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5198002 Gas stream clean-up filter and method for forming same March 30, 1993
A gas cleaning filter is formed in-situ within a vessel containing a fluidizable bed of granular material of a relatively large size fraction. A filter membrane provided by a porous metal or ceramic body or such a body supported a perforated screen on one side thereof is coated in-situ
5197839 Blind fastening apparatus March 30, 1993
An anchor nut insert is provided having external threads for engaging an internally threaded receptacle of a fixture to be installed. The fixture also has two wings flanking the receptacle and having fastener holes. An insert driver is provided having a projecting blade which engages a s
5196814 High power, high frequency, vacuum flange March 23, 1993
An improved waveguide flange is disclosed for high power operation that helps prevent arcs from being initiated at the junctions between waveguide sections. The flanges at the end of the waveguide sections have counterbores surrounding the waveguide tubes. When the sections are bolted
5196069 Apparatus and method for cellulose processing using microwave pretreatment March 23, 1993
A method for pretreating a cellulosic waste product with microwaves is disclosed as well as a method and apparatus for converting cellulosic wastes into soluble saccharides. The invention greatly enhances a reaction rate for enzymatic hydrolysis. A feed mixture of cellulose, water and
5195651 Ball feeder for replenishing evaporator feed March 23, 1993
Vapor source material such as uranium, which is to be dropped into a melt in an evaporator, is made into many balls of identical diameters and placed inside a container. An elongated sloping pipe is connected to the container and leads to the evaporator such that these balls can travel
5194913 Fiber-optic apparatus and method for measurement of luminescence and raman scattering March 16, 1993
A dual fiber forward scattering optrode for Raman spectroscopy with the remote ends of the fibers in opposed, spaced relationship to each other to form a analyte sampling space therebetween and the method of measuring Raman spectra utilizing same. One optical fiber is for sending an exci
5194343 Method of electrode fabrication and an electrode for metal chloride battery March 16, 1993
A method of fabricating an electrode for use in a metal chloride battery and an electrode are provided. The electrode has relatively larger and more uniform pores than those found in typical electrodes. The fabrication method includes the steps of mixing sodium chloride particles selecte
5194218 Tungsten-yttria carbide coating for conveying copper March 16, 1993
A method is provided for providing a carbided-tungsten-yttria coating on the interior surface of a copper vapor laser. The surface serves as a wick for the condensation of liquid copper to return the condensate to the interior of the laser for revolatilization.
5194215 Automated robotic equipment for ultrasonic inspection of pressurizer heater wells March 16, 1993
A robotic device for remotely inspecting pressurizer heater wells is provided which has the advantages of quickly, precisely, and reliably acquiring data at reasonable cost while also reducing radiation exposure of an operator. The device comprises a prober assembly including a probe
5193942 Method and apparatus for transporting liquid slurries March 16, 1993
An improved method and device to prevent erosion of slurry transport devices is disclosed which uses liquid injection to prevent contact by the slurry composition with the inner surface of the walls of the transport system. A non-abrasive liquid is injected into the slurry transport syst
5193909 Quantitative method for measuring heat flux emitted from a cryogenic object March 16, 1993
The present invention is a quantitative method for measuring the total heat flux, and of deriving the total power dissipation, of a heat-fluxing object which includes the steps of placing an electrical noise-emitting heat-fluxing object in a liquid helium bath and measuring the superflui
5192155 Magnetic gripper device March 9, 1993
A climbing apparatus is provided for climbing ferromagnetic surfaces, such as storage tanks and steel frame structures. A magnet assembly is rotatably mounted in a frame assembly. The frame assembly provides a pair of cam surfaces having different dimensions so that, when the frame is
5191940 Oil/gas separator for installation at burning wells March 9, 1993
An oil/gas separator is disclosed that can be utilized to return the burning wells in Kuwait to production. Advantageously, a crane is used to install the separator at a safe distance from the well. The gas from the well is burned off at the site, and the oil is immediately pumped into
5191594 Fading channel simulator March 2, 1993
Fading channel effects on a transmitted communication signal are simulated with both frequency and time variations using a channel scattering function to affect the transmitted signal. A conventional channel scattering function is converted to a series of channel realizations by mult
5190881 Determination of actinides in urine and fecal samples March 2, 1993
A method of determining the radioactivity of specific actinides that are carried in urine or fecal sample material is disclosed. The samples are ashed in a muffle furnace, dissolved in an acid, and then treated in a series of steps of reduction, oxidation, dissolution, and precipitation,
5190735 Recovery of germanium-68 from irradiated targets March 2, 1993
A process for selective separation of germanium-68 from proton irradiated molybdenum targets is provided and includes dissolving the molybdenum target in a hydrogen peroxide solution to form a first ion-containing solution, contacting the first ion-containing solution with a cationic
5189709 Dynamic pattern matcher using incomplete data February 23, 1993
A method of matching a first query pattern with a plurality of stored data is disclosed. For each stored data pattern, the number of components are counted which are identical to corresponding components in the first query pattern, thereby forming a set of match numbers equals the number
5189678 Coupling apparatus for a metal vapor laser February 23, 1993
Coupling apparatus for a large bore metal vapor laser is disclosed. The coupling apparatus provides for coupling high voltage pulses (approximately 40 KV) to a metal vapor laser with a high repetition rate (approximately 5 KHz). The coupling apparatus utilizes existing thyratron circ
5189485 Wavelength meter having single mode fiber optics multiplexed inputs February 23, 1993
A wavelength meter having a single mode fiber optics input is disclosed. The single mode fiber enables a plurality of laser beams to be multiplexed to form a multiplexed input to the wavelength meter. The wavelength meter can provide a determination of the wavelength of any one or all of
5189302 Small system for tritium accelerator mass spectrometry February 23, 1993
Apparatus for ionizing and accelerating a sample containing isotopes of hydrogen and detecting the ratios of hydrogen isotopes contained in the sample is disclosed. An ion source generates a substantially linear ion beam including ions of tritium from the sample. A radio-frequency qu
5189262 Advanced motor driven clamped borehole seismic receiver February 23, 1993
A borehole seismic tool including a borehole clamp which only moves perpendicular to the borehole. The clamp is driven by an electric motor, via a right angle drive. When used as a seismic receiver, the tool has a three part housing, two of which are hermetically sealed. Accelerometers
5187980 Method and apparatus for acoustic plate mode liquid-solid phase transition detection February 23, 1993
A method and apparatus for sensing a liquid-solid phase transition event is provided which comprises an acoustic plate mode detecting element placed in contact with a liquid or solid material which generates a high-frequency acoustic wave that is attenuated to an extent based on the
5187859 Method of preloading superconducting coils by using materials with different thermal expansion c February 23, 1993
The invention provides a high magnetic field coil. The invention provides a preloaded compressive force to the coil maintain the integrity of the coil. The compressive force is obtained by reinforcing the coil with two materials of different thermal expansion rates and then heating the c
5185260 Method for distinguishing normal and transformed cells using G1 kinase inhibitors February 9, 1993
A G.sub.1 phase kinase inhibitor is applied in a low concentration to a population of normal and transformed mammalian cells. The concentration of G.sub.1 phase kinase inhibitor is selected to reversibly arrest normal mammalian cells in the G.sub.1 cell cycle without arresting growth of
5184557 Expansion joint for guideway for magnetic levitation transportation system February 9, 1993
An expansion joint that allows a guideway of a magnetic levitation transportation system to expand and contract while minimizing transients occurring in the magnetic lift and drag forces acting on a magnetic levitation vehicle traveling over the joint includes an upper cut or recess
5184019 Long range alpha particle detector February 2, 1993
An alpha particle detector capable of detecting alpha radiation from distant sources. In one embodiment, a high voltage is generated in a first electrically conductive mesh while a fan draws air containing air molecules ionized by alpha particles through an air passage and across a s
5182356 Poly(1,2,4-triazole) via aromatic nucleophilic displacement January 26, 1993
Poly(1,2,4-triazoles)(PT) have been prepared by involving the aromatic nucleophilic displacement reaction of di(hydroxyphenyl)-1,2,4-triazole monomers with activated aromatic dihalides or activated aromatic dinitro compounds. The reactions are carried out in polar aprotic solvents such a
5181602 Lockout device for high voltage circuit breaker January 26, 1993
An improved lockout assembly is provided for a circuit breaker to lock the switch handle into a selected switch position. The lockout assembly includes two main elements, each having a respective foot for engaging a portion of the upper housing wall of the circuit breaker. The first foot
5181016 Micro-valve pump light valve display January 19, 1993
A flat panel display incorporates a plurality of micro-pump light valves (MLV's) to form pixels for recreating an image. Each MLV consists of a dielectric drop sandwiched between substrates, at least one of which is transparent, a holding electrode for maintaining the drop outside a
5179568 Self-collimated unstable resonator semiconductor laser January 12, 1993
Self-collimation of the output is achieved in an unstable resonator semiconductor laser by providing a large concave mirror M.sub.1 and a small convex mirror M.sub.2 on opposite surfaces of a semiconductor body of a material having an effective index of refraction denoted by n, where
5179285 Automatically processed alpha-track radon monitor January 12, 1993
An automatically processed alpha-track radon monitor is provided which includes a housing having an aperture allowing radon entry, and a filter that excludes the entry of radon daughters into the housing. A flexible track registration material is located within the housing that records
5179025 Atmospheric pressure flow reactor: gas phase chemical kinetics under tropospheric conditions wit January 12, 1993
A flow reactor for simulating the interaction in the troposphere is set forth. A first reactant mixed with a carrier gas is delivered from a pump and flows through a duct having louvers therein. The louvers straighten out the flow, reduce turbulence and provide laminar flow discharge fro
5178974 Virtually distortion-free imaging system for large field, high resolution lithography using elec January 12, 1993
Virtually distortion free large field high resolution imaging is performed using an imaging system which contains large field distortion or field curvature. A reticle is imaged in one direction through the optical system to form an encoded mask. The encoded mask is then imaged back throu
5178543 Basic fluid system trainer January 12, 1993
A trainer, mounted and housed within a mobile console, is used to teach and reinforce fluid principles to students. The system trainer has two centrifugal pumps, each driven by a corresponding two-speed electric motor. The motors are controlled by motor controllers for operating the
5178498 X-Z-Theta cutting method January 12, 1993
A method for machining a workpiece. The method includes the use of a rotary cutting tool mounted on the end of a movable arm. The arm is adapted to move in a plane perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the cutting tool. The cutting tool has cutting teeth to cut chips of material off o
5177754 Magnetic compression laser driving circuit January 5, 1993
A magnetic compression laser driving circuit is disclosed. The magnetic compression laser driving circuit compresses voltage pulses in the range of 1.5 microseconds at 20 Kilovolts of amplitude to pulses in the range of 40 nanoseconds and 60 Kilovolts of amplitude. The magnetic compressi
5177352 Integrated optical tamper sensor with planar waveguide January 5, 1993
A monolithic optical tamper sensor, comprising an optical emitter and detector, connected by an optical waveguide and placed into the critical entry plane of an enclosed sensitive region, the tamper sensor having a myriad of scraps of a material optically absorbent at the wavelength of
5177294 Catalysts for conversion of methane to higher hydrocarbons January 5, 1993
Catalysts for converting methane to higher hydrocarbons such as ethane and ethylene in the presence of oxygen at temperatures in the range of about to C. are described. These catalysts comprise calcium oxide or gadolinium oxide respectively promoted with about
5177045 Crystalline titanate catalyst supports January 5, 1993
A series of new crystalline titanates (CT) are shown to have considerable potential as catalyst supports. For Pd supported catalyst, the catalytic activity for pyrene hydrogenation was substantially different depending on the type of CT, and one was substantially more active than Pd on h
5176970 Virtually distortion-free imaging system for large field, high resolution lithography January 5, 1993
Virtually distortion free large field high resolution imaging is performed using an imaging system which contains large field distortion or field curvature. A reticle is imaged in one direction through the optical system to form an encoded mask. The encoded mask is then imaged back throu
5175738 Insulator for laser housing December 29, 1992
The present invention provides a heat-resistant electrical insulator adapted for joining laser housing portions, which insulator comprises: an annulus; a channel in the annulus traversing the circumference and length of the housing; at least two ports, each communicating with the channel
5173595 Method and apparatus for reading free falling dosimeter punchcodes December 22, 1992
A punchcode reader is provided for reading data encoded in a punchcode hole array on a dosimeter. The dosimeter falls through a passage in the reader containing photosensor detectors disposed along the passage which provide output signals to a microprocessor. The signals are processed to
5173476 110K Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O superconductor oxide and method for making same December 22, 1992
A superconductor consisting of a sufficiently pure phase of the oxides of Bi, Sr, Ca, and Cu to exhibit a resistive zero near 110K resulting from the process of forming a mixture of Bi.sub.2 O.sub.3, SrCO.sub.3, CaCO.sub.3 and CuO into aparticulate compact wherein the atom ratios are
5173264 High throughput liquid absorption preconcentrator sampling instrument December 22, 1992
A system for detecting trace concentrations of an analyte in air includes a preconcentrator for the analyte and an analyte detector. The preconcentrator includes an elongated tubular container comprising a wettable material. The wettable material is continuously wetted with an analyt
5173263 Regenerable activated bauxite adsorbent alkali monitor probe December 22, 1992
A regenerable activated bauxite adsorber alkali monitor probe for field applications to provide reliable measurement of alkali-vapor concentration in combustion gas with special emphasis on pressurized fluidized-bed combustion (PFBC) off-gas. More particularly, the invention relates to t
5172554 Superfluid thermodynamic cycle refrigerator December 22, 1992
A cryogenic refrigerator cools a heat source by cyclically concentrating and diluting the amount of .sup.3 He in a single phase .sup.3 He-.sup.4 He solution. The .sup.3 He in superfluid .sup.4 He acts in a manner of an ideal gas in a vacuum. Thus, refrigeration is obtained using any
5172029 Shielded helix traveling wave cathode ray tube deflection structure December 15, 1992
Various embodiments of a helical coil deflection structure of a CRT are described and illustrated which provide shielding between adjacent turns of the coil on either three or four sides of each turn in the coil. Threaded members formed with either male or female threads and having the
5171686 Use of native Aspergillus flavus strains to prevent aflatoxin contamination December 15, 1992
Methods and compositions are provided for the control or prevention of aflatoxin contamination of agricultural commodities. Non-toxigenic strains of Aspergillus flavus are shown to inhibit aflatoxin production by toxigenic strains. Additionally, the non-toxigenic strains produce a fa
5171685 Cloning of the Babesia bovis 60 KD antigen December 15, 1992
The subject invention concerns the identification of novel merozoite surface proteins of Babesia bovis. Also disclosed are monoclonal antibodies to these proteins as well as genes which encode for the proteins.The invention further concerns the use of the novel proteins, recombinant
5171555 Cesium iodide alloys December 15, 1992
A transparent, strong CsI alloy havign additions of monovalent iodides. Although the perferred iodide is AgI, RbI and CuI additions also contribute to an improved polycrystalline CsI alloy.
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