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5288434 Hepa filter dissolution process February 22, 1994
A process for dissolution of spent high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters and then combining the complexed filter solution with other radioactive wastes prior to calcining the mixed and blended waste feed. The process is an alternate to a prior method of acid leaching the spent
5288169 Ventilation of porous media February 22, 1994
Methods for distributing gases throughout the interstices of porous materials and removing volatile substances from the interstices of porous materials. Continuous oscillation of pressures and flows results in increased penetration of the interstices by flowing gases and increased tr
5287395 Inclined monochromator for high heat-load synchrotron x-ray radiation February 15, 1994
A double crystal monochromator including two identical, parallel crystals, each of which is cut such that the normal to the diffraction planes of interest makes an angle less than 90 degrees with the surface normal. Diffraction is symmetric, regardless of whether the crystals are sym
5287369 Laser beam generating apparatus February 15, 1994
Laser beam generating apparatus including a septum segment disposed longitudinally within the tubular structure of the apparatus. The septum provides for radiatively dissipating heat buildup within the tubular structure and for generating relatively uniform laser beam pulses so as to
5287217 Optical amplification at the 1.31 wavelength February 15, 1994
An optical amplifier operating at the 1.31 .mu.m wavelength for use in such applications as telecommunications, cable television, and computer systems. An optical fiber or other waveguide device is doped with both Tm.sup.3+ and Pr.sup.3+ ions. When pumped by a diode laser operating at a
5285689 Piping inspection instrument carriage with precise and repeatable position control and location February 15, 1994
An instrument carriage for inspection of piping comprises front and rear leg assemblies for engaging the interior of the piping and supporting and centering the carriage therein, and an instrumentation arm carried by a shaft system running from the front to rear leg assemblies. The shaft
5284628 Convection towers February 8, 1994
Convection towers which are capable of cleaning the pollution from large quantities of air and of generating electricity utilize the evaporation of water sprayed into the towers to create strong airflows and to remove pollution from the air. Turbines in tunnels at the skirt section of th
5284374 Apparatus for remotely handling components February 8, 1994
The inventive apparatus for remotely handling bar-like components which define a longitudinal direction includes a gripper mechanism for gripping the component including first and second gripper members longitudinally fixedly spaced from each other and oriented parallel to each other in
5283336 Method for preparation of 7-hydroxy-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline from 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline February 1, 1994
Methods for the efficient preparation of 7-hydroxy-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline include a first method in which the acylation of m-aminophenol obtains a lactam which is reduced to give the desired quinoline and a second method in which tetrahydroquinoline is nitrated and hydrogenated
5282944 Ion source based on the cathodic arc February 1, 1994
A cylindrically symmetric arc source to produce a ring of ions which leave the surface of the arc target radially and are reflected by electrostatic fields present in the source to a point of use, such as a part to be coated. An array of electrically isolated rings positioned in the sour
5281706 Synthesis of 3,6-diamino-1,2,4,5-tetrazine January 25, 1994
A method of making 3,6-diamino-1,2,4,5-tetrazine.
5279795 Extended range chemical sensing apparatus January 18, 1994
An apparatus for sensing chemicals over extended range of concentrations. In particular, first and second sensors each having separate, but overlapping ranges for sensing concentrations of hydrogen are provided. Preferably, the first sensor is a MOS solid state device wherein the metal
5276319 Method and device for improved IR detection with compensations for individual detector response January 4, 1994
An advanced infrared (IR) Sensor based on the present invention would add the following two elements to a basic staring IR sensor using a 2 dimensional array of detector elements to significantly enhance the detection sensitivity of the device. The added features are: (1) Additional
5275112 Integrated null-flux suspension and multiphase propulsion system for magnetically-levitated vehi January 4, 1994
A propulsion and stabilization system comprising a series of FIG. 8 coils mounted vertically on the walls of the guideway to provide suspension, lateral guidance and propulsion of a magnetically levitated vehicle. This system further allows for altering the magnetic field effects by chan
5275106 Insensitive fuze train for high explosives January 4, 1994
A generic insensitive fuze train to initiate insensitive high explosives, such as PBXW-124. The insensitive fuze train uses a slapper foil to initiate sub-gram quantities of an explosive, such as HNS-IV or PETN. This small amount of explosive drives a larger metal slapper onto a booster
5275083 Skirted projectiles for railguns January 4, 1994
A single skirt projectile (20) having an insulating skirt (22) at its rear, or a dual trailing skirt projectile (30, 40, 50, 60) having an insulating skirt (32, 42, 52, 62) succeeded by an arc extinguishing skirt (34, 44, 54, 64), is accelerated by a railgun accelerator 10 having a pair
5274654 Laser beam generating apparatus December 28, 1993
Laser beam generating apparatus including a septum segment disposed longitudinally within the tubular structure of the apparatus. The septum provides for radiatively dissipating heat buildup within the tubular structure and for generating relatively uniform laser beam pulses so as to
5274091 ADMPT and its synthesis December 28, 1993
3-Amino-6-(3,5-dimethylpyrazol-1-yl)-1,2,4,5-tetrazine (ADMPT) and a method of making it.
5273359 Remote high-temperature insulatorless heat-flux gauge December 28, 1993
A remote optical heat-flux gauge for use in extremely high temperature environments is described. This application is possible because of the use of thermographic phosphors as the sensing media, and the omission of the need for an intervening layer of insulator between phosphor layers. T
5272293 Rolamite acceleration sensor December 21, 1993
A rolamite acceleration sensor which has a failsafe feature including a housing, a pair of rollers, a tension band wrapped in an S shaped fashion around the rollers, wherein the band has a force-generation cut out and a failsafe cut out or weak portion. The failsafe cut out or weak porti
5272248 Polyimide processing additives December 21, 1993
A process for preparing polyamides having enhanced melt flow properties is described. The process consists of heating a mixture of a high molecular weight poly(amic acid) or polyimide with a low molecular weight amic acid or imide additive in the range of 0.05 to 15% by weight of additiv
5272146 1,2-dihydroellipticines with activity against CNS specific cancer cell lines December 21, 1993
Certain new 1,2-dihydroellipticine compounds having activity against CNS specific cancer cell lines because of their ease of passage across the blood-brain barrier are disclosed along with formulations and methods for treating CNS cancers employing these compounds.
5271668 Material containment enclosure December 21, 1993
An isolation enclosure and a group of isolation enclosures useful when a relatively large containment area is required. The enclosure is in the form of a ring having a section removed so that a technician may enter the center area of the ring. In a preferred embodiment, an access zone is
5271365 Jet plume injection and combustion system for internal combustion engines December 21, 1993
An improved combustion system for an internal combustion engine is disclosed wherein a rich air/fuel mixture is furnished at high pressure to one or more jet plume generator cavities adjacent to a cylinder and then injected through one or more orifices from the cavities into the head
5271283 Ballistic impulse gauge December 21, 1993
A gauge for detecting the impulse generated in sample materials by X-rays or other impulse producing mechanisms utilizes a pair of flat annular springs to support a plunger relative to a housing which may itself be supported by a pair of flat annular springs in a second housing. The
5270548 Phase-sensitive flow cytometer December 14, 1993
A phase-sensitive flow cytometer (FCM) provides additional FCM capability to use the fluorescence lifetime of one or more fluorochromes bound to single cells to provide additional information regarding the cells. The resulting fluorescence emission can be resolved into individual flu
5270532 Traveling-wave photodetector December 14, 1993
The traveling-wave photodetector of the present invention combines an absorptive optical waveguide and an electrical transmission line, in which optical absorption in the waveguide results in a photocurrent at the electrodes of the electrical transmission line. The optical waveguide and
5270294 Free-standing oxide superconducting articles December 14, 1993
A substrate-free, free-standing epitaxially oriented superconductive film including a layer of a template material and a layer of a ceramic superconducting material is provided together with a method of making such a substrate-free ceramic superconductive film by coating an etchable
5270214 Method for sequencing DNA base pairs December 14, 1993
The base pairs of a DNA structure are sequenced with the use of a scanning tunneling microscope (STM). The DNA structure is scanned by the STM probe tip, and, as it is being scanned, the DNA structure is separately subjected to a sequence of infrared radiation from four different sources
5270059 Method and preparation for inhibiting mold growth on pome fruit December 14, 1993
A method and preparation are disclosed for inhibiting the growth of mold on a pome fruit. The method includes exposing the pome fruit to a preparation which includes a sufficient concentration of Sporobolomyces roseus to significantly inhibit the growth of the mold on the fruit. In parti
5269830 Process for synthesizing compounds from elemental powders and product December 14, 1993
A process for synthesizing intermetallic compounds from elemental powders. The elemental powders are initially combined in a ratio which approximates the stoichiometric composition of the intermetallic compound. The mixed powders are then formed into a compact which is heat treated at a
5268577 Radiation detector using a bulk high T.sub.c superconductor December 7, 1993
A radiation detector (10) is provided, wherein a bulk high T.sub.c superconducting sample (11) is placed in a magnetic field and maintained at a superconducting temperature. Photons of incident radiation will cause localized heating in superconducting loops of the sample destroying t
5268173 Suppression of Gliocladium virens phytotoxin production with steroid inhibitors December 7, 1993
A process for producing cultures of Gliocladium virens for use as biocontrol agents wherein the production of viridiol is inhibited. Cells of Gliocladium virens are grown in a culture medium and under conditions effective to produce gliotoxin and/or gliovirin, wherein the culture med
5267343 Enhanced radiation resistant fiber optics November 30, 1993
A process for producing an optical fiber having enhanced radiation resitance is provided, the process including maintaining an optical fiber within a hydrogen-containing atmosphere for sufficient time to yield a hydrogen-permeated optical fiber having an elevated internal hydrogen co
5267179 Ferroelectric optical image comparator November 30, 1993
A ferroelectric optical image comparator has a lead lanthanum zirconate titanate thin-film device which is constructed with a semi-transparent or transparent conductive first electrode on one side of the thin film, a conductive metal second electrode on the other side of the thin film, a
5266499 Method for detection of antibodies for metallic elements November 30, 1993
An apparatus and method for detecting antibodies specific to non-protein antigens. The apparatus is an immunological plate containing a plurality of plastic projections coated with a non-protein material. Assays utilizing the plate are capable of stabilizing the non-protein antigens
5266132 Energetic composites November 30, 1993
A method for providing chemical energy and energetic compositions of matter consisting of thin layers of substances which will exothermically react with one another. The layers of reactive substances are separated by thin layers of a buffer material which prevents the reactions from taki
5264959 Temperature-insensitive phase-matched optical harmonic conversion crystal November 23, 1993
Temperature-insensitive, phase-matched harmomic frequency conversion of laser light at a preferred wavelength of 1.064 microns can be achieved by use of a crystal of deuterated l-arginine phosphate. The crystal is cut and oriented so that the laser light propagates inside the crystal alo
5264108 Laser patterning of laminated structures for electroplating November 23, 1993
A process for laser patterning of a substrate so that it can be subsequently electroplated or electrolessly plated. The process utilizes a laser to treat an inactive (inert) layer formed over an active layer to either combine or remove the inactive layer to produce a patterned active
5262638 Optical fibers and fluorosensors having improved power efficiency and methods of producing same November 16, 1993
An optical fiber fluorosensor is provided having a portion of a fiber core which is surrounded by an active cladding which is permeable by the analyte to be sensed and containing substances which emit light waves upon excitation. A remaining portion of the fiber core is surrounded by a g
5262604 Float level switch for a nuclear power plant containment vessel November 16, 1993
This invention is a float level switch used to sense rise or drop in water level in a containment vessel of a nuclear power plant during a loss of coolant accident. The essential components of the device are a guide tube, a reed switch inside the guide tube, a float containing a magnetic
5262395 Superconducting active impedance converter November 16, 1993
A transimpedance amplifier for use with high temperature superconducting, other superconducting, and conventional semiconductor allows for appropriate signal amplification and impedance matching to processing electronics. The amplifier incorporates the superconducting flux flow trans
5262394 Superconductive articles including cerium oxide layer November 16, 1993
A ceramic superconductor comprising a metal oxide substrate, a ceramic high temperature superconductive material, and a intermediate layer of a material having a cubic crystal structure, said layer situated between the substrate and the superconductive material is provided, and a structu
5262364 High thermal expansion, sealing glass November 16, 1993
A glass composition for hermetically sealing to high thermal expansion materials such as aluminum alloys, stainless steels, copper, and copper/beryllium alloys, which includes between about 10 and about 25 mole percent Na.sub.2 O, between about 10 and about 25 mole percent K.sub.2 O,
5262106 Anisotropic fiber alignment in composite structures November 16, 1993
High strength material composite structures are formed with oriented fibers to provide controlled anisotropic fibers. Fibers suspended in non-dilute concentrations (e.g., up to 20 volume percent for fibers having an aspect ratio of 20) in a selected medium are oriented by moving an axial
5261941 High strength and density tungsten-uranium alloys November 16, 1993
Alloys of tungsten and uranium and a method for making the alloys. The amount of tungsten present in the alloys is from about 55 vol % to about 85 vol %. A porous preform is made by sintering consolidated tungsten powder. The preform is impregnated with molten uranium such that (1) u
5260640 Method of and system for producing electrical power November 9, 1993
A method and system for converting the chemical energy of methane to electrical energy. Methane is thermally decomposed to hydrogen and carbon in a decomposing unit at a temperature not less than about K. and at a pressure at least slightly above atmospheric pressure. Carbon
5259417 Device for testing closure disks at high rates of change of pressure November 9, 1993
A device for testing the burst pressure of closure disks which provides high pressure to both sides of a disk and rapidly releases pressure from one side thereof causing a high rate of change of pressure. A hollow notched plug allows the rapid release of pressure upon rupturing. A means
5257132 Broadband diffractive lens or imaging element October 26, 1993
A broadband diffractive lens or imaging element produces a sharp focus and/or a high resolution image with broad bandwidth illuminating radiation. The diffractive lens is sectored or segmented into regions, each of which focuses or images a distinct narrowband of radiation but all of
5256792 Amine salts of nitroazoles October 26, 1993
Compositions of matter, a method of providing chemical energy by burning said compositions, and methods of making said compositions. These compositions are amine salts of nitroazoles.
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