hydraulic seismic generator May 19, 1992
A downhole hydraulic seismic generator system for transmitting energy wave vibrations into earth strata surrounding a borehole. The system contains an elongated, unitary housing operably connected to a well head aboveground by support and electrical cabling, and contains clamping app
5113771 Pulverized coal fuel injector May 19, 1992
A pulverized coal fuel injector contains an acceleration section to improve the uniformity of a coal-air mixture to be burned. An integral splitter is provided which divides the coal-air mixture into a number separate streams or jets, and a center body directs the streams at a controlled
5112801 Mechanical alignment of particles for use in fabricating superconducting and permanent magnetic May 12, 1992
A method for mechanically aligning oriented superconducting or permanently magnetic materials for further processing into constructs. This pretreatment optimizes the final crystallographic orientation and, thus, properties in these constructs. Such materials as superconducting fibers,
5112534 Yttrium and rare earth stabilized fast reactor metal fuel May 12, 1992
To increase the operating temperature of a reactor, the melting point and mechanical properties of the fuel must be increased. For an actinide-rich fuel, yttrium, lanthanum and/or rare earth elements can be added, as stabilizers, to uranium and plutonium and/or a mixture of other actinid
5111472 Fluorinated laser dyes May 5, 1992
A novel class of dye is disclosed which is particularly efficient and stable for dye laser applications, lasing between 540 and 570 nm.
5110725 Optical probe for the cytochrome P-450 cholesterol side chain cleavage enzyme May 5, 1992
An optical probe enables the study of enzyme activity by absorbance spectroscopy or by sensitive fluorescence methods. In particular, the probe provides the ability to monitor the activity of cytochrome P-450.sub.scc enzyme, the rate limiting enzyme for steroid biosynthesis. Located
5110380 Detonating an insensitive explosive May 5, 1992
A method for making 3-amino-5-nitro-1,2,4-triazole using ammonium 3,5-dinitro-1,2,4-triazole and hydrazine hydrate as starting materials and a method for providing energy derived from 3-amino-5-nitro-1,2,4-triazole.
5110222 Positive contact, self retaining bearing seals May 5, 1992
An ultra-low friction bearing including an inner race, an outer race, bearing elements engaged between the inner and outer races and a seal between the inner and outer races is disclosed. The seal includes first and second sealing washers. The first washer has an outer diameter greater
5110208 Measurement of average density and relative volumes in a dispersed two-phase fluid May 5, 1992
An apparatus and a method are disclosed for measuring the average density and relative volumes in an essentially transparent, dispersed two-phase fluid. A laser beam with a diameter no greater than 1% of the diameter of the bubbles, droplets, or particles of the dispersed phase is direct
5109425 Method and apparatus for predicting the direction of movement in machine vision April 28, 1992
A computer-simulated cortical network computes the visibility of shifts in the direction of movement and computes: 1) the magnitude of the position difference between the test and background patterns, 2) localized contrast differences at different spatial scales analyzed by computing tem
5108573 Morphology in electrochemically grown conducting polymer films April 28, 1992
A conducting polymer film with an improved space filling is formed on a metal electrode surface. A self-assembling monolayer is formed directly on the metal surface where the monolayer has a first functional group that binds to the metal surface and a second chemical group that forms a
5108168 High resolution telescope including an array of elemental telescopes aligned along a common axis April 28, 1992
A large effective-aperture, low-cost optical telescope with diffraction-limited resolution enables ground-based observation of near-earth space objects. The telescope has a non-redundant, thinned-aperture array in a center-mount, single-structure space frame. It employes speckle inte
5106756 Method and system for gathering a library of response patterns for sensor arrays April 21, 1992
A method of gathering a library of response patterns for one or more sensor arrays used in the detection and identification of chemical components in a fluid includes the steps of feeding samples of fluid with time-spaced separation of known components to the sensor arrays arranged in pa
5105434 AlGaAs diode pumped tunable chromium lasers April 14, 1992
An all-solid-state laser system is disclosed wherein the laser is pumped in the longwave wing of the pump absorption band. By utilizing a laser material that will accept unusually high dopant concentrations without deleterious effects on the crystal lattice one is able to compensate for
5105430 Thin planar package for cooling an array of edge-emitting laser diodes April 14, 1992
A laser diode array is disclosed that includes a plurality of planar assemblies and active cooling of each assembly. The laser diode array may be operated in a long duty cycle, or in continuous operation. A laser diode bar and a microchannel heat sink are thermally coupled in a compact,
5104738 Sealing glasses for titanium and titanium alloys April 14, 1992
Glass compositions containing CaO, Al.sub.2 O.sub.3, B.sub.2 O.sub.3, SrO and BaO of various combinations of mole % are provided. These compositions are capable of forming stable glass-to-metal seals with titanium and titanium alloys, for use in components such as seals for battery heade
5104520 Apparatus and method for separating constituents April 14, 1992
A centrifugal separator apparatus and method for improving the efficiency of the separation of constituents in a fluid stream. A cyclone separator includes an assembly for separately discharging both constituents through the same end of the separator housing. A rotary separator includes
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