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5256565 Electrochemical planarization October 26, 1993
In a process for fabricating planarized thin film metal interconnects for integrated circuit structures, a planarized metal layer is etched back to the underlying dielectric layer by electropolishing, ion milling or other procedure. Electropolishing reduces processing time from hours to
5256451 Guanidine based vehicle/binders for use with oxides, metals and ceramics October 26, 1993
The use of guanidine salts of organic fatty acids (guanidine soaps) as vehicles and binders for coating substrate surfaces is disclosed. Being completely organic, the guanidine soaps can be burned off leaving no undesirable residue. Of special interest is the use of guanidine 2-ethyl
5254934 Method of and system for producing electrical power October 19, 1993
A method and system for converting the chemical energy of methane to electrical energy. Methane is thermally decomposed to hydrogen and carbon in a decomposing unit at a temperature not less than K. and at a pressure above atmospheric pressure. Carbon and substantially pure
5254374 Chemical vapor infiltration using microwave energy October 19, 1993
A method for producing reinforced ceramic composite articles by means of chemical vapor infiltration and deposition in which an inverted temperature gradient is utilized. Microwave energy is the source of heat for the process.
5253592 Magnetic levitation configuration incorporating levitation, guidance and linear synchronous moto October 19, 1993
A propulsion and suspension system for an inductive repulsion type magnetically levitated vehicle which is propelled and suspended by a system which includes propulsion windings which form a linear synchronous motor and conductive guideways, adjacent to the propulsion windings, where
5253591 High speed maglev design October 19, 1993
A propulsion and stabilization system for an inductive repulsion type magnetically levitated vehicle which is propelled and suspended by a system which includes dividing the superconducting magnets into two types: a strong field magnet which is located vertically below the vehicle for
5252545 Dense high temperature ceramic oxide superconductors October 12, 1993
Dense superconducting ceramic oxide articles of manufacture and methods for producing these articles are described. Generally these articles are produced by first processing these superconducting oxides by ceramic processing techniques to optimize materials properties, followed by re
5252477 Human immunodeficiency virus specific proteolytic enzyme and a method for its synthesis and rena October 12, 1993
HIV protease necessary for the natural synthesis of HIV has been identified and sequenced. Rabbit antiserum against the C-terminal portion of HIV protease has been produced and used to isolate natural HIV protease and characterize its activity. In addition, a method for producing synthet
5251561 Open apex shaped charge-type explosive device having special disc means with slide surface there October 12, 1993
An open apex shape charge explosive device is disclosed having an inner liner defining a truncated cone, an explosive charge surrounding the truncated inner liner, a primer charge, and a disc located between the inner liner and the primer charge for directing the detonation of the pr
5250167 Electrically controlled polymeric gel actuators October 5, 1993
Electrically controlled polymeric gel actuators or synthetic muscles capable of undergoing substantial expansion and contraction when subjected to changing pH environments, temperature, or solvent. The actuators employ compliant containers for the gels and their solvents. The gels employ
5248566 Fuel cell system for transportation applications September 28, 1993
A propulsion system for a vehicle having pairs of front and rear wheels and a fuel tank. An electrically driven motor having an output shaft operatively connected to at least one of said pair of wheels is connected to a fuel cell having a positive electrode and a negative electrode s
5247553 Submerged passively-safe power plant September 21, 1993
The invention as presented consists of a submerged passively-safe power station including a pressurized water reactor capable of generating at least 600 MW of electricity, encased in a double hull vessel, and provides fresh water by using the spent thermal energy in a multistage flash
5247527 High power continuous-wave titanium:sapphire laser September 21, 1993
A high-power continuous-wave laser resonator (10) is provided, wherein first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth mirrors (11-16) form a double-Z optical cavity. A first Ti:Sapphire rod (17) is disposed between the second and third mirrors (12,13) and at the mid-point of the length of
5246565 High adherence copper plating process September 21, 1993
A process for applying copper to a substrate of aluminum or steel by electrodeposition and for preparing an aluminum or steel substrate for electrodeposition of copper. Practice of the invention provides good adhesion of the copper layer to the substrate.
5246505 System and method to improve the power output and longetivity of a radioisotope thermoelectric g September 21, 1993
By using the helium generated by the alpha emissions of a thermoelectric generator during space travel for cooling, the thermal degradation of the thermoelectric generator can be slowed. Slowing degradation allows missions to be longer with little additional expense or payload.
5245648 X-ray tomographic image magnification process, system and apparatus therefor September 14, 1993
A computerized three-dimensional x-ray tomographic microscopy system is disclosed, comprising:a) source means for providing a source of parallel x-ray beams,b) staging means for staging and sequentially rotating a sample to be positioned in the path of thec) x-ray image magnifier means posit
5241557 Laser focus compensating sensing and imaging device August 31, 1993
A laser focus compensating sensing and imaging device permits the focus of a single focal point of different frequency laser beams emanating from the same source point. In particular it allows the focusing of laser beam originating from the same laser device but having differing intensit
5241450 Three dimensional, multi-chip module August 31, 1993
A plurality of multi-chip modules are stacked and bonded around the perimeter by sold-bump bonds to adjacent modules on, for instance, three sides of the perimeter. The fourth side can be used for coolant distribution, for more interconnect structures, or other features, depending on
5239563 Plasma momentum meter for momentum flux measurements August 24, 1993
Invention comprises an instrument in which momentum flux onto a biasable target plate is transferred via a suspended quartz tube onto a sensitive force transducer--a capacitance-type pressure gauge. The transducer is protected from thermal damage, arcing and sputtering, and materials use
5239269 Apparatus and method for measuring and imaging surface resistance August 24, 1993
Apparatus and method for determining and imaging superconductor surface resistance. The apparatus comprises modified Gaussian confocal resonator structure with the sample remote from the radiating mirror. Surface resistance is determined by analyzing and imaging reflected microwaves;
5238913 Superconducting microcircuitry by the microlithgraphic patterning of superconducting compounds a August 24, 1993
Superconducting microcircuits including a thin layer of Ba.sub.2 Cu.sub.3 O.sub.5+x (0<x<1) on a substrate. A thin layer of a dopant; for example, Y.sub.2 O.sub.3 for superconducting patterns of YBa.sub.2 Cu.sub.3 O.sub.7-x, or Pr.sub.2 O.sub.3 for insulator patterns of PrBa.sub.2
5237629 Digitally controlled distributed phase shifter August 17, 1993
A digitally controlled distributed phase shifter is comprised of N phase shifters. Digital control is achieved by using N binary length-weighted electrodes located on the top surface of a waveguide. A control terminal is attached to each electrode thereby allowing the application of a
5237516 Method of recertifying a loaded bearing member using a phase point August 17, 1993
A method of recertifying a load on a bearing member using a pulsed phase locked loop (P2L2) system. A first tone burst signal with a corresponding first phase signal is generated in the bearing member in a first load condition. The sample/hold of the P2L2 is adjusted to a determined phas
5237307 Non-contact tamper sensing by electronic means August 17, 1993
A tamper-sensing system for an electronic tag 10 which is to be fixed to a surface 11 of an article 12, the tamper-sensing system comprising a capacitor having two non-contacting, capacitively-coupled elements 16, 19. Fixing of the body to the article will establish a precise location of
5236672 Corona destruction of volatile organic compounds and toxics August 17, 1993
Apparatus and method for controlling volatile organic compounds and air toxics in a contaminated fluid flow through use of an excited species flow generated and introduced into the contaminated fluid flow to convert the contaminants into non-toxic compounds. Tungsten electrodes and an
5235248 Method and split cavity oscillator/modulator to generate pulsed particle beams and electromagnet August 10, 1993
A compact device called the split cavity modulator whose self-generated oscillating electromagnetic field converts a steady particle beam into a modulated particle beam. The particle beam experiences both signs of the oscillating electric field during the transit through the split cavity
5235235 Multiple-frequency acoustic wave devices for chemical sensing and materials characterization in August 10, 1993
A chemical sensor (1) includes two or more pairs of interdigital electrodes (10) having different periodicities. Each pair is comprised of a first electrode (10a) and a second electrode (10b). The electrodes are patterned on a surface of a piezoelectric substrate (12). Each pair of elect
5232794 Ionic conductors for solid oxide fuel cells August 3, 1993
An electrolyte that operates at temperatures ranging from C. to C. is provided. The electrolyte conducts charge ionically as well as electronically. The ionic conductors include molecular framework structures having planes or channels large enough to transport oxi
5232772 Low density carbonized composite foams August 3, 1993
A carbonized composite foam having a density less than about 50 mg/cm.sup.3 and individual cell sizes no greater than about 1 .mu.m in diameter is described, and the process of making it.
5232673 Shielded fluid stream injector for particle bed reactor August 3, 1993
A shielded fluid-stream injector assembly is provided for particle bed reactors. The assembly includes a perforated pipe injector disposed across the particle bed region of the reactor and an inverted V-shaped shield placed over the pipe, overlapping it to prevent descending particles fr
5230716 Grate assembly for fixed-bed coal gasifier July 27, 1993
A grate assembly for a coal gasifier of a moving-bed or fixed-bed type is provided for crushing agglomerates of solid material such as clinkers, tailoring the radial distribution of reactant gases entering the gasification reaction zone, and control of the radial distribution of down
5229752 Method and apparatus for detecting timing errors in a system oscillator July 20, 1993
A method of detecting timing errors in a system oscillator for an electronic device, such as a power supply, includes the step of comparing a system oscillator signal with a delayed generated signal and generating a signal representative of the timing error when the system oscillator
5229542 Selectable fragmentation warhead July 20, 1993
A selectable fragmentation warhead capable of producing a predetermined number of fragments from a metal plate, and accelerating the fragments toward a target. A first explosive located adjacent to the plate is detonated at selected number of points by laser-driven slapper detonators.
5228644 Solar powered system for a space vehicle July 20, 1993
A solar power system for use with a space vehicle for achieving extended mission duration is disclosed. The solar power system includes sets of foldable solar panel casings which are unfolded and extended to the starboard and port sides (.+-.Y axis) of the space vehicle. During stowage
5228335 Method and apparatus for detection of catalyst failure on-board a motor vehicle using a dual oxy July 20, 1993
Dual oxygen sensors before and after the exhaust catalytic converter of a motor vehicle combined with a specialized algorithm to substantially continuously compare the real time electric output of the oxygen sensors and, in response to the comparison, output an indication of the activity
5227600 Microwave sintering of multiple articles July 13, 1993
Apparatus and method for producing articles of alumina and of alumina and silicon carbide in which the articles are sintered at high temperatures using microwave radiation. The articles are placed in a sintering container which is placed in a microwave cavity for heating. The rates at
5227351 Sorbent for use in hot gas desulfurization July 13, 1993
A multiple metal oxide sorbent supported on a zeolite of substantially silicon oxide is used for the desulfurization of process gas streams, such as from a coal gasifier, at temperatures in the range of about to about F. The sorbent is provided by a mixture
5227239 Production of hollow aerogel microspheres July 13, 1993
A method is described for making hollow aerogel microspheres of 800-1200 .mu. diameter and 100-300 .mu. wall thickness by forming hollow alcogel microspheres during the sol/gel process in a catalytic atmosphere and capturing them on a foam surface containing catalyst. Supercritical dryin
5227042 Catalyzed enzyme electrodes July 13, 1993
An enzyme electrode is prepared with a composite coating on an electrical conductor. The composite coating is formed from a casting solution of a perfluorosulfonic acid polymer, an enzyme, and a carbon supported catalyst. The solution may be cast directly on the conductor surface or
5226633 Spring design for use in the core of a nuclear reactor July 13, 1993
A spring design particularly suitable for use in the core of a nuclear reactor includes one surface having a first material oriented in a longitudinal direction, and another surface having a second material oriented in a transverse direction. The respective surfaces exhibit different
5226131 Sequencing and fan-out mechanism for causing a set of at least two sequential instructions to be July 6, 1993
A sequencing and data fanout mechanism is provided for a dataflow processor is activated by an input token which causes a sequence of operations to occur by initiating a first instruction to act on data contained within the token and then executing a sequential thread of instructions
5225788 Single-bunch synchrotron shutter July 6, 1993
An apparatus for selecting a single synchrotron pulse from the millions of pulses provided per second from a synchrotron source includes a rotating spindle located in the path of the synchrotron pulses. The spindle has multiple faces of a highly reflective surface, and having a frequency
5225682 Method and apparatus for providing pulse pile-up correction in charge quantizing radiation detec July 6, 1993
A radiation detection method and system for continuously correcting the quantization of detected charge during pulse pile-up conditions. Charge pulses from a radiation detector responsive to the energy of detected radiation events are converted to voltage pulses of predetermined shape
5225368 Method of producing strained-layer semiconductor devices via subsurface-patterning July 6, 1993
A method is described for patterning subsurface features in a semiconductor device, wherein the semiconductor device includes an internal strained layer. The method comprises creating a pattern of semiconductor material over the semiconductor device, the semiconductor material having a
5225146 Injection of electrons with predominantly perpendicular energy into an area of toroidal field ri July 6, 1993
An electron injection scheme for controlling transport in a tokamak plasma. Electrons with predominantly perpendicular energy are injected into a ripple field region created by a group of localized poloidal field bending magnets. The trapped electrons then grad-B drift vertically toward
5225051 Electrowinning process with electrode compartment to avoid contamination of electrolyte July 6, 1993
An electrolytic process and apparatus for reducing calcium oxide in a molten electrolyte of CaCl.sub.2 -CaF.sub.2 with a graphite anode in which particles or other contamination from the anode is restricted by the use of a porous barrier in the form of a basket surrounding the anode whic
5224519 Method and apparatus for weaving a woven angle ply fabric July 6, 1993
Planar or multilayer structural preforms are made having yarns extending in a bias direction of the preform. Angularly directed yarns can be inserted in planar and multilayer fabrics to increase shear strength of structural preforms made from the fabrics. In multilayer fabrics, the angle
5223634 Molecular water oxidation catalyst June 29, 1993
A dimeric composition of the formula: ##STR1## wherein L', L", L'", and L"" are each a bidentate ligand having at least one functional substituent, the ligand selected from bipyridine, phenanthroline, 2-phenylpyridine, bipyrimidine, and bipyrazyl and the functional substituent se
5223453 Controlled metal-semiconductor sintering/alloying by one-directional reverse illumination June 29, 1993
Metal strips deposited on a top surface of a semiconductor substrate are sintered at one temperature simultaneously with alloying a metal layer on the bottom surface at a second, higher temperature. This simultaneous sintering of metal strips and alloying a metal layer on opposite surfac
5223207 Expert system for online surveillance of nuclear reactor coolant pumps June 29, 1993
An expert system for online surveillance of nuclear reactor coolant pumps. This system provides a means for early detection of pump or sensor degradation. Degradation is determined through the use of a statistical analysis technique, sequential probability ratio test, applied to info
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