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5152135 Reflector for efficient coupling of a laser beam to air or other fluids October 6, 1992
A reflector array is disclosed herein that provides a controlled region or regions of plasma breakdowns from a laser beam produced at a remotely-based laser source. The plasma may be applied to produce thrust to propel a spacecraft, or to diagnose a laser beam, or to produce shockwav
5150617 Magnetostrictive resonance excitation September 29, 1992
The resonance frequency spectrum of a magnetostrictive sample is remotely determined by exciting the magnetostrictive property with an oscillating magnetic field. The permeability of a magnetostrictive material and concomitant coupling with a detection coil varies with the strain in the
5149807 Oxazine laser dyes September 22, 1992
New oxazine compounds useful as dye laser media in solution, are superiior to prior art materials. The oxazine dyes useful when pumped by the 578.2 nm copper line to operate in the 700-800 nm range are described by formula I ##STR1##
5149596 Vapor deposition of thin films September 22, 1992
A highly pure thin metal film having a nanocrystalline structure and a process of preparing such highly pure thin metal films of, e.g., rhodium, iridium, molybdenum, tungsten, rhenium, platinum, or palladium by plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition of, e.g., rhodium(allyl).sub.3,
5148440 Wick for metal vapor laser September 15, 1992
An improved wick for a metal vapor laser is made of a refractory metal cylinder, preferably molybdenum or tungsten for a copper laser, which provides the wicking surface. Alternately, the inside surface of the ceramic laser tube can be metalized to form the wicking surface. Capillary
5148129 Microwave pulse compression from a storage cavity with laser-induced switching September 15, 1992
A laser-induced switch and a multiple cavity configuration are disclosed for producing high power microwave pulses. The microwave pulses are well controlled in wavelength and timing, with a quick rise time and a variable shape and power of the pulse. In addition, a method of reducing pre
5147841 Method for the preparation of metal colloids in inverse micelles and product preferred by the me September 15, 1992
A method is provided for preparing catalytic elemental metal colloidal particles (e.g. gold, palladium, silver, rhodium, iridium, nickel, iron, platinum, molybdenum) or colloidal alloy particles (silver/iridium or platinum/gold). A homogeneous inverse micelle solution of a metal salt is
5147711 Vacuum barrier for excimer lasers September 15, 1992
A barrier for separating the vacuum area of a diode from the pressurized gas area of an excimer laser. The barrier is a composite material comprising layers of a metal such as copper, along with layers of polyimide, and a matrix of graphite fiber yarns impregnated with epoxy. The bar
5147616 Magnesium transport extraction of transuranium elements from LWR fuel September 15, 1992
A process of separating transuranium actinide values from uranium values present in spent nuclear oxide fuels which contain rare earth and noble metal fission products. The oxide fuel is reduced with Ca metal in the presence of CaCl.sub.2 and a U-Fe alloy containing not less than about 8
5147137 Refractory thermowell for continuous high temperature measurement of molten metal September 15, 1992
An apparatus for the continuous high temperature measurement of materials in vessels lined with rammed or cast refractory materials. A refractory housing member is integral with the refractory lining of the vessel and contains a plurality of high temperature sensing means, such as th
5146786 Rotary union for use with ultrasonic thickness measuring probe September 15, 1992
A rotary union for rotatably supporting an ultrasonic probe operable to nondestructively measure the thickness of steam generator tubes to determine the amount of corrosion experienced by the tubes includes a stationary body having a bore therethrough and an outlet drain, and a fitti
5144638 Master dye laser oscillator including a specific grating assembly for use therein September 1, 1992
A dye laser oscillator for producing a tuned dye beam is disclosed herein and includes, among other components, a beam output coupling assembly, a dye cell assembly, a beam expander assembly, an etalon assembly, and a grating assembly. Each of three assemblies is vertically supported fro
5144251 Three-axis particle impact probe September 1, 1992
Three-axis particle impact probes detect particle impact vectors along x-, y-, and z-axes by spherical probe head mounted on the outer end of a shaft that is flexibly mounted in silicone rubber at the top of a housing so as to enable motion imparted to the head upon impact to be transmit
5144152 Rectifier cabinet static breaker September 1, 1992
A rectifier cabinet static breaker replaces a blocking diode pair with an SCR and the installation of a power transistor in parallel with the latch contactor to commutate the SCR to the off state. The SCR serves as a static breaker with fast turnoff capability providing an alternative wa
5144026 Boron containing compounds and their preparation and use in neutron capture therapy September 1, 1992
The present invention pertains to boron containing thiouracil derivatives, their method of preparations, and their use in the therapy of malignant melanoma using boron neutron capture therapy.
5143531 Hermetic fiber optic-to-metal connection technique September 1, 1992
A glass-to-glass hermetic sealing technique is disclosed which can be used to splice lengths of glass fibers together. A solid glass preform is inserted into the cavity of a metal component which is then heated to melt the glass. An end of an optical fiber is then advanced into the molte
5143436 Ringlight for use in high radiation September 1, 1992
A ringlight having an annular array of light-emitting elements centered about a viewing passage has an outer annular body with an inner annular body fitted concentrically within the outer body to form an annular void and a light-enmitting aperture therebetween. A plurality of optical fib
5142962 Prevention of breakdown behind railgun projectiles September 1, 1992
An electromagnetic railgun accelerator system, for accelerating projectiles (14, 15, 114, 214, 314, 444) by a plasma arc (3), introduces a breakdown inhibiting gas into the railgun chamber (26) behind the accelerating projectile (14). The breakdown inhibiting gas, which absorbs electrons
5141723 Uranium chloride extraction of transuranium elements from LWR fuel August 25, 1992
A process of separating transuranium actinide values from uranium values present in spent nuclear oxide fuels containing rare earth and noble metal fission products as well as other fission products is disclosed. The oxide fuel is reduced with Ca metal in the presence of Ca chloride and
5141617 Electrochemical cell August 25, 1992
An electrochemical cell has a layer-type or sandwich configuration with a Teflon center section that houses working, reference and counter electrodes and defines a relatively narrow electrolyte cavity. The center section is surrounded on both sides with thin Teflon membranes. The mem
5140158 Method for discriminative particle selection August 18, 1992
The invention is a method and means for separating ions or providing an ion beam. The invention generates ions of the isotopes to be separated, and then provides a traveling electric potential hill created by a sequential series of quasi static electric potential hills. By regulating the
5139958 Method and device for the determination of low concentrations of oxygen in carbonaceous material August 18, 1992
Oxygen in carbonaceous materials is converted to carbon monoxide (CO) by pyrolyzing the material in a stream of oxygen-free helium. The CO is reacted with Ni.sup.63, a readioactive isotope of nickel, to form nickel tetracarbonyl (Ni.sup.63 (CO).sub.4) which is carried by the helium strea
5139896 All ceramic structure for molten carbonate fuel cell August 18, 1992
An all-ceramic molten carbonate fuel cell having a composition formed of a multivalent metal oxide or oxygenate such as an alkali metal, transition metal oxygenate. The structure includes an anode and cathode separated by an electronically conductive interconnect. The electrodes and inte
5139594 Method for joining ceramic shapes August 18, 1992
A method for joining shapes of ceramic materials together to form a unitary ceramic structure. In the method of the invention, a mixture of two or more chemical components which will react exothermically is placed between the surfaces to be joined, and the joined shapes heated to a tempe
5139535 Two-stage fixed-bed gasifier with selectable middle gas off-take point August 18, 1992
A two-stage fixed bed coal gasifier wherein an annular region is in registry with a gasification zone underlying a devolatilization zone for extracting a side stream of high temperature substantially tar-free gas from the gasifier. A vertically displaceable skirt means is positioned
5138889 Hand held explosives detection system August 18, 1992
The present invention is directed to a sensitive hand-held explosives detection device capable of detecting the presence of extremely low quantities of high explosives molecules, and which is applicable to sampling vapors from personnel, baggage, cargo, etc., as part of an explosives
5137659 Solid-state radiation-emitting compositions and devices August 11, 1992
The invention relates to a composition for the volumetric generation of radiation, wherein a first substance functions as a source of exciting radiation, and a second substance interacts with the exciting radiation to provide a second radiation. The compositions comprise a porous substra
5137223 Precision wire feeder for small diameter wire August 11, 1992
A device for feeding small diameter wire having a diameter less than 0.04 mm (16 mil) to a welding station includes a driving wheel for controllably applying a non-deforming driving force to the wire to move the free end of the wire towards the welding station; and a tension device such
5136619 Thermal breeder fuel enrichment zoning August 4, 1992
A method and apparatus for improving the performance of a thermal breeder reactor having regions of higher than average moderator concentration are disclosed. The fuel modules of the reactor core contain at least two different types of fuel elements, a high enrichment fuel element and a
5136005 Composition and method of preparation of solid state dye laser rods August 4, 1992
The present invention includes solid polymeric-host laser rods prepared using bulk polymerization of acrylic acid ester comonomers which, when admixed with dye(s) capable of supporting laser oscillation and polymerized with a free radical initiator under mild thermal conditions, prod
5135603 Quartz crystal growth August 4, 1992
A process for growing single crystals from an amorphous substance that can undergo phase transformation to the crystalline state in an appropriate solvent. The process is carried out in an autoclave having a lower dissolution zone and an upper crystallization zone between which a tem
5134360 Apparatus and method for critical current measurements July 28, 1992
An apparatus for the measurement of the critical current of a superconductive sample, e.g., a clad superconductive sample, the apparatus including a conductive coil, a means for maintaining the coil in proximity to a superconductive sample, an electrical connection means for passing a
5133877 Conversion of hazardous materials using supercritical water oxidation July 28, 1992
A process for destruction of hazardous materials in a medium of supercritical water without the addition of an oxidant material. The harzardous material is converted to simple compounds which are relatively benign or easily treatable to yield materials which can be discharged into th
5132979 Laser frequency modulator for modulating a laser cavity July 21, 1992
The present invention relates to a laser frequency modulator for modulating a laser cavity. It is known in the prior art to utilize a PZT (piezoelectric transducer) element in combination with a mirror to change the cavity length of a laser cavity (which changes the laser frequency).
5132529 Fiber-optic strain gauge with attached ends and unattached microbend section July 21, 1992
A strain gauge is made of an optical fiber into which quasi-sinusoidal microbends have been permanently introduced. The permanent microbends cause a reduction in the fiber's optical transmission, but, when the gauge is attached to a substrate that is subsequently strained, the amplitude
5132248 Direct write with microelectronic circuit fabrication July 21, 1992
In a process for deposition of material onto a substrate, for example, the deposition of metals or dielectrics onto a semiconductor laser, the material is deposited by providing a colloidal suspension of the material and directly writing the suspension onto the substrate surface by ink j
5132221 Lysogenic bacteriophage isolated from acidophilium July 21, 1992
A bacteriophage identified as .phi.Ac1 capable of infecting acidophilic heterotropic bacteria (such as Acidiphilium sp.) and processes for genetically engineering acidophilic bacteria for biomining or sulfur removal from coal are disclosed. The bacteriophage is capable of growth in c
5131797 Swipe transfer assembly July 21, 1992
The swipe transfer assembly is a mechanical assembly which is used in conjunction with glove boxes and other sealed containments. It is used to pass small samples into or out of glove boxes without an open breach of the containment, and includes a rotational cylinder inside a fixed c
5131746 On-line process control monitoring system July 21, 1992
An on-line, fiber-optic based apparatus for monitoring the concentration of a chemical substance at a plurality of locations in a chemical processing system comprises a plurality of probes, each of which is at a different location in the system, a light source, optic fibers for carrying
5131488 Seismic sources July 21, 1992
Apparatus is described for placement in a borehole in the earth, which enables the generation of closely controlled seismic waves from the borehole. Pure torsional shear waves are generated by an apparatus which includes a stator element fixed to the borehole walls and a rotor element
5130701 Digital color representation July 14, 1992
An image population having a large number of attributes is processed to form a display population with a predetermined smaller number of attributes which represent the larger number of attributes. In a particular application, the color values in an image are compressed for storage in
5130397 Hybrid sol-gel optical materials July 14, 1992
Hybrid sol-gel materials comprise silicate sols cross-linked with linear polysilane, polygermane, or poly(silane-germane). The sol-gel materials are useful as optical identifiers in tagging and verification applications and, in a different aspect, as stable, visible light transparent
5129801 Fabrication of high temperature materials by exothermic synthesis and subsequent dynamic consoli July 14, 1992
An apparatus for synthesizing a composite material such as titanium carbide and alumina from exothermic reaction of a sample followed by explosive induced consolidation of the reacted sample. The apparatus includes a lower base for holding a powdered composite sample, an igniter and igni
5128539 Apparatus having reduced background for measuring radiation activity in aerosol particles July 7, 1992
Apparatus having reduced background for measuring radiation activity in aerosol particles. A continuous air monitoring sampler is described for use in detecting the presence of alpha-emitting aerosol particles. An inlet fractionating screen has been demonstrated to remove about 95% of
5128115 Manufacture of silicon carbide using solar energy July 7, 1992
A method is described for producing silicon carbide particles using solar energy. The method is efficient and avoids the need for use of electrical energy to heat the reactants. Finely divided silica and carbon are admixed and placed in a solar-heated reaction chamber for a time sufficie
5127258 Duplex sampling apparatus and method July 7, 1992
An improved apparatus is provided for sampling a gaseous mixture and for measuring mixture components. The apparatus includes two sampling containers connected in series serving as a duplex sampling apparatus. The apparatus is adapted to independently determine the amounts of condensable
5127039 Sample holder for X-ray diffractometry June 30, 1992
A sample holder for use with X-ray diffractometers with the capability to rotate the sample, as well as to adjust the position of the sample in the x, y, and z directions. Adjustment in the x direction is accomplished through loosening set screws, moving a platform, and retightening the
5126746 Secure distance ranging by electronic means June 30, 1992
A system for secure distance ranging between a reader 11 and a tag 12 wherein the distance between the two is determined by the time it takes to propagate a signal from the reader to the tag and for a responsive signal to return, and in which such time is random and unpredictable, except
5126721 Flame quality monitor system for fixed firing rate oil burners June 30, 1992
A method and apparatus for determining and indicating the flame quality, or efficiency of the air-fuel ratio, in a fixed firing rate heating unit, such as an oil burning furnace, is provided. When the flame brightness falls outside a preset range, the flame quality, or excess air, has
5126676 Gas amplified ionization detector for gas chromatography June 30, 1992
A gas-amplified ionization detector for gas chromatrography which possesses increased sensitivity and a very fast response time. Solutes eluding from a gas chromatographic column are ionized by UV photoionization of matter eluting therefrom. The detector is capable of generating easily m
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