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5171399 Reflection mass spectrometry technique for monitoring and controlling composition during molecul December 15, 1992
A method for on-line accurate monitoring and precise control of molecular beam epitaxial growth of Groups III-III-V or Groups III-V-V layers in an advanced semiconductor device incorporates reflection mass spectrometry. The reflection mass spectrometry is responsive to intentional pe
5170670 Three axis velocity probe system December 15, 1992
A three-axis velocity probe system for determining three-axis positional velocities of small particles in fluidized bed systems and similar applications. This system has a sensor head containing four closely-spaced sensing electrodes of small wires that have flat ends to establish a two
5169609 Combined transuranic-strontium extraction process December 8, 1992
The transuranic (TRU) elements neptunium, plutonium and americium can be separated together with strontium from nitric acid waste solutions in a single process. An extractant solution of a crown ether and an alkyl(phenyl)-N,N-dialkylcarbanylmethylphosphine oxide in an appropriate dil
5169188 Ceramic tamper-revealing seals December 8, 1992
A flexible metal or ceramic cable with composite ceramic ends, or a u-shaped ceramic connecting element attached to a binding element plate or block cast from alumina or zirconium, and connected to the connecting element by shrink fitting.
5168391 Dye laser amplifier including an improved window configuration for its dye beam December 1, 1992
A dye laser amplifier in which a continuously replenished supply of dye is excited with a first light beam in order to amplify the intensity of a second different light beam passing therethrough is disclosed herein. This amplifier includes a cell though which a continuous stream of the d
5168390 Dye laser amplifier including a dye cell contained within a support vessel December 1, 1992
A large (high flow rate) dye laser amplifier in which a continous replenished supply of dye is excited by a first light beam, specifically a copper vapor laser beam, in order to amplify the intensity of a second different light beam, specifically a dye beam, passing through the dye is
5168389 Dye laser amplifier including a low turbulence, stagnation-free dye flow configuration December 1, 1992
A large (high flow rate) dye laser amplifier in which a continuous replenished supply of dye is excited by a first light beam, specifically a copper vapor laser beam, in order to amplify the intensity of a second different light beam, specifically a dye beam, passing through the dye is
5168324 Wavelength meter having elliptical wedge December 1, 1992
A wavelength meter is disclosed which can determine the wavelength of a laser beam from a laser source within an accuracy range of two parts in 10.sup.8. The wavelength meter has wedge having an elliptically shaped face to the optical path of the laser source and includes interferometer
5168158 Linear electric field mass spectrometry December 1, 1992
A mass spectrometer and methods for mass spectrometry. The apparatus is compact and of low weight and has a low power requirement, making it suitable for use on a space satellite and as a portable detector for the presence of substances. High mass resolution measurements are made by
5168088 Method for dispersing catalyst onto particulate material and product thereof December 1, 1992
A method for dispersing finely divided catalyst precursors onto the surface of coal or other particulate material includes the steps of forming a wet paste mixture of the particulate material and a liquid solution containing a dissolved transition metal salt, for instance a solution of f
5167724 Planar photovoltaic solar concentrator module December 1, 1992
A planar photovoltaic concentrator module for producing an electrical signal from incident solar radiation includes an electrically insulating housing having a front wall, an opposing back wall and a hollow interior. A solar cell having electrical terminals is positioned within the inter
5167676 Apparatus and method for removing particulate deposits from high temperature filters December 1, 1992
A combustion of a fuel-air mixture is used to provide a high-temperature and high-pressure pulse of gaseous combustion products for the back-flush cleaning of ceramic filter elements contained in a barrier filter system and utilized to separate particulates from particulate-laden process
5166966 Coated x-ray filters November 24, 1992
A radiation filter for filtering radiation beams of wavelengths within a preselected range of wavelengths comprises a radiation transmissive substrate and an attenuating layer deposited on the substrate. The attenuating layer may be deposited by a sputtering process or a vacuum proce
5166947 Laser cross-flow gas system November 24, 1992
A method and laser apparatus are disclosed which provide for a cross-flow of gas near one end of a laser discharge tube. The cross-flow of gas causes a concentration gradient which affects diffusion of contaminants in the discharge tube towards the cross-flow of the gas, which contaminan
5166941 Single mode pulsed dye laser oscillator November 24, 1992
A single mode pulsed dye laser oscillator is disclosed. The dye laser oscillator provides for improved power efficiency by reducing the physical dimensions of the overall laser cavity, which improves frequency selection capability.
5166822 Light beam frequency comb generator November 24, 1992
A light beam frequency comb generator uses an acousto-optic modulator to generate a plurality of light beams with frequencies which are uniformly separated and possess common noise and drift characteristics. A well collimated monochromatic input light beam is passed through this modulato
5166627 Method and apparatus for remote tube crevice detection by current and voltage probe resistance m November 24, 1992
A method and apparatus for determining the extent of contact between an electrically conducting tube and an electrically conductive tubesheet surrounding the tube, based upon the electrical resistance of the tube and tubesheet. A constant current source is applied to the interior of the
5166598 Microwave transient analyzer November 24, 1992
A method and apparatus for capturing and recording indications of frequency content of electromagnetic signals and radiation is disclosed including a laser light source (12) and a Bragg cell (14) for deflecting a light beam (22) at a plurality of deflection angles (36) dependent upon fre
5166324 Actinide halide complexes November 24, 1992
A compound of the formula MX.sub.n L.sub.m wherein M is a metal atom selected from the group consisting of thorium, plutonium, neptunium or americium, X is a halide atom, n is an integer selected from the group of three or four, L is a coordinating ligand selected from the group cons
5165794 Method for the thermal characterization, visualization, and integrity evaluation of conducting m November 24, 1992
A method for modeling a conducting material sample or structure (herein called a system) as at least two regions which comprise an electrical network of resistances, for measuring electric resistance between at least two selected pairs of external leads attached to the surface of the
5165528 Circuit breaker lockout device November 24, 1992
An improved lockout assembly for locking a circuit breaker in a selected off or on position is provided. The lockout assembly includes a lock block and a lock pin. The lock block has a hollow interior which fits over the free end of a switch handle of the circuit breaker. The lock block
5165243 Compact acoustic refrigerator November 24, 1992
A compact acoustic refrigeration system actively cools components, e.g., electrical circuits (22), in a borehole environment. An acoustic engine (12, 14) includes first thermodynamic elements (12) for generating a standing acoustic wave in a selected medium. An acoustic refrigerator (16,
5165239 Water augmented indirectly-fired gas turbine systems and method November 24, 1992
An indirectly-fired gas turbine system utilizing water augmentation for increasing the net efficiency and power output of the system is described. Water injected into the compressor discharge stream evaporatively cools the air to provide a higher driving temperature difference across a h
5165206 Pipe weld crown removal device November 24, 1992
A device is provided for grinding down the crown of a pipe weld joining aligned pipe sections so that the weld is substantially flush with the pipe sections joined by the weld. The device includes a cage assembly comprising a pair of spaced cage rings adapted to be mounted for rotation
5164975 Multiple wavelength X-ray monochromators November 17, 1992
An improved apparatus and method is provided for separating input x-ray radiation containing first and second x-ray wavelengths into spatially separate first and second output radiation which contain the first and second x-ray wavelengths, respectively. The apparatus includes a cryst
5164567 Laser cutting with chemical reaction assist November 17, 1992
A method for cutting with a laser beam where an oxygen-hydrocarbon reaction is used to provide auxiliary energy to a metal workpiece to supplement the energy supplied by the laser. Oxygen is supplied to the laser focus point on the workpiece by a nozzle through which the laser beam also
5163754 Isolated thermocouple amplifier system for stirred fixed-bed gasifier November 17, 1992
A sensing system is provided for determining the bed temperature profile of the bed of a stirred, fixed-bed gasifier including a plurality of temperature sensors for sensing the bed temperature at different levels, a transmitter for transmitting data based on the outputs of the sensors t
5163385 Coal-water slurry fuel internal combustion engine and method for operating same November 17, 1992
An internal combustion engine fueled with a coal-water slurry is described. About 90 percent of the coal-water slurry charge utilized in the power cycle of the engine is directly injected into the main combustion chamber where it is ignited by a hot stream of combustion gases discharged
5161297 Gold ink coating of thermocouple sheaths November 10, 1992
A method is provided for applying a gold ink coating to a thermocouple sheath which includes the steps of electropolishing and oxidizing the surface of the thermocouple sheath, then dipping the sheath into liquid gold ink, and finally heat curing the coating. The gold coating applied in
5160911 Toroidal constant-tension superconducting magnetic energy storage units November 3, 1992
A superconducting magnetic energy storage unit is provided in which the magnet is wound in a toroidal fashion such that the magnetic field produced is contained only within the bore of the magnet, and thus producing a very low external field. The superconducting magnet includes a coo
5160696 Apparatus for nuclear transmutation and power production using an intense accelerator-generated November 3, 1992
Apparatus for nuclear transmutation and power production using an intense accelerator-generated thermal neutron flux. High thermal neutron fluxes generated from the action of a high power proton accelerator on a spallation target allows the efficient burn-up of higher actinide nuclear
5160367 Salt transport extraction of transuranium elements from lwr fuel November 3, 1992
A process of separating transuranium actinide values from uranium values present in spent nuclear oxide fuels which contain rare earth and noble metal fission products. The oxide fuel is reduced with Ca metal in the presence of CaCl.sub.2 and a Cu--Mg alloy containing not less than about
5159489 High resolution telescope October 27, 1992
A large effective-aperture, low-cost optical telescope with diffraction-limited resolution enables ground-based observation of near-earth space objects. The telescope has a non-redundant, thinned-aperture array in a center-mount, single-structure space frame. It employs speckle inter
5158930 Method of improving superconducting qualities of fabricated constructs by shock preprocessing of October 27, 1992
Disclosed is a method of improving the physical properties of superconducting materials which comprises:a. applying a high strain rate deformation to said materiThe United States Government has rights in this invention pursuant to Contract No. W-7405-ENG-48 between the U.S. Department of Ene
5158801 Method of forming a multiple layer dielectric and a hot film sensor therewith October 27, 1992
The invention is a method of forming a multiple layer dielectric for use in a hot-film laminar separation sensor 21. The multiple layer dielectric substrate is formed by depositing a first layer 22 of a thermoplastic polymer such as on an electrically conductive substrate such as the met
5158509 Composite stabilizer unit October 27, 1992
An improved fin stabilized projectile including multiple stabilizer fins upon a stabilizer unit situated at the aft end of the projectile is provided, the improvement wherein the stabilizer fins are joined into the stabillizer unit by an injection molded engineering grade polymer.
5157959 Automated ponded infiltrometer October 27, 1992
A ponded infiltrometer including a bubble chamber formed in a base that supports a liquid reservoir. A single valve interposed in a channel between the bubble chamber and the reservoir controls both air flow into the device and water flow out of the device. A selectively movable bubble
5157676 Apparatus and process for active pulse intensity control of laser beam October 20, 1992
An optically controlled laser pulse energy control apparatus and process is disclosed wherein variations in the energy of a portion of the laser beam are used to vary the resistance of a photodetector such as a photoresistor through which a control voltage is fed to a light intensity con
5157545 Laser amplifier chain October 20, 1992
A laser amplifier chain has a plurality of laser amplifiers arranged in a chain to sequentially amplify a low-power signal beam to produce a significantly higher-power output beam. Overall efficiency of such a chain is improved if high-gain, low efficiency amplifiers are placed on the
5157149 Enantioselective synthesis of L-(-)-4- boronophenylalanine (L-BPA) October 20, 1992
A method of making substantially pure L-BPA is disclosed. The method includes the steps of reacting 4-bromobenzaldehyde with ethylene glycol to form 4-bromobenzaldehyde ethylene glycol acetal, sequentially reacting 4-bromobenzaldehyde ethyleneglycol acetal with Mg to produce the Grignard
5156459 Radiation beam calorimetric power measurement system October 20, 1992
A radiation beam calorimetric power measurement system for measuring the average power of a beam such as a laser beam, including a calorimeter configured to operate over a wide range of coolant flow rates and being cooled by continuously flowing coolant for absorbing light from a laser
5155290 Prevention of breakdown behind railgun projectiles October 13, 1992
An electromagnetic railgun accelerator system, for accelerating projectiles (14, 15, 114, 214, 314, 414) by a plasma arc (3), introduces a breakdown inhibiting gas into the railgun chamber (26) behind the accelerating projectile (14). The breakdown inhibiting gas, which absorbs electrons
5154987 Highly conductive electrolyte composites containing glass and ceramic, and method of manufacture October 13, 1992
An electrolyte composite is manufactured by pressurizing a mixture of sodium ion conductive glass and an ionically conductive compound at between 12,000 and 24,000 pounds per square inch to produce a pellet. The resulting pellet is then sintered at relatively lower temperatures (800.
5154466 Pneumatic soil removal tool October 13, 1992
A soil removal tool is provided for removing radioactive soil, rock and other debris from the bottom of an excavation, while permitting the operator to be located outside of a containment for that excavation. The tool includes a fixed jaw, secured to one end of an elongate pipe, which
5153780 Method and apparatus for uniformly concentrating solar flux for photovoltaic applications October 6, 1992
A dish reflector and method for concentrating moderate solar flux uniformly on a target plane on a solar cell array, the dish having a stepped reflective surface that is characterized by a plurality of ring-like segments arranged about a common axis, and each segment having a concave
5153672 High bandwidth vapor density diagnostic system October 6, 1992
A high bandwidth vapor density diagnostic system for measuring the density of an atomic vapor during one or more photoionization events. The system translates the measurements from a low frequency region to a high frequency, relatively noise-free region in the spectrum to provide imp
5153516 Solid-state NMR imaging system October 6, 1992
An apparatus for use with a solid-state NMR spectrometer includes a special imaging probe with linear, high-field strength gradient fields and high-power broadband RF coils using a back projection method for data acquisition and image reconstruction, and a real-time pulse programmer
5153502 Low noise charge ramp electrometer October 6, 1992
An electrometer capable of measuring small currents without the use of a feedback resistor which tends to contribute a large noise factor to the measured data. The electrometer eliminates the feedback resistor through the use of a feedback capacitor located across the electrometer amplif
5153433 Portable mass spectrometer with one or more mechanically adjustable electrostatic sectors and a October 6, 1992
A portable mass spectrometer is described having one or more electrostatic focusing sectors and a magnetic focusing sector, all of which are positioned inside a vacuum chamber, and all of which may be adjusted via adjustment means accessible from outside the vacuum chamber. Mounting of
5153430 Method and apparatus for measuring the momentum, energy, power, and power density profile of int October 6, 1992
A method and apparatus for determining the power, momentum, energy, and power density profile of high momentum mass flow. Small probe projectiles of appropriate size, shape and composition are propelled through an intense particle beam at equal intervals along an axis perpendicular to
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