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5341392 Longitudinal discharge laser electrodes August 23, 1994
The improved longitudinal discharge laser electrode with IR baffle includes an electrode made up of washers spaced along the laser axis in order to form inter-washer spaces for hollow cathode discharge to take place and for IR radiation to be trapped. Additional IR baffles can be placed
5341389 Ytterbium- and neodymium-doped vanadate laser hose crystals having the apatite crystal structure August 23, 1994
Yb.sup.3+ and Nd.sup.3+ doped Sr.sub.5 (VO.sub.4).sub.3 F crystals serve as useful infrared laser media that exhibit low thresholds of oscillation and high slope efficiencies, and can be grown with high optical quality. These laser media possess unusually high absorption and emission c
5341101 Method and apparatus utilizing ionizing and microwave radiation for saturation determination of August 23, 1994
A system for determining the relative permeabilities of gas, water and oil in a core sample has a microwave emitter/detector subsystem and an X-ray emitter/detector subsystem. A core holder positions the core sample between microwave absorbers which prevent diffracted microwaves from
5341017 Semiconductor switch geometry with electric field shaping August 23, 1994
An optoelectric switch is disclosed that utilizes a cylindrically shaped and contoured GaAs medium or other optically active semiconductor medium to couple two cylindrically shaped metal conductors with flat and flared termination points each having an ovoid prominence centrally extendin
5340605 Method for plating with metal oxides August 23, 1994
A method of plating hydrous metal oxides on at least one substrate, which method is indifferent to the electrochemical properties of the substrate, and comprises reacting metallic ions in aqueous solution with an appropriate oxidizing agent such as sodium hypochlorite or calcium sulfite
5340506 Method to synthesize dense crystallized sodalite pellet for immobilizing halide salt radioactive August 23, 1994
A method for immobilizing waste chloride salts containing radionuclides such as cesium and strontium and hazardous materials such as barium. A sodalite intermediate is prepared by mixing appropriate amounts of silica, alumina and sodium hydroxide with respect to sodalite and heating the
5340252 Quick connect fastener August 23, 1994
A quick connect fastener for attachment to an axially elongated externally threaded member by axially thrusting the fastener onto the member, the fastener having an outer casing including a passageway having a frusto-conical surface. A segmented core having four internally threaded s
5340081 Means for positively seating a piezoceramic element in a piezoelectric valve during inlet gas in August 23, 1994
A piezoelectric valve in a gas delivery system includes a piezoceramic element bonded to a valve seal and disposed over a valve seat, and retained in position by an O-ring and a retainer; an insulating ball normally biased by a preload spring against the piezoceramic element; an inle
5339694 Monitoring probe for groundwater flow August 23, 1994
A monitoring probe for detecting groundwater migration. The monitor features a cylinder made of a permeable membrane carrying an array of electrical conductivity sensors on its outer surface. The cylinder is filled with a fluid that has a conductivity different than the groundwater.
5339347 Method for microbeam radiation therapy August 16, 1994
A method of performing radiation therapy on a patient, involving exposing a target, usually a tumor, to a therapeutic dose of high energy electromagnetic radiation, preferably X-ray radiation, in the form of at least two non-overlapping microbeams of radiation, each microbeam having a
5338115 Mixing device for materials with large density differences August 16, 1994
An auger-tube pump mixing device for mixing materials with large density differences while maintaining low stirring RPM and low power consumption. The mixing device minimizes the formation of vortexes and minimizes the incorporation of small bubbles in the liquid during mixing. By avoidi
5337387 Method for the continuous processing of hermetic fiber optic components and the resultant fiber August 9, 1994
Hermetic fiber optic-to-metal components and method for making hermetic fiber optic-to-metal components by assembling and fixturing elements comprising a metal shell, a glass preform, and a metal-coated fiber optic into desired relative positions and then sealing said fixtured elements
5337333 Laser beam pulse formatting method August 9, 1994
A method for formatting a laser beam pulse (20) using one or more delay loops (10). The delay loops (10) have a partially reflective beam splitter (12) and a plurality of highly reflective mirrors (14) arranged such that the laser beam pulse (20) enters into the delay loop (10) through t
5336972 High brightness electron accelerator August 9, 1994
A compact high brightness linear accelerator is provided for use, e.g., in a free electron laser. The accelerator has a first plurality of acclerating cavities having end walls with four coupling slots for accelerating electrons to high velocities in the absence of quadrupole fields.
5336889 Composition and apparatus for detecting gamma radiation August 9, 1994
A gamma radiation detector and a radioluminiscent composition for use therein. The detector includes a radioluminscent composition that emits light in a characteristic wavelength region when exposed to gamma radiation, and means for detecting said radiation. The composition contains
5336520 High density-high purity graphite prepared by hot isostatic pressing in refractory metal contain August 9, 1994
Porous graphite in solid form is hot isostatically pressed in a refractory metal container to produce a solid graphite monolith with a bulk density greater than or equal to 2.10 g/cc. The refractory metal container is formed of tantalum, niobium, tungsten, molybdenum or alloys thereof in
5336450 Process to remove rare earth from IFR electrolyte August 9, 1994
The invention is a process for the removal of rare earths from molten chloride electrolyte salts used in the reprocessing of integrated fast reactor fuel (IFR). The process can be used either continuously during normal operation of the electrorefiner or as a batch process. The process
5335237 Parasitic oscillation suppression in solid state lasers using absorbing thin films August 2, 1994
A thin absorbing film is bonded onto at least certain surfaces of a solid state laser gain medium. An absorbing metal-dielectric multilayer film is optimized for a broad range of incidence angles, and is resistant to the corrosive/erosive effects of a coolant such as water, used in the f
5335236 Long pulse production from short pulses August 2, 1994
A method of producing a long output pulse (SA) from a short pump pulse (P), using an elongated amplified fiber (11) having a doped core (12) that provides an amplifying medium for light of one color when driven into an excited state by light of a shorter wavelength and a surrounding clad
5335067 Spectrophotometric probe August 2, 1994
A support structure bearing at least one probe for making spectrophotometric measurements of a fluid using a source of light and a spectrophotometer. The probe includes a housing with two optical fibers and a planoconvex lens. A sleeve bearing a mirror surrounds the housing. The lens
5334239 Passive gas separator and accumulator device August 2, 1994
A separation device employing a gas separation filter and swirler vanes for separating gas from a gasliquid mixture is provided. The cylindrical filter utilizes the principle that surface tension in the pores of the filter prevents gas bubbles from passing through. As a result, the gas
5333511 Portable controlled air sampler August 2, 1994
A portable analyzer for obtaining samples from a monitored environment during different time intervals includes a pump energized by a rechargeable battery pack for drawing gas from the environment selectively into plural sample holding bags and an impact filter. The pump is programme
5333422 Lightweight extendable and retractable pole August 2, 1994
A lightweight extendable and retractable telescopic pole is disclosed comprising a plurality of non-metallic telescoping cylinders with sliding and sealing surfaces between the cylinders, a first plug member on the upper end of the smallest cylinder, and a second plug member on the lower
5333162 High resolution time interval counter July 26, 1994
A high resolution counter circuit measures the time interval between the occurrence of an initial and a subsequent electrical pulse to two nanoseconds resolution using an eight megahertz clock. The circuit includes a main counter for receiving electrical pulses and generating a binar
5333000 Coherent optical monolithic phased-array antenna steering system July 26, 1994
An optical-based RF beam steering system for phased-array antennas comprising a photonic integrated circuit (PIC). The system is based on optical heterodyning employed to produce microwave phase shifting by a monolithic PIC constructed entirely of passive components. Microwave power
5331413 Adjustable control station with movable monitors and cameras for viewing systems in robotics and July 19, 1994
Real-time video presentations are provided in the field of operator-supervised automation and teleoperation, particularly in control stations having movable cameras for optimal viewing of a region of interest in robotics and teleoperations for performing different types of tasks. Mov
5331234 Solid state switch July 19, 1994
A solid state switch, with reverse conducting thyristors, is designed to operate at 20 kV hold-off voltage, 1500 A peak, 1.0 .mu.s pulsewidth, and 4500 pps, to replace thyratrons. The solid state switch is more reliable, more economical, and more easily repaired. The switch includes a st
5329089 Plasma arc welding weld imaging July 12, 1994
A welding torch for plasma arc welding apparatus has a transparent shield cup disposed about the constricting nozzle, the cup including a small outwardly extending polished lip. A guide tube extends externally of the torch and has a free end adjacent the lip. First and second optical fib
5326703 Method of degrading pollutants in soil July 5, 1994
A method and system for enhancing the motility of microorganisms by placing an effective amount of chlorinated hydrocarbons, preferably chlorinated alkenes, and most preferably trichloroethylene in spaced relation to the microbes so that the surprisingly strong, monomodal, chemotactic re
5326451 Liquid electrode July 5, 1994
A dropping electrolyte electrode for use in electrochemical analysis of non-polar sample solutions, such as benzene or cyclohexane. The liquid electrode, preferably an aqueous salt solution immiscible in the sample solution, is introduced into the solution in dropwise fashion from a
5325918 Optimal joule heating of the subsurface July 5, 1994
A method for simultaneously heating the subsurface and imaging the effects of the heating. This method combines the use of tomographic imaging (electrical resistance tomography or ERT) to image electrical resistivity distribution underground, with joule heating by electrical currents
5325797 Staged fluidized-bed combustion and filter system July 5, 1994
A staged fluidized-bed combustion and filter system for substantially reducing the quantity of waste through the complete combustion into ash-type solids and gaseous products. The device has two fluidized-bed portions, the first primarily as a combustor/pyrolyzer bed, and the second
5325391 Recirculating wedges for metal-vapor plasma tubes June 28, 1994
A metal vapor laser is disclosed that recycles condensed metal located at the terminal ends of a plasma tube back toward the center of the tube. A pair of arcuate wedges are incorporated on the bottom of the plasma tube near the terminal ends. The wedges slope downward toward the center
5325095 Stepped frequency ground penetrating radar June 28, 1994
A stepped frequency ground penetrating radar system is described comprising an RF signal generating section capable of producing stepped frequency signals in spaced and equal increments of time and frequency over a preselected bandwidth which serves as a common RF signal source for both
5324948 Autonomous mobile robot for radiologic surveys June 28, 1994
An apparatus for conducting radiologic surveys. The apparatus comprises in the main a robot capable of following a preprogrammed path through an area, a radiation monitor adapted to receive input from a radiation detector assembly, ultrasonic transducers for navigation and collision
5324661 Chemotactic selection of pollutant degrading soil bacteria June 28, 1994
A method for identifying soil microbial strains which may be bacterial degraders of pollutants comprising the steps of placing a concentration of a pollutant in a substantially closed container, placing the container in a sample of soil for a period of time ranging from one minute to sev
5322924 Addition polyimides with enhanced processability June 21, 1994
Addition polyimide resins having improved thermo-oxidative stability and enhanced processability are prepared by the reaction of a mixture of monomers comprising a non-planar polyphenyl diamine (a), a diester of tetracarboxylic acid or the corresponding dianhydride (b) and an end-cap
5322572 Monolithic tandem solar cell June 21, 1994
A single-crystal, monolithic, tandem, photovoltaic solar cell is described which includes (a) an InP substrate having upper and lower surfaces, (b) a first photoactive subcell on the upper surface of the InP substrate, (c) a second photoactive subcell on the first subcell; and (d) an opt
5321753 Secure communication of static information by electronic means June 14, 1994
A method and apparatus (10) for the secure transmission of static data (16) from a tag (11) to a remote reader (12). Each time the static data (16) is to be transmitted to the reader (12), the 10 bits of static data (16) are combined with 54 bits of binary data (21), which constantly cha
5319670 Velocity damper for electromagnetically levitated materials June 7, 1994
A system for damping oscillatory and spinning motions induced in an electromagnetically levitated material. Two opposed field magnets are located orthogonally to the existing levitation coils for providing a DC quadrupole field (cusp field) around the material. The material used for
5319662 Longitudinal discharge laser baffles June 7, 1994
The IR baffles placed between the window and the electrode of a longitudinal discharge laser improve laser performance by intercepting off-axis IR radiation from the laser and in doing so reduce window heating and subsequent optical distortion of the laser beam.
5319659 Semiconductor diode laser having an intracavity spatial phase controller for beam control and sw June 7, 1994
A high-power broad-area semiconductor laser having a intracavity spatial phase controller is disclosed. The integrated intracavity spatial phase controller is easily formed by patterning an electrical contact metallization layer when fabricating the semiconductor laser. This spatial
5319313 Power coupler with adjustable coupling factor for accelerator cavities June 7, 1994
An accelerator includes a beam tube having a cavity with a central axis along which particles can be accelerated. A radio frequency power coupling device couples the cavity to a high frequency power source. The coupling device includes a coaxial waveguide having a central axis, an outer
5317259 DC-based magnetic field controller May 31, 1994
A magnetic field controller for laboratory devices and in particular to dc operated magnetic field controllers for mass spectrometers, comprising a dc power supply in combination with improvements to a hall probe subsystem, display subsystem, preamplifier, field control subsystem, and
5317253 Concealed wire tracing apparatus May 31, 1994
An apparatus and method that combines a signal generator and a passive signal receiver to detect and record the path of partially or completely concealed electrical wiring without disturbing the concealing surface. The signal generator applies a series of electrical pulses to the selecte
5317234 Mode trap for absorbing transverse modes of an accelerated electron beam May 31, 1994
A mode trap to trap and absorb transverse modes formed by a beam in a linear accelerator includes a waveguide having a multiplicity of electrically conductive (preferably copper) irises and rings, each iris and ring including an aperture, and the irises and rings being stacked in a s
5316649 High frequency reference electrode May 31, 1994
A high frequency reference electrode for electrochemical experiments comprises a mercury-calomel or silver-silver chloride reference electrode with a layer of platinum around it and a layer of a chemically and electrically resistant material such as TEFLON around the platinum coverin
5315884 Capacitive proximity sensor May 31, 1994
A proximity sensor based on a closed field circuit. The circuit comprises a ring oscillator using a symmetrical array of plates that creates an oscillating displacement current. The displacement current varies as a function of the proximity of objects to the plate array. Preferably the
5315611 High average power magnetic modulator for metal vapor lasers May 24, 1994
A three-stage magnetic modulator utilizing magnetic pulse compression designed to provide a 60 kV pulse to a copper vapor laser at a 4.5 kHz repetition rate is disclosed. This modulator operates at 34 kW input power. The circuit includes a step up auto transformer and utilizes a rod
5315430 Strained layer Fabry-Perot device May 24, 1994
An asymmetric Fabry-Perot reflectance modulator (AFPM) consists of an active region between top and bottom mirrors, the bottom mirror being affixed to a substrate by a buffer layer. The active region comprises a strained-layer region having a bandgap and thickness chosen for resonance
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