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5374403 Apparatus for incinerating hazardous waste December 20, 1994
An apparatus for incinerating wastes, including an incinerator having a combustion chamber, a fluidtight shell enclosing the combustion chamber, an afterburner, an off-gas particulate removal system and an emergency off-gas cooling system. The region between the inner surface of the shel
5373540 Spent nuclear fuel shipping basket December 13, 1994
A spent nuclear fuel shipping basket. A shell has a lower wall section of greater thickness than the remainder of the shell and a plurality of notches spaced apart around its inner circumference and extending the length of said shell. A plurality of drain holes are provided in the lower
5373263 Transverse mode electron beam microwave generator December 13, 1994
An electron beam microwave device having an evacuated interaction chamber to which are coupled a resonant cavity which has an opening between the resonant cavity and the evacuated interaction chamber and an electron gun which causes a narrow beam of electrons to traverse the evacuated
5373215 Ionization tube simmer current circuit December 13, 1994
A highly efficient flash lamp simmer current circuit utilizes a fifty percent duty cycle square wave pulse generator to pass a current over a current limiting inductor to a full wave rectifier. The DC output of the rectifier is then passed over a voltage smoothing capacitor through a
5373163 Apparatus and method for detecting gamma radiation December 13, 1994
A high efficiency radiation detector for measuring X-ray and gamma radiation from small-volume, low-activity liquid samples with an overall uncertainty better than 0.7% (one sigma SD). The radiation detector includes a hyperpure germanium well detector, a collimator, and a reference
5372939 Combined enzyme mediated fermentation of cellulous and xylose to ethanol by Schizosaccharoyces p December 13, 1994
A process for producing ethanol from mixed sugar streams from pretreated biomass comprising xylose and cellulose using enzymes to convert these substrates to fermentable sugars; selecting and isolating a yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe ATCC No. 2476, having the ability to ferment the
5372847 Ammonia release method for depositing metal oxides December 13, 1994
A method of depositing metal oxides on substrates which is indifferent to the electrochemical properties of the substrates and which comprises forming ammine complexes containing metal ions and thereafter effecting removal of ammonia from the ammine complexes so as to permit slow pre
5372686 Direct current sputtering of boron from boron/coron mixtures December 13, 1994
A method for coating a substrate with boron by sputtering includes lowering the electrical resistance of a boron-containing rod to allow electrical conduction in the rod; placing the boron-containing rod inside a vacuum chamber containing substrate material to be coated; applying an elec
5372391 Internal pipe attachment mechanism December 13, 1994
An attachment mechanism for repairing or extending fluid carrying pipes, casings, conduits, etc. utilizing one-way motion of spring tempered fingers to provide a mechanical connection between the attachment mechanism and the pipe. The spring tempered fingers flex to permit insertion
5370006 Piping inspection carriage having axially displaceable sensor December 6, 1994
A pipe inspection instrument carriage for use with a pipe crawler for performing internal inspections of piping surfaces. The carriage has a front leg assembly, a rear leg assembly and a central support connecting the two assemblies and for mounting an instrument arm having inspection
5369997 Active doublet method for measuring small changes in physical properties December 6, 1994
Small changes in material properties of a work piece are detected by measuring small changes in elastic wave velocity and attenuation within a work piece. Active, repeatable source generate coda wave responses from a work piece, where the coda wave responses are temporally displaced. By
5369745 Eliminating livelock by assigning the same priority state to each message that is inputted into November 29, 1994
Livelock-free message routing is provided in a network of interconnected nodes that is flushable in time T. An input message processor generates sequences of at least N time intervals, each of duration T. An input register provides for receiving and holding each input message, where the
5369214 Method for selective dehalogenation of halogenated polyaromatic compounds November 29, 1994
A method for dehalogenating halogenated polyaromatic compounds is provided wherein the polyaromatic compounds are mixed with a hydrogen donor solvent and a carbon catalyst in predetermined proportions, the mixture is maintained at a predetermined pressure, and the mixture is heated to a
5368792 Method for molding threads in graphite panels November 29, 1994
A graphite panel (10) with a hole (11) having a damaged thread (12) is repaired by drilling the hole (11) to remove all of the thread and make a new hole (13) of larger diameter. A bolt (14) with a lubricated thread (17) is placed in the new hole (13) and the hole (13) is packed with
5368736 Process for the separation and purification of yttrium-90 for medical applications November 29, 1994
An extraction chromatographic method for the preparation of .sup.90 Y of high chemical and radiochemical purity is disclosed. After an initial purification of a .sup.90 Sr stock solution and a suitable period of .sup.90 Y ingrowth, the solution is passed through a series of strontium
5367141 Photochemical cutting of fabrics November 22, 1994
Apparatus for the cutting of garment patterns from one or more layers of fabric. A laser capable of producing laser light at an ultraviolet wavelength is utilized to shine light through a pattern, such as a holographic phase filter, and through a lens onto the one or more layers of f
5366634 Waste treatment process for removal of contaminants from aqueous, mixed-waste solutions using se November 22, 1994
In processes of this invention aqueous waste solutions containing a variety of mixed waste contaminants are treated to remove the contaminants by a sequential addition of chemicals and adsorption/ion exchange powdered materials to remove the contaminants including lead, cadmium, uranium,
5365876 Crystal face temperature determination means November 22, 1994
An optically transparent furnace (10) having a detection apparatus (29) with a pedestal (12) enclosed in an evacuated ampule (16) for growing a crystal (14) thereon. Temperature differential is provided by a source heater (20), a base heater (24) and a cold finger (26) such that material
5365379 Laser correcting mirror November 15, 1994
An improved laser correction mirror (10) for correcting aberrations in a laser beam wavefront having a rectangular mirror body (12) with a plurality of legs (14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28) arranged into opposing pairs (34, 36, 38, 40) along the long sides (30, 32) of the mirror body
5364603 Mercury-free dissolution of aluminum-clad fuel in nitric acid November 15, 1994
A mercury-free dissolution process for aluminum involves placing the aluminum in a dissolver vessel in contact with nitric acid-fluoboric acid mixture at an elevated temperature. By maintaining a continuous flow of the acid mixture through the dissolver vessel, an effluent containing
5363800 Process for the controlled growth of single-crystal films of silicon carbide polytypes on silico November 15, 1994
This invention is a method for the controlled growth of single-crystal semiconductor-device-quality films of SiC polytypes on vicinal (0001) SiC wafers with low tilt angles. Both homoepitaxial and heteroepitaxial SiC films can be produced on the same wafer. In particular, 3C-SiC and 6H-S
5363244 High bandwidth optical mount November 8, 1994
An optical mount, which directs a laser beam to a point by controlling the position of a light-transmitting optic, is stiffened so that a lowest resonant frequency of the mount is approximately one kilohertz. The optical mount, which is cylindrically-shaped, positions the optic by in
5359252 Lead magnesium niobate actuator for micropositioning October 25, 1994
An improved lead magnesium niobate actuator is disclosed comprising a cylindrical lead magnesium niobate crystal stack mounted in a cylindrical casing wherein a bias means, such as one or more belleville washers, is located between one end of the crystal stack and a partially closed end
5359246 Low backlash direct drive actuator October 25, 1994
A low backlash direct drive actuator is described which comprises a motor such as a stepper motor having at least 200 steps per revolution; a two part hub assembly comprising a drive hub coaxially attached to the shaft of the motor and having a plurality of drive pins; a driven hub havin
5357342 Process and apparatus for measuring degree of polarization and angle of major axis of polarized October 18, 1994
Apparatus and process are disclosed for calibrating measurements of the phase of the polarization of a polarized beam and the angle of the polarized optical beam's major axis of polarization at a diagnostic point with measurements of the same parameters at a point of interest along the
5356605 Recovery of UO.sub.2 /Pu O.sub.2 in IFR electrorefining process October 18, 1994
A process for converting PuO.sub.2 and UO.sub.2 present in an electrorefiner to the chlorides, by contacting the PuO.sub.2 and UO.sub.2 with Li metal in the presence of an alkali metal chloride salt substantially free of rare earth and actinide chlorides for a time and at a temperatu
5355387 Interface module for transverse energy input to dye laser modules October 11, 1994
An interface module (10) for transverse energy input to dye laser modules is provided particularly for the purpose of delivering enhancing transverse energy beams (36) in the form of illumination bar (54) to the lasing zone (18) of a dye laser device, in particular to a dye laser amp
5354168 Apparatus for restraining and transporting dies October 11, 1994
Apparatus for restraining and transporting dies in punch press operations is provided. A floatation platen for supporting a die on the platen's upper surface has a plurality of recessed gas exhaust ports on the platen's lower surface. A source of pressurized gas delivers gas to a pla
5353652 Fluid sampling system October 11, 1994
An fluid sampling system allows sampling of radioactive liquid without spillage. A feed tank is connected to a liquid transfer jet powered by a pumping chamber pressurized by compressed air. The liquid is pumped upwardly into a sampling jet of a venturi design having a lumen with an
5353314 Electric field divertor plasma pump October 4, 1994
An electric field plasma pump includes a toroidal ring bias electrode (56) positioned near the divertor strike point of a poloidal divertor of a tokamak (20), or similar plasma-confining apparatus. For optimum plasma pumping, the separatrix (40) of the poloidal divertor contacts the ring
5353167 Mirror mount October 4, 1994
A unique lens or mirror mount having adjustable constraints at two key locations to allow for "X" and "Y" tilts of the mirror only. The device uses two pair of flexures of a type such that the pivots of the mirror gimble are rigidly fixed in all planes allowing the device to have zero
5351256 Electrically injected visible vertical cavity surface emitting laser diodes September 27, 1994
Visible laser light output from an electrically injected vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VSCEL) diode is enabled by the addition of phase-matching spacer layers on either side of the active region to form the optical cavity. The spacer layers comprise InAlP which act as charge
5350569 Storage of nuclear materials by encapsulation in fullerenes September 27, 1994
A method of encapsulating radioactive materials inside fullerenes for stable long-term storage. Fullerenes provide a safe and efficient means of disposing of nuclear waste which is extremely stable with respect to the environment. After encapsulation, a radioactive ion is essentially
5349601 Unidirectional ring lasers September 20, 1994
Unidirectional ring lasers formed by integrating nonreciprocal optical elements into the resonant ring cavity. These optical elements either attenuate light traveling in a nonpreferred direction or amplify light traveling in a preferred direction. In one preferred embodiment the reso
5349594 Insulative laser shell coupler September 20, 1994
A segmented coaxial laser shell assembly having at least two water jacket sections, two pairs of interconnection half rings, a dialectric break ring, and a pair of threaded ring sections. Each water jacket section with an inner tubular section that defines an inner laser cavity with wate
5349194 Microgap ultra-violet detector September 20, 1994
A microgap ultra-violet detector of photons with wavelengths less than 400 run (4000 Angstroms) which comprises an anode and a cathode separated by a gas-filled gap and having an electric field placed across the gap. Either the anode or the cathode is semi-transparent to UV light. Upon a
5348921 Method for reducing sulfate formation during regeneration of hot-gas desulfurization sorbents September 20, 1994
The regeneration of sulfur sorbents having sulfate forming tendencies and used for desulfurizing hot product gas streams such as provided by coal gasification is provided by employing a two-stage regeneration method. Air containing a sub-stoichiometric quantity of oxygen is used in the f
5348742 Anti-pathogenic bacterial strains of Pseudomonas fluorescens September 20, 1994
Purified bacterial strains that are effective for the inhibition of plant pathogens, including the fungi Rhizoctonia solani and Pythium ultimum have been isolated. These strains are useful as biocontrol agents, and can be used to produce antifungal metabolites, such as antibiotic compoun
5348626 Electrolytic recovery of reactor metal fuel September 20, 1994
A new electrolytic process and apparatus are provided using sodium, cerium or a similar metal in alloy or within a sodium beta or beta"-alumina sodium ion conductor to electrolytically displace each of the spent fuel metals except for cesium and strontium on a selective basis from the
5348396 Method and apparatus for optical temperature measurement September 20, 1994
A temperature probe and a method for using said probe for temperature measurements based on changes in light absorption by the probe. The probe comprises a first and a second optical fiber that carry light to and from the probe, and a temperature sensor material, the absorbance of which
5347247 Electro-optic component mounting device September 13, 1994
A technique is provided for integrally mounting a device such as an electro-optic device (50) in a transmission line to avoid series resonant effects. A center conductor (52) of the transmission line has an aperture (58) formed therein for receiving the device (50). The aperture (58)
5347209 Voltage control in pulsed system by predict-ahead control September 13, 1994
A method and apparatus for predict-ahead pulse-to-pulse voltage control in a pulsed power supply system is disclosed. A DC power supply network is coupled to a resonant charging network via a first switch. The resonant charging network is coupled at a node to a storage capacitor. An outp
5346678 Production of high specific activity silicon-32 September 13, 1994
A process for preparation of silicon-32 is provide and includes contacting an irradiated potassium chloride target, including spallation products from a prior irradiation, with sufficient water, hydrochloric acid or potassium hydroxide to form a solution, filtering the solution, adjustin
5345084 Directional fast-neutron detector September 6, 1994
A plurality of omnidirectional radiation detectors are arranged in a close packed symmetrical pattern to form a segmented detector. The output radiation counts from these detectors are arithmetically combined to provide the direction of a source of incident radiation. Directionality is
5345034 Containment of subsurface contaminants September 6, 1994
A barrier for reducing the spread of a plume of subsurface contaminants. The apparatus includes a well system for injecting a fluid, such as air, just outside and below the periphery of the plume. The fluid is injected at a pressure sufficient to lower the hydraulic conductivity of the s
5344623 Process for the extraction of strontium from acidic solutions September 6, 1994
The invention is a process for selectively extracting strontium values from aqueous nitric acid waste solutions containing these and other fission product values. The extractant solution is a macrocyclic polyether in an aliphatic hydrocarbon diluent containing a phase modifier. The proce
5344549 Oxygen partial pressure sensor September 6, 1994
A method for detecting oxygen partial pressure and an oxygen partial pressure sensor are provided. The method for measuring oxygen partial pressure includes contacting oxygen to a solid oxide electrolyte and measuring the subsequent change in electrical conductivity of the solid oxid
5343968 Downhole material injector for lost circulation control September 6, 1994
Apparatus and method for simultaneously and separately emplacing two streams of different materials through a drillstring in a borehole to a downhole location for lost circulation control. The two streams are mixed outside the drillstring at the desired downhole location and harden only
5343607 Gasket and snap ring installation tool September 6, 1994
A tool for installing a gasket and a snap ring including a shaft, a first plate attached to the forward end of the shaft, a second plate slidably carried by the shaft, a spring disposed about the shaft between the first and second plates, and a sleeve that is free to slide over the shaft
5343550 Transversely polarized source cladding for an optical fiber August 30, 1994
An optical fiber comprising a fiber core having a longitudinal symmetry axis is provided. An active cladding surrounds a portion of the fiber core and comprises light-producing sources which emit light in response to chemical or light excitation. The cladding sources are oriented travers
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