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T979007 Energy cost calculator February 6, 1979
this invention relates to an electronic simulation device designed to simulate the energy system of a typical American household. This simulator is useful for informing building and heating contractors, architects, the financial community, homeowners, and concerned citizens of the impact
RE31718 Electrochemical separation and concentration of hydrogen sulfide from gas mixtures October 30, 1984
A method of removing sulfur oxides of H.sub.2 S from high temperature gas mixtures ( C.) is the subject of the present invention. An electrochemical cell is employed. The cell is provided with inert electrodes and an electrolyte which will provide anions compatibl
RE31686 Reductive stripping process for the recovery of uranium from wet-process phosphoric acid September 25, 1984
A reductive stripping flow sheet for recovery of uranium from wet-process phosphoric acid is described. Uranium is stripped from a uranium-loaded organic phase by a redox reaction converting the uranyl to uranous ion. The uranous ion is reoxidized to the uranyl oxidation state to form an
RE30898 Infrared laser system April 6, 1982
An infrared laser system and method for isotope separation may comprise a molecular gas laser oscillator to produce a laser beam at a first wavelength, Raman spin flip means for shifting the laser to a second wavelength, a molecular gas laser amplifier to amplify said second waveleng
RE30392 Wick-and-pool electrodes for electrochemical cell September 2, 1980
An electrode system includes a reservoir of liquid-metal reactant, and a wick extending from a submersed location within the reservoir into the molten electrolyte of an electrochemical cell structure. The wick is flooded with the liquid metal and thereby serves as one electrode within
RE30247 Means for supporting fuel elements in a nuclear reactor April 1, 1980
5. A grid structure for a nuclear reactor fuel assembly comprising a plurality of connecting members forming .[.at least one.]. longitudinally extending .[.opening.]. .Iadd.peripheral and inner fuel element openings .Iaddend.through .Iadd.each of .Iaddend.which .Iadd.openings .Iaddend. a
RE30083 Iron titanium manganase alloy hydrogen storage August 28, 1979
A three component alloy capable of reversible sorption of hydrogen having the chemical formula TiFe.sub.1-x Mn.sub.x where x is in the range of about 0.02 to 0.5 and the method of storing hydrogen using said alloy.
H984 Self-pumping impurity control November 5, 1991
Apparatus for removing the helium ash from a fusion reactor having a D-T plasma comprises a helium trapping site within the reactor plasma confinement device, said trapping site being formed of a trapping material having negligible helium solubility and relatively high hydrogen solub
H981 Process for selective grinding of coal November 5, 1991
A process for preparing coal for use as a fuel. Forming a coal-water slurry having solid coal particles with a particle size not exceeding about 80 microns, transferring the coal-water slurry to a solid bowl centrifuge, and operating same to classify the ground coal-water slurry to provi
H978 Hot cell examination table November 5, 1991
A table for use in a hot cell or similar controlled environment for use in examining specimens. The table has a movable table top that can be moved relative to a table frame. A shaft is fixedly mounted to the frame for axial rotation. A shaft traveler having a plurality of tilted rollers
H975 Thermal insulated glazing unit November 5, 1991
An improved insulated glazing unit is provided which can attain about R5 to about R10 thermal performance at the center of the glass while having dimensions about the same as those of a conventional double glazed insulated glazing unit. An outer glazing and inner glazing are sealed to a
H970 Integrated decontamination process for metals October 1, 1991
An integrated process for decontamination of metals, particularly metals that are used in the nuclear energy industry contaminated with radioactive material. The process combines the processes of electrorefining and melt refining to purify metals that can be decontaminated using either
H967 High speed, long distance, data transmission multiplexing circuit September 3, 1991
A high speed serial data transmission multiplexing circuit, which is operable to accurately transmit data over long distances (up to 3 Km), and to multiplex, select and continuously display real time analog signals in a bandwidth from DC to 100 Khz. The circuit is made fault tolerant by
H943 Organic liner for thermoset composite tank August 6, 1991
A cryogenic tank that is made leak-proof under cryogenic conditions by successive layers of epoxy lining the interior of the tank.
H936 Thermonuclear inverse magnetic pumping power cycle for stellarator reactor July 2, 1991
The plasma column in a stellarator is compressed and expanded alternatively in minor radius. First a plasma in thermal balance is compressed adiabatically. The volume of the compressed plasma is maintained until the plasma reaches a new thermal equilibrium. The plasma is then expanded to
H920 Method of removing cesium from steam May 7, 1991
Method for removal of radioactive cesium from a hot vapor, such as high temperature steam, including the steps of passing input hot vapor containing radioactive cesium into a bed of silicate glass particles and chemically incorporating radioactive cesium in the silicate glass particl
H918 Decarbonylation and dehydrogenation of carbohydrates May 7, 1991
Carbohydrates, especially aldose or ketose sugars, including those whose carbonyl group is masked by hemi-acetal or hemi-ketal formation, are decarbonylated by heating the feed carbohydrate together with a transition metal complex in a suitable solvent. Also, primary alcohols, including
H914 Apparatus for supporting contactors used in extracting nuclear materials from liquids May 7, 1991
Apparatus is provided for supporting one or more contactor stages used to remove radioactive materials from aqueous solutions. The contactor stages include a housing having an internal rotor, a motor secured to the top of the housing for rotating the rotor, and a drain in the bottom of t
H91 Safety apparatus for nuclear reactor to prevent structural damage from overheating by core debri July 1, 1986
The invention teaches safety apparatus that can be included in a nuclear reactor, either when newly fabricated or as a retrofit add-on, that will minimize proliferation of structural damage to the reactor in the event the reactor is experiencing an overheating malfunction whereby radioac
H909 Method of correcting eddy current magnetic fields in particle accelerator vacuum chambers April 2, 1991
A method for correcting magnetic field aberrations produced by eddy currents induced in a particle accelerator vacuum chamber housing is provided wherein correction windings are attached to selected positions on the housing and the windings are energized by transformer action from se
H908 Method and system for improved resolution of a compensated calorimeter detector April 2, 1991
An improved method and system for a depleted uranium calorimeter detector used in high energy physics experiments. In a depleted uranium calorimeter detector, the energy of a particle entering the calorimeter detector is determined and the output response of the calorimeter detector is
H906 Wedge assembly for electrical transformer component spacing April 2, 1991
A wedge assembly that is easily inserted between two surfaces to be supported thereby, and thereafter expanded to produce a selected spacing between those surfaces. This wedge assembly has two outer members that are substantially identical except that they are mirror images of each other
H898 Radon free storage container and method March 5, 1991
A radon free containment environment for either short or long term storage of radon gas detectors can be provided as active, passive, or combined active and passive embodiments. A passive embodiment includes a resealable vessel containing a basket capable of holding and storing detectors
H897 Boron-copper neutron absorbing material and method of preparation March 5, 1991
A composite, copper clad neutron absorbing material is comprised of copper powder and boron powder enriched with boron 10. The boron 10 content can reach over 30 percent by volume, permitting a very high level of neutron absorption. The copper clad product is also capable of being reduce
H892 Thin sheet casting with electromagnetic pressurization March 5, 1991
An apparatus, method and system for the casting of thin strips or strips of metal upon a moving chill block that includes an electromagnet located so that molten metal poured from a reservoir onto the chill block passes into the magnetic field produced by the electromagnet. The electroma
H868 High average power pockels cell January 1, 1991
A high average power pockels cell is disclosed which reduces the effect of thermally induced strains in high average power laser technology. The pockels cell includes an elongated, substantially rectangular crystalline structure formed from a KDP-type material to eliminate shear strains.
H857 Electrolytic process for preparing uranium metal December 4, 1990
An electrolytic process for making uranium from uranium oxide using Cl.sub.2 anode product from an electrolytic cell to react with UO.sub.2 to form uranium chlorides. The chlorides are used in low concentrations in a melt comprising fluorides and chlorides of potassium, sodium and barium
H845 Advanced vanadium alloys for magnetic fusion applications November 6, 1990
Vanadium alloys and their fabrication to produce materials for fusion applications having small additions of Ti, C and Zr that improve resistance to helium embrittlement.
H834 Aqueous process for reducing uranium oxide to uranium metal November 6, 1990
A process for converting uranium oxide to uranium metal wherein uranium oxide is reduced with a reducing agent, and the uranium metal product is recovered by dissolving the excess reducing agent and by-products in a dissolution aid.
H814 Collapsable seal member September 4, 1990
A hollow, collapsable seal member normally disposed in a natural expanded state offering fail-safe pressure sealing against a seating surface and adapted to be evacuated by a vacuum force for collapsing the seal member to disengage the same from said seating surface.
H808 Removal of I, Rn, Xe and Kr from off gas streams using PTFE membranes August 7, 1990
A process for removing I, R, Xe and Kr which involves the passage of the off gas stream through a tube-in-shell assembly, whereby the tubing is a PTFE membrane which permits the selective passages of the gases for removing and isolating the gases.
H807 Manganese-stabilized austenitic stainless steels for fusion applications August 7, 1990
An austenitic stainless steel that is comprised of Fe, Cr, Mn, C but no Ni or Nb and minimum N. To enhance strength and fabricability minor alloying additions of Ti, W, V, B and P are made. The resulting alloy is one that can be used in fusion reactor environments because the half-lives
H804 Quick-connect coupler for remote manipulation August 7, 1990
An adaptor for a single-point attachment, push-to-connect/pull-to-disconnect, quick-connect fluid coupler which enables the coupler to be remotely manipulated.
H800 Method for gettering organic, inorganic and elemental iodine in aqueous solutions July 3, 1990
A process for the removal of iodine from aqueous solutions, particularly the trapping of radioactive iodine to mitigate damage resulting from accidents or spills associated with nuclear reactors, by exposing the solution to well dispersed silver carbonate which reacts with the iodine
H776 Aerodynamic flail for a spinning projectile May 1, 1990
A flail is provided which reduces the spin of a projectile in a recovery system which includes a parachute, a cable connected to the parachute, a swivel, and means for connecting the swivel to the projectile. The flail includes a plurality of flexible filaments and a rotor for attaching
H756 Radiation hard vacuum switch March 6, 1990
A vacuum switch with an isolated trigger probe which is not directly connected to the switching electrodes. The vacuum switch within the plasmatron is triggered by plasma expansion initiated by the trigger probe which travels through an opening to reach the vacuum switch elements. The
H755 Optical remote diagnostics of atmospheric propagating beams of ionizing radiation March 6, 1990
Data is obtained for use in diagnosing the characteristics of a beam of ionizing radiation, such as charged particle beams, neutral particle beams, and gamma ray beams. In one embodiment the beam is emitted through the atmosphere and produces nitrogen fluorescence during passage through
H737 Light intensity compressor February 6, 1990
In a system for recording images having vastly differing light intensities over the face of the image, a light intensity compressor is provided that utilizes the properties of twisted nematic liquid crystals to compress the image intensity. A photoconductor or photodiode material that is
H735 Lead-203 as a label for radioimaging February 6, 1990
A radiopharmaceutical composition comprising a radioactive isotope of lead (Pb-203) in combination with a pharmaceutical or an antibody or antibody fragment and a bifunctional chelating agent. These compositions are especially useful in the imaging and diagnosis of tumors and tumor m
H715 Recovery of mercury from acid waste residues December 5, 1989
Mercury can be recovered from nitric acid-containing fluids by reacting the fluid with aluminum metal to produce mercury metal, and then quenching the reactivity of the nitric acid prior to nitration of the mercury metal.
H69 Solvent treatment of coal for improved liquefaction May 6, 1986
Increased liquefaction yield is obtained by pretreating a slurry of solid carbonaceous material and a liquid hydrocarbonaceous solvent at a temperature above C. but below C. for a period of 10 minutes to four hours prior to exposure to liquefaction temperatures.
H678 System for transmitting low frequency analog signals over AC power lines September 5, 1989
A system for transmitting low frequency analog signals over AC power lines using FM modulation. A low frequency analog signal to be transmitted is first applied to a voltage-to-frequency converter where it is converted to a signal whose frequency varies in proportion to the analog signal
H669 Samarium-145 and its use as a radiation source September 5, 1989
The present invention covers a new radiation source, samarium-145, with radiation energies slightly above those of I-125 and a half-life of 340 days. The samarium-145 source is produced by neutron irradiation of SM-144. This new source is useful as the implanted radiation source in p
H660 Method and composition for immobilization of waste in cement-based materials August 1, 1989
A composition and method for fixation or immobilization of aqueous hazardous waste material in cement-based materials (grout) is disclosed. The amount of drainable water in the cured grout is reduced by the addition of an ionic aluminum compound to either the waste material or the mi
H659 Process for electrolytically preparing uranium metal August 1, 1989
A process for making uranium metal from uranium oxide by first fluorinating uranium oxide to form uranium tetrafluoride and next electrolytically reducing the uranium tetrafluoride with a carbon anode to form uranium metal and CF.sub.4. The CF.sub.4 is reused in the fluorination reaction
H652 Sensor for detection of liquid spills on surfaces July 4, 1989
A surface liquid detector is disclosed for detecting liquids spilled on surfaces such as floors. A temperature-sensitive thermistor probe is used in a bridge circuit to detect the change in resistance in the thermistor due to the change in thermal conductivity that occurs when a liquid
H650 Double sided circuit board and a method for its manufacture July 4, 1989
Conductance between the sides of a large double sided printed circuit board is provided using a method which eliminates the need for chemical immersion or photographic exposure of the entire large board. A plurality of through-holes are drilled or punched in a substratum according to the
H649 Preparing titanium nitride powder July 4, 1989
A process for making titanium nitride powder by reaction of titanium phosphates with sodium cyanide.
H636 Torque limited drive for manual valves June 6, 1989
The present invention is directed to a torque-limiting handwheel device for preventing manual valves from being damaged due to the application of excessive torque during the opening or closing operation of the valves. Torque can only be applied when ridges in the handwheel assembly engag
H63 Positioning apparatus May 6, 1986
An apparatus for precisely positioning materials test specimens within the optimum neutron flux path emerging from a neutron source located in a housing. The test specimens are retained in a holder mounted on the free end of a support pivotably mounted and suspended from a movable base

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