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5223186 Microwave sintering of nanophase ceramics without concomitant grain growth June 29, 1993
A method of sintering nanocrystalline material is disclosed wherein the nanocrystalline material is microwaved to heat the material to a temperature less than about 70% of the melting point of the nanocrystalline material expressed in degrees K. This method produces sintered nanocrys
5223043 Current-matched high-efficiency, multijunction monolithic solar cells June 29, 1993
The efficiency of a two-junction (cascade) tandem photovoltaic device is improved by adjusting (decreasing) the top cell thickness to achieve current matching. An example of the invention was fabricated out of Ga.sub.0.52 In.sub.0.48 P and GaAs. Additional lattice-matched systems to
5222873 Fluid-driven reciprocating apparatus and valving for controlling same June 29, 1993
A control valve assembly for alternately actuating a pair of fluid-driven free-piston devices by using fluid pressure communication therebetween. Each control valve is switched by a pressure signal depending on the state of its counterpart's piston. The communication logic is arranged to
5221211 Electrical receptacle June 22, 1993
The invention is a receptacle for a three prong electrical plug which has either a tubular or U-shaped grounding prong. The inventive receptacle has a grounding prong socket which is sufficiently spacious to prevent the socket from significantly stretching when a larger, U-shaped groundi
5218515 Microchannel cooling of face down bonded chips June 8, 1993
Microchannel cooling is applied to flip-chip bonded integrated circuits, in a manner which maintains the advantages of flip-chip bonds, while overcoming the difficulties encountered in cooling the chips. The technique is suited to either multichip integrated circuit boards in a plane
5218346 Low volume flow meter June 8, 1993
The low flow monitor provides a means for determining if a fluid flow meets a minimum threshold level of flow. The low flow monitor operates with a minimum of intrusion by the flow detection device into the flow. The electrical portion of the monitor is externally located with respect to
5218083 Polyimides prepared from 3,5-diaminobenzotrifluoride June 8, 1993
High performance, thermooxidatively stable polyimides are prepared by reacting aromatic diamines with pendant trifluoromethyl groups and dianhydrides in an amide solvent to form a poly(amic acid), followed by cyclizing the poly(amic acid) to form the corresponding polyimide, which ha
5217510 Apparatus for preventing particle deposition from process streams on optical access windows June 8, 1993
An electrostatic precipitator is disposed inside and around the periphery of the window of a viewing port communicating with a housing through which a particle-laden gas stream is being passed. The precipitator includes a pair of electrodes around the periphery of the window, spaced apar
5217304 Electrical network method for the thermal or structural characterization of a conducting materia June 8, 1993
A method for modeling a conducting material sample or structure system, as an electrical network of resistances in which each resistance of the network is representative of a specific physical region of the system. The method encompasses measuring a resistance between two external leads
5215597 Method for bonding thin film thermocouples to ceramics June 1, 1993
A method is provided for adhering a thin film metal thermocouple to a ceramic substrate used in an environment up to 700 degrees Centigrade, such as at a cylinder of an internal combustion engine. The method includes the steps of: depositing a thin layer of a reactive metal on a clea
5214955 Constant frequency pulsed phase-locked loop measuring device June 1, 1993
A measuring apparatus uses a fixed frequency oscillator to measure small changes in the phase velocity ultrasonic sound when a sample is exposed to environmental changes such as changes in pressure, temperature, etc. The invention automatically balances electrical phase shifts against th
5214235 Shock destruction armor system May 25, 1993
A shock destruction armor system is constructed and arranged to destroy the force of impact of a projectile by shock hydrodynamics. The armor system is designed to comprise a plurality of superimposed armor plates each preferably having a thickness less than five times the projectile's
5214015 Synthesis of iron based hydrocracking catalysts May 25, 1993
A method of preparing a fine particle iron based hydrocracking catalyst and the catalyst prepared thereby. An iron (III) oxide powder and elemental sulfur are reacted with a liquid hydrogen donor having a hydroaromatic structure present in the range of from about 5 to about 50 times the
5213911 Solid-oxide fuel cell electrolyte May 25, 1993
A solid-oxide electrolyte operable at between C. and C. and a method of producing the solid-oxide electrolyte are provided. The solid-oxide electrolyte comprises a combination of a compound having weak metal-oxygen interactions with a compound having stronger
5213444 Oil/gas collector/separator for underwater oil leaks May 25, 1993
An oil/gas collector/separator for recovery of oil leaking, for example, from an offshore or underwater oil well. The separator is floated over the point of the leak and tethered in place so as to receive oil/gas floating, or forced under pressure, toward the water surface from either a
5212588 Reflective optical imaging system for extreme ultraviolet wavelengths May 18, 1993
A projection reflection optical system has two mirrors in a coaxial, four reflection configuration to reproduce the image of an object. The mirrors have spherical reflection surfaces to provide a very high resolution of object feature wavelengths less than 200 .mu.m, and preferably less
5212339 Explosive laser light initiation of propellants May 18, 1993
A improved initiator for artillery shell using an explosively generated laser light to uniformly initiate the propellent. A small quantity of a high explosive, when detonated, creates a high pressure and temperature, causing the surrounding noble gas to fluoresce. This fluorescence is
5211057 Nozzle diffuser for use with an open test section of a wind tunnel May 18, 1993
The nozzle diffuser has an inlet in fluid communication with the narrowed inlet of an open test chamber in a conventional wind tunnel. The nozzle diffuser has a passageway extending from its inlet to an outlet in communication with the open test section. The passageway has an internal
5209920 Evaluative means for detecting inflammatory reactivity May 11, 1993
Inbred Lewis (LEW/N) female rats develop an arthritis in response to Group A streptococcal cell wall peptidoglycanpolysaccharide (SCW) which mimics human rheumatoid arthritis. Histocompatible Fischer (F344/N) rats, on the other hand, do not develop arthritis in response to the same SCW s
5209834 Ordered transport and identification of particles May 11, 1993
A method and apparatus are provided for application of electrical field gradients to induce particle velocities to enable particle sequence and identification information to be obtained. Particle sequence is maintained by providing electroosmotic flow for an electrolytic solution in a
5208872 Programmable remapper with single flow architecture May 4, 1993
An apparatus for image processing comprising a camera for receiving an original visual image and transforming the original visual image into an analog image, a first converter for transforming the analog image of the camera to a digital image, a processor having a single flow architectur
5208654 Laser metrology for coherent multi-telescope arrays May 4, 1993
In multi-telescope arrays that comprise multiple telescopes, a beam-combining module, and flat mirrors for directing light beams from the multiple telescopes to the beam combining module, a laser metrology system is used for monitoring various pathlengths along a beam path where devi
5208569 Simplified flangeless unisex waveguide coupler assembly May 4, 1993
A unisex coupler assembly is disclosed capable of providing a leak tight coupling for waveguides with axial alignment of the waveguides and rotational capability. The sealing means of the coupler assembly are not exposed to RF energy, and the coupler assembly does not require the pro
5208332 Optical probe for the cytochrome P-450 cholesterol side chain cleavage enzyme May 4, 1993
An optical probe enables the study of enzyme activity by absorbance spectroscopy or by sensitive fluorescence methods. In particular, the probe provides the ability to monitor the activity of cytochrome P-450.sub.scc enzyme, the rate limiting enzyme for steroid biosynthesis. Located
5207110 Suspension device for low-frequency structures May 4, 1993
A suspension device is provided for simulating the free-free boundary conditions of space for a low frequency structure. A support cable is connected at one end to the test structure and is vertically guided by a guiding ring. The other end of the cable is connected to a cam having an
5205624 Material isolation enclosure April 27, 1993
An enclosure similar to a glovebox for isolating materials from the atmosphere, yet allowing a technician to manipulate the materials and also apparatus which is located inside the enclosure. A portion of a wall of the enclosure is comprised of at least one flexible curtain. An opening
5205519 Boundary layer relaminarization device April 27, 1993
Relamination of a boundary layer formed in supersonic flow over the leading edge of a swept airfoil is accomplished using at least one band, especially a quadrangular band, and most preferably a square band. Each band conforms to the leading edge and the upper and lower surfaces of the
5205069 High speed door assembly April 27, 1993
A high speed door assembly, comprising an actuator cylinder and piston rods, a pressure supply cylinder and fittings, an electrically detonated explosive bolt, a honeycomb structured door, a honeycomb structured decelerator, and a structural steel frame encasing the assembly to close
5204381 Hybrid sol-gel optical materials April 20, 1993
Hybrid sol-gel materials comprise silicate sols cross-linked with linear polysilane, polygermane, or poly(silane-germane). The sol-gel materials are useful as optical identifiers in tagging and verification applications and, in a different aspect, as stable, visible light transparent
5204003 Separation processes using expulsion from dilute supercritical solutions April 20, 1993
A process for separating isotopes as well as other mixtures by utilizing the behavior of dilute repulsive or weakly attractive elements of the mixtures as the critical point of the solvent is approached.
5203645 Underwater manipulator April 20, 1993
Self-contained, waterproof, water-submersible, remote-controlled apparatus is provided for manipulating a device, such as an ultrasonic transducer for measuring crack propagation on an underwater specimen undergoing shock testing. The subject manipulator includes metal bellows for transm
5203644 System to control contamination during retrieval of buried TRU waste April 20, 1993
A system to control contamination during the retrieval of hazardous waste comprising an outer containment building, an inner containment building, within the outer containment building, an electrostatic radioactive particle recovery unit connected to and in communication with the inner
5202306 Fracture toughness for copper oxide superconductors April 13, 1993
An oxide-based strengthening and toughening agent, such as tetragonal Zro.sub.2 particles, has been added to copper oxide superconductors, such as superconducting YBa.sub.2 Cu.sub.3 O.sub.x (123) to improve its fracture toughness (K.sub.IC). A sol-gel coating which is non-reactive wi
5202203 Chloromethyl chlorosulfate as a voltage delay inhibitor in lithium cells April 13, 1993
Chloromethyl chlorosulfate (CMCS) is used as a passive film growth inhibitor in electrochemical cells to minimize voltage delay and low-voltage discharge. Film growth on lithium anodes is significantly diminished when CMCS is added to SOCl.sub.2 and SO.sub.2 Cl.sub.2 electrolytes of
5202150 Microwave impregnation of porous materials with thermal energy storage materials April 13, 1993
A method for impregnating a porous, non-metallic construction material with a solid phase-change material is described. The phase-change material in finely divided form is spread onto the surface of the porous material, after which the porous material is exposed to microwave energy for a
5202005 Gadolinium photoionization process April 13, 1993
A method is provided for selective photoionization of the odd-numbered atomic mass gadolinium isotopes 155 and 157. The selective photoionization is accomplished by circular or linear parallel polarized laser beam energy effecting a three-step photoionization pathway.
5201345 Inflatable containment diaphragm for sealing and removing stacks April 13, 1993
A diaphragm with an inflatable torus-shaped perimeter is used to seal at least one end of a stack so that debris that might be hazardous will not be released during removal of the stack. A diaphragm is inserted and inflated in the lower portion of a stack just above where the stack is to
5201215 Method for simultaneous measurement of mass loading and fluid property changes using a quartz cr April 13, 1993
A method, using a quartz crystal microbalance, to obtain simultaneous measurement of solid mass accumulation and changes in liquid density-viscosity product. The simultaneous real-time measurements of electrical parameters yields that changes in surface mass can be differentiated fro
5200933 High resolution data acquisition April 6, 1993
A high resolution event interval timing system measures short time intervals such as occur in high energy physics or laser ranging. Timing is provided from a clock (38) pulse train (37) and analog circuitry (44) for generating a triangular wave (46) synchronously with the pulse train (37
5200578 High voltage feedthrough bushing April 6, 1993
A feedthrough bushing for a high voltage diode provides for using compression sealing for all sealing surfaces. A diode assembly includes a central conductor extending through the bushing and a grading ring assembly circumferentially surrounding and coaxial with the central conductor
5200144 Simulated nuclear reactor fuel assembly April 6, 1993
An apparatus for electrically simulating a nuclear reactor fuel assembly. It includes a heater assembly having a top end and a bottom end and a plurality of concentric heater tubes having electrical circuitry connected to a power source, and radially spaced from each other. An outer targ
5200054 Ice electrode electrolytic cell April 6, 1993
This invention relates to a method and apparatus for removing heavy metals from waste water, soils, or process streams by electrolytic cell means. The method includes cooling a cell cathode to form an ice layer over the cathode and then applying an electric current to deposit a layer of
5199040 Monolithic dye laser amplifier March 30, 1993
A fluid dye laser amplifier for amplifying a dye beam by pump beams has a channel structure defining a channel through which a laseable fluid flows and the dye and pump beams pass transversely to one another through a lasing region. The channel structure is formed with two pairs of mutua
5198716 Micro-machined resonator March 30, 1993
A micro-machined resonator, typically quartz, with upper and lower micro-machinable support members, or covers, having etched wells which may be lined with conductive electrode material, between the support members is a quartz resonator having an energy trapping quartz mesa capacitively
5198677 Production of N.sup.+ ions from a multicusp ion beam apparatus March 30, 1993
A method of generating a high purity (at least 98%) N.sup.+ ion beam using a multicusp ion source (10) having a chamber (11) formed by a cylindrical chamber wall (12) surrounded by a plurality of magnets (13), a filament (57) centrally disposed in said chamber, a plasma electrode (36) ha
5198674 Particle beam generator using a radioactive source March 30, 1993
The apparatus of the present invention selects from particles emitted by a radioactive source those particles having momentum within a desired range and focuses the selected particles in a beam having at least one narrow cross-dimension, and at the same time attenuates potentially disrup
5198589 Cobalt carbonyl catalyzed olefin hydroformylation in supercritical carbon dioxide March 30, 1993
A method of olefin hydroformylation is provided wherein an olefin reacts with a carbonyl catalyst and with reaction gases such as hydrogen and carbon monoxide in the presence of a supercritical reaction solvent, such as carbon dioxide. The invention provides higher yields of n-isomer
5198551 Polyamide thermosets March 30, 1993
The present invention provides (1) curable polyamide monomers represented by the formula: R.sup.1 -A.sup.1 -B.sup.1 -A.sup.2 -B.sup.2 -A.sup.3 -R.sup.2 where R.sup.1 and R.sup.2 are radicals selected from the group consisting of maleimide, substituted maleimide, nadimide, substituted
5198263 High rate chemical vapor deposition of carbon films using fluorinated gases March 30, 1993
A high rate, low-temperature deposition of amorphous carbon films is produced by PE-CVD in the presence of a fluorinated or other halide gas. The deposition can be performed at less than C., including ambient room temperature, with a radio frequency plasma assisted chemical
5198188 Combustion synthesis method and products March 30, 1993
Disclosed is a method of producing dense refractory products, comprising:(a) obtaining a quantity of exoergic material in powder form capable of sustaining a combustion synthesis reaction;(b) removing absorbed water vapor therefrom;(c) cold-pressing said material into a formed body;(d) plasma sp
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